Home Automation System | The Appliances You Need To Consider

Want to make a HEAVEN with a home automation system?

Home automation system serves the smart technology to provide you smart features that connected all existing home appliances those are smart devices, compatible with any type of automation technology.

With a master key, all appliances need to connect to, and the master key serves as a hub, that sends signals and data to connected devices to complete the operation.

Need to know that, the source is YOU who send signals to the master key and the master key works as a key component, having the order from the source (from YOU) to send data to all connected appliances to implement the operation.

So, to make a smart home, you need to choose the smart technology first; that provides home automation and then all the appliances you have to pick those are compatible with that technology.

After making the home automation, many opportunities are waiting for you to bring peace in mind.

Ready to read?

Before we start, communication and connectivity are so important for home automation, because it does work in a radio wave range and works together within the parameter you set.

Types Of Home Automation System

Actually, there are three types of a home automation system, now I’ll discuss helping you to know the details.

Here it is:

1. Power Line Home Automation

To make home automation by power line is so inexpensive that works with your existing power line to transfer the automation.

Additional converter circuits are required to connect with the power line.

2. Wired Home Automation

All devices and components, (those are connected with the automation technology) are communicated via the communication cable to transfer signals from appliances to appliances, devices to devices. PC, laptop or smartphone works as a key component to transfer data from the source to all wired connected devices to make operation.

3. Wireless Home Automation

Wireless home automation is an updated version of wired.

Actually, without wire or communication cable, this technology provides the same features and facilities (we discussed before) to make a smart home.

So, now why will you use the previous home automation?

Z-Wave technology, ZigBee technology, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides this opportunity to make a HEAVEN as your needs.

Ready to make?

This article for you to have a great idea.

Let’s start:

Home Automation System Component

Best August Smart Lock

Now, as you’re ready to make a smart home, we’ll discuss the best components, those are needed to install, here that can help you to choose the best one to pick.

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The Hub

The hub serves as a headquarter that connects all computing or non-computing devices. Sometimes few components are not programmable that doesn’t support signals without a key component to complete the operation.

For that, the hub is most important for home automation and plays a key role to maintain the automation technology.

Here is another opportunity, if you buy a new appliance you can connect it with the hub easily.

Now, here is a list that helps you to choose the best hub:

  • Amazon Echo 2nd Generation.
  • Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation.
  • And Echo Plus.
  • Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hubs.
  • Wink Hub 2.
  • Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control Hub & App.

home automation

The Cameras

Now without a camera, we can’t spend a single life, right?

For that, all mobile company installs the built-in camera in the mobile making us photographer!

Yeah, are you a photographer?

Now we’re not going to discuss to make you a photographer.

Here, in this article, you’ll get a clear idea about the outside or inside cameras that are connected to your existing home automation system.


Whether in the day or the night, you can watch everything in every time, night vision system allows you to observe anything you want.

With a built-in mic and speaker, most of the camera provides the two-way audio facility, for that, here is an opportunity to communicate with that person who comes next to the door to visit.

Even at the time of homework of your kids, you can order them to do by this audio system, no need to call them by the phone to order. If they have any excuse, you can also hear them.

The backup option is the best way to restore the footage as your needs.

The best camera you need to buy:

  • Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera.
  • Lynx Indoor 1080p Wifi Home Security Camera.

Door Locks And Security

After installing the home automation, now you need to choose the best appliances that are compatible with your automation technology.

Without the best smart door locks, can’t imagine a smart home, right?

Yeah, for helping you, now we’ll discuss door locks that you should choose to pick.

best fingerprint padlock

To make a smart home, if you prefer the Z-Wave technology, all appliances should be Z-Wave compatible, if you go to another technology, the same thing will happen that all components should be compatible with that technology you install.

So, after deciding that, now need to buy the best door lock to install on the door.

Smart lock is only the smart!


Believe it or not!

The smart lock provides an app to control the lock from anywhere, even anywhere in the world.

It’s very easy to get a notification for all time if someone locks or unlock the door.

After arriving your kids from school, get a notification to bring peace in your mind.

When you’re away or at the office, here is a chance to give access for the front door to the pet sitter, that thing you’ll configure with the provided app.

Love to know that, if your guests or friends come next to the door when you’re at the office, need not come back to unlock the door, just use the app to unlock for them from any place.

Love it this technology?

All things you may do via the app.

So, after making a HEAVEN, must need a smart door lock to install.

Here is a list to choose the best one:

The Video Doorbell

The video doorbell is one of the best devices to make home automation. It allows you to see everything, speak to someone standing on the door, hear anything that’s going on, on your door via the mobile app from anywhere.

A two-way built-in audio system like cameras (we discussed before) provides the facility to speak someone coming next to the door and you can hear him and he also can hear you.

But only you can watch him by the smartphone whether you’re inside or outside. From your office, you can communicate with someone standing on the door to visit via the doorbell.

Like it?

To make a HEAVEN, every single product need to be smart components and make sure all are compatible with home automation technology, right?

Now, here is a list of the best doorbells those are weather-proof and smart appliances.

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2.
  • iseeBell Wi-Fi Enabled HD Video Doorbell.

home automation system

Heating And Cooling

You have to know that the thermostat reduces half of your energy bill, that actually means it controls your energy bill, but one thing to remember, you have to use the smart thermostat to have a benefit. 

Great, isn’t it?

A smart thermostat allows you to control via the smartphone, laptop or the tablet, even by your sound, meaning that, by your voice, you can order making you comfortable.

A smart thermostat can detect when your family is at home or when they are not at home, automatically it turn on or off itself to make you happy.

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) is the best smart thermostat, so if you choose it to buy, it will be a good thing I can imagine.


As you start making a smart home, for that every single appliance you should buy smart appliances to connect your existing automation technology that makes your life easier and smarter.

Now, after buying smart components one by one, you should buy the smart light to connect with this technology.

Ready to do it?

It allows you to control your light from anywhere in the world, so now if you forget to switch off the light, simple to switch off from anywhere via the apps.

Actually, automation technology provides you the smart way to make your life easier and smarter that brings happiness to your family.

Philips Hue White and Color Smart Bulb Starter Kit are the best one to pick.

Love to know that, it supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Homekit, so you can control it via your voice.

The Pet Feeder

Pet lover?

If you have a smart home, two-way you can use to feed them.

Whether your home is smart or not, (You should make a smart home, I think) if you install a best smart door lock, it’s easy to unlock the front door for the pet sitter from your office, or anywhere in the world. About the best smart door locks, we discussed before, for that you should go knowing the best way.


The best way is that, to buy a smart pet feeder that allows you to customize food portions and pet’s feeding times.

If you connect it to your existing home automation, now no need any pet sitter to feed them when you’re not at home.

After connecting it, now whether you are at home or not, no need to worry to feed them, just use the app to control everything.

Another thing you should know, pet feeder app follow the parameters you set or the commands you give.

It has a smart feature to measure out food portions based on pet’s activity, size, weight, and age. So no matter where you are in, your pet will have food properly.

Now no chance for overfeeding or underfeeding.

PetnetSmartFeeder is the best one to buy, I think. 

Final Words

The home automation system is the best way to make a HEAVEN in the world.

Believe in God?

Oh, it’s another topic, I would like to say that, after making a smart home, you’ll be able to do everything that you want, no matter where you are in, anywhere in the world you can watch, monitor your smart home with a smart way.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Just start to buy the smart appliances one by one to make a HEAVEN.


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