The 5 Best Door Locks In Cheap Price [Under $100]

Who doesn’t want to save time and money? For saving the time and money we need to choose the best and proper device to make our life easier and smarter. For that purpose, we started a review about the 5 best door locks to ensure the maximum security at a cheap price, less than 100 dollars.

We’re pleased to share that, this review will save your money if you choose one of them and after that, your time will be saved because have been chosen by you the best door locks that reduce waste of time.

Now, you are going to learn you need to know about the 5 locks to choose the best smart door locks to install on doors for getting more advantages.

At first, we should give you an idea which locks we review for you. Here is a list, if click one of this you will go to Amazon-


Kwikset 909 SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

One hundred years ago, would you imagine a lock without keys? Now, most of the people are using locks without keys and who staying with traditional locks yet, are trying to change the best smart door locks instead of traditional locks. Keyless entry is the most demandable in this time. For a keyless entry with a smart way, Kwikset 909 was designed, and for that, we can say this lock is the best door lock. 

So, to be smart, there is no way without smart products, that’s why everybody wants from mobile phone to car smart and designed with the latest technology.

Kwikset 909 best door lock

lock safeguardKeyless Entry

Who doesn’t love to entry without keys?

Keyless entry is not only a smart feature but also provides more advantage to make life easier by technology. We are glad to share that technology gives us many opportunities to stay in this world with happiness. We’re seeing science is inventing new devices and technology is bringing new features day by day. It is called that keyless entry is the technology’s blessing. From the history of the invention of locks and keys, people could not imagine about a lock without a key. Now we can say, Kwikset 909 changed people’s imagination if old people would see! So, come and go without carrying any keys.


Kwikset 909 looks really attractive and stylish comparing to many of its competitors and is very smooth and compact, not only flexible but also gives the heavy duty to enhance home security.

If you would like to install, anyone can’t comment about its polished design.

Auto Lock Feature

Support it or not that technology makes our life easier for that we are lazier! Just kidding! Actually, if you forget to lock the door, no need to worry auto-lock feature will do the forgotten task. To have an easy life, no way to choose the best smart door locks and it’s very easy to say that smart and advanced features are delivered by Kwikset 909 for making our comfort with happiness. 

Easy Installation

Doesn’t have more time to set up a door lock?

Well, Kwikset 909 was designed to install easily, nothing to do more task to do it and not more than a screwdriver you can install on the door.

Smart Feature

One touch locking opportunity it does have, so no more touch to unlock. Back-lit keypad for increased visibility at night. Now, coming at night is not a hard task and no need any additional light to open the door.

ANSI/BHMA Grade-2 Certified

Kwikset 909 is certified by ANSI/BHMA Grade 2. On The mechanics, it has a lifetime warranty and one year on electronics. Be free from worrying to install on the door to increase home security.

the best smart door lock kwikset 909

lock safeguardSmart Key

You will be happy to know that each and every family member will have their own code to access and a master key that is used to manage all user codes. Have to be clear that 8 customized access codes it does have for every family members to entry without keys.

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  • One touch locking system.
  • Easy installation with a screwdriver only.
  • No wearing to install it.
  • ANSI/BHMA Grade-2 certified.
  • Warranty facility.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Tamper resistant cover.
  • Low battery indicator.


  • 4AA batteries not included.
  • No Wi-fi compatible.
  • No Z-Wave compatible.


Common Questions 

Q. Will this lock open with a key if it is not unlocked with a code for some reasons?

A. Yes! Kwikset 909 will be always locked with its key which is provided, even if the battery dies you can open the lock with its key.

Q. Does this work with Z-Wave?

A. No, it is not Z-Wave compatible-even if not support Wi-Fi, with only user code you have to access.
Q. Is Kwikset 909 waterproof?   
A. Obviously, it is designed for an outside door, needless to say, it is waterproof. Actually, Kwikset 909 is designed for all weather not only waterproof but also it is snow proof also.

What’s In The Box

  • Exterior keypad.
  • Interior assembly.
  • Latch.
  • Mounting plate.
  • Allen wrench.
  • Adapter ring.
  • Strike.
  • Key.
  • Smart key tool.


