10 Best Sliding Door Security Bar (Burglars Would Stay Away!)

Have you heard about stories when burglars broke into the house through the sliding doors? Well, sliding doors are highly vulnerable and can easily be accessed by bypassing the lock. So, the question now is, how do you protect the sliding doors? 

Well, getting the best sliding door security bar can be an effective way to ward off burglars from the porch. It strengthens your security level and reinforces the sliding door strongly! As a result, they’re now being utilized by many households across the country! 

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar
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Best Sliding Door Security Bar 

Here, we have analyzed critically and found out some of the best door security bars and door jammers. Working together, they can completely transform the security system of the entire house! 

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Sliding Door Bar

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Many instances are there when the burglars got inside the house through the main door and vandalized the entire house, injuring lives and property. Usually, most of the house doors are made of wood, easily broken into using force. 

That’s why Buddybar comes up with this uniquely designed door jammer that can withstand a force of 2560LBS! Well, we expect no burglar or a normal human being to possess that much energy to do a fit like that. 

Why is it so strong? Its’ secret is in the powder-coated steel construction, which doesn’t house any plastic parts. 

It isn’t that heavy either, so those traveling with expensive items or cash can get this compact device with them for extra protection in hotels or other places. Finally, concrete, carpet, tile, or wood, you name it, Buddybar works one hundred percent everywhere! 

It may have an issue with letting insects and pests, but apart from the minor problem, it’s a pretty standard item, to begin with! 


  • Sturdy Design
  • Can Withstand 2560 LBS of Force
  • Can be Used During Travelling
  • Works on all Sort of Surfaces


  • May Let the insects In

SecureDoor Store Heavy Duty Sliding Door Security Bar

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At the second spot, we have another mention, this time by SecuraDoor. It’s a highly well-received piece, and if you’re looking for the Best door security jammers, then this one can be considered. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is its intelligent hand and yolk design. It fits almost all the doors, makes it more secure and tidy, and makes installation super easy. You’d need an unbelievably 1ton of force to break through this bad boy.

A smartly designed footplate would adjust itself to almost all surfaces, including concrete, carpet, hardwood tile, etc. Despite providing you with tons of strength, they have managed to keep the weight quite low for this item. Coming in about only 3.2lbs, you should be able to carry it wherever needed quickly. 

It may seem a bit complicated to work with for some, but overall, it looks like a quality item!


  • Incredible hand and yolk design makes it easy to use
  • Withstands up to 1ton force
  • Intelligently designed footplate adjusts to surface quickly.
  • Highly lightweight


  • Can seem a bit complicated to work with

Guard Dog Security Door Bar & Jammers

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Well, here in the third place, we have an outstanding security door jammer by Guard Dog. If you don’t have a guard dog, you employ this one to do the job. Anyway, the incredibly built door jammer comes with 40 different adjustments! So, this unbelievable item can do three jobs at the same time. You can use it to strengthen the door, be used for the sliding patios, and work as a severe alarm system with a 100db vibration alert that would send the burglars running for their dear lives. 

This highly adjustable item can be used on all sorts of surfaces, from carpet to vinyl, ceramic, and cork; you can get it working everywhere. On top of everything, it comes with a lifetime warranty! 

It may have slight issues with wooden floors, but overall this item is incredibly built and should be a good buy overall! 


  • Highly adjustable with 40 different settings
  • Can be used for doors and patios at the same time
  • Comes with a 100db alarm that would deter the intruders
  • Secured by a lifetime warranty


  • Can have trouble fitting in the wooden surface

Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual Function Door and Patio Security Bar

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Our next item on the list is Master Lock’s Dual-Function Security Bar. Why is it called a dual function bar? Well, the reason it comes with two critical features in one. Not only do you get to protect your door, but it can also be utilized to offer excellent protection to the highly vulnerable sliding doors. 

Another exciting part about this bar is, it can be adjusted for height from 27 to 42 inches. As a result, you get the perfectly snug locking properties for tighter protection

While you’re getting it attached to a door, don’t worry about the scratches on the floor. Because the bar comes heavily equipped with padded footing for a better grip while not scratching your floor!

