Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 | Best Smart Lock For Children

Searching kid’s compatible locks? Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 is for kids.

If your home does have many kids, now, after installing this lock, you are free from worrying for them and also hassle-free to unlock the door.

No need to say about Samsung’s products now, we all know this giant company is bringing the new and smart technology-based products day by day to give us peace.

I can say at first, this lock only for you to make your life easier and comfortable and ensure the level of security.

samsung ezon shs 3321

Design Of Samsung Ezon SHS-3321

Seeing attractive design, you will fall in love I think.

Want to buy it?

Wait here to read the whole article and then make a decision.

The mechanism and the sturdy material of this give the heavy duty to protect the home that can’t be easily picked or bumped.

So, be tension free after installing and enjoy!

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It’s installing process is very easy, actually no need any professional locksmith to do that and not necessary to be an expert if you would like to install by yourself.

Just with a screwdriver, yeah, only a screwdriver, can install easily on the door.


First thing first-at the time of programming, should write down your new master key so that, if you forget anyways, the problem isn’t be created.

The master key should be at least 6 digits, all the instructions you’ll get in the manual.

Have to remember that the master key is the one key code that will always open the lock even if it is programmed to double authentication mode or not. So don’t forget or lose that master key anyways.

But the good news is here; don’t have to worry if you forget or lose that key, can always reset everything to the factory setup.

There are three types of security mode, need to know:

  1. The double authentication mode.
  2. The random security mode.
  3. The double locking mode.

Let’s start to know details:

samsung ezon

1. The Double Authentication Mode

For opening the door, you need both a key code and a tag, called the double authentication mode.

Got it?

Read again if you do not.

To activate or deactivate it, follow the instruction manual.

The Random Security Mode

This SHS-3321 generates to a random number that is the random security mode. It enhances the level of security and makes any guessing key code much more difficult.

So, that mode makes sure the security of doors to bring happiness in your mind.

2. The Double-locking Mode

Glad to know that, the double-locking mood is an extra feature to enhance security level, if you are inside you have an opportunity to disable all electronic access from outside.

The great thing, huh?

So, reading the instruction manual, set all the security mode to make you peace.

3. Auto-Lock Function

Don’t your kids remember to lock the door?

Do they forget to lock?

Now, not necessary to lock the door after leaving.

After installation this lock, you are free from to get worried about your door, whether it locked or unlocked. Auto lock function will do all thing automatically.

Good advantage, right?

Common Questions

Q. Is it compatible with Z-Wave?

A. No, it does not have any form of wireless home automation technology, for that has no any opportunity to connect with Z-Wave.

Q. Does it have the fingerprint sensor?

A. No, actually, I have to say, ‘No’ again, does not provide fingerprint sensor facility, just does have RFID card and user code to access.

Q. Is it waterproof?

A. Yeah, this Ezon waterproof also, and was designed to be all-weather and both outdoor and indoor application. So, all the weather you can use it easily.

What’s In The Box

  • External and interior unit.
  • Rubber pad, mounting plate.
  • Adjustable deadbolt.
  • Magnetic sensor.
  • All screws.
  • Batteries.
  • Rfid card.
  • User manual.

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321


  • Attractive design.
  • Three types of security mode.
  • Keyless convenience.
  • RFID cards opportunity.
  • Auto lock function.
  • Easy installation.
  • No additional hols is required.
  • Anti-theft mode.


  • Not compatible with Z-Wave

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Have you reached here after reading the whole article?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ have a good news for you!

Yeah, this article brings your mind peace because no home without children I think.

So, this children-friendly lock you should buy to do all in one.

So, if you can’t understand what I have talked about in conclusion, read again to get it!

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