10 Most Famous Love Lock Bridge Locations Around The World

Fall in love with someone? Want to spend your whole life with him or her? You need to lock the love by affixing a padlock in a love lock bridge locations!

We think you’re astonished to hear this amazing sounds, but it’s real!

Let’s start:

One more thing; this is going to be a long article!

But to live with love, you should read!

The love lock or padlock bridge is considered as a sacred place for couples. Lovers believe that all the love lock places around the world symbolize the immortal love.

If you would like to be a true lover, should believe that, shouldn’t you?

Naturally, people go to the love lock bridges and write or engrave the name of them and their valentine on Padlock then affix it to public objects.

For expressing the true love, they are doing the same!

Mostly the padlocks are affixed to bridges and then through the key to the nearby river. They believe that the ritual will make their love forever and unbreakable.

Though in the last 25 years, these bridges have been more popular among the tourists and couples but the places have also been treated as litter. The architectural conditions of these places have been the reason for vandalism. This is also expensive to maintain the places clean.

Want to go making your love forever?

This article can help you to know more and also offers you to make a decision to visit these places.

Before that, choose one of them to carry with you where you would like to go!

10 Most Famous Love Lock Bridge Locations

Around the world, there are many love lock bridges where lovers express their true love and affix engraved padlock for making their love forever.

Like people, all would like to be a lover for that they perform a ritual in their nearby bridges. Resulting this day by day these types of bridges are rising and it’s with the hanging padlocks are also increasing.

Want to get inspiration to make your nearby bridges as a love bridge?

Before doing this, you should spend time in this article.

Now, you are going to learn you need to know about 10 famous bridges, love lock bridge history and present conditions that might help you where you should go and where you shouldn’t.

Most Ljubavi, Serbia

Most Ljubavi, SerbiaMost Ljubavi in Vrnjacka Banja is a pedestrian bridge which also known as “Bridge of love” and it’s the earliest love lock bridge among all. This is one of the most remarkable love lock bridges in the world and also in the town. This is the place where history started back in 100 years at least.

Yeah, almost 100 years ago!

This place carries the Serbian tale of Nada and Relja.

That is the love story, don’t you love it?

But should keep in mind that you’re going to read a tragic script.

Let’s do that:

The woman named Nada, a school teacher fell in love with a Serbian officer named Relja. After being committed with Nada, Relja had to go to Greece and breaking the heart of Nada he fell in love with a local woman in Corfu, Greece. Later on, Nada died with her solidarity and the broken heart.

After the incident, Women of Vrnjačka Banja in Serbia started a ritual that writing the name of them and their beloved on a padlock and affixing it to the railing and then through the key in the river. The women empathized the story of Nada and her sacrifice as well as to protect their love for eternity. They used to lock their padlock in the place where Relja and Nada used to meet each other.

So all the love lock bridges of today’s make a resonance in the heart of couples and these are also considered as the monument of the love of Nada.

In this area, there also have around 15 more love lock bridges but Most Ljubavi is special since it carries the historical starting.

Pont des Arts Bridge: Love Lock Bridge, Paris

new love lock bridge parisPont des Arts Bridge is also a pedestrian bridge which is situated in France. At first, the bridge was established at the beginning of the 19th century and the rebuilt between 1981 and 1984, after collapsed 60 meters in 1979. Now the bridge is situated between the Institut de France and the Louvre. This bridge is also known as Passerelle des Arts to the local citizen. The enchanting bridge is placed over a mesmerizing river Seine. River Seine has added the amount of aesthetic beauty to the view of the bridge that no travelers can skip.

Apart from the historical story about love and relationship, this bridge also has its significant history that is the Pon des Arts Bridge/Passerelle des Arts is the first Iron Bridge in Paris. People come over here on holidays to enjoy the cathartic beauty with their beloved and hang the padlocks while taking selfies.

However, this place is gradually losing the structural beauty and strength as well because of the heavy weight of padlocks.

It’s simple, want to affix a padlock for love?

Before doing that, should do the sum.

Oh no, need not do this, we have done for you!

