Amazon Alexa Reviews: The Smart Virtual Assistant

Let’s go to the fantasy world, will you? To have an imaginary chance in this existing world you should pause here and this article about the Amazon Alexa reviews can help you to know how to go there.

How cool would it be if you could play music just by your voice instruction? Or, if you could prepare your daily to-do list just in a blink of an eye, without writing it down on the smartphone?

Just imagine about the countless possibilities and imaginary opportunities that you can avail from the advanced technology.

Before we start, would like to give you a suggestion-be lazy!

Wait! Wait a bit more!

Quoting Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”.

Are you that type of lazy yet smart person who wants to complete all tasks without really putting up much effort?

If yes, think no more because your smart virtual assistant Alexa is here.

amazon alexa reviewsAmazon Alexa Reviews

So, what is Amazon Alexa?

Is it some sort of magic or alien superpower?

Well, we’re pleased to share that Alexa is Amazon’s advanced virtual assistant, providing artificial intelligence to the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Look, Echo Show and many more.

Amazon Echo is, by the way, a cylindrical smart home speaker that was initialized by Amazon in November of 2014 by releasing the Amazon Echo.

Now, in the modern tech era, Amazon’s Alexa products are very renowned all over the world to make our life easier and smarter.

Oh, to be lazy, this is the best suggestion now!

Some of the features of Amazon Alexa include preparing a personal to-do list, engaging intelligent voice interactions, scheduling alarms by voice commands etc.

She even is capable of providing the latest updates about weather, sports, and even on-going traffic notifications and also can give you the real-time information and updates on breaking news and latest events.

Do you fancy listening to quality music when you’re alone and in a melancholic mood? Well, Alexa can even play your favorite playlist of quality music according to your preferences and likings.

Do you feel insecure about your home and belongings? Alexa is so smart that she can also be used as your home automation and security system! That’s not all, a number of smart devices can also be controlled by connecting them to Alexa! Third party vendors develop their own feature or functionality and it can also be added to Alexa.

How Does Alexa Work?

The virtual assistant now has a companion app and also has a web interface available which can be set up in one of their compatible devices. Both the application and web interface provides the user with more flexibility and a wide range of accessibility in terms of using a large number of advanced and extended features to play and interact with through those devices. The companion app is available in all of the application stores, such as Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

One of the most efficient and user-friendly pluses of using the app is you can review and then, customize the text recognized from your voice command through the application screen! This feature not only promotes and accelerates user accessibility but also the feedback from the produced results actually help Amazon to improve the system because the positive or negative review implies and thus, produces the lead to detecting their points of improvements.

amazon alexaAlexa-Enabled Devices

To name a few most advanced and variety of Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo Show are always on the top of the product list. All of the devices are integrated with Alexa, showing a pleasant variety of skills. The devices can be used for music listening or podcast streaming or even, securing your home assets!

The wide range of all these different capabilities is labeled as “skills” by Amazon. To share an example, one of her latest and most advanced skills involves to control and maintain an intercom system in your apartment!

If you want to purchase an Amazon Enabled Devices, you must be extremely confused about what to purchase and what each of them offers on your price range! The first thing for you to know is the variety of these devices and their different features with low price ranges!

Don’t stress out, we’ve got it covered for you:

Starting with these devices, you can find plenty of names of these devices as in, Echo Buttons, Echo Connect, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Echo Look, Echo Show, and the list goes on!

But don’t look around because we know what is best for you.

Just stay tuned, keep reading and wait a bit more!

Echo-Line Product Reviews

Amazon’s Echo product span is extremely wide ranged at this moment as we speak and the offers include small to medium devices, speakers, and a significant number of personalized gadgets, not to mention the add-ons and skills to install.

As it says, there’s an echo device for almost everyone with the preferences of their own! The span has grown large and wide over recent years of continuous development. Every device came with an update on its own and features to offer to a new set of customers!

So, whatever you have in mind for Alexa, yes she is super ready to offer that to you through one of her echo device for sure.

Echo Buttons

echo buttonsDo you frequently have game nights at your home or hangout place? Are you going on a vacation trip after long tedious weekdays at your job where you plan to play “Truth or Dare” with your trip buddies?

If yes, then Amazon Echo Buttons are arguably the best option for you next to old class board games! They are basically cute little buzzers that we use in our trivia games.

Works great for a bunch of people playing buzzer games. With the help of Alexa-based games and skills, you may even arrange a small quiz shows for your kids!