The overall force withstanding this beauty’s power is an astounding 350 pounds, which would be quite challenging for any intruder to break in!

It may wear down a bit after long-term use, but overall, it looks like a standard item you can go for. 


  • Can protect both doors and sliding patios
  • Highly adjustable for a better locking in
  • Padded footing improves grip while not scratching the floor.
  • Withstands around 350 pounds of sheer force


  • Can wear down after heavy use

Guard Dog Security Sliding Door Security Bar with Leather Soft Case Pepper Spray

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At the fifth spot, we have another Guard Dog security bar to enhance your house security! Well, let’s first discuss the build quality of this item. Built using 20-gauge sturdy steel, this door jammer can hold out against an incredible 300 pounds force! 

Guard Dog’s jammer comes with a line of different security products in one go. You also get pepper spray, which can be fired 16 feet away without any issue. At the instance of any possible break-ins, this item would come in handy!

It can also be converted into a sliding door security bar by pushing the lock pin and twisting the rod. 

You may find it challenging to find the perfect angle to fit it with the door. But on the whole, it’s a quality pick you can go forward with.


  • Can be used for door and slides
  • Built using 20 gauge heavy-duty steel
  • Hold out against 300 pounds of force.
  • Added pepper spray improves security.


  • Difficult to fit perfectly

Guard Dog Security 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer & Sliding Door Security Bar

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If you’re looking to use one jammer to perform multiple functions, this 2-1 security bar by Guard Dog can be implemented.

This compact item can be used equally well for your door and sliding patios. While it protects the door or slides, a unique alarm mechanism with 100db vibration is present to tackle determined intruders. A highly well-designed alarm system can be heard from 1000ft away! 

It has a lifetime warranty period so that you can use it with no worries in mind. Finally, it supports all sorts of floors, from cork to ceramic tiles alike!

It can have some issues with thicker levers, but all in all, this is something you can go for any day!


  • Can be used on both door and sliding patients
  • Comes with a loud alarm that can be heard from 1000ft away
  • A complete lifetime warranty on the item
  • Supports all types of floors


  • It may seem difficult to fit thicker levers

Securityman 2-1 Sliding Door Security Bar & Door Jammer

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Now, if you’ve been looking for the best sliding door security bar for premium users, then this one by Securityman is a must consideration. One of the most highly well-received, this incredible piece can easily be adjusted for hinged doors and sliding windows and doors alike! 

Coming two items in the package, you get the rubberized bottom design for a more excellent hold. Your floors don’t risk getting scratch either, with this premium item. Securityman’s easily maneuverable bars can withstand over 350 lbs force for better protection. Different height adjustments from 25 to 43 inches provide all the freedom to use it; however, you desire.

It can wear down after prolonged use, but for the time being, it’s just incredible and a must buy on your list! 


  • Incredible 2-1 design lets you use it on doors and slides.
  • Rubberized bottom improves grip.
  • Can withstand 350ibs of serious force
  • Doesn’t scratch the floor


  • Can wear down after prolonged use

Securityman 2-in-1 Sliding Patio Door Security Bar 

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Another quality item at the 8th spot by the renowned Securityman. Highly well admired, this one comes with a multi-function capability that works equally well on doors and slides alike. 

It has a long adjustable option as it can be folded from 18 to 47 inches, which works outstandingly well on your sliding doors. 

Rubber footing is placed in an intelligently angled manner in this bar, making it one of the best sliding door security bars to grip floors of various kinds. Being highly robust, it would need a 400lbs of force or strength to knock it down, which is quite difficult for the intruders.

Setting this up can seem slightly tricky, but all in all, this is a jammer you can trust and smoothly go forward with! 


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Long 18-47 inches adjustable fits well on the sliding doors
  • Intelligently devised rubberized footing enhances grip
  • The sturdy build takes 400lbs of force to knock it down


  • Difficult to set up

Securityman Security Bar with Alarm & Loud Alert Siren

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Well, at this point, we have a complete security bar by Securityman here. Why is it so? First of all, it has multi-function technology involved with both door and sliding patio support. But, these features are coupled with another intelligent function, which is the systematized alarm mechanism.

