August Smart Lock Review with All the Smart Gen (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen)

It is not easy to choose the best door lock on the market if you never purchased one before, right? 

Though it is a tough task to select the best one, now, we tried to make it easy for you. 

So, August smart lock review will provide you with an in-depth analysis of all the recent and previous generations of August smart locks. And will briefly focus on the latest updates and add ons! 

Let’s check it out! 

Best Smart Door Lock (Recommendation)

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub - Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more – Silver
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02/29/2024 11:14 am GMT

August Smart Lock Review (1st Generation)

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August, in their 1st Gen, smart locks have introduced the basic features of a smart lock. This IMO is like an image which determines how the future of smart locks should be. 

The 1st gen smart locks were the foundation upon which the later and more futuristic concepts were devised.  

From the safe access to home using IOS and Android-based phones to total control over your house appliances, the 1st Gen August locks are at the core of their smart lock technology.

Virtual Key Technology 

One unique feature that 1st gen smart locks provide is the virtual key.  

Well, the virtual key is like an electronic signal that locks or unlocks your door with smartphone inputs. This lets you manage your house door from wherever you want.  

You can easily unlock your doors for any guests and visitors while you’re at the office with virtual keys. You also can send these virtual keys by the smartphone to your guests beforehand so that they don’t have to wait outside.

Virtual keys keep track of how many times it has been used to unlock the doors, which help you analyze any possible security breaches. 

 Auto-Lock And Unlock 

This is quite an exciting feature, to be honest. Home automation is slowly removing our previous ways of interaction with household appliances. 

In the 1st Gen, August Locks an auto-lock and unlock feature is enabled. With this feature on, there is no need for you to actively lock the door when you’re going out. Instead, the lock will do the job by itself. 

Same goes when you’re returning home; your door will automatically unlock itself with August 1st gen technology!  

Keep Track Of Who Comes And Goes 

Keeping track of individuals visiting your home has never been easier. With this technology, you will be able to understand who comes in at your doorstep.

 People without access will not be let in by the lock. And you will also know who comes in and goes out among your guests whom you have shared your access with. 

Apple HomeKit 

Apple’s smart home is a process that allows you to control all of your smart home devices all in one place. The Home app comes installed on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computers. 

The big selling point for me was that you could control all your devices made by different manufacturers all in one place using this home app. And that’s something that was really appealing to me. It also gives you the ability to set up automation, such as connecting a smart lock to the Home Kit. 

Well, Apple’s Home Kit is supported by 1st Gen August locks, which will help you use vocal commands to work the lock. So, when your smart lock is connected to Apple Home Kit, you can instruct your door to lock or unlock anytime you want. 

Easy Installation 

Installation is something that you’d always consider while buying locks and things that need to be attached to doors and home appliances. 

The installation process of the 1st gen August locks is quite easy. Users are asked to watch the installation video, which will help them get it configured with their doors.  

The only tool that you’re required with this is a screwdriver.  

It may take about 15-20 minutes of your working time to get it installed.  

Low Battery Notification 

Although some complaints about the battery capabilities of these 1st Gen-locks, you do get notifications for whenever they’re running low. Low battery notifications are quite crucial as it allows you to replace the batteries before they die. 


  • Keyless entry with iOS and Android smartphones. 
  • Ensures required home security. 
  • Control everything with a smartphone. 
  • Get notified every time someone enters or goes out. 


Does it have a remote control facility? 

Although August Lock 1st Gen connects to an iPhone with Bluetooth, if you want to monitor over the internet with Bluetooth, August Connect wifi adaptor is needed. 

Does it work with Android smartphones? 

Obviously! August 1st Gen works very well with Android smartphones. 

What if the Bluetooth fails? Can it work with the only key? 

Of course, August 1st Gen works with keys. You can operate this lock manually by the keys that are provided in the box. 


  • Keyless entry.
  • Easy installation with only a screwdriver.
  • Auto-lock and auto-unlock features.
  • Supports Apple Home Kit
  • Notifies when the battery is low
  • Warranty support available


  • Does not work with Alexa.
  • No remote-control capabilities.  

