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Are you feeling insecure with your lockers back at the gym? Or you may want to have a more personal locker. In both of the occasion, you need a lock. 4 pin cylinder with a dual lock system, Master Lock 141D claims to be a solution for indoor security.

You may ask is it enough to prevent the lock picking?

Why not? it is one of the best padlocks that can provide a new level of security.

Now, you need to go through the followings to get the answer.  

How does it look?

master lock 141dview on AmazonBefore knowing what mechanism you have inside a lock you get to see its outer look and this Master lock padlock has got the satisfying look.

The lock cylinder is covered with a vinyl cover. Its black in color which is an elegant color.

This cover makes it corrosion and scratch free. If you have the same mentality as me then you will definitely like it because I like anything in black.

So, love black?  

Construction of Master Lock 141D

How long the lock can hold against an unauthorized try of opening?

It depends on its construction.

It has a strong and wide cylinder with a thickly hardened shackle.

The master lock has used high-grade aluminum to make sure the user security and enhances the new level of security. Inside the cylinder, it uses the 4 pin cylinder mechanism with a dual locking lever to make it safer than any other locks of its grade.  

How to Operate?

This is simple with its keyed operation.  

Like the Master lock combination lock you don’t need to remember the Master lock combination. For the users like me, who forgets everything after a busy day, Remembering the combination is another tedious job, isn’t it?

The key served with the package is bulky


  • Body width: 1-9/16 in. (40 mm)
  • Shackle diameter: 1/4 in. (6 mm)
  • Shackle length: 7/8 in. (22 mm)
  • Item model number: 141D
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches
  • Material: Aluminum


  • Wide lock body
  • Strong lock with vinyl cover
  • Corrosion free body
  • Thick shackle to resist the thieves
  • Wide shackle helpful to set it anywhere
  • A heavy lock to give you the feel of security


  • Not recommended for outdoor use

master lock 141dview on AmazonBest Use

Though it looks good and gives a feel of security you have to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

It’s not recommended to use outside as it often gets jammed at the base of the shackle if it comes to water somehow.

So, it’s better not to use this lock outside. This Master lock is best for the gym locker or any indoor application.   

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Final Words

It’s an attempt to make you feel safe with your lockers and other indoor cabinets.

You agree or not it’s a hard job to find out the locks that both meets the budget and gives you the secure feel.

We just did it for you.

Hope Master Lock 141D helps to relax you a bit!

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