Best Door Barricade To Secure Your House You’ll Ever Need!

The importance of your home security can never be emphasized enough. Burglars and intruders are always targeting houses with no extra security measures. It’s time to add an extra security measure to your home to ensure safety for all.

Barricades are very popular and trustworthy when it comes to increasing security. Because they’re screwed to your floor, they offer you a securer environment compared to other measures. This is your guide to the best door barricades you ever need to know about. 

Difference Between A Door Barricade And Door Barricade Brackets/Holders

A secondary door barricade is a device that can be deployed instantly to your door from forced entry. A barricade doesn’t stay attached to your door and is usually placed against the door in a way to block entrance from an individual who may be able to bypass traditional locks.

Door barricade brackets or holders, on the other hand, are devices screwed to door frames to place a bar against the door. They increase home security by supporting an extra bar in front of your door to prevent forced entry

Why You Need A Door Barricade

As mentioned before, a door barricade boosts your door security. Intruders are always waiting for an opportunity to break into homes, and no additional protection means you’re an easy target. But why not go for other options?

Why go for a barricade? 

Compared to traditional security measures like a deadbolt, jammer, or a bar, a barricade is more robust and offers more substantial protection. Besides, barricades provide you with a more permanent solution than the others. Thieves and burglars who generally give up after trying to get in by kicking will be highly discouraged by a barricade against your front door.  

3 Best Door Barricade To Protect Your Valuables

Among numerous options on your hand, always pick the best ones out because it’s your security we’re talking about. We created a shortlist of the 3 best door barricades we found to save you some time. 

FlyingAMZ Door Brace (Best All-Around)

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Almost 10 inches in length, this versatile door brace from FlyingAMZ is perfectly effective for both single and double doors. It comes with a fixed base that screws strongly to the floor. An angled plate slides right into its place and ensures resistance to the bottom of the door.

You can get a more secure environment with this door brace because it can withstand force kick where deadbolts fail. But remember that it only boosts the security system to your door. It won’t stand against consistent strong force, but it’ll provide you plenty of time.   

With a simple installation process, you can boost your security in no time. All you need is a drill, bit, and screwdriver


  • Easy installation with a few tools ensures a hassle-free experience
  • Compatible with a diverse door and floor 
  • The robust structure provides you with a kick resistant door to ensure maximum security


  • Not compatible with concrete floor 

Nightlock Residential Door Barricade (Best for Value)

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A residential door barricade made from anodized aluminum from Nightlock can withstand up to 1,100 pounds of force. It’s a barricade for outwardly opening doors. With an easy installation process, it uses the floor as an anchor to prevent break-in with kicks. 

Nightlock door barricade provides you with strong defense from your side to make your home safer. If you have a window by your door, it’s easy to break the glass and open the door lock from the inside. But the barricade stays beneath the door, making it impossible to reach.

Even if you are under heavy attack by an intruder, the barricade gives you enough time to be prepared or call for help. 


  • Easy and hassle-free installation doesn’t cost you much time. 
  • Prevents forced entry against kicks
  • Tightly anchors to the floor to give you maximum protection against an external force


  • Only for an outward swinging door 

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Nightlock Security Lock Door Barricade

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The Nightlock security door barricade acts as a vertical door stopper on the door base. It’s made of solid aluminum and is an excellent choice if you don’t want to waste time trying to get a bar under the door handle. But it’s a permanent door security solution, so it needs some installation.

Because it’s screwed to the floor, it won’t slip like traditional door stoppers. Even though the barricade needs screwing, the installation is pretty simple. You only need three screws to set this barricade. To beef up the security parameter, purchase high-quality screws instead of using the ones that come with the barricade.


  • Easy to install and provides robust security than traditional systems
  • Uses force from the floor, offering a sturdy protection system
  • Perfect for resisting kick-ins from intruders


  • Only for swinging doors; it doesn’t work on slide doors

Why You Need A Door Barricade Brackets or Holders

Another simple yet efficient way of increasing door security is to add a bar against your door. Barricade brackets or holders support the bar to create a defensive force from the inside. Security bars without holders can’t withstand as much force as the ones with holders can. 

The stronger the brackets are, the securer your door is because they can support more decadent bars. It’s better if you choose something durable, easy to install, and strong enough to support bars that can keep unwanted intruders at bay. 

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3 Best Barricade Brackets or Holders

We gathered around the three best barricade brackets for you that meet all the criteria you should look for in them. Avoid choosing low-quality products that cost you money in vain.   

Sihnman Door Barricade Brackets (Best All-Around)

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Engineered with 3.5mm strengthened steel, these brackets from Sihnman can increase security for barns, garages, sheds, and of course, your home. An industrial-grade finish with black powder offers a durable rust-proof feature, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor uses.  

You’ll get two holders with six screws to install them. Tooling holes on the brackets make it easy for you to use power tools while installing them. 

You can also make diverse use of them. For example, they’ll work great as your gardening tool holder. 


  • suitable with inward and outward swinging doors. 
  • The rust-proof feature makes it usable indoor and outdoor
  • Sturdy construction with easy installation helps you get the best experience with your door security.


  • A bit expensive

Safoner Security Bar Holder Bracket (Best for Money)

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Made with 1/6 inch thick iron, Sofoner Bar Holder offers you a durable security option for your home. Black powder coating makes it look pleasant and provides an anti-rust feature at the same time. Heavy-duty constructions ensure that the barricade placed on the holders stays in place and prevents unwanted external forces.

The brackets fit a standard 2×4 lumber perfectly and work great as door blocker, reinforcement, lock, jammer, and armor. 

One of the brackets is a closed bar, while another one is an open bar. You’ll get eight screws with the holders to install them on your door. 


  • Heavy-duty construction offers extra security to your door
  • You can use them indoor and outdoor because of the anti-rust coating
  • Well-suited for all doos regardless of how wide the door is


  • You have to make the lumber according to the holder size

MACCANN&ESSIN Door Barricade Closed Bar Holder

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A complete set with an open bar, a closed bar and, screws to set the brackets. Made for a stander 2×4 lumber, these holders feature finely polished edges with laser cut. The surface contains a protective film, so the product doesn’t damage while transporting. Made with marine-grade aluminum ensures you rust-free brackets for life.  

All the brackets and screws are of high quality to save you the hassle of buying extra screws for longevity. Quickly install the holders with a few tools available at hand. Experience a hassle-free and long-lasting security method with high-quality barricade holders. 


  • Quick and easily installable without any complications
  • Robust enough to increase your residential security
  • A full set of an open bar, a closed bar, and screws saves you cost and time of buying additional pieces


  • You’ll have to be careful with the screws

If you have an intention to buy this door barricade brackets or holders that secure your lives and valuables, you must know, sliding door security bar you need to buy as well.

A list helps you find out the best one.

Bottom Line

Home should be a place where you feel safe and secure. That’s why you should always choose the best option from lots of alternatives to add another layer of security to your home. Choosing a barricade for boosting door security means you’ve moved on from traditional security systems like deadbolts. One of the smartest ways to keep your home free of thieves and burglars is a door barricade. Withstanding strong and sturdy external forces all door barricades are about. 

Compare the pros and cons while choosing the best door barricade for your home because your living area and preference matter a lot in this case.

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