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It is not very easy to choose the best smart door locks for your door from the market you have never purchased one before, right? There are a lot of smart locks on the market those make you hesitant and confused, naturally almost every day new smart locks with the new features and advanced opportunity are coming to be the competitor with the old. Even the new and updated version occupy the market as a competitor of the old version.

So, to make your choice a bit easier, we reviewed and tested hundreds of the smart door locks and selected our top 5 best smart locks for making your home smart and secure with your desire. And for enhancing the level best security, these locks provide the advanced and unique feature to ensure safeguard.

Love it?

Especially, you might have known that there are so many factors you’ll need to consider before buying the best one. For consideration, we are going to give you the best suggestion, but the bad news is that this review is so big.

Ready to dive into this big review?

Before we start, pleased to share that after reviewing our top 5 best locks, a Buying Guide will help you to pick the best one. Till then would be better to spend time with us in this article.

At first, here is a list for quick search, if you click one of these, will go to Amazon.

1. August Smart Lock Pro+Connect.
2. Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Review.
3. Schlage Z-Wave-BE469 CAM 619.
4. Ultraloq UL3 Review.
5. TurboLock TL-99 Smart Lock.

1. August Smart Lock Pro+Connect

Need to turn the traditional door lock into a smart lock?

Before we start, would like to say- many smart locks you’ll get on the market for making the home smart, but in this review, we’ll try to find out the best smart locks for ensuring the level best home security that brings peace in your mind.

August Smart Lock Pro+Connect is the updated and latest product of August. Before this, the three smart locks August Company brought on the market and these are all still available- August Smart Lock- 1st Generation, 2nd Generation, and 3rd Generation.

After successful of selling these, getting customer’s positive feedback and satisfaction, they have tried to bring better smart lock than the old according to customer’s feedback and their research in their history, they are the success, I think.

Now, for ensuring the more security of home, no other way to choose instead of it.

But here is something to know, this is expensive than the previous Generation.

The good news is that Pro+Connect does have many advanced and unique advantages that you’ve not found before.

From the beginning, August was trying to turn the traditional front door into a smart door with smart devices. Needless to say that – The August is successful and became one of the best smart lock sellers in the history. On the Amazon, you may find the truth.

Now you are going to learn you need to know about August Pro+Connect and then we think it will be very easy for you to make the decision to buy.

August Pro+ConnectClick here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

Keyless Convenience

Truly speaking – now people can’t imagine without keyless convenience when they go to the market to buy the door lock, order to the locksmith for a KEYLESS, right?.

Day by day all lock company is trying to bring the door lock without keys. To be hassle-free, it brings a great convenience, now, no way to carry the bulky keychain for unlocking the door.

Not necessary to say that- this feature is provided by August Smart Lock All Gen. So you can feel free to enter without carrying keys and let an opportunity of keyless entry to your family and friends.

Easy Installation

Who wants to waste his time?

Time is wealth or is more valuable than everything. To save time, science is inventing the new appliances and technology is presenting the advanced features every day.

Actually, for increasing the velocity of life, we invented many smart devices, for making life easier, in that case, everybody tries to choose the best smart devices for uses with the extra cost.

For turning your front door into a smart door, this August provides everything and offers fast and easy installation facility. So, within 10 minutes you can install it on the door not more than a screwdriver.

Use Your Voice To Control

Pro+Connect works with Alexa for voice control. It supports also Siri, Google Assistant to control. So, simply can tell Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, using your voice to control the door lock.

Need to know – Alexa or Google Assistant follows your order to lock the door, if you would like to unlock, at first have to order to Alexa to unlock and then Alexa asks about the user codes, if you fail to give right codes for three times, factory reset will be mandatory to access voice control. So should be careful, but a factory reset isn’t difficult to do.

So, if someone shouts to Alexa to unlock, Alexa won’t do anything before getting the right code.

Great, isn’t it?

Monitor The Door From Anywhere

While you are away or at office, need not worry about the home because the August app sends you all notifications via the August app. And have an opportunity to keep track of who comes and goes. Every lock’s status you’ll be notified and get updates from anywhere.

During summer vacation, no need to follow the tips to keep safe the house what you have known from different websites, just install this lock and check the notification when you want to know.

Works With Z-Wave

The most important thing is that this August works with Z-Wave technology to provide fast and easy access.