According to a speculation, each padlock has weight from 50 to 90 grams, so on average, it is 75g. If each padlock carries the 75g as average weight and the bridge is covered from both side up to 150m length then the per row carries 7500 padlocks and per side along with entire bridge carry 187500 and 375000 gradually. And this amount of padlocks create around 28 tonnes which equally resemble 400 people that standing on the bridge.

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

So this is not unexpected if the bridge starts to collapse abruptly. Even some portions have already been collapsed as the inevitable consequence. The authority did not make any restriction directly for the tourists and lovers to affix the padlock on railing rather inspired them to just take selfies on bridges and use the hashtag “#lovewithoutlocks” in social media since it seems more romantic than locking padlocks.

We think you should do the same instead of locking a padlock.

And Mayor Anne Hidalgo ordered the local police to dissuade vendors from selling padlocks near the city’s bridges. They believe that saying no to the padlocks on railing can stabilize the vandalism.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Brooklyn Bridge, New YorkBrooklyn Bridge is the earliest roadway bridge in the United States. This bridge is also a hybrid cable-stayed or suspension bridge in New York City which is 50% longer than any other suspension bridge that was made before Brooklyn Bridge. The construction of the bridge had been started in 1869 and took time to be finished till 1883.

The person who was directly involved in this project is John Augustus Roebling, a German immigrant who had worked as a bridge and road builder for the Prussian government. He also had a real-life suffering to come up with the idea to make the bridge. He started initiatives to make the idea feasible after crossing the East River where he had taken a ferry across and that ended up stuck in the ice.

The Brooklyn Bridge is also the place for lovebirds to practice Love lock ritual. Couples lock their engraved padlocks on the railing and after that they through the key to the river.

The Department of Transportation disclosed that recently visitors also tie the hair bands, shoelaces and even headphones to the bridge.

This culture is popular in Paris and Italy but this couldn’t be traced who started first in Brooklyn Bridge. Whoever the person is, the practice has been increased recently from Federico Moccia’s novel “Ho Voglia di Te”, where it depicted a couple doing it in Florence. But considering the weaken construction, authority started removing all the locks from the bridge and aiming not to the old architectural heritage.

Around 34,200 little locks are time-consuming to remove and it will also cost about $100,000 a year to remove the litters from the bridge. So the Department of Transportation (DOT) decides to create an awareness campaign by posting warning signs for visitors. The authority has forbidden visitors to leave anything on the bridge and if they do it as well they will be fined $100 for violating the city administrative code.

For making the love forever, you’ll be fined $100, support it?

That actually means the price of love is $100!

Should you spend it?


We think you shouldn’t.

Hohenzollern Bridge

love lock bridge historyHohenzollern Bridge is not different in practicing lovelock ritual than any other love lock bridges.

You can see the millions of padlocks are clasped on the railing as the token of everlasting love.

It is presumed that the German, cologne local citizens started practicing the tradition from 2008.

Actually, in recent, they started.

They practice the ritual in the same conventional way the other country people used to do and the place is as charming as every love bridge is.

The Hohenzollern Bridge is situated in the German city of Cologne and crossing the river Rhine. The Bridge crosses the Rhine River at kilometer 688.5 and the bridge itself has 409.19 meters (1,342.5 ft) length. This bridge was used as Road Bridge and also railway before the destruction happened in 1945.

After the renovation of the bridge, it is only used as railway and pedestrian bridge and this was first constructed in between 1907 to 1911 after the old bridge named Cathedral Bridge. On that time Cathedral Bridge was unable to bear the increasingly heavy load if cologne city. Along with the love lock tradition this bridge also holds the historical truth of world war ll. Around 1,200 trains or more than that passes through the bridge daily and this Railway Bridge connected two stations, the Köln Hauptbahnhof and Köln Messe/Deutz stations.

Most of the parts of the bridge are covered by over 40000 padlocks which creates 2 tons weight to the bridge.

Want to load more?

The experts declare their dubious thought that how long this bridge will be able to represent the structural history with this wreaking havoc weight.

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South KoreaN Seoul Tower is the first radio wave tower that broadcasts signals for TV and radio in Seoul. The tower broadcasts for Korean media like MBC, SBS TV, FM, TBS, PBC, CBS, KBS and BBS FM etc. The Seoul Tower is also known as Namsan Tower which is the second highest point in Seoul, South Korea. The tower is situated on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul.

