6 Best Lock Pick Set that Hobbyist Lock Pickers & Locksmiths Love

We are definitely not burglars or friends of burglars. We just happen to be huge fans of Houdini and, obviously, of locksmiths. The grit and skill that goes behind maneuvering locks have fascinated humans like us for centuries.

So much so that now we like to take it as a hobby. For those of you who want to enjoy this art, and for those who professionally require to know this to help save forgetful people who have locked themselves outside the house, into their home, our today’s pick is on the best lock pick set.

Product Reviews on the Best Lock Pick Set

Here are 6 of the best lock pick sets for beginners that you need to do locksmithing. 

Kaisi Repair Tool Kit For Locksmith (136 Pcs) [Best All-Around]

Kaisi 136 in 1 Electronics Repair Tool Kit Professional Precision Screwdriver Set Magnetic Drive Kit with Portable Bag
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09/25/2023 04:47 pm GMT

This lock pick set was designed for you to have fun, and you can tell this by the variety! In this lock pick set, you get 136 pieces of tools to try and test your brain into unlocking sturdy locks. But of course, with the sole permission of the one who owns the lock.

There are different kinds of rakes and hooks, wrenches, and extractors on this set. You will find 111 screwdriver bits that are more necessary to be a professional locksmith, here you’ll find a handlebar as well. However, the list we should start- extension bar, flexible extension shaft, anti-static wrist band, and ultra-thin steel spudger, etc. 

One thing you can do with such locks is that if the edges feel too sharp, you can work them out to be a little smoother, and they’ll work just fine. If you can get sandpaper, that will be enough.

As a starter, this is good enough for lock picking. When you advance further in your skill, you can opt for the ones with a higher quality that will not need sanding.


  • Comes with a variety of tools.
  • Great beginner tool kit.
  • Cool lockpicking set


  • May need sanding.

STREBITO Screwdriver Sets for Locksmith (142-Piece) [Best Value]

This lock pick set comes with 120 bits and 22 practical accessories that let the new locksmith do practice for training. Here we already mentioned two things you can be excited about.

You have practical accessories included, so you will not need to worry about trying it on your own lock or begging someone for permission to unlock and pick their lock. Just you need a practice lock to be a professional. 

All bits you need to tackle any project to complete you’ll find here that’s a great advantage and money-saving opportunity you’ll love. This set actually will maximize your repair capabilities and make a professional locksmith what you want to be. So, why not trying Strebito to do a lot?

For saving your energy and time it has two magnetics tools to do your repair smoothly with less effort and prevents loss and mess up and make your job more powerful and easier. Besides, it offers complete protection, so no more worrying about losing anything now.


  • 120 bits with 22 practical accessories.
  • Good stainless steel built.
  • Great ergonomic handles.


  • Not enough for professional locksmiths.

STREBITO Multi-tool Sets for Locksmith (142-Piece)

Available in 2 different colors and coming in a beautiful pack that is super portable to carry, you can get this set to help you in the tool picking journey you’re about to start. The set comes with all the necessary picks and wrenches and even comes with its own locks. In the set, the major items that you will get include snake rake, L-wrench, medium and short hooks, torsion wrench and twist-flex wrench, full diamond, half-diamond, half-ball, and ball hooks. Although there are more included in the set, these are enough picks to know and work with when you are a beginner.

So if you know someone who is a fan of trying this exceptional art, you can easily give them this set. Or maybe if you know a locksmith friend whose birthday is coming up and you can’t find anything else to give, here’s your chance to give a sweet gift! The sturdy built of the lock with a beautiful chrome finish on the lock makes the set very attractive to the ones who like these lock pick tools.


  • Can work for both professionals and intermediate locksmiths.
  • Can help you learn a lot of tool picking techniques with different picks.
  • Sturdy built.


  • May be overwhelming for someone who is just learning to lockpick.

T&A Multi Tool Set, Training Kit (24 Pcs.)

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Made with excellent quality stainless steel material, this multi toolset is quite a favorite to locksmiths and hobbyists alike and is a good option for you if you are starting on your journey of learning how to pick locks. There are 24 pieces of tools on the set, each one with a different purpose and for different lock types.

So although you get 24 pieces, you do not need to use all 24 of them. Depending on which lock you have and which one works, you can pick a picking tool or change it along the course of your attempt and restart. At best, you will require 5 tools at a time, and that is considering that one of them fails to work! So this is a very handy set to have

And not only the tools are good, but the carrying case is also compact and well-built to hold the parts in too.


  • Serves different purposes on different locks.
  • Basic yet effective tool kit.
  • Can be used for a long time without needing to repurchase.
  • Compact carrying case.


  • May overwhelm new users.

Amlgbed Tool Kit (15Pcs.)