As a locksmith, we can say – day by day the popular lock company is adding this feature in their smart lock for the growing demand of Z-Wave.

Now, connecting to a home automation system called ‘smart home’, Z-Wave is the first choice to the user.

It would be easy to connect with your existing home automation system if you install this August.

Z-Wave offers the best thing is-all Z-Wave devices you can connect to one another for controlling and monitoring all at a time and provides a facility to manage and control the Z-Wave alliances from any places; anywhere in the world.

Love it: August Smart Lock Reviews | The Best Smart Door Locks To Buy.


We’re pleased to say that DoorSense is one of the notable and advanced features that you won’t get another door locks, only August Smart Lock Pro+Connect does have this, and the users get a new experience by this.

You should know that DoorSense is included to tell you whether the door is securely locked or not. In a short term, we can define this- ‘Smart Auto-Lock technology’.

Locks Automatically

Forget to lock the door when you rush out?

Probably you don’t, but your kids do. Right?

Well, now you can forget to do the lock closed, in that case, you don’t have a worry, even you shouldn’t have, agree with me?

The door will be automatically locked as you would like to, because of August’s WiFi. Techno-based enabled WiFi provides this for more safety.

So the kids can be learned to forget about locking the door!

Actually, whether you teach them or not, isn’t depends on you or them to lock. Completely depends on the August Smart Lock.

Auto Unlock

Have you heard ever that a door lock does have a brain?

We think you haven’t.

For knowing about this you should spend more time in this article.

This lock does have a brain we said before! Believe it or not!

When you arrive home, the auto-unlock feature gives a greeting – that will unlock the door automatically. That means – August Lock knows when you are home, even knows when you left,

Love it?

Pro+Connect build a “Geo-fence” with Bluetooth Low Energy to deliver WiFi and GPS technologies and these around your home. When you and your phone leave the fenced area, this lock will be unlocked. When you and your phone return, this will switch to home mode and unlock to give greetings.

Instant notification will give you peace of mind that everything is OK. We would like to say, for best performance, you should leave phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi on that will work well for making wide Geo-fence area.

lock safeguardApp Design

The August’s cleanly designed app is one of the big reasons. You should know about it, I think.

App design is enough good, presents advanced features and is not difficult to set all settings for configuring the August.

Needless to say that – can control this door from anywhere via this app. If someone arrives or your friends or guests come next to the door when you’re away and then no one is inside to unlock, can tap a button to unlock the door for them.

In this way, can unlock the front door for the pet sitter while you’re at the office.

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The Good

  • Easy to install within 10 minutes.
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-Wave and more.
  • Auto-lock and auto-unlock features.
  • DoorSense provides more safety.
  • Unique designed app.
  • Easy to control and monitor from anywhere.
  • Everything is tracked.

The Bad

  • No alarm technology.
  • Price is expensive.

2. Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation Reviews

At first, Kwikset brought a smart door lock named Kwikset Kevo 1st Generation. After getting the customer’s feedback to improve, Kwikset brought the new one to occupy the market that Kwikset Kevo 2nd Generation. In a short, we can say Kevo 2nd Gen is the updated version of Kevo 1st Gen.

Now Kevo 2nd is becoming very popular and achieving customer’s positive feedback more (if you see on Amazon) and satisfaction also for that the Kwikset company is bringing improved design and advanced features day by day.

Let’s start with another review.


Kevo 2nd gen

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

Easy to Install

We are pleased to say that Kwikset Kevo is one of the best smart locks-easy to install within one minute, yeah, ‘ONE MINUTE’ with a screwdriver. A step-by-step guide is provided by the Kevo app to be followed by the procedure of installing and configuring. All that things you need to do is very easy to complete.


Kwikset Kevo knows when you will approach, believe it or not?

After coming next to the door from outside Kevo will present this advantage to open with just a simple touch. Give a touch to unlock the door, at that time you have to remember that your phone has to be in your hand or pocket or purse. Touch-To-Open is configured by Bluetooth, so no way for getting Bluetooth range without a smartphone.

Kevo Detects Your Location

No way to be undetected!

Love it?

Kevo detects your location with Bluetooth and is intelligent enough to know whether you are inside or outside, that’s like an August Smart Lock, we reviewed before about that, remember it?

