10 Best Door Reinforcement Locks for a Burglar-proof House

When you think about home vulnerability, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how safe is the main door? Let alone the main door; if the house has multiple entries, you’ll be tensed about the backup you’re getting from all sides.

And unless you add reinforcements to these (besides the lock that you get,) you’re only going to feed the tension you have all the time lurking inside your head.

So whether it is security from physical locks or some mental preparation and steps you can follow, here’s what we think should make the Best Door Reinforcement Locks for your home.

Top 10 Product Reviews on the Best Door Reinforcement Lock

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The Door Bull- Door Barricade Safety Device

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If you thought security bars were old fashioned and ugly, think again. Door Bull has an exceptional door bar system that acts as a security bar but is a hundred times more stylish and powerful, not to mention, efficient!

Door Bull’s door reinforcement lock system helps your door secure you by evenly distributing the hard push force. When burglars attempt to break in wildly, the security bar has the task to protect the entire door, not just the lock. Any weak door bar may protect the lock area, but the door may be damaged due to uneven distribution of force. But not with Door bull!

The construction is made of aluminum and can be DIY-ed onto your doors. It mostly works on the inward opening door types that need to be pushed and not pulled to open. The entire structure with the professionally engineered lock is a feast to the eyes and to the security system. This solid and ingenious device will give you an excellent latch area width with a secure feel.

TOYFUL 4-Pack Door Reinforcement Locks

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With four packs of security locks, you get sixteen screws, which can work to give you a tight and secure feeling altogether! They can combinedly stand against the force that is put on your door when burglars try to get in and have four times more screws than most door reinforcement locks.

Did you know that they can resist up to 800 pounds of force? For the reasons mentioned above, this happens to be best fitted for heavier doors that need heavier barricading.

Also, when it comes to comparing with regular deadbolts, they can take in 12 times more force. With all these and the night lock system that has been upgraded to offer you better protection when you are asleep, this lock makes it into our list of heavy-duty servers in the locking industry.

You may ask that with so many aspects of protection, what happens when there is an emergency? Will you be able to leave the house on time, or will the locks restrain you? Thankfully, the locks perform quickly when there is an emergency.

Master Lock 265D Door Security Lock & Bar

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You get two things in this pack: one security bar and a reinforcement lock. There are also other options you can pick from the Master Lock Store, but this is what caught our attention the most, and we included it in the list for you!

The materials in the pack are mostly made of aluminium, with a satin finish on them that makes them appear glossy and rich. Security bars are not much of a looker, but if you take a look at the one that comes with this pack, you’ll change your opinion and believe that even bars can be stylish in a locking system! The bar is made for both hinged and sliding doors and is intended for indoor use only. But since this is portable, you can carry the bar with you on vacations and protect yourselves there!

About the door reinforcement lock, it can also resist up to 800 pounds of force. What’s more, it is both child-safe and resistant to tampering. So if anyone is trying to pick your lock or cause bumps in it to intrude some time sooner or later, they will be potentially unsuccessful.

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AmazonBasics Door Reinforcement Lock

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Available in both two and single packs, this reinforcement lock is a decent option for anyone looking to get a basic upgrade for their home lock security without confusing themselves to their wit’s end. Just like the name, it gives a very basic yet strong update to your house.

Unlike the satin finish that we just talked about, this lock has a polished finish. The polished chrome finish makes it appear both sturdy and stylish at the same time, meeting both of your needs or security and style from your lock. The construction is the same as before and in aluminium.

This type of lock is better suited for your house or residential apartments as they are quite basic. If you have solid, heavy, and exceedingly tall doors, or maybe you wanted a lock for your office, in that case, it is better to opt for heavier locks than this one. While it can certainly protect you, it is basic, and you should keep that in mind when buying.