It supports you up with a tremendous 120db loud alarm, which would send any burglar into a deep state of confusion and fear while alerting all the individuals in a 1000ft radius. 

Rubber at the bottom is smartly directed slightly sideways so that it offers a better grip. 

The alarm system involved in the device is highly sensitive, which can be an aggravating factor, but overall, it’s worth the buy any day!


  • Multi-function capability with both door and slide support
  • 120 loud alarm quickly deters burglars
  • Better grip from the site-directed smart rubber placement
  • Can hold out to 350lbs force!


  • The alarm goes off too easily

Securityman 2-in-1 Sliding Door Security Bar

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Now we’ll talk about the final item on the list. Securityman’s 2 in 1 security bar is another unique item you can use to reinforce the house’s protection. 

It comes with intelligently designed interchangeable hinges that allow you to use it as a door jammer and a sliding patio security bar simultaneously. 

Rubberized angled bottom is another critical area that can make the bar grip the floor well for superior locking properties. Extraordinary grade iron can withstand up to 400 pounds force while the entire package comes secured under a 1-year warranty.  

The bottom brace may need some work to fit it properly. Except for that, the bar looks highly lucrative on the whole! 


  • Interchangeable hinges let you use it for two purposes
  • Rubberized bottom manages better grip potential
  • Has the strength to go through 400 lbs force
  • Backed by a year-long warranty


  • Difficulty in fitting the bottom brace perfectly

What is a Door Security Bar?

A door security bar, which is also known as a barricade bar, is a device you can use to maximize the door’s protection. It works by jamming against the door, making it difficult for anyone to push in through force. Shaped like a stick, this device has two main parts: the upper end is called the collar, and another at the bottom end is called rubberized padding.

Apart from protecting doors, they are also employed at safeguarding sliding doors and used as intruder alarm systems. Overall, it’s a highly cost-effective, extraordinary home security mechanism. 

Why do I Need Security Bars if I Already have Good Door Locks? 

Well, this is an honest question anyone can make and a justified one. Because you may already have heady duty doors and locks in place, so it’s quite familiar for you to reconsider the option of having a security bar. But, if you didn’t know, every 13 seconds, a burglary is happening in the US, and most of the skilled intruders have already adapted to almost all sorts of doors and locks. So, having a security bar installed would add an extra layer of protection with the least expense. On top of it, you can also protect the vulnerable patios and transform the security scenarios with a loud alert system in the security bars. 

How to Set Up a Door Security Bar? 

Setting up a door security bar is as easy as it can get. First of all, unpack the item correctly and make the height adjustment of your door with it. You’d find a section with many little holes. Adjust the height by pressing the steel button-like element in the gaps. 

Now use the collar of the jammer and fit it on your doorknob properly. While doing it, try to make sure it doesn’t have any empty spaces, making it unstable. 

After that, place the rubber pivot on your floor. Next, try to push it with your hand or feet as it’s not getting the grip to the fullest extent. If you find pushing it against the door is becoming difficult, then stop it. It’s good to grip correctly, but acting unnaturally rough against the door can damage the doorknob instead. 

If you’re doing it for the first time, then have someone on the other side of the door. After finishing your placement, instruct him to push the door with all of his strength to see whether it’s working. 

If he manages to open up the door quickly, you’d have to understand there is a flaw in your setup; in that case, perform the above steps again. Or it can also mean the door jammer is faulty. 

But if the person, despite using force, fails to open the door, you’d understand that the installation was successful and the jammer is working fine. 

So, as you see, setting up a door security bar is relatively easy on the whole, and you don’t need to call in any specialist to help you with it. You or anyone from the family can perform the entire sequence within 5-10 minutes approximately. 

best door security bars and jammers

What are the Benefits of Door Security Bars? 

The benefits of the best door security devices are plenty. We are providing some of them here:

Reinforce Security

Undoubtedly, your door jammers add a lot to the entire security system of the house. Intruders would find it more challenging to break into a place that has a door jammer installed than one that doesn’t have one. Almost all the jammers we discussed had a minimum capacity of 300 LBS of force, which is quite difficult for an intruder to mess with. 

