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What if, in the middle of the road you remember that, have left the key of your bike lock? Then Amazer Bike Lock is going to be your next best buddy because of keyless convenience that can give you the experience of freedom, provide unmeasured opportunities and offer peace of mind. So here is a chance to be fearless about losing or forgetting the keys.

When you are in haste to reach your destination and you can’t find where you left it after last use.

We think you’re worried now.

So now thousands of questions are spinning in your head and you are mumbling, right?

Let us introduce you with your would-be buddy which can protect the bike from thieves.

Throughout the whole article, you will keep learning the ins and outs of Amazer Lock and also the Amazer Bike Lock Instructions that you need to know before buying.

Amazer Bike Lock: The Smartest Locker

amazer bike lockYou want to safeguard the bike from theft, don’t you?

This bike lock, we are reviewing is the best one to defend from unexpected theft and protect carefully for bringing in your mind peace.

This lock appears in U shape on the PVC lining. This is the very much awaited lock that you were looking to secure your favorite bike.

Most of the people who have a bike are searching for the best cheap bike lock on the market to be free from unexpected things, if you are in there, you can stop searching to buy the best one.

Because this Amazer lock for you, we have found.

Fewer Chances To Steal The Bike

U lock is the heavy-duty lock which will provide you more safety than others and the 4-digit combination is unpredictable for anyone to crack the lock and steal your bike.

The most important thing you should know that a 4-digit combination is safer than 3-digit and also gives 10,000 combination possibilities to enhance the level of security that make sure your bike safety.

amazer lockview on AmazonEasy To Carry

The lock belongs the size as length 8.96” and as width, x 5.74” and also thickness is x 0.624”. The net weight of the lock is 1.817 lbs(0.824 kg). So this lock is undoubtedly easy to carry anywhere and everywhere you go.

Persistency & Advanced Features

What types of locks do you need to buy?

Actually, we know what you are searching to pick the best one, for that we’re doing the review about that lock which is made by premium metal construction.

You should know that the shackle is made of steel, the cylinder is also steel and made of solid zinc alloy. The whole lock is covered by quality PC material which keeps your bike from scratch. This lock is made of 12mm hardened performance steel shackle and also covered by a 3.85mm PVC coating. The total thickness of the lock is almost 16mm.

As a result, it can resist cutting and leverage attacks. On the “U” shaped portion, PVC lining prevents the lock from scratching bike paint job.

No Keys: No Worries

We’re glad to share this lock is completely keyless so you don’t need to carry any key anymore if you start using this and also you have no chance to lose keys again and again.

Because you don’t have any keys to lose!

The locking system with this lock is based on the pattern of digits that actually means this is the key free lock and also safer combination bike lock to use happily.

Unique, Secured & Easy Password Combination

Used 3-digit combination U lock before?

We should say, a 3-digit combination is safer than 4-digit combination bile lock, but you need to know that 5-digit is safer than 4-digit (Amazer hasn’t brought yet on the market).

Another thing to remember, to buy 5-digit, need to cost extra though considering about the security, isn’t necessary.

The 4-digit locking system provides thousands of possible combinations. So it’s not even harder to presume but even impossible to hack the code.  Combination of multi digits allows higher security.

Dust Cover Protection

The dust cover is covering the whole combination to protect and extend cylinder life. It also does make sure to provide long lasting service.

Amazer Bike Lock Instructions

Here is a picture that helps you to set your own combination. Follow this 4-steps to set your own user code.

amazer bike lock instructionview on AmazonMoney-Back Guarantee

You have bought the Amazer’s 12mm U lock recently, and don’t like the astounding bike lock at all as much as you expected? Then here’s your money-back offer but it is only applicable if you return it within 30 days.

Yeah, 30 days! it isn’t a short time, is it?

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Budget Price

This U lock will not let your wallet loss so much weight. You will just have to sacrifice a minimum amount of money from your wallet. And even cost amount is lesser than any other company based on the same quality. Finally, even if you consider the opportunity cost if your bike is stolen then which one is higher, buddy?

Specification At A Glance

  • Dimension: 8.96″(Length) x 5.74″(Width).
  • Key Core: Zinc alloy.
  • Crossbar: 1.12″/28.62mm (Thickness).
  • U Shaped Shackle: 0.624″/12mm (Diameter).
  • U Shaped Shackle: Hardened Zinc alloy with PVC coatingNet Weight: 1.817lbs/0.824kg.


  • Convenient price – The price is highly affordable even if you have a low-cost budget.
  • Strongly made – the parts material is the high end that gives long sustainability.
  • Lightweight – this locker has mobility because the weight is so light that you can carry it with you.
  • High-quality protection.
  • PVC lining keeps your bike scratch-free.
  • No Keys- this is the keyless 4 digit locker system.
  • 5 laser cut stainless steel keys (one of them has a micro-light).
  • Noise and rattle control.
  • Snap Lock Quick Release mounting bracket.
  • PVC coating protects the lock from water and mist.
  • Stylish look: Where you are a DC comic lover or Marvels comic fascinated, the stylish look will catch your attraction.


  • If you can’t remember the pattern you used then it’s hard to rescue.
  • Sometimes it’s shackle is too small to lock it around rather large objects.
  • Tough to lock with a large object.

amazer bike u lockread customer reviewsCommon Questions

Q1: How does money back offer work?

A1: If the buyer returns it within 30 days of buying, you will get the money refund.  

Q2: Is there any chance to rescue the combination if anyone can’t retrieve?

A2: If you can’t remember the combination of password there’s no chance to further use it if you don’t fix it manually, that actually means factory reset needs to fix it.

Q3: What’s the most secure type of lock?

A3: A U-lock without key access is the most secure bike lock option. First, you need to set a combination by digits the use it to unlock every time, and only you will know the combination of those digits but none. Second, it’s tough to cut into and, in general, you don’t lose the precious. Thieves will go for the bike which has a lock that’s easier to remove.

Q4: How many bikes can be locked with one locker?

A4: It’s better to lock one bike with one locker but it can lock 2 bikes at a time according to the length and comparing the object you are supposed to hang on.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews.

Final Words

If you would like to prevent your bike from the thieves, your first friend in initial defense would be a bike locker.

And this type of advanced bike locker will be more adequate to solve your problem smartly.

So lock the bike with Amazer Bike Locker and safe the bike of a biker.

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