6 Best Door Reinforcement Kit To Kick Proof Front Door

If you feel that your home security is compromised and think that you need to do something about it, you’re cent percent right. Who on earth just lives with the idea that they’ll continue having poor doors with poorer locks?

To save you and your family from unwanted intruders and extremely unwanted forces thrust upon your doors, we’re going to talk about the best door reinforcement kit today. You could use this entry door reinforcement kit to install the locks on your exterior doors. For that matter, did you know that most break-ins happen through the entry door, unlike the rooftops, windows, and all other places you worry about?

Without further ado, let’s get started on the kits.

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Products Reviews on the Best Door Reinforcement Kits

Here, you’re going to know about the easy armor door reinforcement kit that you need to install to enhance the home security that you expect to.

Let’s get started!

Door Armor MAX Complete Door Reinforcement Kits Set

Armor Concepts Door Armor MAX, Door Reinforcement Set for Jamb, Frame & Hinges, 3-Piece Door Lock Security, 30-Min Installation Door Security, Corrosion Proof, 16Gauge Galvanized Steel(Satin Nicke...
  • MAKES ANY DOOR INTO VIRTUALLY AN UNBREAKABLE BARRIER: Door Armor is the strongest, most robust five-piece door security devices kit that can turn any door into an unbreakable barrier
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL HOME AND APARTMENT DOOR SECURITY PLATES: The Armor MAX door reinforcement plate & frame provides a solid core for your door. It is super easy to install with a power drill in 30...
  • PROACTIVELY SECURING YOU FROM INTRUDERS: Doors are the weakest points in any home's security system, but this armor plates re-inforces the door security so that even the strongest kick won't get...
  • 16-GAUGE GALVANIZED STEEL DOOR PROTECTOR SECURITY MATERIAL: We use galvanized steel that is 16-gauge thick to ensure that your door will not experience corrosion, ensuring your security lasts for a...
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED?: This door reinforcement lock kit includes a 46" door armor jamb shield, two mini door shields & two hinge shields, along with one instructions pack, 17 (3.5") screws, and 4 (2.5")...
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This Door Armor reinforcement kit comes in three pieces, and all three of them work together to let you make your door frame kick-proof and bump-proof. When you have such a set, and you use it to install mini door shields, you can get things done in 30 minutes times only. You will get detailed instruction manuals in your kit about how to install door frames reinforcement and jamb reinforcement plates.

You get 5 patented galvanized steel plates on the security kit that combinedly work together to strengthen your doors like never before. With the help of only a power grill and some determination, you can have it installed pretty easily. You can also pick from your finishes on the lock and choose from satin nickel, aged bronze, or white, matching it with the rest of your surroundings.

What’s the best thing about it is that your door will be so protected and reinforced door that you will not need ear-bleeding alarms once you have got this. And the manufacturer offers you a monetary guarantee against it.

OnGUARD Door Reinforcement Kit

OnGUARD Door Reinforcement | Stops Violent Looters & Rioter's | Stop Door Kick ins | Withstands 3000 Lbs
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Don’t even ask us what got us super impressed with this door reinforcement lock kit. It’s a whopping 3000-pound resistance ability. So if the looters and intruders come with their heaviest goon thumping on your door, your door will remain safe and secure, with no weak point found. And what’s more, it takes only ten minutes to install with your reinforcement kit. So even if you don’t want to call in a professional and know how to handle door locks, it will not take your entire day.

You can use 5 screws, a wood drill bit, and Phillips head bits to install this security brace. In case your apartment floors are made of concrete, you will need such screws too. The customers are so exceedingly assured of the force bearing with this security brace that they have tried battering rams on the door with the brace, and guess who failed? Not the door!

Door Armor Mini-Door Reinforcement Kit for Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate

Door Armor Mini - Door Security Reinforcement Kit For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate - DIY Home Security – Bronze
  • THE ORIGINAL ULTIMATE DOOR SECURITY KIT: All Door Armor Single Door security devices kits come complete with 1 Door Armor Jamb Shield, 2 Door Shields, and two sizes 21 self-tapping screws
  • MINI DOOR SHIELDS ARE ANTI DOOR KICK IN: MINI Door Shields slide on the edge of the door and take less than 5 minutes to install; Require 2 quarters of space between the door and frame for proper...
  • THE DOOR ARMOR JAMB SHIELD IS 46" LONG: The Door Jamb can be protected with this shield, it is cut with knock-out holes that are designed to fit locks spaced from 4.5" to 21.5" apart, (1) is Included...
  • TORX HEAD SCREWS: Every mini hardware kit includes 17 3-1/2-Inch painted Torx head screws, with self tapping tips and 4 2-1/2-inch painted Torx head screws, with self tapping tips
  • REPAIR DAMAGE FROM AN EXISTING KICK-IN: Door Armor can also be used to repair previous damage. Increase your house and apartment security working on your front door security with our great door...
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If we ask you what are the two weakest spots on your door, would you be able to tell? The two weakest and most vulnerable points on your door are the door jamb and the lock area. So when we are talking about reinforcements, securing these two weak points should do the trick for you. With this reinforcement kit, you will be able to prevent intruders when forcing their way into the house or using props to cause trouble.

Using only a power drill, installing this reinforcement is just a breeze, although that would take 20 minutes of your time. But we guess you could spare twenty minutes of door work for a lifetime of security! And it not just works on a single door type but can be used for fiberglass, vinyl, and wooden doors.

On the kit, you will get a 46-inch door jamb and 2 hinge shields measuring 4 inches each. These prevent the door from splintering and knockouts, and with the easy instruction guide, you could be done with them.