The big thing to remember that the detector connects to the Bluetooth range for configuring and monitoring everything, for that a smartphone is needed to detect. When you and your phone are inside Kevo maintains home security and will not let to unlock anyone from touching the lock.

New Advanced Smart Key

Should buy this?


It isn’t a good idea to buy one of these without reading completes the big review.

If you would like to buy Kwikset Kevo 2nd generation after reading this big article, about the best smart door lock, you don’t have to worry about forced entry and undetectable entry like lock picking and lock bumping.

You love to know that Kevo 2nd Gen is ANSI Grade-2, BHMA certified and UL fire Rated.

Kevo Tracks Every Footsteps

eKey is a very interesting thing to use and the amazing feature you’ll be given and then does have an option to track user activity with this. As an owner of Kevo, you will be able to see the lock’s status and history, who locked or unlocked the door.

You would be very happy to know that Kevo tracks everything of a user, who sent an eKey, who accepted that and which are enabled or disabled from the Kevo. You will always be notified when any member of your family will lock or unlock the door from anywhere via the App.

Easy To Give eKeys To Someone

We’re pleased to share that Kevo offers you two eKeys, one for the owner and another one to use for a friend, guest or house sitter.

When you are not at home, can give the eKeys to anyone from anywhere, it’s free and unlimited, one more thing need to know guest eKey user have to have Kevo compatible smartphone.

For better security, guest eKeys will be automatically deleted after a 24 hour period.

Touch-To-Open Without Smartphone

Want to open by pressing the door?

Want to get Touch-To-Open to unlock?

No smartphone? No problem! Just have a solution!

We think you have known about Touch-To-Open convenience in this review, that is; need a smartphone to unlock.

In this section, you will know without a smartphone what you can do.

There is a Kevo fob that offers the same Touch-To-Open convenience without a smartphone. Only you need a Kevo fob and have to leave it in a pocket or purse and then touch the lock to access.

You have to be clear that Kevo fob is not included in the box, need to buy separately.

Lost Phone!

Lost phone? No problem!

What are we talking about- yeah! Here is a problem that you have to bear the extra cost to buy another one.

But lost the phone? no need to worry about your home security. Need to do one thing immediately to secure your home that- log into your online account to disable phone access. After that, the home is secure and safe.

One more thing- you should suspend eKeys because the unknown can try to access by eKeys. All things that would be done within a second and then your home are as safe as before.

Kevo 2nd generationlock safeguardApp Design And Function

The Kevo app is easy to use and configure, it supports iPhone 5 and above as well as the most Android phone with 5.0 and above as your phone needs to work in ultra-low voltage area.

As Bluetooth is needed to access remotely, the most modern smartphone support this but a few bargain models do not. You’d love to know that if your phone doesn’t support this Kevo app or have no smartphone, you have a Kevo fob to access just like a smartphone!

Kevo 2nd Gen works with Alexa for voice control and provides a faster and more reliable connection.

Need to know everything you can do with Kevo app to access. From the menu you can send an eKey, set up the lock’s status, notification and importantly get support.

As you have an owner or admin eKey you can see everything from the main screen. Will be able to quickly see how many active, disabled and pending eKeys you have.

As an owner, it’s easy for you to delete or change any eKeys to anytime, see all the lock’s history and status to prevent unexpected user for ensuring the level best security.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

The Good

  • Touch-To-Open function.
  • Detects user location.
  • Easy installation, no need professional.
  • Advanced SmartKey Security.
  • Works with Ultra low voltage.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t support all iOS and Android device.
  • Price is expensive.
  • Fob didn’t include in the box.
  • Remote lock access costs extra.

3. Schlage Z-Wave BE469 CAM 619

From smartphone to the car, everybody wants advanced technology that ensures the security and brings happiness in life.

Forget to lock the front door after leaving?

We discussed the same topic before, but in the Schlage section, we should repeat again.

You should forget now, we didn’t make any mistake, you have already read the right sentence, ‘you should forget now‘ as you do have a technology to complete your forgotten task.


The best smart door lock provides the best feature to enhance the level of security and advanced technology offers the best advantage to make life easier. We have found both of them in Schlage Z-Wave that’s like 2-in-1.

We’re pleased to share that Schlage BE469 supports Z-Wave technology that allows you to access the front door from anywhere and will provide all feature that included in Z-Wave technology.

Now, we should dive into the main topic for discussing the best smart lock.

