5 Best Smart Lock for Google Home (Revamp Your Security Parameters!)

If you’re looking for complete smart home automation, then there are tonnes of options out there. Among them, getting the best smart lock for google home can be one of the most effective add ons.

Although the crime statistics show a slow decline in the ratio of legal offenses, yet securing the house remains a major challenge for us right now. That’s where smart lock technologies can play a groundbreaking part. 

Best Smart Lock for Google Home 

Best All-Around
Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Works with Nest Secure Alarm System - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Amazon's Choice
Yale Assure Lock - Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock - Satin Nickel
Top Pick
August Home Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere
Door Lock for Google Home
Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Works with Nest Secure Alarm System - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Yale Assure Lock - Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock - Satin Nickel
August Home Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best All-Around
Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Works with Nest Secure Alarm System - Oil Rubbed Bronze
Door Lock for Google Home
Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Works with Nest Secure Alarm System - Oil Rubbed Bronze
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Amazon's Choice
Yale Assure Lock - Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock - Satin Nickel
Door Lock for Google Home
Yale Assure Lock - Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock - Satin Nickel
Prime Benefits
Amazon Prime
Check Today's Price
Top Pick
August Home Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere
Door Lock for Google Home
August Home Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere
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Amazon Prime
Check Today's Price

Equipping the homes with smart locks can be a major contributor in terms of enhancing home security while you’re away from home. 

Google Yale Nest Connect Smart Lock

Google Nest x Yale Lock - Tamper-Proof Smart Lock for Keyless Entry - Keypad Deadbolt Lock for Front Door - Works with Nest Secure Alarm System - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Secure smart lock for your front door; replaces the deadbolt lock you already have
  • Keyless entry on the LED keypad so you can lock and unlock your front door without a key; keypad chimes play sounds to confirm responses, such as locking, unlocking, or turning Privacy Mode on or off
  • Let someone in from anywhere; unlock the door with your phone for easy guest access
  • Give unique passcode to family and guests and set a schedule to control when they work; when you don’t want to be disturbed, Privacy Mode disables the keypad so it can’t be unlocked with a...
  • Get alerts when someone locks or unlocks the door or tries to tamper with your smart door lock
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12/08/2023 01:20 pm GMT

Well, the first item in our detailed list is the highly well-received Google’s Yale Nest. If you’re interested in getting the high-end best smart lock for google home, then this one can be in the suggestion index. 

The good thing about this lock is you now get to completely forget about the key. But this time, you won’t have to face any consequences because the smart lock comes with an LED keypad, pressing which would instantly open the door. 

You can also allow the guests to enter while being far away. On the other hand, unique passcodes can be handed down to family members for easy access to multiple individuals. 

A smartly designed app keeps you informed whether the door is currently locked or not. If not, you can lock it up right away while away.

The data system can sometimes malfunction, which needs a bit of work and updates. But apart from that, this smart gadget should be a quality add-on for home security any day! 


  • Wipes out the complacency of the key
  • Unique passcodes for each family member
  • Can be operated while away
  • Keeps you updated on the current status of the door 


  • Data system can sometimes malfunction 

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Door Lock

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, Satin Nickel
  • Replaces your existing deadbolt with a touchscreen smart lock so you can lock and unlock your door without the hassle of keys.Operating Temperature : Outside: -22 F to 140 F Inside: 5 F to 158 F
  • Lock, unlock, share access and see who comes and goes from anywhere using the Yale Access App - no additional hub needed, WiFi Connect included. This product will not operate outside of the US or...
  • Your door will unlock automatically as you get home and have your phone on you - If you don't have your phone, just use the keypad!
  • Lock, unlock and check lock status with voice assistants including Alexa, Hey Google and Siri. Alexa can also provide notifications when your battery is running low so you can proactively replace...
  • Never worry about if you forgot to lock the door - enable Auto-Relock to ensure the door always locks behind you.
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12/07/2023 01:32 pm GMT

Are you ready for the best smart lock for google home? Well, then our Yale Assure is something you must give thought to. This highly praised item comes in different color options and replaces the regular deadbolt with an advanced touchscreen lock, completely wiping out the nuisance of keys. 