Protects Sliding Patios 

Your sliding patios are the weakest spot of the house. They can easily trespass. The locking mechanism present in the sliding doors can easily be manipulated. On top of it, intruders can break in the slides if the glass is thin enough for them. For all these reasons, a security jammer is much more essential for the sliding patios. 

Visible Deterrent 

Upon receiving the sliding door jammer installed on the patios, intruders also get to have a deeper understanding of the owner of the house. It works as a visible deterrent as the intruders would easily understand that the owner is conscious of them and may have more obstacles to tackle inside. So they’d just switch a safer target.

Audible Deterrent 

Well, many of the security bars we’ve talked about coming with a thunderous alarm system that can be heard from 800ft to 1000ft away. It quickly alerts the neighbors and completely startles the intruders into a deep state of confusion and fear. Hearing alarms like that, any intruder would run for their life instead of trying to steal or vandalize anything. 

Can be Transported 

Finally, if you have security concerns at hotels and motels or any place where you’re staying, you can always take them with you. It would certainly enhance your hotel room security and help you with a relaxing vacation. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Sliding Door Security Bar 

You have been through some of the quality items we’ve discussed. But if you’re serious about getting a security bar, it’s quintessential for the potential buyer to learn the exact features which he/she must go for. That’s precisely what we’re explaining below:

Maximum Force Sustainability 

It’s the first criteria any potential security bar buyer should focus upon because it defines the central aspect of the security level obtained through a bar. Well, it’s best to go for those bars that offer a minimum reasonable force of 350-450 to a maximum of 500-700 lbs. Going less than the measurements mentioned above may not serve the actual purpose of a security bar. 

Loud Alarm System 

Alarm system in the security bars is unique and a brilliant idea to begin with. It transformers the entire security parameter in your house. It’s best to go for the security bars which have this sort of alarm system in place. They would give you a loud siren that can travel up to 800 to 1000ft radius and alert all the people in that area. It will also completely break down the intruder’s motivation, and he’d naturally want to find an escape route instantly. 


Convertibility is another significant idea that helped develop the sophisticated security bars we have today. We’d always suggest you go for the one used both indoors and sliding patio or windows. So, you can use them for visible deterrent as well as strengthening booth doors and glassed areas. 

Rubberized Footing 

This is another highly important element in your door security bar. Remember never to avoid the rubberized footing element at the bottom part of your security bar. It maximizes the grip for substantial protection against unwanted force. On the other hand, it gives you a snug fit and doesn’t scratch your floor. More importantly, try to go for those designed intelligently and offer more traction. 

Long Height Adjustability 

Height adjustability is vital—especially those with multipurpose functions. Try to go for the one which can be extended till 45-47 inches at maximum. Because while attaching the security bar to your sliding patios, it can get tough if the jammer can’t be extended long enough to fit the sliding doors’ frame. That’s why always measure the frame of your sliding doors and buy bars matching with the measurement. 


Can I use door security bars to secure my doors when I’m not home?

Yes. It’s even better for you to reinforce the door with security bars than to leave it without one.

Do door security bars work on the carpet floor?

Most security bars come equipped with an intelligent footing design incorporated with rubber, which is meant to give you maximum traction. It may reduce the performance a bit yet should work on the carpet floor as well. 

Why should I consider buying a door security bar?

A quality door security bar can completely transform the security parameter by reinforcing the door and slides. It can also ring out alarms if approached by intruders. 

Are door jammers effective?

Obviously, door jammers are extraordinarily useful in improving security. 

How can I make my apartment door more secure?

You can use quality door jammers with an alarm system to make it highly protected.

Final Thought 

As we’ve discussed some of the best sliding door security bars in the market, it should now be clear to you how profound the impact of security bar technology is in enhancing the house’s overall protection. 

From reinforcing the door to withstanding hundreds of pounds of force to alerting the citizens during any potential act of burglary, security bars have made a silent revolution in the field of home security. So, get the best door security bars and jammers and safeguard your property with strength right now! 

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