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Schlage BE469 Z-Wave Need to unlock your front door for the housekeeper while you are away? Schlage BE469 Z-Wave allows you to open the front door for housekeepers from anywhere.

Worried about your kids when they come home from school? This Schlage will send a notification when they will arrive home safely.

Schlage BE469 is a Z-Wave technology-based product for making every home smart and bringing the new level of security. Keyless convenience offers you to open doors without keys, so no need to carry a bulky keychain or worry about losing your keys along the way.

Schlage BE469 Z-Wave

This Schlage supports Z-Wave that allows you to access the door from anywhere and offers to connect with existing home automation system that is controlled by Z-wave for making a smart home.

So, we’re pleased to share, to bring the new level of security for ensuring the home safety, need to choose Z-Wave based devices that make your life easier and smarter.

Before we start, have reviewed about the best smart door locks, number #3 position we have to place for this Schlage. If you would like to see that review, click here.

Now, you are going to dive into this review to know more about Schlage.


  • Keyless security system.
  • Never have to worry about keys to lose.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Standard and smart lock design.
  • Fits most one-hole residential door preps.
  • No wiring is required.
  • Pre-programmed system.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control.
  • Z-Wave technology-based products.

Easy Installation

Actually, To install Schlage on the door is easy, within a short time you can easily install by seeing Schlage BE469 manual guide that is provided in the box.

In this article, we have embedded a youtube video to show you how to install this Schlage.

So, no need to hire a professional for that. After watching this video, and glancing over the Schlage connect Z-Wave setup guide, can do it easily.

Control Your Home From Anywhere

Need to unlock your front door for the housekeepers?

We’re pleased to share that it’s very easy to do because Schlage presents an opportunity to open the only front door for the housekeeper using your smartphone or web from office, or anywhere in the world. 

Actually, this feature is provided by Z-Wave technology for making smart home to ensure the security.

You’ll be happy to know that if your guests or friends come next to the door, no need to return from office to open doors, using Schlage connect app, you can open the door for them.

Forget To Shut Off The Door

Yeah, you’ve seen the correct headline.

Now, we repeat, you may forget!

Worried about that?

Fine, actually, if you forget to shut off the door at the time of leaving, can close this from outside by a smartphone.

Your kids forget to lock the door?

Now, you don’t have worry about the home security, after checking lock’s status, you may do their forgotten task while you’re at the office.

Get Alerts Everytime

As a user of Schlage, that is Z-Wave based smart door lock, will be getting the notification every time when someone opens or closes the door.

There is an opportunity to track who is coming and going and what is happening in your house. 

The most important thing is, each family members use their own code to access, Schlage will notify you which user code is used to open, this is the amazing thing to know how many times your kids opened the door this day for going outside and when they returned.

Is Your Family Very Busy?

Worried about your children losing or forgetting their keys? 

Now, no way to lose, because they have no key!

Yeah, this sounds good to hear, now demand of keyless door locks is increasing day by day. Most of the time who wants to install a door lock, he tries to buy a keyless.

We, all know that Schlage provides a keyless convenience to access.

Only 4-digit user code each family member will use to unlock the door, 4-digit simple user code, easy to remember. If someone forgets, you can reset a user code to access. 

We’re glad to share, you do have an option to set a temporary code if relatives are visiting and they, all can open the door with the user code. 

Schlage BE469 Z-Wavelock safeguardInterested Outdoor Activity?

Going for a jog or ride?

There is no need to carry a bulky keychain or worry about losing keys along the way. To be hassle-free, it’s just simple, not to carry keys. Oh! now you don’t have any keys to take because you became a key master.

In your absence, someone tries to entry with force, will get an alert to ensure the security.

So, do enjoy!

In summer vacation, we can say confidently, no need to follow the tips to bring the new level of security in your absence, if you install Schlage, that’s great to make sure the security.

Use A Temporary Code For Pet Sitter

Pet lover?

We think you need to feed them while you’re away. Simply use a code for the pet sitter. After returning home you can delete the code easily. With Z-Wave technology, you are able to do all thing what you want in a smart way.

Built-In Alarm Technology

Schlage Z-Wave has three alert modes.

  • When someone is coming and going get a notification.
  • When someone tries to tamper, get an alert on your smartphone.
  • And when someone tries to entry by force, get an alert to prevent this.

Schlage BE469 Z-Wave

lock safeguardANSI Grade-1 Security Rating

For ensuring the safeguard, need a smart device that is certified and acquired the certificate from the expert.

Sometimes popularity does matter, but most of the time doesn’t.

If you find both, won’t it be better to choose that?

After doing more research, we have found, Schlage presents an advanced and smart feature, delivers the highest grade of durability and security also.

We’re pleased to share, it is certified by ANSI Grade-1 Higher Residential Security for ensuring the level best security.

Fingerprint-resistant Touch Screen

If you access the lock with user code, good thing is that, no way to detect which button you have pressed.

Its touchpad is fingerprint-resistant, so the pattern that you have pressed will be remained undetectable for all time. 

Note: This video will show you how to install this lock on the door-step by step guide to make it easy.

Common Questions

Q. When will I know about the low battery?
A. This lock does have a low battery indicator. It will alert you with a yellow low battery indicator. When the time to change the battery, it delivers you an alert and a notification of changing. Don’t have to worry if the battery dies for some reason. You will have a backup key to access.
Q. Will be any problem to connect with my existing home automation system?
A. No, Schlage Z-Wave will work with your existing home automation system. It is Z-Wave compatible, so works with every Z-Wave devices. All of these things are controlled by Z-Wave technology.
Q. Can I Install It Myself?
A. Absolutely, its installation process is so easy. Just with a screwdriver, can easily install less than an hour.


  • Home access anywhere via the web or smartphone.
  • Built-in alarm technology for activity, tamper and forced entry.
  • ANSI Grade-1, the highest level of security.
  • Stores up to 30 personalized user codes to access at a time.
  • Fingerprint-resistant touch screen.
  • Powerful Battery.


  • The hole for the deadbolt is big enough.
  • Humidity can create condensation.
  • Expensive.

What’s In The Box?

  • Schlage deadbolt.
  • One backup key.
  • Four AA batteries.
  • User guide.
  • Installation instruction guide.

Final Words

The invention of Z-Wave technology makes our life easier and smarter, builds our home smart and modern. We told that Schlage BE469 Z-Wave is compatible with Z-Wave.

We’re glad to say, to provide an idea for buying the best door locks we have reviewed about the best smart door locks, this Schlage BE469 is included in that review.

To read that review: Best Smart Door Locks Reviews | Safe Your Home.  

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