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This is a very basic tool kit with picking tools, and lock and keys. It comes with 15 pieces, so it will not confuse you like crazy. You will be able to separate the more frequently used rakes from less frequent hooks and take advantage of less is more principle.

One of the benefits of having fewer tools in your bag is that you can improve your skill on those few tools such that you become an expert in using them. If you have the option of 24-30 tools versus 10-15 tools in a set, and you’re just starting out, you should obviously opt for the lesser one. As you advance, you can go for more tool options. But if you are a professional who needs more variety, then maybe the 30 tool option is better for you!

The best thing about these tools is their ergonomic handle that gives you the ability to turn picks and wrenches on the most stubborn valves without slipping.


  • Comes with a portable case.
  • Great for beginner locksmiths.
  • Doesn’t slip from your grip while working.


  • Not as durable as we would have liked for professional users.

Syntus Electronic Repair Tool Kit

Last but not the least, here is another option for you from T&A. If you have never before picked a lock in your life and are either willing to try it out or starting your career as a locksmith, this is a very basic and decent toolkit to pick the lock. Many customers have vouched having picked their first, easy lock using this kit.

So, you get a lock and key with the set, and of the torsion wrenches, you get all three shapes, L, Z, and Y, each meant for their own purpose. And the 12 picks that come along with the set are of different ridges, bends, and sharpness. You can use the combination of wrenches and picks to break the lock that comes along without needing to invade your or anyone’s privacy. And with the key, you can understand the lock mechanism and inside shapes better. All in all, this brings great hands-on abilities for a beginner!


  • Has different kinds of rakes and hooks on the set.
  • Both sharp and blunt options help you pick the right tools to pick locks.
  • Improves locksmithing abilities.


  • Very basic.

Why do You Need a Lock Pick Set?

If you have been reading carefully, we pointed out one of the major reasons why you need to know this art of lockpicking. And that is, to save yourself from the trouble of being locked outdoors. Only imagine, you went out in shorts and a baggy tee for a walk, came back home to get ready for the office, and are planning a quick breakfast. When you turn the knob, your hands freeze. Because you forgot to take the keys out with you, and they are locked in while you are locked out.

Now, although you will seriously not be going out with your lock pick set to walk with, if you leave it securely out in the garage, you can use the set. Although beware that thieves and dacoits do not get access to that!

A better version of this story is when you have locked your car and can’t find the keys to it, but fortunately, your lock pick set is sitting under the living room center table, and you could easily use it to unlock the car. Or maybe, save a neighbor someday who’s locked out of his car or home. Only make sure they do not hand you over as a potential terrorist. And in case you’re a locksmith, you need to know this as a part of your profession.

Easy Beginners Guide to Buying Lock Picks

In order to buy the best lockpick set, here is a beginner’s guide for you:


The first thing you need to notice when buying a lockpick set is the number of tools that come along with it. The more serious your work is or has the potential to be, the more lock picking tools, that is, the more variety on the lock picking tools you will need. For example, someone who is only starting to know about lockpicking will definitely not need all the tools a seasoned, professional locksmith needs.

If it is intended to be used as a hobbyist does, a maximum of five tools should be enough for you. But when you know that you will come across several types and designs of locks in your job, and you will need different heads and shapes on your tool, you can go for what professionals buy, sets of 15-20 pieces.

However, you will need to keep in mind that, no matter how many tools you purchase and how exceedingly professional you become at your job, there is no single set that can pick all locks. Some are impossible to pick, even with the tools.


There is no point in spending a truckload of money on a lock pick set that doesn’t have variety. Again, if you spend a lot of money on a set that does have plenty of different tools in it, but the material is below average in quality, you just wasted opportunities. You could easily go for budget-friendly lock picks with less variety, more durable tool material, and a warranty. 


To make sure that the tools you have are portable and will not be lost in the depths of your carrying case or be so heavy that it bursts a hole in the case, you need to make sure that you have a good carrying case. Whether it is a case of 5 tools or 15, a carrying case with good inside arrangement ability of tools is a good investment.

How You Can Use the Locks on a Lock Pick Set

In order to pick locks with the best lock picks, you need to know the following first. As we tell you about the use of each of the tools, you will get an understanding of how lock picking works.


The bumpy tools that you get in your lockpick sets are called rakes. The method of using this is running it back and forth along the lines of the pins inside the lock. And as you know, makers can design a plethora of bump shapes, and hence we can’t exactly classify and point below every bump type. However, there are some major kinds, and those include Bogota and snake bumps. Let’s discuss these.


The peak on this rake type is situated at the tip of the tool and is lower than snake rakes. Usually, bicycle locks, cheap padlocks, and the simplest of locks can be picked using this tool. Of the many kinds, the Bogota hump has a single peak; hump 2 has two peaks, hump 3 has three peaks, and so on. Depending on the lock, each of one these proves effective.