To have a full review: Schlage BE469 Z-Wave

Schlage BE469 Z-Wave

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

Home Access Anywhere In The World

Need to unlock the front door for a friend or guest when you are away?

You can unlock the door for the guests standing on the door, from anywhere in the world via the smartphone or the web. And you can do the same thing for the pet sitter if you need to feed them.

Schlage Z-Wave allows you to give entry facility to someone remotely and need to know that, this advantage is provided by Z-Wave technology, it does have a feature that connects to your home automation system to present the new and unique opportunity.

Forget to turn off the lights this morning?

Need not to turn off, Z-Wave lets you do all that from a computer or a smartphone from anywhere.

Need to unlock for the housekeeper when you are in the office?

Worried about that?

Need not to come back to unlock the door for the housekeeper and even need not give the access code to him or her.

Z-Wave lets you unlock the door for the housekeeper.

To know more details, should spend more time reading this article.

Active family-Keyless Convenience

If you carry extra keys, it would be lost, it’s simple. Now in this article, will get a clear idea to live with keyless.

Your kids lost the keys? Schlage presents a feature that they will not lose the keys because they don’t have any keys, so what will they lose?

Every single family member can have their own 4-digit code to access the door, only 4-digit code, no way to forget!

Schlage Z-Wave not only gives the keyless convenience but also let you monitor the home remotely.

Going for a ride? No need to carry a bulky keychain to lose! It may be lost if you carry at the time of a ride. So to unlock the door, use your own code.

Pet lover?

it allows you to give your pet sitter a code for temporary use while you’re not at home. After returning home, you can delete or change the code.

The important thing- should know that you’ll get a notification when people come and go. So no need to worry from unexpected entry with your absence.

Built-In-Alarm Technology

We’re pleased to share an excellent thing to prove that- Schlage is the best smart door lock, and does have an alert mode to prevent forced entry.

1. When someone comes and goes, will be able to get a notification.

2. When someone tries to tamper the lock, get an alert to prevent this.

3. And when someone tries to entry with forced, get an alert to solve this unexpected thing.

It will be easy to say that Schlage provides an excellent feature to ensure the security of your home. Not only to be benefitted but saves time to access with security.

Fingerprint-resistant Touchscreen

Want someone to detect your fingerprint?

It’s an impossible thing for you, isn’t it?

Schlage keypad is fingerprint-resistant, so after pressing the user code, no way to detect. Your pattern will be remained undetectable for all time to protect your home.

Schlage BE469 Z-Wavelock safeguardGrade-1 Higher Security Rating

For enhancing the safeguard, need the certified device that acquired the certificate from the expert. Popularity doesn’t matter to select the best appliances we think so.

Schlage is not only to present an advanced and smart feature but delivered the highest grade of durability and security also. It is certified by ANSI Grade-1 Highest Residential Security to ensure the level best security for the home.

Love it?

Battery Low Indicator

The battery dies?

You have a backup key to access always.

That’s another thing- should know Schlage will alert you with a yellow light to indicate about the battery and let you know it’s time to change it.

You should change the battery then. For delaying to change, can always use the included backup key.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

The Good

  • Works with Alexa for voice control.
  • Stores up to 30 user codes at a time.
  • Support Z-Wave technology.
  • Easy installation with a screwdriver.
  • Allows you to control from anywhere.
  • BHMA / ANSI Grade-1 certified.
  • Works with an existing automation system.

The Bad

  • The battery doesn’t last for a long time.
  • To get voice control advantage costs extra.

4. Ultraloq UL3 Reviews

Need a fingerprint smart lock?

The world’s first 5-in-1 smart feature Ultraloq UL3 presents to ensure the level of security and to give more advantage also for making the life easier.

To make the home smart, need the best smart door locks and to make us over smart, Ultraloq UL3 provides an advanced feature.

Want to know it?

When you arrive home, just knock on your phone four times, if you don’t want to open the app or to touch the lock; the door will be automatically opened in a smart way. This feature for iOS only.

For Android user, to unlock the door, have to shake the phone after pressing the power button to wake up the screen.

Now, you are going to dive into the main body to read about the Ultraloq UL3 review.

ultraloq ul3lock safeguardSmart Control Via The Smartphone

No way to be the best smart lock without a smart app.