Schlage BE365VCAM619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

Start saying GOODBYE to lost, stolen and forgotten the keys after installation Schlage BE 365 on the door. Schlage BE 365 enhances the security of the house and keeps home more secure. No need to carry the bulky keychain if you use Schlage BE 365 on the door to make more secure. No fear to forget the keys because you have no keys!
It’s easy to say that- the best door locks provide the best feature for ensuring the security. As a researcher, we define it as the best locks, agree with us?
After reading this section, if your answer is ‘NO’, do comment below to give your opinion.

Schlage be 365lock safeguardKeyless Convenience

Schlage BE 365 gives the facility to come and go with keyless, effortless and painless and also presents an opportunity to enter without keys. Here is a natural process to install on doors.. So come and go smartly without keys.

Design And Style

Schlage BE 365 does have premium metal construction. Silicone coated keypad,  standard and perfect design it has. Fits for every door and makes the looking of door smart and nice. Backlight keypad gives you to allow in the night without hesitation. No need to switch on extra light to press the keypad button. Backlight keypad automatically helps you to press the proper digit to unlock the door.

ANSI Grade-2

Schlage BE 365 is certified with ANSI Grade-2 higher residential security. So feel free to use to enhance the safety of home. Customer satisfaction is good enough, so don’t have to worry to handle this.

lock safeguardWarranty Facility

Schlage BE 365 has a three-year limited electronics warranty and limited mechanical and finish warranty. Yeah! three-year! for this one of the reason, we included it in our reviews about the best smart door locks. 

User Code (Up to 19)

Your family is so big? Up to 19 members? Need not to worry to use Schlage BE 365. Every member can have an own user code to access. You can set a user code up to 19 and set a temporary user code if relatives are visiting. After leaving delete or change the user code for safety. 

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  • Most powerful security system.
  • ANSI Grade-2 security ratings.
  • Easy to access.
  • Flexible and comfortable.
  • Keyless convenience.
  • No wiring required.
  • Effortless and painless.
  • Pre-programmed access code.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Back-lit keypad.
  • Original and premium metal construction.
  • Warranty facility.
  • Customer service.


  • Warranty for a limited time.
  • Not compatible with Z-Wave.
  • No way to access with a smartphone.

Common Questions

Q. Does Schlage BE 365 have on auto-lock feature?

A. No, actually lock has not an auto-lock feature. You have to turn it manually with user code.
Q. Is the keypad visible in the night?
A. Yes, it is. Backlight gives you the facility to enter at night without any extra light. When you arrive at night, just touch one of the buttons, the keypad will illuminate for a few seconds.
Q. Is Schlage BE 365 Z-Wave compatible?
A. No, this device is not compatible with Z-Wave. As a result, you have no way to control the door from anywhere. You have to do all manually.
Q. Does this locks have alarm Technology?
A. No, there is no alarm technology in Schlage BE 365 V CAM 619.

SoHoMiLL YL-99 Digital Door Knob

Come home late at night?

Don’t you want to disturb other family members when they sleep?

Now in this article, here is a solution for you and it helps you to choose the best door lock for safety and comfort. SoHomill YL 99 door lock allows you to enter without keys and gives you an opportunity to enter at night without disturbing other family members.

Using SoHomill YL 99 your kid’s sleeping will be relaxed and comfortable, no sound, no extra noise when you enter home late at night.

It’s a great thing to choose, isn’t it?

sohomill yl 99 keyless

lock safeguardKeyless Convenience

Now, we cannot think about the best door locks without keyless convenience. SoHomill YL 99 gives you this advantage to come and go without any keys. That’s why you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the keys. No need to carry any bulky key-chain to unlock the lock for entering the home.

Easy Installation

Worried about installation?

It’s a good news that with nothing more than a screwdriver you can install at the door easily. SoHomill YL 99 can be used for the exterior. interior, side or garage entry doors. SoHmill YL 99 keyless fits for all standard types of doors.

Come Home Late At Night

Come home late at night? No need to carry the keys to enter, no more disturbing other family members when you arrive home late at night. SoHomill YL 99 does have attractive features for a night comer. So can see touch button at night and no need any extra light to unlock.