WINONLY Home Security Door Reinforcement Lock

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To prevent unauthorized entry to your house, Winonly is a tough competition to all the available door reinforcement locks. Category-wise, it should fall into the heavy-duty door reinforcement locks and not the basic ones. You can get as much as 800 pounds of force bearing from the doorstop lock, and this is 12 times a better performer than the regular deadbolt that you have on your doors currently. So if your plan was to update your ultra basic deadbolt lock to something stunningly strong and sturdy, here’s your chance with the Winonly!

When it comes to an emergency, the groove design on the lock makes it easier for you to open the doors despite being so heavily guarded against intruders. But as you know, some heavily guarded doors backfire heavily on yourself when you attempt to get out of it during emergencies. That will not happen when you have the Winonly locks.

Mounting this lock is also pretty easy, and you can do it yourself without needing a professional in five to ten minutes of time. After which, you’ll have an upgraded system!

Lifechaser Home Security Door Reinforcement Lock

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Best suited for doors that swing inwards, the Lifechaser locks can also resist 800 pounds of rigid force applied, or like we should say, thrust upon your doors. By virtue of such a large force bearing ability, your doors are safe from kick-ins. So you can install these kinds of locks on all your exterior doors, heavy or light, that you think to have a chance to be thrown off if kicked in.

However, if you are purchasing locks that can resist such great forces, it is also your duty to make sure the doors are as able of withholding as the locks, or there will be no point.

This reinforcement lock comes with decent and strong three-inch screws. However, you won’t be able to turn in the screws with just your hand turning. So you will need a screwdriver for the DIY installation. It will take only five minutes or so for you to have the lock mounted.

The lock is also childproof; so your children will not be able to open the door to unknown strangers when you are inside showering or sleeping.

EverPlus Home Security Childproof Door Reinforcement Lock

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Made of aluminium and with a beautiful white finish, the lock from Everplus is a delight to the eyes and a sore for the burglary threats for its ability to protect your house. It comes with 8 distinct, 3-inch screws that work together to resist external force thrust upon your door by intruders. Given that it is twelve times stronger than the regular deadbolt, as you are aware of from so many locks by now, it is a heavy-duty lock.

It is not at all bulky or hard to install. So you can simply grab your power screwdriver and get your hands on a drill to mount it on your door. It will take very little time, as long as five minutes max, or more if someone is poking you in the middle of work!

For those of you who live in neighborhoods where there have been stories of bumping the locks and occasional theft and robbery, you can get yourself this lock.

TOYFUL 2-Pack Door Reinforcement Locks

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If the four-pack version of Toyful was too much for you or something that does the job while not being so extra, the two-pack version would be just what you need.

Even though this is a two-pack version, it can resist the same amount of force as the four-pack version. Moreover, it is as much as twelve times stronger than a regular deadbolt. But are we complaining anyway about the lock? No!

About the installation, it takes really little time to install, and you will be able to mount the lock on the door yourself. This is only if you have had previous experience of opening locks inside out. You can mount the lock higher than usual in order to keep it from the reach of children. And what’s more than the childproof feature is that it has been made tamper-free.

Berlin Modisch Door Lock Reinforcer

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This reinforcement lock is made of aluminium, like most of the locks on the list. But what’s different about its construction is that it has a satin nickel finish on it and a beautiful brushed nickel color that makes it exceptionally stylish and sturdy to look at.

When it comes to functionality, it has 3-inch screws that make it very easy for you to install and be certain that the lock will be tightly held in position. This lock is made for a swing in doors only, and they work on any thickness of such doors.

And if you happen to have an uneven trim, it is still quite easy to install. The fold-away design is another notable feature of the lock. All in all, you can feel the lock hardening the security system and making the doorway rigid as you go; only be cautious not to lock doors unintentionally.

BAOWEIJD Hotel Security Door Lock

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You can use this security lock system for both your home and hotels. There are no holds barred on which area door it protects, but there is certainly a limitation on using them for inward swinging doors only.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to open the door directly to a person and does not want to get a peephole for the door, thinking that the hole may ruin your door, getting this lock will help. It allows you to peep outside and converse a little with your intruder, wanted or not before you entirely open the door to them. So this lock gives you access to you before they give the entry access to your guests.