What’s In The Box 

  • 1 Aluminium Smart Lock. 
  • 4AA Batteries. 
  • Mounting Plate(s). 
  • 3 Lock Adapter.                          
August Home 1st Generation Smart Lock - Silver
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02/29/2024 10:43 am GMT

August Smart Lock Review (2nd Generation) 

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Now let’s find out some of the features that are coming with the 2nd gen August Locks.

August 2nd Gen contains pretty much the same features which 1st gen-locks had, but it does come with some extra features which weren’t present in the 1st gen-locks.

So, let’s see what August 2nd Generation Smart Locks has to offer that the 1st gen couldn’t  

What Is an Extra Feature in the 2nd Generation?

Upon careful examination of both the 1st and 2nd Gen, we found that these two locks are almost identical in nature. Even the design looks quite similar. But, 2nd Gen Smart Locks has one that in particular, that wasn’t present in the 1st Gen. And that is Alexa’s support.

Works with Alexa 

Alexa support is something that you may consider while comparing the 1st gen to the 2nd gen Smart Locks. It is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. At first, developers used it in the Amazon Echo. 

Download the August app from your Amazon Alexa app and get it paired with your August device. Then go to the settings and configure it to unlock with voice. And then you’re a ready go!

Now, you can just instruct your door to unlock it. But Alexa did consider the security issue. In this case, when you tell it to open your door, it will ask for a code. And only upon saying the right code your door will be opened.  

This is the difference between August Lock 1st Gen and 2nd Gen. The voice control facility you will not get in August Smart Lock 1st Gen. 


Is August Smart Lock 2nd Gen Z-Wave compatible? 

This feature is not available on the 2nd Gen August Locks. Pro+ Connect and 3rd Gen August Locks have Z- Wave support. It is only comfortable with Bluetooth. 

Does August Lock 2nd Genn work with Alexa? 

Yes, August Lock 2nd Gen works with Alexa for voice control. But you need to purchase a new device for voice control. Adding August Connect wifi Bridge in Smart Lock 2nd, it will work with Alexa then. 

Does August 2nd Gen fit for both sided doors? 

Absolutely! It fits for right or left-handed doors. 


  • Works with Alexa for voice control.
  • Keyless Convenience.
  • Get notified of all times.
  • Auto-lock and auto-unlock opportunity.
  • Easy installation with only a screwdriver.
  • Works with Alexa.
  • Attractive and standard design.


  • Low battery life.
  • Negative User experience.
August Smart Lock (HomeKit Enabled / Dark Gray)
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02/29/2024 10:43 am GMT

August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Generation) 

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For better connectivity and home security, August brings to market their 3rd Gen smart locks. This is a bit different from the first two generations.

As discussed above, the first and the second-gen smart locks by August were very identical, and except for Alexa’s support, there were no features that could separate the two. 

But the 3rd Gen August Smart Locks are developed with more security features and adds a variety of other traits that makes your life even more convenient. 


DoorSense is quite a recent technological breakthrough by August. This feature starts from their 3rd gen smart locks. This means this particular feature is not present in the previous two gen smart locks.

DoorSense is an intelligent sensor that is integrated with the smart lock, which is able to inform you whether the door is closed or open. This technology is first invented by August and is trademarked to them as well. 


Design is something that August smart lock 3rd gen also improved upon. The first two gen smart locks looked utterly alike. So much so that you won’t be able to tell which one is the first-gen and which one is the second.

But in the August 3rd Gen Smart Lock that particular design has been avoided. The 3rd Gen is bigger in size. It is also more stylish and premium looking and comes in three different color sets. 


The installation of locks is always a bit troublesome. You don’t want to spend hours installing a smart lock to your door. August has kept that in mind, and like the other generations’, its’ third-gen smart locks take very little time for installation as well. 

It takes about 10-15 minutes based on your experience level, and only a screwdriver is required for this to be done. 

Z- Wave  

Well, we all know what WIFI and Bluetooth are, but some of you may not have the complete idea of what Z- Wave is.  

Most of the smart lock manufacturers talk about their home automation capabilities, which does only focus on just their security, but almost every time, what they’re talking about is their Z wave compatibility. So, anyway, 3rd gen August Locks too have Z- Wave compatibility. Now, the question may arise: how does it work? 