This tower was built in 1971 and it just not only provide broadcasting signals but also the popular place for couples. The authority of this tower also made some Love padlock trees around the terrace where the couples from all around the world come to visit.

Yeah, here is a padlock tree.

Visitors affix their padlocks on the trees or tower’s fences at the base of the tower. This romantic place resembles other lovelock places but the authority or the government doesn’t share the same thought as the other countries government. The authority here rather encourage the people or visitors to leave their token of love and make the love as everlasting as it should be.

At the top of the tower, there are chairs look like broken but the chairs were made intending the couples sitting closer and some of the couples even write their wishes and love promises on those chairs. While other countries are worried about the environmental pollution that generates from the thrown keys, Seoul tower authority has the ultimate great idea about the ‘postbox of love’.

Want to know?

Let’s do that.

Postbox of love is the place where couples leave their keys after locking the padlocks and make the love endurable. Authority donates the revenue generated from the postbox keys to the underprivileged children in South Korea as the donation. This event is the real remark of love and the Seoul tower is spreading love all the way through the couple to underprivileged children.

That’s a great idea they have brought!

The custom of affixing locks on tower fences’ or on trees has originated from the local tourist who used to see the event in Tokyo Tower. This also has been more popular by two celebrities, singer Alex and model Sinae. These two TV stars were seen dating each other in the MBC reality program “We’ve Got Married” and after that, on June 15 this place was chosen as reunion venue for the celebrities which took public attention greatly.

The natural view is also eye soothing if anyone reaches the place by cable car. This tower is also has a splendid view from the top of the tower and the pinnacle of the tower is also visible from almost everywhere of Seoul city.  

Ponte Milvio, Rome

Ponte Milvio, RomePonte Milvio Bridge is situated over the third largest river in Italy naming the Tiber. The bridge is also known as Milvian Bridge and this was a very important bridge from the beginning in terms of economic issues in the era of the Roman Empire. Since the bridge was constructed in 206 BC it had to go through the reconstruction for so many times. This bridge is also referred to as the place where Christianity prevailed as the religion of the Roman Empire.

For being repaired several times and considering the additions of statues and a tower by several Popes the Milvian Bridge or Ponte Milvio Bridge look more different than the earliest structure. This place got a new historical event in 2006.

The couple started considering this bridge as a lovelock bridge being inspired by the book of “Ho Voglia di Te” (I want you), written by, Federico Moccia and then the movie version of the novel. They came to the bridge and locked the padlock to a lamppost.

Eventually, by the year 2007, the lamppost distorted because of the heavy weight of padlocks. But this vandalism couldn’t stop the lover from their activities. Then the authority took initiatives and ordered visitors not to hook the padlock anywhere in the bridge or lamppost. The council authorities in Rome even fined 50 euro (£40) if people hang the padlocks. And finally, in 2012 the authority started removing the padlocks.

Mount Huang, China

Mount Huang, China, love lock bridge locationHuangshan is one of the most popular tourist places in China.

Need to know the meaning of Huangshan is “Yellow Mountain” and this mountain is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage. In 1990, the Mt. Huangshan was added into the world heritage list as a double heritage in culture and nature and followed by this in 2004, it was recognized as World Geopark. Every year many people come to the place to experience the mesmerizing sunset, winter snowfall, granite peaks, Huangshan pine trees and the view from the zenith of the mountain etc.

The Huangshan Mountain is located in southern Anhui province in eastern China. This place has a core area of 154 square kilometers and a buffer zone of 142 square kilometers. Lotus Peak, Bright peak and celestial peak are the longest peaks with the height of 1,864 m 1849, 1829m gradually. In this place, one can easily notice the huge amount of locks are hanging on the guard bars and iron chains.

This is another part of this world heritage to be on the list of tourists. Couples come to the place to enjoy the natural scenario but they also want to make their love to be endured by hanging the padlocks and throwing the keys into the cliff.

This is also not a matter to dispute the beauty of colorful padlocks.

There is a local allegory about the place for being recognized as love lock place.

