Is a Locksmith Business Profitable (6 Easy Factors to Determine)

People do business so that they can make money out of it. By that logic, every type of business is profitable depending on where you are doing, when you are doing and how good you are at managing it. So that got me curious, how much money a locksmith make?

Is it profitable nowadays in the United States? Should you open a locksmith shop in California this summer? These questions do not have a one-word answer. So come abroad, let’s find out.

What are the Jobs of a Locksmith?

Before diving deep into figures of their income, ask yourself, do you have a broader picture of the jobs locksmith usually do? This is not some job or position which caught nationwide attention throughout the year. You only think of a locksmith when you have troubles with locks and keys. There are actually various jobs that they do, including installing doors, fixing glasses, replacing hinges of doors and windows, maintaining doors and gates, and even welding. You can picture that there are multiple functions for them, and in doing so, they earn money in different ways.

So, how much do they make? Well, it’s not easy to say as it varies from state to state. But get this, experts say that there are six key factors that can determine the income and profit margin for the locksmith business.

Is a Locksmith Business Profitable? (6 Key Factors determining)

The size of the business

This is no rocket science that big business makes big money. It is expected that a well managed big-equity business will bring more money to the company concerning a small mobile locksmith start-up.


Like it or not, it definitely does matter where you are doing your business. Just like I said before, “ every type of business is profitable depending on where you are doing, when you are doing and how good you are at managing it”. Let see this example. You have set up your locksmith business in a very rural area or a ghetto. Answer me this, do you think they are thinking about spending a bucket of cash for securing their front door with “smart locks”? Clearly, they would see it as a waste of money. They would instead prefer to spend that money elsewhere. They can not afford to pay that much money on this thing. 

On the other hand, you will observe a very different scenario in urban areas or cities. They earn a lot more. On top of that, they live in an area with threats from more sophisticated burglars and thieves. They are only waiting for you to let our guards down. Thus urban people have much use of a skilled and experienced locksmith. The more they want you, the more you earn.

The Management of the Business

Management plays a huge part in the well being of an institution or a company. In any business, a good manager makes sure that the operation runs as swiftly and efficiently as possible and the so business output is always maximum. This attitude not only keeps the old customer, but also invites many new customers. In the end, the business flourish.

The Business Approach

Not all business does their job in the same way, even though they are offering the same kind of product. This variation of approach could be for various reasons. Samsung probably has its own factory somewhere in South Korea, but iPhone 12 is manufactured in a Chinese factory by a third party. The business approach has a tremendous influence on the amount of money they make monthly or annually.

In this locksmith business, some people wish to be more independent and do all their service, management, and even the work of publicity by themself. On the contrary, some companies partnered with other locksmith companies or even school. Here responsibility and rights are shared among partners. The outcome of the two approaches is very different. It is observed that partnered or teamed up locksmith businesses are making more money compared to their counterparts(annually). 

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Publicly Strategies

There is most probably a minimal example, in this world where business flourished without the use of marketing or advertisement. In reality, advertisement works! It can boost the business’s revenue and invite more and more new customers to your business. Being creative and skillful about it should be your primary focus. It makes no sense to bleed your company’s money advertising your service that the viewers have no practical use or need it very often. It would help if you found out innovative ways to publicize our business.

How long are you in the business?

How long you are in the business is crucial to your income. Let us see a real-life example. In the United States, it is possible to earn around $ 100,000 in the first year. You can earn approximately $150,000 in the second year and $ 250,000 in the third year. So it is evident that the longer you are in the business, your income increases in the same way.

These are what the experts say about the key factors that will determine your income in the locksmith business.

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So how much a locksmith business earns in the USA?

Let’s break it down. On an hourly basis, a locksmith earns $14 or $19. Weekly, this turns into $577 and $751. Following this pattern, a locksmith earns about $40k to $60k annually. This is not so bad. A plumber earns an average of $53,913 annually.

 Is this a very good earning in the USA?

This is a critical question. Depending on where you live or work, your annual income might be good or bad. In Oklahoma, for example, the median household income is $54,924 annually, whereas an average yearly income of a locksmith in Oklahoma City earns an average of $48,287. You should know that the median income of a locksmith is $52,859 as of December 28, 2020.

Thus the average earning of a locksmith is just below the median line. On the other hand, a locksmith earns around $63,590 annually, which is way higher.

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