Talk about automation; this lock incredibly senses your presence. When you arrive at home with a smartphone in your pocket, it would automatically open the door and let you inside like a king! 

If you’re forgetful like me, then this is an intelligent add-on. Yes, never worry whether you locked the door upon exiting because this brilliant lock would re-lock the door when anyone exits by itself. 

It also comes with its wifi bridge, so you don’t need to spend extra for buying hubs or other additional gadgets. 

Despite the number of positives, incorporating all these complex technological marvels makes it highly complicated for regular and older folks. 

But overall, this is a splendid device anyone should put their hands on for home safety! 


  • Replaces regular deadbolt with advanced touchscreen
  • Opens up automatically for the user
  • Locks itself upon exiting 
  • Added wifi bridge makes it more convenient and saves extra spending 


  • The entire system becomes complicated because of many features 


Bluetooth Fingerprint WiFi Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock 

Lockly Secure Pro, Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Doory Lock, PIN Genie® Keypad, 3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, Voice Control, Auto Lock - Satin Nickel (PGD728WSN) - Deadbolt Edition
  • Home, Office, and Rentals: A versatile smart lock for your home, Airbnb rental property management and offices with high security and reliability.
  • Multiple Ways to Unlock: (1) Patented PIN Genie digital keypad, (2) 3D biometric fingerprint reader, (3) Smartphone app, (4) Alexa or Hey Google voice control or (5) Physical key.
  • Peek-Proof Digital Keypad: Patented PIN Genie keypad has four virtual buttons with three different numbers per button. The numbers change after each use by mixing the location of your PIN number....
  • Your Finger is Your Key: Quick access (<0.3 sec.) Second Gen 3D biometric fingerprint sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints.
  • Mobile App Control: Remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere using the Lockly App or Lockly/OS access portal. Monitor open/closed door status with real-time alerts sent to your smartphone.
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At the third spot, we have here another smart lock gadget, this time by Lockly. Let’s find out what it has to offer. 

The past few locks we talked about, like keys they have passcodes that you have to remember. But with this one, you don’t even require that either. It’s a fingerprint lock, so it just instantly opens up with the push of a finger. 

It also has a technology called Pin Genie, which makes it impossible for any individual with ill intentions to peek at your passcodes. 

Lockley curbs down the inconvenience and extra spending as it comes with its wifi hub that can be used with iOS and Android. 

In case of any guests coming, you can hand them special issued codes and digital eKeys while being far away from home. The guests would then use that eKeys to open the lock even if they don’t have wifi or cellular access!

Finally, the smart item comes with an uncomplicated installation process for quick output. 

It can be prone to wear and tear under heavy use. But overall, this can be a possible consideration for basic home protection. 


  • Opens up with the only fingerprint
  • Peek-proof passcode entry mechanism doesn’t let codes be stolen
  • Hand down eKeys from a distance that work without wifi or cellular
  • Uncomplicated installation process


  • Can be prone to wear and tear under heavy use 

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

August Smart Lock + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, Satin Nickel, Works with Alexa, Keyless Home Entry from Anywhere
  • YOUR LOCK, ONLY SMARTER: August Smart Locks replace the thumbturn on the inside of your door, making your existing deadbolt smarter, more secure and way more convenient. Keep your keys just in case...
  • GET IN WITH THE AUGUST APP: No pockets. No problem. Lock and unlock your door with the August app on your smartphone or Apple Watch, so you can leave your keys behind.
  • SHARE VIRTUAL KEYS: Forget the key-copying kiosk. Give your best friend, the dogwalker and housekeeper their own unique codes that work all the time, or on set schedules. Know exactly who came, and...
  • TOTALLY HANDS-FREE: Auto-Unlocks as you get home -- no need to fish your phone or your keys out of your bag. With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, it automatically locks once your door is closed, or after a...
  • WORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH YOUR SMART HOME: Included August Wi-Fi Connect allows your lock to work with your favorite smart home system, including Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue...
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No smart lock guide is complete without August. Surely one of the most prominent names in the entire industry. 

Here, their Smart Lock comes with an array of different features like, granting guests access without any key and monitoring who’s coming and going out. 