We can say having keyless convenience, the smart app will help you and that’s the main point to be the best door lock.

You’d love to hear that Ultaloq UL3 supports Bluetooth low energy to keep working even in the event of power or internet outages.

Smart controlling opportunity is provided by Ultraloq app to check lock’s status and notification that ensures the home security.

Advanced Fingerprint Technology

Big Family? More than 95?

We think you’ll say, ‘No’. More than 95 is impossible. So you’ll be amazed to know that 95 fingerprints can be enrolled in this lock!

What will you do with the 95 fingerprint option?

No matter how much chance you have been given to enroll the fingerprint, easy to say that all family members will unlock the door by touching their finger.

The Ultaloq uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor to let you and your family in with touching the advanced fingerprint technology.

Want to know the time of unlocking after pressing the lock?

Well, the time of identification and unlocking is less than 0.5 seconds, should know it works well for kids and elder both.

Shake Or Knock The Phone To Open

After knocking the phone four times, the door will be opened automatically!

It’s a great feature Ultraloq UL3 does have and you need not to open the app to unlock. This amazing feature is for iOS only.

For Android user does have another surprising feature to unlock the door without opening the app. After pressing the power button to wake up the smartphone’s screen and after that have to shake the phone to unlock the door.

We think you’ll love this feature to come in without wasting the valuable time.

World’s First 5-in-1

The world’s first 5-in-1 smart feature you can use to make life easier and smarter. Now no more task to access. Here are five smart ways to unlock with comfortable. The world’s first 5-in-1 offers this advanced opportunity to be benefitted, hassle-free and free from inconvenience.

At first, you should know about 5-in-1 to achieve more experience. Now we are going to give you a complete idea about what 5-in-1 is.

1. Fingerprint identification for keyless entry and have an option to enroll 95 fingerprints. So all family members use their fingers to access.

2. User code for keyless convenience.

3. Smartphone- you can use the Ultraloq UL3 app via the smartphone to access.

4. That’s another thing we have discussed that iOS users can open the door by knocking the smartphone four times and Android users have to shake to unlock.

5. Ultraloq UL3 does have a key which provided in the box, you love to know this has a hidden key facility for emergency backup.

The five features for ensuring the hassle-free entry and let you unlock the door in a smart and easy way.

Real Keyless Smart Lock

You’ll be astonished to hear, ‘Only Ultraloq UL3 provides the real keyless and is the real keyless smart lock!’.

We think a question came into your mind that is; all smart locks give keyless convenience, thus as a real keyless smart lock why are you mentioning the Ultraloq UL3?

This is a good question to be explained.

Most of the smart lock requires a smartphone or fob to unlock the door that actually means you always need to carry something to open the door, right? But to unlock this lock, no need to carry anything!

Great, isn’t it?

That’s why we can say, ‘Ultraloq UL3 is the real keyless smart lock’.

About The Battery

Ultraloq UL3 needs 3AA batteries that last up to 8000 times access. Low battery indicator alerts you to change the battery and will be notified by the app.

You should know this lock consume 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches. For that no need to worry about the lifetime of this.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

The Good

  • Real keyless smart door lock.
  • The world’s first 5-in-1 smart feature.
  • Advanced fingerprint technology to enroll 95.
  • No need to open the app to unlock.
  • The battery lasts up to 8000 times access.
  • Anti-peep password to ensure the security.
  • Bluetooth enabled smart lock.
  • Reversible handle.
  • All weatherproof.
  • 18 months electronic warranty facility.

The Bad

  • Fingerprint reader doesn’t work sometimes.
  • The keypad isn’t seen in the sun.

5. TurboLock TL-99 Smart Lock Review

Need unlimited eKeys to access?

Turbo Lock presents this opportunity and lets you give the eKeys that mean- the access code to all family members for getting the chance of keyless convenience.

That’s another thing, you’ll be very happy to know that you can activate the passive mode during the occasions or party to provide keyless entry to all guests and friends.

Actually, Turbo lock promotes secure lifestyle to live without being worried.

Now, you are going to know about TurboLock TL-99 which the most popular and the best smart door locks to keep the home safe.

turbolock tl 99lock safeguardApp Provides Unlimited eKeys

Need unlimited eKeys? Turbo Lock app provides unlimited eKeys to access and is very easy to give the access code to every family member.

