Wordlock Bike Lock Review | The Smartest Bike Lock You Like Most

Looking for a simple and straightforward but safety ensured bike lock? Then something simple but elegant and smart to be useful and handy is for you. We think you should catch the chance to ensure bike safety what each and everyone expects. Oh, at first, you need to know which lock we’ll do the review today. Wordlock bike cable lock.

This lock is a good solution for those who are looking for a heavy-duty cable lock when they are riding around town to protect the ride and resists leverage attacks. 

So, here’s the ins and outs of the products. You will also have the Wordlock bike lock review throughout the write-up.

Wordlock Bike Lock Review (Protect Your Bike with Wordlock)

WordLock WLX Hex MatchKey Cable Bike Lock, Black, 12mm/6-Feet
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02/29/2024 12:04 am GMT

Flexible steel cable we found in Wordlock that is strong cut resistance and prevents leverage attacks when you’re away.

This lock is the heavy-duty WLX 12mm thick lock, and it is 6 feet long with stylish hexagonal black and blue cable with a matte finish. This is just long enough to loop through the wheel and frame easily.

Wordlock match key cable bike lock is a mobile solution for when out cycling on the streets, and this is the best-sold product in the Sports & Outdoors section. Super light to carry everywhere and easy to use and safe. 

In the multi-purpose function, you have a chance to apply. Actually ideal for bicycles, for that we tested and reviewed. the chances you have to use for skateboards, gates, and fences, sports, and outdoors wherever it fits.

Unique Key Shape

Need a different shaped key?

You’ll be happy to know this bike lock comes up with a different shaped key. Usually, we see the types of keys around us, but these keys are slightly different from what you love. Half of the keys’ body part is covered with plastic material, and the main key part is made from metal. Each metal portion of the keys has different shapes, which help not match the keys with others and secures the bike. It’s actually that thing what your requirement is! 

The Color Of Key Matches The Color of Padlock

If your cable and lock color is red, then what is the color of the key you expect?

The actual answer everybody will try to say is red.

You’ll love to know each set of locks and keys has a matched color that users like most and talk about more and more. That actually means if the lock color is red, then the plastic portion of the key is red as well. 

If you have more than one cable bike lock in a different color from the same company, then it is beneficial for you to recognize the exact or right key for every lock.

Word on Key Matches Word on Padlock

On the edge of the cable, there you will find a lock, and on the top of this, there will be a word written, and the same exact word will be written on the top of the keys.

The words are not the same all the time. Every lock has a different code name or code word.

If you have more than one bike lock in the same color, this word helps you to recognize which one key is for which lock.

Contains 2 Keys

An inevitable truth that you will lose the key someday.

Assuming the situation, the company, Worldlock, gives you an extra key in case you lose one.

Strong Body Material

The braided and flexible steel cable made from premium level material that is strong cut resistance and helps you protect your ride against leverage attacks, and it is strong enough and durable according to your demand. The coating material protects the lock body and cable from scratching and even protects your bike as well


  • Mostly preferred for light-duty use.
  • The cable is thick enough and not easy to be cut.
  • Easy to carry. 
  • The inside of this locker is sort of funky since the keys are different shaped, so sometimes it’s hard to lock and unlock quickly.


  • Wordlock is not handy if you come across using one hand. It seems sticky if you use one hand only.
  • Not more protective than the 4 or 5 digit password combination or U lock
Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard 12mm U-Lock Combo Bicycle Lock with Side Mount Snap-In Bracket
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02/28/2024 08:12 am GMT


How much the lock weighs? And how much light is it to carry outside?

The weight of this lock is 11.2 ounces (shipping weight; original weight is less than that), roughly

This product is undoubtedly light in terms of carrying outside, and this is the most significant advantage.

Does this come with one or two keys?

It comes with two keys, which gives you the opportunity to get out of the situation if you accidentally lose one of your keys.

Does the item stay stuck round up so you can’t straighten it out when trying to wrap it around stationery items?

Yeah, it stays stuck round up and a little bit tough to straighten when trying to wrapping something. It is more difficult when you try to straighten it with one hand only.

If I order two black, 12mm cable locks, will the keywords on the keys and locks be different for each set?

Yes. If you order two Wordlock bike locks, then you will have different keywords as codes for different locks.

Does this lock come with a mounting bracket?

No, this bike lock does not have any Mounting Bracket, but you can hang the cable in the bike frame by locking on something like a handle or backseat.

Will it lock up my scooter?

It is 5 feet long bike lock, so it should be able to lock a scooter, but it depends on the size of the scooter.

Can this be used to lock luggage to a train rack while traveling?

This lock has been made as a bike locker, but you can use it for several purposes. You can use it as a bicycle holder, skate holder, or box holder. So this is also possible to lock luggage to a train rack while traveling. But better if you don’t leave the luggage for a long period of time with this lock.

Which one is better? U lock or Wordlock cable bike lock?

It is true that a U-shaped super lock is stronger than a thief who needs more time to accomplish the stealing process, but this cable lock is also strong. If you are just riding in the town and not leaving the bike for long, then a cable bike is good.

The Best Alternative You May Consider B00FA5HIGO

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1230 Key Cable Bicycle Lock Bike Lock , Black
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Final Words

To protect your bike heavy-duty super lightweight lock is necessary and mandatory.

This lock prevents cut attacks and enhances the security level that you expect to keep your bike safe.

Finally, go grab your piece of mind without wasting your time and let it save your bike for a lifetime. The money will be worthy of investing in it.

WordLock WLX Hex MatchKey Cable Bike Lock, Black, 12mm/6-Feet
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/29/2024 12:04 am GMT

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