Multitask Opportunity

Going for enjoying? Going for a ride? Feel free to go, no need to carry a bulky keychain or worry about losing the keys along the way. No more task, the best door lock saves the time and money.

Pet lover? Your pet sitter can enter the code which you have made only for him or her. When you are not at home, are free from worry about your beloved pet. If you don’t want to allow your pet sitter to enter with his or her code again, simply delete the code.

For rental or vacation homeowner, you need not make any extra key for rental property. It reduces your costs of replacing locks when they move out, simply delete the code and make a new code for a new renter.

sohomill yl 99 the best door locklock safeguardFeatures

Easy setup: Master code and passage code allows you to access and every family member can have an own code to enter. The big thing to know SoHomill YL 99 fits both left and right hinged doors.

SoHomill YL 99 has an auto-lock advantage to ensure maximum security.

Low battery warning warns you to replace the battery in time.

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  • Maximum security provider.
  • Easy to install with only a screwdriver.
  • Attractive and heavy-duty design.
  • Fits for indoor and outdoor.
  • Waterproof and all-weather durable.


  • Four AAA batteries aren’t included.
  • No warranty facility

Common Questions

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. Yes! SoHomill YL 99 was designed to be all weather and for both outdoor and indoor applications, made of stainless steel and silicone sealed. It is waterproof, event snow-proof also.
Q. Will it fit for both two-sided doors?
A. yes! SoHomill YL 99 keyless fits for left or right hinged door.
Q. Will it work in freezing temperature?
A. SoHomill YL 99 is designed to work all weather, so it is supposed to do work in freezing temperature. But it depends on the capability of the battery. The battery may die or not in freezing temperature.

More Information

It is necessary to know details about SoHomill YL 99 keyless if you would like to choose it for doors. That’s why, we tried to discuss more features, all the advantages and everything you need to know. Now you should know details about a master code, a passage code, and a user code.

The Master Code

The master code is the main code number and is needed to change all the other user codes.

The Passage Code

The passage code gives someone to allow entry through their user code. You can delete all user code for someone who is not your family member, by using the passage code.

The User Code

The user code is a well-known code and this for every single family member to enter.


TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Entry Door Lock

Need a weatherproof door lock?

Need the best door lock to use for a long time?

It is better to install a durable door lock for a long time instead of changing the normal lock again and again, isn’t it?

Yeah, Turbo Lock provides you durability for a long time to access. After installation on doors, you may forget when you did this!

Turbo Lock does have the keyless convenience to access anytime without carrying any keys, no need to do more for family members, they come and go in anytime with their user codes

turbo locklock safeguardKeyless Convenience

Ten codes you will get, one master code, one passage code and eight user code that are 6 to 15 digit long. Here is an opportunity to present temporary code to guest or friend for sometimes. During the party or get together, you can give all of them to allow with the passage code. All types of code are easy to use.

Easy To Install

The best door locks give an opportunity to save time. No more time to install on the door, not more than a screwdriver, within minutes you can install it. You will be happy to know that- this lock fits both left and right hinged doors. We’re pleased to share- no professional is needed for installation.

Auto-lock Function

Forget to lock the door after leaving?

You can forget now, yeah we’re saying, ‘you can forget now’, forgotten work will be done automatically. Three seconds after being opened, Turbo Lock provides this opportunity to ensure the home security.

Weatherproof Materials

Turbo Lock is designed for all weather to durable. There is an opportunity to clean metal alloys and stainless steel. You would love to know that- this built by weather-sealed components that prevent dust and dirt from entering. So, can use it all weather for all time.

turbo lock. the best smart door lock

lock safeguardBattery Backup And Installation

You can use a smart battery as a backup if your 4AA batteries die, smart battery port is here to use. Bot don’t have to worry about battery life that lasts up to 12 months. Easy to install or replace the batteries if it runs out.

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  • Easy to install with a screwdriver.
  • Auto-lock feature to ensure security.
  • Smart battery backup opportunity.
  • Attractive and durable design.
  • Keyless entry.
  • All weatherproof materials.
  • Cheap price.


  • Doesn’t work in cold weather.
  • The customer review is not good enough.