This door is also made childproof and can work two ways with child safety. It will not let them open the door to unknown intruders if you are busy, and it will also save them from rushing outdoors now and then. 

Why is it Necessary to Reinforce All Your Exterior Doors? 

Why? If you’re asking why it is necessary to get the best door reinforcements, you might as well ask do I want my home to be safe and secure? 

If the answer is yes, then you have your answer in so many words.

You may have the idea from action movies and crime thriller series that burglars and robbers draw out a blueprint and do a truckload of detailed analysis before they break into a house. Or maybe they scale up the walls, somehow use props to get into the building. 

Very rarely, it is the front door (only happens if you’re the good guy or the cop, but we’re talking burglars here). But under these concepts, when these wicked people enter your house, it’ll be likely through the doors and windows. For these reasons, it is essential to have your exterior doors reinforced. And while you’re in on it, you may get the doors inside reinforced too if you want twice the safety numbers. But the outdoors should suffice.

How can You Reinforce a Door Properly?

You are getting the Best Door Reinforcement Locks, but what is the point if you don’t know how to install them in the right way? There’ll be a huge loop in the security of your house if you fail here. So carry on with the steps:


If your door lock is or has turned into old hardware, you will need to do your work here. You need to update the versions or replace your deadbolt and lockset plates. The security will come in three dimensions:

First, we’ll replace the deadbolt. Then, we will replace the strike plate with a faceplate. And lastly, we’ll replace the wobbly screws with better ones and ensure closure safety.


You’ll first need all your exterior doors into the house. If there is only a doorknob acting as the lock in the doors, all of them need changing. If there’s a combination of locks, you can pick from the alternatives to door lock reinforcement that we mention later in the article.

Anyway, start with checking the screws of your current deadbolt on the lock. Then check the screws on the strike plates. If they seem wobbly and under the measure, you will need longer and better screws.

Replace Deadbolt

With the length of the backset distance and the size of the cylindrical hole, you will get the necessary dimensions needed to purchase your new deadbolt. Once you bring that home, remove the screws on the old deadbolt, holding it from the interior side and the faceplate. When you are done, replace it with the new deadbolt by using your hands to turn the screws first.

Replace Lockset Plate

In the doorknob, there already is an old lockset plate. If you want to remove it and change it for something better, you can reinforce your lockset plate too. Simply change the present lip door plate for a new strike plate.

Now, remember that you get strike plates with your deadbolt too, which should have two screws. If you can, get yourself a new one with preferably four screws. When you have removed the old one, mount the new strike plate in its place, and you’re done!

Why Door Reinforcement is Important for You and Your Home

Door security through reinforcement can be important for you and your family in the following ways:

  1. In areas commonly invaded by thieves, door reinforcement locks are important to ensure that your family is safe.
  2. When you don’t want to replace your original lock, but you want more security for your family, door reinforcement is handy as well as important.
  3. If your doors are the weak type, not necessarily the front door, but the backdoor from the garden or the living area, and you fear intrusion from these sides could cause worries, those doors need replacement and reinforcing to ensure the family safety.
  4. If you live alone in the house, leave the house early and enter it late at night, it isn’t possible for you to check for intruders in a big home in every nook and cranny; and you may or may not be certain if you locked the doors properly. In that case, having a stronger lock mechanism puts you at ease, that when you return home, no thief will be hiding behind the curtains.

Features that Make a Door Reinforcement Successful

To make the best door barricade for your home, what are the features you should be looking at? They are right here:

Door dimension

You may not be unfamiliar with the house where the doors are one inch or half below the walls’ mark or where the doors need to be pushed open and forced close because they are a tad bit larger on one side than the other. Such disproportionate doors are a hindrance to convenience and safety.