The only thing to note here is these button uses Bluetooth technology to connect itself to an Echo Device (i.e. Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show) so purchase these button only if you are planning to purchase or already have an Echo device.

Echo Connect

echo connectAre you tired of your landline phone or its functionality and willing to have a different experience with it?

Then Echo Connect is the right choice for you because It’s an easy-to-use, compact and intelligent box that allows you to use your own voice to command Alexa to call anyone at any time at any place.

If you think that this change of system may cause confusion on the other end, no you’re wrong. When you call someone via Echo Connect, it doesn’t use any other contact number except your landline number so no worries for that.

Similar to the Echo Buttons, it also requires to be connected to both your landline via WiFi or VoIP adapter and your echo device to remain fully functional.

Echo Dot

amazon alexa reviewsFancy a high-quality speaker, equipped with smart virtual assistant Alexa, with a minimum budget?

Besides providing you with the latest traffic updates, news and weather forecasts, Echo Dot is a small, compact and smart box that streams your preferred podcasts and plays your favorite music for your specified genre ceaselessly all day long.

That’s not all! Echo Dot also offers integrated connectivity with other devices, your own sound system, and lets you to listen to the top picks from Spotify, iHeartRadio or any source.

Alexa commands in any room of your apartment, free calling with Alexa, 3.5mm Audio port & smart home control – all of these in one box with the smooth and sound performance at a cheap price range.

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All of the features that Echo Dot offers with an even more updated Alexa speaker, an ability to listen to you even when you’re far away, with a refreshing home decor product look and feel is what sums it all up for Echo. In a reasonable price, Echo comes with a wide range of Alexa skills and functionalities.

Echo Spot

echo spotWant a cute little round shaped device that talks, interacts and smart enough to assist you daily in hundreds of different ways?

We’re glad to say that Echo Spot is exactly the cute round ball with a 2.5-inch display with the features of quick video calls, real-time home surveillance feed from CCTV cameras, live video streaming from any connected source with a low budget price.

Echo Show

echo showNow we want you to imagine all of Alexa but with a built-in display, offering the wide range of possibilities to play with, a whole new experience of interaction, video conferencing, calling and experiencing video and audio streaming at the same time!

Yeah, this is Alexa Echo Show, in a nutshell. You use its smooth 7″ screen display and impressive dual 2.0″ stereo speakers for video calling or picture frames – whatever wherever you may want. Powerful, room-filling speakers with Dolby processing well equipped with eight microphones, beam-forming technology, and noise cancellation gives you a lifetime experience of technology and interaction.

Amazon Alexa VS Google Home

To cut it short, when you’re interacting with an Amazon Echo device, you’re speaking to Alexa. And if the device is among Google’s Home line, the virtual assistant that’s accompanying you is Google Assistant.

Now, you can find numerous comparison charts on the Internet depicting the almost-same picture with Amazon Echo and Google Home features including Camera, Weight, Connectivity and other mechanical specifications. But what’s rather more significant is to measure their effectiveness and performance issues.

Undeniably, Amazon has an extremely thorough product line with their customized Echo devices for almost all range of users, and in almost all range of prices and features to offer.

They are also clearly well ahead in the consideration of standalone voice-powered home devices with respect to Google. Both devices do roughly the same thing but ranging costs with flexible functionalities is where Echo devices are probably ahead of Google Home products.

alexa vs googleAnd as long as the performance issues with Alexa and Google Assistant is considered, Google Home is far more advanced in conversation since Google has an extended user’s conversation intelligence.

From a general point of view, a smart voice assistant certainly required to get its hands on a huge database to gradually gain its conversation intelligence and for Alexa, she needs updates and addition of the new set of “skills” every time to gain more intelligence, as opposed to Google Assistant.

For Example

Google Assistant uses YouTube Music & Google Play Music and Alexa streams music from Amazon Music & Prime Music. Of course, there are some shared platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify Premium which both offer.

To discuss the functionality from both viewpoints, both devices aim to build a connected smart home, controlled by voice commands and interactions and extend its features from accessing smart lights and TVs to answering every question.


If you’re planning to start your journey with a virtual assistant of your own and so purchase a device, we think Amazon’s will absolutely be a more smart choice than any other existing ones, naming Google Home or Apple Homepod.

And if you’re pondering which device to buy from Alexa Echo, just take a look at the price range and their functionality and go for it since Alexa is always there to help you out integrated with all the Echo devices.

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