Unlike the other few options, they don’t even require you to replace the existing deadbolt. Instead, you can just attach it to the remaining lock, which would take more or less 10 minutes only! 

Its highly well-known Door Sense technology would let you know whether the door is open or securely closed, so required actions can be taken. 

Another good news is that you won’t have to stand helplessly while the hand is loaded with groceries. Because it’d open up by itself when you arrive at the door. 

And last but not least, they also come with the features of biometric verification such as facial recognition and fingerprint verification. 

As with many smart lock apps and features often seem to be causing slight malfunctions. Similar to them, this one by August Smart Lock has some technical issues that can bother you.

Apart from this tiny issue, the lock should provide you with a satisfactory output on the whole! 


  • Don’t need to replace the existing deadbolt 
  • Door Sense technology tells you whether the door is locked or not 
  • Opens automatically when the user arrives 
  • Multiple biometric accessibility options available 


  • App related problems can be an issue

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Smart Lock 

Finally, we have perhaps one of the best smart locks for google home at the ending part of our guide! Ultraloq is a highly well-received option among its competitors. 

Given the solid technical superiority, you can access and unlock Ultraloq from anywhere and let the guests inside anytime. 

Apart from it, they have some other striking features such as, anti-peep keypad, which would let you type the passcode without anybody being able to peep in to see it. 

You can also utilize the voice command using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Its automatized mechanism is something extraordinary. It’ll lock itself up upon exiting from the door. On the flip side, it’d open up the lock once you arrive at the doorstep. 

Like the premium smart locks, you can also share Ekeys and codes to get friends and family in whenever they want without any hassle! 

It can wear down after some use, which is one of its’ drawbacks. But all in all, its’ positives outnumber its’ drawbacks and should be a good add on for any house owner. 


  • Unlock for the guests from anywhere 
  • Can be run using voice command through Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Locks up upon exiting and unlocks upon arrival 
  • Easily shareable Ekays for family and friends 


  • Can wear down after some time 

What is Google Home? 

Google Home is an ingenious solution for home automation. Its’ main feature is to act as a virtual helper and takes any of your voice commands and performs the task within its capability. 

Your Google Home is always hearing and waiting for the command but it will not record nor will it respond to whatever being said. For that, you’d need to utter the wake words which have been programmed, like ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok, Google.’

You can also play music through the system. Sometimes it happens that you remember a song by its’ lyrics and not by its’ name. In that case, it also enables you to search a particular song by its lyrics. 

Another highly utilized feature is its assistance. Google Home offers you the ability to perform essential tasks such as checking the calendar or searching the web for a piece of particular information. 

And last but not least, it becomes a pivotal element in the Smart Home setup. You can easily run the Smart Home devices using the new Google Home. 

How to Set Up Google Home?

As you’ve learned what Google Home is all about, you may feel interested in getting it set up at home right away. If you want to do that, here’s a little overview that can work! 

First, you’d need to have the Google Home activated speaker or display. After plugging in the device, connect the mobile to your existing wifi network system. Now, launch the Google Home app on your phone. 

In the app, press on the ‘Add’ icon, then Set up device> New device. 

It can happen that the ‘Set up devices’ is not showing on the screen. In that case, you’d need to tap Get started, then go to Set up new devices and ‘create another home.’ Then you’d need to put in a nickname. 

As you perform these steps, the ‘Set up device’ button will become available, and you’d be able to continue adding new devices in Google Home. 

You’d find some other settings like matching voice or personal results. You can decide not to set them up instantly and leave them for later and finish the setup. 

So, just like any Google product, Google Home, too is pretty simple to set up and function! 

The best alternative you may consider

SCHLAGE BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with alarm with Camelot Trim in Satin Nickel, Z-Wave Plus enabled
  • Pair with a Z Wave smart home or security system like Samsung SmartThings or Ring Alarm to lock and unlock from anywhere
  • Hands free voice control requires Z Wave smart home system and compatible voice assistant; Alexa device (sold separately)
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver; Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation. Guaranteed to fit standard doors (1-3/8 in. to...
  • Use the finger print resistant touchscreen to share up to 30 access codes instead of keeping track of spare keys. Use the finger print resistant touchscreen and share up to 30 access codes instead of...
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Advantages of a Google Home

After all the knowledge-gathering, you may wonder, ‘’Why would I need a Google Home in the first place?’’ Well, to answer that question, we have a brief list of benefits that any user would get after installing this feature. 