Common Questions

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. The interior part is not water resistant, only the keypad side is waterproof and snow-proof also.
Q. Does it work with Alexa, Android, etc?
A. No, actually Turbo Lock is not compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Android and etc, and it doesn’t support any smart device to access. It’s just a simple keypad lock with no wireless technology.
Q. How to unlock from the inside?
A. It’s a simple and easy because this lock will always open from inside. You need a code to access from outside but no need to do anything to open from inside, so just turn the handle to open from inside.

Schlage FE575 CAM 619 ACC Camelot Keypad Entry

Schlage FE575 is one of the best door locks to present many opportunities and advantages to ensure your security automatically. After leaving the door, need not remember about relock, the best door lock will do automatically after 3 seconds. This lock saves time-easy to install, easy to use and offers a keyless convenience.

Needless to say that- you will get all features what you have read from the start of this reviews in this Schlage FE575.

Now we’ll start a review about the key feature of Schlage FE575 for you to choose the best door locks to buy.

Schlage fe575

lock safeguardKeyless Convenience

Without this opportunity, no way to be called it the best door lock, so keyless convenience makes your life easier and saves time to access.

Now can say GOODBYE to lost, stolen and forgotten the keys, no need to carry a keychain to entry.

Easy To Install

Who doesn’t want to save his time?
Technology brings a new and advanced feature to save our time again and again. We’re pleased to say that- very easy to install it on the door, no wiring required, not more than a screwdriver.

For the most part after that, the manual book that included in the box helps you to do alone, no need professional to do it.

Easy To Use

You have to clear that it’s not a device which can be controlled by app or a smartphone.

You don’t have any facility to control via the app or smart device. For this reason- easy to configure and very easy to use it. You have to set programmed digit to access and it’s very easy to delete or reset any user code.
Auto-lock function
Forget to lock the door?
Your kids forget to lock the door? This lock for them and will do the forgotten task.

Schlage FE575 offers auto-lock feature to enhance the security and after leaving will be automatically relocked after 3 seconds.

More Information

Right hand or left-hand hinged door you can use this. Fits in all standard doors, no need to do more work to install on the door.
Customer service is good enough for any further queries can contact them to solve the problem.
Back-lit keypad helps to access at night.
Need to know that this lock provides 3 years limited electronic warranty and limited lifetime mechanical warranty.
If you search the best door lock, Schlage FE575 is a better option to choose it.

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  • Easy to install with a screwdriver.
  • Keyless convenience with user code.
  • Fits for both sided doors.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Back-lit keypad helps at night.
  • Customer service and warranty facility.
  • 10,000 user code combination to select.


  • Not compatible with Z-Wave.
  • Doesn’t work with any other app.

Common Questions

Q. Does this lock fit for both doors?

A. Of course, Schlage FE575 is designed for both types of the door, left and right. You have to be clear that this lock is non-handed, it’s reversible.

Q. Is this lock’s keypad lighted?

Yes, there is a button on the top labelled Schlage that causes the numbers to light up, when that button is pushed, all of the button lights to help you to access without extra light.

Q. Is Schlage FE575 weather resistant?

A. Why not? Of course, it is designed for outdoor, so no need for hesitation to choose it if you want to install on the outside of the door.

Buying Guide About Best Door Locks

We’re pleased to share that the categories of this 5 best door locks are same, and all locks provide the same opportunity to use. For that reason, we don’t do numbering and don’t characterize that- which the best door lock is, which better than something else. In this buying guide, we would like to say that- you do have a better option to select any of them because all of the advantages you’ll get from them are same and price below 100 dollars also. But you have to be clear that the design of this lock is not the same, so you can choose the best one easy to see the design. No need to compare with all of them, we did it for you to save your time and money and to provide the best suggestion in this article- the 5 best door locks. You do love to know that- we gave you an option to pick the best one by seeing the design, it’s a unique and best option, isn’t it? At the top, will get the Amazon link to see the design and to pick one of the best door locks to buy, even in this full article, many links are here to go to Amazon.

Final Words

We think you have gotten a full idea about this 5 best door locks to select the best one for the door to ensure safety and to enhance the level of security.

After reading this article- the 5 best door locks, if you have any queries, feel free to contact us, we will do the level best to solve your problem.


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