You can think of it a bit like Bluetooth. Both of these use specific radio waves to connect devices. The difference here is that it connects devices to a hub rather than connecting devices to each other. And once they’re hooked up to that hub, you can control the devices through that hub or oftentimes through a smartphone app or an app on your tablet.

Thus, with this Z-Wave technology, you can automate your whole house starting from your front door smart lock to kitchen exhaust fans. 


Does it work with Alexa? 

Without adding August Connect wifi Bridge, August Lock Pro, the 3rd Gen won’t work with Alexa. August 3rd Gen needs an August Connect wifi Bridge to work with Alexa or Google Assistant. But you have to remember that the voice cannot be used to unlock it without pin codes. If you command Alexa to open the door, you need the correct pin code. Only sound can be used to check status or lock the door. 

What will happen at the time of changing the smartphone? 

Remove everything from your old device and download the app on a new smartphone and just log in using your account information. 

If the owner gives the access code to a guest, can the guest provide access to others? 

No, the access code that the owner provided is available only on the guest’s smartphone. This code will not work with others’ smartphones. 

Can August Pro, 3rd Gen support iOS and Android devices? 

Obviously! August 3rd Gen supports both iOS and Android devices.


  • Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.
  • DoorSense informs the lock’s status.
  • Grant access to the guest for a certain time.
  • Easy installation – Within 10 minutes.
  • Can be controlled and monitored using smartphones.
  • Automated lock/unlock mechanism.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Extra cost for getting wifi bridge.
August AUG-SL-CON-S03 Silver Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation-Dark Gray, Apple Home Kit Compatible and Z-Wave Plus Enabled
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02/29/2024 10:43 am GMT

August Smart Lock Pro+Connect Review

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 Let’s finally focus on the august pro + connect review. 

Most recently, after many stages of evolution, August has finally brought to market their final August pro 4th Generation. 

This is their latest technology, which contends the previous 3rd gen of August Locks. Put aside all the things and let’s have a quick look inside this new device: 

Compatible Standards 

Firstly, in this August smart lock pro + connect review, we will talk about the consistent standards. Technology nowadays is not singular anymore. What we meant is that most of the devices that we nowadays around us are all connectable to other devices and functions collectively. 

This unique feature of connectivity has given us more room to use our gadgets in an evermore distinct fashion. Let’s see what Smart Lock Pro+Connect is offering its connectivity options with: 


First of all, it provides you traditional Bluetooth support. Although Bluetooth is almost non-existent nowadays. But Smart Lock Pro+ has strangely kept the Bluetooth support.  


Wifi is now everywhere, from shopping malls to office spaces. Without wifi support, any smart device nowadays is close to useless IMO. Even the files transfer mechanism has shifted from Bluetooth to wifi almost decades back. Smart Lock Pro+ Connect has wifi connectivity for your convenience. 

Apple HomeKit 

Anyway, as expected, Apple HomeKIt is also supported for Smart Lock Pro+ Connect. You can use your Apple Homekit to lock and unlock your doors with a voice command.  

Z- Wave Plus 

Z-Wave Plus, the most recent Z Wave technology, is introduced in this device, which is quite good. Now, Smart Lock Pro+ Connect can easily merge with your automated home.  


Last but not least, like the previous generations, Smart Lock Pro+ Connect continues the Alexa usability with their device. The room for choice is something that you can note about this device. From old school Bluetooth to Z-Wave plus, it is compatible with almost everything!  

Tracking Activity 

Tracking activities and monitoring what’s going on in front of your door isn’t an easy job. People have work to do, offices to go to, and classes to attend. Nobody can sit there on their swinging chair with a shotgun waiting for intruders. Those days are long gone with the advent of technology.  

Yes, with their Smart Lock Pro Connect August is bringing you, activity tracker. This is something that will allow you to monitor your house door from your office. The activity feeds feature on your Smart Lock Pro + Connect will keep you updated about your house safety. But August has confirmed that you’d need an iOS 9 and Android 5.0 at a minimum for this feature to be fully utilized.  