Friends and guests are allowed for entry with this user code, no need to do manually. And you can generate eKeys on demand through this app. No limitation here.

We’re pleased to share that Turbo Lock app comes complete with all the feature and this is easy to manage and configure. The home will be securely controlled via this app.

Lock’s status, locking and unlocking history, all that things you need to check, is very easy and would be able to configure everything through this smart app.

You’ll be notified when someone uses the user code to access, every footstep you’ll be informed.

Passive Function

You’ll be very benefitted with Turbo Lock because providing passive function let you provide keyless convenience during family parties at home.

Most of the time many guests and friends will come to attend, you need more time if you unlock the door always and no way to give the user code to everybody for temporary, for that Turbo Lock presents an advanced and unique opportunity to activate passive mode for hassle-free guest entry. When they press any keys, the door will be unlocked.

We think, during high customer traffic at your shop, this lock helps you to save time and make free from inconvenience.

Live Monitoring

As you came here to get the best suggestion about the best smart door lock, so know well that smart lock can be monitored through the smartphone and easy to control from anywhere you want.

As a smart lock, Turbo Lock will send notification and inform you about the lock’s status, locking and unlocking history to make free from wonder about security again and you’ll be notified what’s happening at the door.

The most important thing you should know that live monitoring facility not only to enhance the level of security but makes the home smarter also. So, no way to imagine without a smart lock to make the smart home.

That’s another thing to remember if you do not have a smartphone, no problem to access, you will come in with the user code. It’s also a great item for kids to entry without the smartphone.


You’d love to know Turbo Lock will last most weather conditions. So, don’t have to worry if you live in cold or rainy weather.

You have to be clear the outside of this lock is waterproof because is designed for the outside door. This lock is not only waterproof but snow-proof also. And there is an advantage to clean zinc alloy, even though it is crafted with weather sealed and durable.

Easy Installation

Easy installation process saves your time to install on the door. Not more than a screwdriver, you can set up on the door and no way to imagine about a costly professional.

Keyless Convenience

In this big article, we are reviewing the best smart door lock for making your home smarter. Keyless convenience is required by the consumer to unlock the door easily without carrying keys.

We’re glad to say that Turbo Lock doesn’t have any keys in the box! Even the company didn’t make it for users.

No hole to push the keys!

If you think not to leave the historical-traditional system that to unlock the door with the keys you should move on to another lock.

More Information

No need to connect to the internet for unlocking the door, because Turbo is a Bluetooth smart door lock. On the other hand, you can’t unlock the door from anywhere like Z-Wave door lock. But have an opportunity to monitor and will be able to get the notification for all the time.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews

The Good

  • Unlimited eKeys on demand for guests and friends.
  • No need to connect to the internet.
  • Bluetooth smart door lock.
  • Passive mode for guests during the party.
  • All weatherproof.
  • Simple installation with only a screwdriver.
  • Smarty and designed app.
  • Live to monitor from anywhere.
  • Price is very cheap.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t support Z-Wave technology.
  • Not allowed to give access from anywhere.

Buying Guide-The Best Smart Door Locks

At the time of buying, no way to choose the best one because the customer’s positive and negative feedback won’t give you the proper information and suggestion. For that should know details before going to buy.

As you would like to buy the best smart lock that’s why which models you should buy depends on your budget.

You’d love to know that August Smart Lock Pro+Connect does have an alternative those August 1st Gen to 3rd Gen. If you think to buy August lock with cheap price, should search about the price of previous models.

Kwikset Kevo does have a previous one but should buy the latest one- Kevo 2nd Gen that we reviewed.

If you would like to decrease your budget TurboLock TL-99 is the best for you with a low price range. No need to talk about Schlage Z-Wave and Ultraloq because we discussed details before.

One more thing we do like to say in this section that all the smart locks we reviewed are the best smart door locks, that’s why we considered to choose them.

So, you can buy one of these with peace of mind.

Final Words

The big things to consider when searching the best smart door locks, you should focus on to the main feature that will give you convenience and whether it’s suitable or not for the door. Another thing-need to know the price range should be noticed and should be reasonable because the opportunity and facility are similar to all others.

All depends on your needs, preference, and budget. We think, our smart lock reviews should give you a good start for choosing the best one.

Finally, we would like to say that, if you have any queries, feel free to contact us. We’ll try our best to reply your all questions.

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