New Taste With The Smartly Designed Master Lock 1535DWD

If you are searching to give a different and unique look to your fancy door, then it’s the perfect kind of padlock with available color and bit different design of the classical locks. Master Lock 1535DWD is also different in dials as it uses English letters in combination.

Make a difference with this.

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before starting I have something else to say first that, in this website, I have written a review about 10 best padlocks helping you to choose the best one, but this lock isn’t included there.

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Because its a different, unique and smart.

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master lock 1535dwdColorful And Different Design

This master lock padlock is quite different from the traditional lock.

It looks like a small pitcher with the English letters on it.

I don’t think Master lock has any colorful lock series like this but the users can’t select the color which disappointing for a customer.   

Alphabets for Combination

You get the English letters here for setting up the combination.

Love it?

It’s another Master lock combination lock that uses four characters to set the combination.

Experts say don’t set any regular word as your lock code.

Any unusual combination makes it tough to pick with the codes.

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Master Lock 1535DWD; Best Areas To Use

It’s a small Master lock combination lock.

You will find it efficient with the school or gym lockers. That actually means any indoor use is suitable for it, but if needed you can use it for outdoor use also.  

It has got the minimum strength to protect your assets from theft.

master lock 1535dwd

How To Reset The Combination

This lock is designed differently from the classical lock, therefore, there is bit change in resetting the lock. For your convenience, we have summed up the whole process of setting up the combination.

Hope it will help you.


Set the letters in the serial of L-O-C-K from up in alignment of the black mark.


Open the shackle by just pulling it upwards and move it 90/ 180 degree back.


There is a lever at the bottom of the lock, turn it to the way the arrow shows. There is a dot which indicates where to stop. You can use a coin or something like that to turn the lever.


Now, turn the dials and get the combination you want in an alignment of that black mark.


Set the lever to the previous position


Put the shackle back to this hole, press it down you will hear a click the combination is set now.


Pull up the shackle again and turn it 90 to 180 degrees back and then push it in the hole. Now scramble the dials to make sure no one can understand your combination.

See, it’s really simple!


  • Body width: 1-1/2 in. (38 mm)
  • Shackle Diameter: 1/4 in. (6 mm)
  • A gap between shackle and Cylinder with 15/16 in. (24 mm)
  • Shackle distance:  11/16 in. (17 mm)


  • 4 letter combination lock
  • A colorful collection of Master lock in this series
  • No interchange of dials
  • Widely used for indoor and also suitable for outdoor use
  • Different look


  • Stiff dials users sometimes find it difficult to move one dial at a time
  • Color choice is not up to the customers

master lock 1535dwd

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Final words

Master Lock 1535DWD is a lock with 4 character combination. Compared to the 3 character combination locks you will get 100 times more combination to keep your lockers safe from any unauthorized check-in.

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