You probably will fix this problem when it comes to your own home, so what’s next? 

When you go purchasing additional security equipment for your door, the renewed and actual measurement will come in handy. Hence, the door dimension is an important feature to pay attention to. 


By placement, we do not mean the placement of the door, but the placement of the security equipment. Some security equipment and reinforcement locks work with hinged doors, while some work with sliding doors.

Again, when you are buying a security bar for your door, you will need to make sure previously where you will place it.

The placement will depend on not only your door and the placement of the equipment itself, but also the floors, as should be for jammers. If you have carpeted floors or wooden or tiled floors, you should tell the ones you are buying from not messing up the purchase.

Security Design

The equipment should be designed such that it doesn’t harm your door or the floors. For example, your equipment should be rubber fitted not to scratch your door material as well as floor material, if it is going to be a jammer we are talking of.

Child safety

Child safe locks are extremely important to consider if there will be children at home when you are off to work. So pay attention to this too.

Force Bearing

Your equipment should be able to withstand a force of 350 pounds or more. This is how much a tiger weighs, so we are talking of the ultimate force with which a tiger breaks into your house, and the lock still holds. (Don’t blame us if it’s an elephant!)

Substitutes for Door Reinforcement

What if the Best Door Reinforcement Locks aren’t what you need? We have an answer for that case too. The following are some substitutes you could use:


If you were to summarize what the alarms are meant to do to you when you are dozing off, and in your imaginary world, the same summary could be used for a doorstop alarm. Whenever anyone comes to tamper with a door stopped or held by such an alarm, the alarm goes wild. 

So when burglars try to push their way through your security held up by such an alarm, you’re bound to know. And it’s not a regular pushing your way through a door; it’s pushing the door with such force that the alarm door stop slips and goes off. Did we tell you it will go off at a deafening 120 dB?

Security bar

A security bar is also quite common that goes in the middle of the door and stops it from opening easily from outward force or pressure. You can install or mount them onto the places, and they are especially useful with sliding doors in the apartment. One thing, keep in mind though is that they have to be adjusted to the width and size of the door they are protecting.


These are actually the most common type of door security assurance. The ones who are not willing to seek professional help with or are themselves willing to include door reinforcement and the act of going through different processes love the simplicity of these jammers. 

They can be sturdy and made of steel or some form of plastic. They are used to “jam” the door in a way that they latch onto the knob. These are quite portable, meaning that you can switch the jammer from one door to the other in your house, given that both of them are cool with the jammer. For an emergency, jammers can be disabled.


You know security chains were somewhat popular till someone raised the question, isn’t it better to see who is forcing an entry or willing to casually get inside the house without opening the door first? When you use a security chain, you are opening the door by an inch or two to see who is on the other side. But with a security peephole, you can actually check for the person outside and take necessary measures if it isn’t the guest you were expecting.

And what’s more, you don’t need to open the door unnecessarily and expose yourself to more risk than closed doors. If burglars take their precautions, they will likely be able to imitate the person’s voice or form. So when you open the door through your security chain, you may not be so attentive at first. A peephole saves you from plenty of mishaps.


What is the point of enforcing and reinforcing locks if you keep forgetting to lock your door when you move out of the house? Don’t tell us you haven’t had nearly a heart attack when you remember or half-remember if you locked the door or not before heading out! The fix to this lies in finding yourself a smart lock that informs you and does the job for you.

You can get access to your lock anywhere away from your home, so even if you forget, you can recheck and have the system lock the doors for you. 

Final Words

So as you have seen, the best Door Reinforcement Locks help you upgrade your home security and strengthen it for the better. Once you go through the installation of the reinforcement process, check if you have done everything right by pushing the door and checking the lock. 

If you’re not sure that it is done well, please don’t do the reinforcements yourself and call in a professional. At all rates, we want you and your family to be safe inside your home!

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