Mind-Blowing Design 

One thing that many tech gurus fail to admit is its outer beauty. The Google Home speakers are designed to perfection! Google, being unique in all their activities, has remained on the same path in terms of managing a distinctive outer structure for their Google Home basic speakers. 

Coming in different colors, they’d fit in almost anywhere. Their aesthetic features do carry an element of elegance which would catch the sight of the guests visiting your place! 

Understands What You Say!

Well, this is quite difficult to find. There aren’t many devices in the market that can grasp what the user is saying. But Google Home can fully understand your voice commands and act on them. 

It also gives a conversational feeling, when no one else is around you’d still know someone is there waiting to listen to your commands, which are quite heart-stirring! 

It Understands Different Individuals

Talk about personalized understanding. Google Home can discern different voices. As a result, it would now be able to separate your voice from someone from the family. And with that understanding in mind, it now offers personalized search results for different individuals. 

We’ve outlined some of the most primary and intriguing positive features that it incorporates. Apart from all these, they also have some other interesting stuff to offer. But, on the whole, the ability of Google Home to make life easier is just unbelievable. 

Reason to Buy Google Home 

So, there are many competitors available in the market that offer things such as Google Home. But why would you pick Google Home compared to the other smart home devices available right now? Well, let’s find out about it! 

Has the Complete Access to Google’s Knowledge Pool 

You’d have to agree that Google’s knowledge graph is better than any other online giant right now. Only Facebook can come close to Google’s mastery over the world knowledge pool. 

And with Google Home, you’re getting that completely. This means it’d be able to access all of Google’s data immediately after the command and would be successfully able to bring out the most essential information that you’ve been looking for instantly! This is something incomparable with any other devices that offer the same features. 

It’s Ahead in the Sound Department

You’d also have to understand that these are not just programs but mainly a speaker. That’s why the quality of sound output is a major matter of discussion. 

In which case, Google Home performs excellently! The sound output of the device is quite satisfactory and users would find it pleasant to their ears to listen and speak to a system that offers top-notch voice quality!

It Remembers Your Actions!

If you’re talking about algorithms, no one can stand in front of Google. Undoubtedly, they’re the leaders in terms of forming individual-based algorithmic patterns. 

Thereby, whatever you say and speak with the home, it remembers. It gradually forms an algorithmic understanding of you and knows the user better than any other system.

So after some time, your commands will feel much more conversational and much more human-like. It gives a sensation that the user is speaking with someone who knows him relatively well. 

This sort of surreal experience is perhaps only possible with Google!  

Because of the multiple reasons we’ve outlined above, Google Home is considered one of the best smart lock systems out there in the market.


  • Are smart locks secure?

Although they do carry the added risk of being hacked, still they’re considered safe because of the additional safety features like alarm, notification, and many other automated features.

  • Can Alexa or Google Assistant control smart locks?

Yes. You can utilize both Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control smart locks. 

  • Do smart locks also work with a key?

It completely depends on the model you’re using. You have to ask the manufacturer whether a key is needed. Most of the time, an ad is key offered if, in any case, you forget the keypad password combination. That’s when the manual key can be used to open the door. 

  • Can smart locks work with geofencing?

Yes, geofencing technology is used in many smart locks. Some of the devices mentioned in the guide also have geofencing, which automatically activates the lock upon arrival or exiting your home. 

  • Does a smart lock require a smart home hub?

Yes, they do require a hub to get them connected to a Wifi connection. But it’s better to go for the ones that come with an already-installed hub, in which case you won’t have to bear the burden of buying an extra piece from the shopping center. 

Final Thought 

So, in our comprehensive guide, we attempted to go through a list of high-end smart lock items. Each of the locks is discussed in great detail while keeping both the positives and minor drawbacks in mind. 

Although not being used by the majority of the population right now, smart locks are surely going to be utilized heavily soon. This is a part of the beginning of a new technological revolution that awaits our path in the coming days. 

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the future right now and arm your house with the best smart lock for Google Home and watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes! 

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