Oh, another love story you’re going to know.

The tale is, a long ago, there were a beautiful girl and a poor young man who fell in love with each other but the father of the girl didn’t want her daughter to live a poor life. So he didn’t accept the relationship and force the girl to marry a rich person.

On the day of the wedding, the boy escaped and came to this Mount Huangshan and committed suicide jumping into the cliff.

It’s also a tragic event!

This is how the love lock tradition started and gave the relationship a visual representation for couples.

For all these signs, each year around 2.74 million tourists come to visit and the number is increasing by 8.96% per annum.

Butchers’ Bridge, Slovenia

Butchers’ Bridge, SloveniaThe Butchers’ Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the river Ljubljanica in Ljubljana and it is the capital of Slovenia. This bridge opened on 10 July 2010 but before that in 1930, the main idea was made of the bridge in the same name by the architect Jože Plečnik.

The bridge has the structural attraction for visitors that is the sculptor work made by Jakov Brdar.  The construction of Butchers’ Bridge Bridge was launched by the city administration under the mayor Zoran Janković in 2009 and it costs around 2.9 million euros in total to be completed.

The following year the bridge was ready to be used. After opening the bridge publicly, people suddenly started to use it also as a love lock bridge. They attach the padlock on the railing and throw the keys in the river Ljubljanica. If anyone goes to the bridge s/he will eventually see the metallic rainbow over the Ljubljanica.

In a short span of time, the bridge took the heart of tourists for this love lock tradition and even some people say that the popularity is unexpectedly growing of this place.

Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow

Luzhkov Bridge, MoscowThe Luzhkov Bridge is located in Moscow, Russia was established in 1994 in the time of Mayor Mr. Luzhkov. Many local citizens think that the bridge was named after the mayor but the original version was named after Luhnow Kokoro in the 18th century. This bridge is well known for its padlock tradition. The local citizens also believe that if they want to cut off the relationship they have to find the exact key of their padlock out of thousands of keys and for that they have to deep down to the Canal of Moscow River to explore the exact key.

Firstly, a newly married couple went to the bridge and locked their padlock in the railing. After this, in short time the railing of the bridge was full of covered by padlocks which literally hazardous for the bridge. The city authority started removing the locks and put all the padlocks on the iconic iron tree.

The first padlock tree was established in April 2007 in the place and then visitors used to lock their padlock on the tree. For installing the padlock tree here, the railing is rescued now from the heavy weight of tourists love token. Now there are a bunch of iron trees fully covered by colorful padlocks.

What made the place more romantic to pledge love are church towers, the sculpture of Peter the great and many more things.

Malá Strana, Prague

padlock bridgeThere’s a tale in Prague that once a young boy and girl fell in love with each other.

Now another one you’re going to read!

They used to come to the bridge for seeing each other once in a day. But their families weren’t willing to accept the relationship and killed them on the bridge.

Believe it?

Based on this bitter love story, local people started hanging on the padlocks on a pedestrian bridge located over a sidearm of the Vltava as a token of eternal love. If tourists walk for a while in lesser town (meaning of Mala Santra), they will find the bridge near Lennon wall where a bunch of padlocks showing thousands of commitments of lovers.

Final Words

Moreover, to the dismay of the couples who want to make blue sky and clouds as their witness of love clasping the padlocks on the love lock places they should know that the tradition is not acceptable anymore in some countries.

Though all shaped and painted padlocks are spreading love, carrying the same deepest emotion of couples there is also a threatened for the structural heritages all over the world.

So fastening padlocks can create the hazardous collapse of the places where padlocks are hung. Some countries are spreading the trend with the hashtag “#lovewithoutlock” to secure the place from destruction.

Now, you’re going to reach the final line.

Before we finish, you have already made a decision where places you should go for visiting.

If you believe like those who hang the padlock on the bridge, can go there bringing this but keep in mind, to prevent these types of places from destruction, shouldn’t affix.

But if you don’t believe, you’re welcomed to come with love instead of love lock!


Note: We do the review in this site about the best smart door locks, best padlocks, best bike locks and something like that. As a locksmith, we have a right to inform you about padlock bridges what we have done!

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