Fix-A-Jamb Door Security Reinforcement Kit

Fix-A-Jamb Door Jamb Reinforcement and Repair Kit for Exteriors by Armor Concepts, White
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What if we told you that you could install a standard door jamb without requiring any cutting or nailing? You don’t need to spin your head around complex procedures of installing, repairing, or reinforcing a security mechanism when you have one of these in hand. The best time you will need is 5 minutes if you have previous experience handling door locks and ten minutes if you haven’t any. Yeah, that’s very easy to install. And the other thing you will need is a power drill, and you’re done!

This door jamb is L-shaped and has 40 inches in length, just the right measure to cover up all your damage due. The eighteen gauge security instrument can give you good coverage when it comes to withstanding external force, and we’re here for it!

What’s more, this isn’t just words and measurements that guarantee that this door jamb works; this has been tested professionally. Law enforcement has tried common and uncommon methods to check if this door jamb will resist things, so you can make a confident purchase.

Ez Armor Reinforcer Combo Set

Ez Armor SET-EZA-2000 Reinforcer Combo Set
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If you combine functionality and ease, the reinforcement lock and kit that you will get is the EZ one. This combo set isn’t just a combination of tools; it is inherently a combination of functions with armor concepts.

Unlike the ones mentioned above, it takes longer to install reinforcements with this kit. You will need to drill your way through the doors and locks, and after 30 minutes or so, you will be done with the process.

What other door jamb reinforcement locks do is that they install and work on a portion or two of the door lock mechanism. So you do not get complete safety for entry doors. But EZ works on all three vulnerable and weak points of the door locks, the door hinge, the jamb, and the locks. Since all key points are touched, you can be sure of its work!

Defender Security Mega-Jamb Reinforcing Kit

Defender Security U 10893 Mega-Jamb Reinforcing Kit for 2-3/8 inch Backset, 1-3/4 inch, White
  • Repairs and reinforces standard door jambs
  • For knobs with 2-3/8 inch backset
  • For 1-3/4in. thick doors
  • Stamped steel construction
  • White powder coated finish
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Last but not the least, here’s one kit from Defender. This is a more specific door reinforcer since this is only allowed to work on doors with a thickness of 1 to 3/4 inch doors. And like we just said, this is specific and doesn’t cover all the key points on the door, but only the major one: the door jamb.

The steel construction of the reinforcement is well hidden under the white powder-coated finish on it. So at first glance, it may seem as if it is not so sturdy. However, upon installation and use, you will be able to determine that it holds well on both sides of the door.

Whether it is a poorly cracked jamb that you are willing to repair or a new one that you are willing to install, you will be at ease working with this if you follow the instructions of the reinforcement kit well!

What are Door Reinforcement Kits?

These are kits that make your door locks stronger and more secure, to put it in the simplest bunch of words. Contrary to what many people think, doors were not made to resist forces and burglary and what not. They were made to let you in and out of the house and are just that: entry and exit points. But thanks to modern times, on the list of things we need to worry about, burglary, house break-ins, etc., are quite some headache-starters.

For this purpose, it becomes essential for you and us to think through what happens when the entry points to our house are compromised. So when it comes to our chances of reinforcing, we should jump straight at it!

Door reinforcement kits either replace parts of your door’s inner lock mechanism or work to make them stronger, adding additional support to the base mechanism without any need for replacement.

The easiest way to reinforce a door is to work on the door latch plate size. This determines what amount of force your door will be able to bear. So the bigger the plate, the better it is for your door security. But the size obviously needs to be reasonable. Again, door reinforcement kits may also include a bunch of screws, which can also be a great way of strengthening your door’s lock mechanism.

Last but not least, your kit may include ways and tools to increase the attachment points on your door, which will also increase security.

People who Need a Door Reinforcement Kit

Seems like it has an obvious answer because the moment I’m asking this, I’m actually asking who needs better door security? And I don’t think anyone will say no to better door security unless they already have better ones!

So if you live in your apartment or have your own house, you could do with a door reinforcement kit. If you plan on going out soon enough, then also you can benefit from such kits. While you are away, these will ensure that your indoor stuff remains protected from outdoor instances. You can also carry portable kits, which you could use on your hotel doors to protect yourself in unknown places.

There are a combination of high and low varieties on the reinforcement kits for you that you could pick from whether you are remaining at home or going out. If you’re going out on a trip, portability should be your main concern on the kit, and if you’re staying at home, you can pick anything that assures combinedly as well as independently that your loved ones and precious possessions are safe inside.

Installation Procedure of Door Reinforcement Kits

To install the lock you can follow these steps using your reinforcement kits:

In your kit, you will get long enough screws and latch plates. You may also have a collection of the following, but if you don’t, try to get these as you may require them in the installation process: Philips or security screws, drill, and drill bits.

If you think that these will not be enough for you to work on the lock and lock inners, you can get yourself more things than these, such as sanding blocks and reciprocating saws. The blocks help you with uneven door shapes. If you think sanding blocks are not enough and you need more upgrades, you can take the help of reciprocating or oscillating saws. These can help you make drastic changes to the doors and their inherent locks.

Finally, using the kit and your extra tools, you can either work on the latch plate, strike plate, and deadbolt; or use a jammer or security bars to fully install your reinforcement.

Final Words

So by now, you have been assured that having the best door reinforcement kits make your homes very safe and secure, way beyond what it previously used to be. And now there’s no time to waste because you should hurry to get one of these for your house!

All of the kits mentioned in our list today have been the result of our research, so you can trust these. But if you want something of your own, you can always do your research!

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