This rake kind has quite some peaks soaring high. For the locks which have great distance (in lock distance length) between the pins of the lock, this is it. But the problem is, other than the manufacturer who made it; there is no surefire way for you to know if there are such margins inside the lock.

Unless they have published a detailed guide on their website about the inside of their locks (which no one will ever do, spoon-feeding the thieves), so, the only way you’ll get to come across this criteria is by trying the lock. It can be used on most doorknobs.


The name is self-explanatory. There are different types of hooks available with different bends. Your lock type will determine which bend works for you. You can use the short hook, which is sharp and straight; or the gonzo hook, which is rounded and a little blunt; deforest or large diamond hooks if you have triangular spaces inside the lock to manipulate; and so on.

If the insides are not so sharp and happen to be blunted interiors, you can go for ball/full ball or snowman hooks. The harder types have been discussed below:

Full Ball

These hooks have a metallic ball at the tip of them. When you have to unlock wafer and waded locks, you need tools that have such ball tips. Also, unlocking Master locks happens to be the job of this picking tool. And there aren’t just full balls; even half ball tips are a form of lock picking tool. Gym locks are unlocked using the latter types.


Shaped exactly like snowmen, you can use them to unlock wafer locks.


If you want to unlock pin tumbler locks, you have to use diamond locks and pick from the ones that are sharp and full, to the twisted double-diamond shapes.

Tension Wrench

The most important tool sitting in your carrying case is the tension wrench. You will recognize this as the one portrayed most in movies and more frequently seen than the rest. When you truly advance on the usage of this tool, you will reach lockpicking excellence! In order to use this tool, you will need to create a torsion between the wrench and the lock cylinder, which with enough tension, will turn and unlock itself. The types of a tension wrench and their uses include:


When you need to bounce the tension off and on and do twists and turns inside the lock, you will like L-shaped wrenches. When you insert them into the lock, the portion outside the lock happens to be ninety degrees, which you can twist till you hear the click of unlocking.


When you are uncertain about the utility and service of your L-wrench with the lock in question, you can use this dual-insertion wrench to reach places you couldn’t.


These are flatter wrenches, and you use them with locks not having many bumps.

Key Extractor

If you have broken keys inside the lock, which we have done tens of times in the past, you can use this tool to bring out the leftover keys.

Once you know how each of these work, the basic idea of lock picking using the set has four distinct steps:

  1. You start by inserting the tension wrench (possibly, L-shaped) inside the lock and apply a little pressure. Do not bend the outer portion too much, or else, instead of rising above the shear line, the driver pins will bind below it.
  2. While you are creating tension on the plug, the plug will now rotate slowly. This is where our pick comes into action. You can take a three-ridged Bogota rake and lift the pin sets with your pick.
  3. With continual slight torque maintained on the wrench, keep running the pick back and forth along the line.
  4. Keep doing this until all the pins are set. Nearing the end of this, you may need to apply more pressure on the wrench than normal. However, not too much. If this is not working, there was probably something wrong with your wrench, and you should reset them to start over again.

Features You Should Consider for Your Hunt of the Lock Pick Set


As mentioned, you first need to be aware of the type of picks, as discussed previously. When to use rakes and when to opt for hooks, which tools are must-haves in your lock picking set; all of these can be understood when you know the right pick type.


The material of your tool refers to its durability. Hence, the material is one of the most important features to look out for when buying lock-picking goodies. If you are going to make a one-time investment and you are not going to purchase another lock pick set anytime soon, pay attention to the material.


The width of the tools is an important consideration too. It will naturally depend on the lock that you are practicing. And as you will notice from the types when you see the images, each one of them has a different width. And you will need to master how to work with the width of the pick as well as inside the lock.


Is it legal if I buy a lock pick set?

We aren’t still legally bound to not buy lock pick sets. Meaning, it isn’t illegal to buy a lock pick set. However, where you want to use it may cause it to be termed legal or illegal in use. If you have the lock owner’s exclusive permission to pick his lock, or if the lock happens to be your very own and you just want to do it, you can.

How can I pick a lock pick set?

By following our instruction guide or the manual that comes along! The entire process hovers around manipulating the components of the lock.

What lock cannot be picked using lock pick sets?

Even the best locksmithing kits can’t pick some locks. The design of these locks is such that it makes it extremely challenging and, in a sense, impossible to pick these locks. For example, Medeco.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have learned everything you need to know about the best lock pick sets and now can start as a beginner. Remember, this isn’t illegal, but you have to know your boundaries. So follow our guide and keep on practicing your locksmith skills!

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