Door Sense, as you might have guessed, is also present in Smart Lock Pro+ Connect. It will let you know whether your door remains open or it is closed. 

With this feature on, there is no fear of leaving the door open, nor will you stress any more issues related to doors! 

Using the Traditional Keys 

You can use your traditional keys as well. Its easily attached to your present deadbolt, which lets you use keys anytime you desire. 

Full Automation 

This sounds quite movie-like! But it is, in fact, one of the features of this latest device by August. Smart Lock Pro+ Connect gives you full automation with your door. It locks by itself when you’re leaving your home. On the other hand, it also unlocks your door when you return.  

Easy Installation 

One thing that you’d always worry about is the Pro installation process. Getting an intelligent lock attached to your door seems like quite a tough job to many. But it is not that difficult, to be honest. You can go check it out yourself on YouTube.  

The whole installation process may take up to 10-15 minutes at max. So, what are you waiting for?  

Speak to Lock 

As talked above already, Smart Lock Pro Connect supports both Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. So, quite naturally, you can use the voice command.  

This voice command received by your third-party device is sent to the smart lock for further action, and promptly it acts on the provided controls. Thus, you can just speak, to lock and unlock your door any moment as if the door is listening.  

Wifi Bridge 

The previous Generation August Smart Locks required a wifi bridge in order to access wifi and other third-party hardware such as Alexa or Google Assistant. 

But this latest Smart Lock Pro+ Connect comes with a wifi bridge in the package. So, you won’t have to spend money to buy a wifi bridge separately.  


The package doesn’t only come with the device, but it also comes with some extras! Who doesn’t like getting extra stuff?  

You will get a DoorSense sensor with it, which will detect if you accidentally leave the door open while going out.  

You’ll also be given 4 AA batteries with the package.  

Moreover, they’re giving the users a lock adapter with Smart Lock Pro+ Connect package. And finally, you get the mounting hardware to get it set up quickly on your door!  


If someone shouts to Alexa to unlock the door, will Alexa do it? 

No, Alexa will not unlock if someone shouts to do. If you want to lock the door, Alexa will only follow the order to close the door. But if you ask Alexa to unlock the door, you will be asked about a pin code.

If you use the wrong pin code three times, you will have to reset the pin code.

Is August Lock Pro+Connect for multiple users? 

Of course, August Pro+Connect allows multiple individuals to use it, but they need to have the app installed on their phone.

If someone has no smartphone, what can he do? 

He can just use a key to lock or unlock. To have a smart entry, you need a smartphone. 


  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Gives you the ability to control the door from anywhere.
  • Equipped with DoorSense Technology.
  • Supports iOS and Android.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy to track who comes and goes.
  • Supports Z-Wave Plus Technology.
  • Positive user experience. 


  • Quite expensive.
  • Poor Battery Life. 
August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Hub - Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more – Silver
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02/29/2024 11:14 am GMT

Buying Guide  

Getting the best from the market isn’t quite easy nowadays. You get new and newer devices releasing every day and price of the previous one falling with the latest releases.  

This trend is occurring for the last 8-10 years, at least. Thus, getting the best product based on your preferences can become a bit tricky. 

That is why in this August Smart Lock review, we have proposed a buying guide for you so that this extraordinarily tricky job gets a bit easier for you.  

There are some elements that you must go through before buying smart door locks. These are discussed in brief below:  

Newest Release  

Tbh this is the number one choice for any tech geek. Although, some flop releases can make the customers a bit disappointed. But most of the time, you’d want to get the latest bit of technology with your hard-earned cash. 

The latest versions of any tech products will always have some features which the previous versions didn’t have. So, in order to get the best technology, there are no alternatives to getting the latest releases. 


Not only with smart locks but with everything that you buy, price is something that you have to consider, no matter what. We have advised you to get the new releases, but they’re often a bit pricey.  

If it’s a bit difficult for you, then consider buying the previous version, which will be a bit less expensive. But don’t go too old modeled smart locks, as there’s a possibility that you may not get the required customer support on them.  


Consider the connectivity of your smart lock device. Try getting one with wifi connectivity on. Because without wifi, it gets a bit difficult right now. 

Further, check clearly if your smart lock supports the third-party devices that you’re using, whether that is Alexa or Google Assistant.

