The Strong 4 Digit Master Lock 175D To Secure The Assets

Combination locks have got the notoriety to be not strong enough. Maybe the Master lock 175d is the lock that going to improve the graph for the combination locks.

Its strong construction surely going to help the users to be safe with their assets.

Want to protect your assets?

Now let’s find out how this lock can help you to do that.

Ready to read about the best padlock what you need to buy.

Let’s start:

master lock 175dStrong Construction

This is one of the strongest master lock padlocks with the solid metal construction.

The cylinder is designed in a way where you will not find any flaw and the hardened shackle also helps to hold any type of cutting for to some extent.

Thousands Of  Combinations

As you are reading this discussion, it can be assumed that you already know how many combinations are available in a 4 digit Master lock combination lock.

You have the numbers here to set the combination and playing with 10,000 available combinations is no joke.

If someone tries to unlock this lock without any pressure with just breaking code manually then it is near to impossible.

So, like it?

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master lock 175dEasy To Reset

Forgetting the code is nothing new this happens to almost everybody.

Here the Master lock comes with the brilliant idea of a simple reset key to make the combination reset easy for the users and they don’t need to spend hours standing before the lock trying to remember the combination.

You just need to put reset key into the reset hole and set a new combination to open the lock.

What many of the users found really frustrating is the quality of the reset key.

The reset key is really flimsy users need to be careful with this key.

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Easy To Hang Anywhere

It has got the perfect shape to hang into any door or any other object. For outdoor use, it has got the perfect shape and construction. 2 body with thick 5/16 shackle is able to resist any pry attack.  


  • Item model number: 175D.
  • Item Weight: 8.2 ounces.
  • Product Dimensions: 1.2 x 3.5 x 6.6 inches.
  • Color: Metal.
  • Style: Number Combination.
  • Body width: 2″.
  • Shackle Diameter: 5/16″.
  • Shackle Distance: 1″.
  • Distance Between Shackle and Cylinder: 1″.5bvt 

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  • 4 digit combination lock
  • No need to carry the keys
  • Hardened shackles and solid cylinder construction to resist the thieves
  • Easy combination reset
  • Thousands of combination available


  • Flimsy reset key
  • Combination reset is different from other regular reset processes

master lock 175dview on AmazonFinal Words

Master lock 175d is a strong metal lock with 4 digit combination.  

We have spent a good amount of our energy and efforts to find a really helpful lock to make sure you stay tension free with your assets when you are not there.


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