Yale Smart Lock Review (You Need to Protect Your Family Smartly)

Door security is becoming challenging every day in modern times. As the burglars and intruders become more and more sophisticated with their techniques, it is an absolute necessity that you upgrade your security system.

Today in our Yale smart lock review, we will discuss a security measure that is very up to date and secure your door unparalleled to any of its kind. After this, you will never see your home security in the same way after reading this. Let us begin.

Yale Smart Lock Review (Protect your Lives and Valuables)

To protect your lives and valuables, you need a smart lock as you’re in the tech age. So, traditional locks are actually not for you, I think.

This review is organized to focus on how this particular lock is suitable for modern times to secure your home. Furthermore, we will also focus on making our lives easier and handy, especially for people who work long hours outside their homes.

Now, here you’re going to know what you need to keep your family safe. Let’s start.  

Goodbye Keys!

You have no idea how pathetic it is for people like me who have lots of gadgets to lock or unlock. You need keys to unlock your bike, car, office drawers, front doors, back door, and so on. If you have a similar problem, then this is the product you need. 

Even though this is not completely key free, keys are not mandatory. That’s right, baby! So why don’t you replace your existing deadbolt with a touchscreen smart lock? And then, you can lock and unlock your door without the hassle of keys every day!

Yale Access Hub

Imagine this; you have a small family where many people come and go. Outside family members, there are cleaners, babysitters, gardeners even your family yoga instructor. Remember that this is not an easy task to work with keys under these circumstances. It is neither wise to handover keys to each of them. You need a better system to work things out. 

This is where “Yale Access Hub” comes in. You can either lock or unlock or monitor who comes in and goes! With only a wifi connection needed, who is not ever going to want it?

Auto Relock and Unlock

Did you ever come all the way from the office only to discover that your keys did not accompany you the whole journey? With a mind like that, I say worry you not! With Yale Smart Lock, you only need your phones with you, and your door will unlock automatically as you get home. Even if you do not have phones, just use the keypad.

Now think it the other way around. It is also possible that you left home in a hurry and forgot to lock it up. This happened so many times to me. Again, I say, “worry you not! Just enable Auto-Relock, and your doors will always lock behind you.

Check your Status with Siri and Alexa!

It’s like Siri or Alexa are our new family members in every household today! So why don’t they contribute to house security? It’s only fair that family members do their chores! With Yale Assure lock, you can lock, unlock, and check lock status with voice assistants, including Alexa, Siri, and their cousin Google Assistant. You can also get notified by Alexa when your battery is running low. Set up smart reorders through Dash Replenishment to have replacement batteries when needed.

Customize Unique Access Code

You can’t always be a Hitler when it comes to keys to your house. You may need to share it with your housekeeper(for an apartment resident) or your trusted friends in case of an emergency. Yale smart lock allows you to customize your access code anytime you want. You can either

share app access or create unique entry codes for the people you trust. You can also categorize your access code from permanent, scheduled, or temporary access and revoke it whenever you need to, if necessary.

Comes with Connect wifi Bridge

It comes with the Connect wifi Bridge, so there are no additional hubs needed, and it works off your home wifi. No extra work on keeping the door alive!

Easy Replacement

Believe it or not, you will find so many sizes, shapes, types of doors, and not all traditional doors are suitable for all traditional types of locks. And here, we are talking digital. This lock is suitable for most standard doors that are 1-3/4″ to 2-1/4″ thick with a 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ backset and 2-1/8″ borehole. These are pretty common, and I bet you have it too! Don’t like the door or wish to upgrade it? Just use a screwdriver.

The best alternative of this Yale smart lock:

Bank Graded Encryption and Optional Biometric Verification

Oops! I almost forgot! Wouldn’t you love it if your front door has the same level of encryption security as the Bank Vault! I surely would. Yale Assure Lock has added security for peace of mind with bank-grade encryption. You can also use optional biometric verification for locking/unlocking via the app if you wish to keep making your home more secure! Isn’t it amazing where technology is taking us?

So, What are the backlogs?

This is a creation of Humans, so no matter how hard we try or how premium we make, it will not be above flaws. Each item comes with its fair share of drawbacks, whether minimum or many. Similarly, this Yale Assure Lock has one or two slight issues that we’d like to shed some light upon.

First of all, this is a 6 x 6 x 14 inches item. Chances are not all kinds of front doors that will be suitable for use, and you may need to change the door for good. This will not be a good decision if you don’t intend to invest heavily. 

Secondly, its pricing is pretty high compared to other products like Schlage Encode Smart or Yale Assure Lock SL. If you are just looking for a digital lock, these two just might be a better alternative.

If you need a keypad Yale Lock, this is the alternative I found:  

Buy on Amazon

Final Words

As you have gone through our detailed Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Product Review, it should now be clear how we emphasized every aspect of it. We portrayed both the positives and the backlogs it has as you can clearly see that in most circumstances, its strengths highly overpower its drawbacks and are the dominant factors that are a necessity in the modern household.

Everyone deserves a safe and worry-free home for our children and parents. So why wait?

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