Operating System 

Each smart lock comes with a mobile app. Make sure your operating system supports the smart lock that you’re buying.  

If you use iOS, then see if the product information clarifies supporting iOS and its version. Do the same with other OS as well.  


Like all the other electronic tech gadgets, smart locks to come with different extra elements. Some users have certain expectations with these additional features as well.  

Try knowing beforehand what you’re getting with the package.  

It will be the best deal if they provide you with a wifi bridge, cause buying it separately can cost you a bit.  

Batteries, adapters, and installation hardware are also provided with packages. Make sure the smart lock you’re buying provides you with much of these goodies!  


This should have been put earlier. But, whatever, this is one of the most crucial things that you might not have thought beforehand.  

Installing door locks can be a bit difficult for those who have no experience with hardware.  

Make sure the device you’re buying has an easy installation guide.  

We’d advise you to search YouTube for the installation guide on the lock that you’re buying. 

This way, it would be quite easy for you to get your smart lock installed instantly.  


DoorSense is a trademarked August technology. Which informs you whether you have left your door open or close. DoorSense will let you know about the current status of your door, whether it’s open or closed.  

Thus, we highly recommend you getting smart locks with DoorSense or a similar kind of feature.  

Activity Tracker 

Finally, this is something crucial, especially if you’re concerned with the safety and security of your house, family, or kids. In most of the smart locks, you’ll know who, among your friends or guests are coming and going.

You can also set up alerts so that you’re notified when specific individual attempts to access your door. It gives you the exact time when the lock was accessed by a friend or a guest. Thus, it can aid you in the improvement of your home security system. Try getting smart locks with an activity tracker for better security management. 

Common Questions

Can August Lock be hacked? 

Answer: It depends on who you’re up against. Usually, it’s not that common. If you’re not an individual who carries a serious political threat, then its not much of a big deal. As it uses third party networks for guest access such as Bluetooth and wifi, hackers can creep into that. But, again, this is not common.  

How long do August Smart Lock batteries last? 

Usually, August Smart lock batteries last about 2.5- 3 months. It depends mostly on how you’re using it. If the number of people going in and out is enormous, then the battery may last a bit shorter.  

What’s the difference between August Smart and Pro? 

As mentioned in the august pro + connect review, there are 3 differences, Pro goes with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit, where the August Smart Lock does not support any of this without getting an extra ‘connect’ gadget for it. Then the Pro one has remote access, which Smart Lock does not have. Finally, Pro is a bit expensive, but regular Smart Lock is on to go.

Does Smartlock drain battery? 

Every running app gets a bit of your battery. But, running a 5-7 MB app shouldn’t be a problem.  

Do I need August Connect? 

If you buy Smart Lock Pro, then you’ll get the August Connect with the package. But if you’re using regular Smart Lock, then you’ll have to purchase August Connect so that you can connect your smart lock to Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit. 

Our Recommendation 

As a part of our buying guide, we are recommending from our picks which we think it could be best for you right now.  

And our recommendation goes for Smart Lock Pro+ Connect. As might have read in pro + connect review above, we are recommending it. First of all, and most importantly, because it is the latest piece of technology in August’s arsenal, further, it gives you a high compatibility standard, starting from Bluetooth to Z- Wave Plus. With automatized door lock/ unlock and activity monitoring, this is one of the best picks in terms of getting a smart lock. 

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Final words 

With each day, development in the field of technology is leading towards a more comfortable and easy way of life. It is unbelievable if we think how much has been put into developing just the door lock mechanism.  

This trend is continuous and seems almost unstoppable to us. Smart locks give you a sense of security and comfort. Especially if you have kids in your house and you’re not able to be present in the house the whole time. With smart locks, you’ll have complete authority over your front doors, plus you will also be notified about the individuals that are coming into your house. 

Thus, with smart lock technology, you’re a better equipped secure house and your family. Get home the latest August Smart Lock and protect your home with premium-grade protection!  

If you ever have any questions related to this article-August Smart Lock review or the best smart door locks, feel free to contact us, or you can comment on this article below. We will try our level best to solve all your queries or to reply to all your comments.

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