Titanker Bike Lock Review (Why Do People Buy This Street Stuff)

Slowly the commuting scenario of the entire globe is rapidly shifting and moving towards environment-friendly alternatives like bikes.

And Titanker offers some of the best safety equipment for these human-run machines. If you’re bored with reading Titanker bike lock review one by one, then our detailed 

Bicycle safety has now become a matter of concern. We see more and more bikes in the streets more than ever. And with the advent of technology, more advanced and equally expensive bikes are parading the streets regularly. Which makes security a major issue to think about, and thus the bike lock manufacturers are ramping up production with innovative design and optimum security output. 

Titanker Bike Lock Review To Protect Your Bike

Here in this detailed guide, we have here a list of different titanker bike locks up for a close inspection. So stay with us and witness the unraveling of quality locks in action! 

Titanker U Lock Bike Lock

Titanker Bike U Lock Combination, Bicycle Lock Heavy Duty Anti Theft Combination U Lock with Cable, 16mm U Lock + 4 Ft Steel Cable + Mount Bracket
  • Heavy duty combination U lock: The U lock weights 0.8kg/1.76lbs, the steel cable is 0.4kg/0.88lbs. Lock size: 9.0 inches(length) x 5.7 inches(width). Titanker U lock is made of 12mm hardened...
  • Durable & resistant: Our bike u lock combination is super secure and durable. The combination is covered by a dust cover to protect and extend cylinder life. The whole lock is covered by quality PC...
  • Keyless & safety: This bicycle lock is a securer model because it is a U-lock. With keyless design, no worry about key lost and forget to carry. Set your own 4-digit combination allows to stop thieves...
  • Offer more security: 16mm heavy duty shackle and cylinder are made of solid zinc alloy. Then it can resist cutting & leverage attacks, and provide your bike more safety.
  • Warm tips: No bike lock is the securest. Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas.
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Well, first on our list is one of the most highly well-received items by Titanker. Enriched with many features and intelligent design outputs, this titanker bike lock can be an excellent addition to safety on the roads. Here we’ll try analyzing its core attributes and filter the takeaways from it. Let’s begin! 

Tough as It Gets 

No wonder a bike should be tough enough not to be broken easily. And rightly so! This premium lock comes with heavy construction for an optimum safety experience. But what makes it so strong? 

The lock is built using zinc alloy shackle, enveloped with a robust PVC coating for an outstanding blend that strengthens the entire setup.

Being a sturdy build, it’d get too tricky for any burglars to even think about attempting this bad boy. As a result, the possibility of theft remains minimum for a good reason! 

Dual Security 

If the unbelievably sturdy U lock wasn’t enough, then there is another addition to the unique setup. As you might have guessed already, the setup comes with an extended 4ft cable lock as well. 

This unique add-on in the system will increase the overall safety level of the bike. On top of it, because of having multiple different locking mechanisms involved, it will also play its part as a visible deterrent on the other hand. The burglar, understanding the potential complexity of breaking through two entirely sorts of security parameters, would not try to tackle the locks in the first place, leaving your bicycle untouched! 

Forget the Key 

Yes, you read it right. With this highly sophisticated locking mechanism, you have all the freedom to forget the keys altogether. Keys are always a hassle. Keeping them in the pocket all the time while traveling somewhere isn’t the most convenient thing to do. On top of it, if you lose it after locking the bike, it’d become a whole new story. 

That’s why Titanker comes up with this unique solution of featuring the combination locking mechanism in the setup. Set a four-digit password that is easy to remember and travel conveniently without the keys everywhere. 

On top of this, the keyless method also increases safety. The burglars won’t be able to pull off universal critical theft attacks if it doesn’t have a keyhole in the first place! 

Protected From Dust 

Another issue that troubles the bikers is the dust. Durst, although seemingly non-harmful, can cause significant damage if not kept clean. 

Dust particles flying in the air can slowly gather up and get inside the mechanism, causing potential issues. 

To help you protect yourself from such an event, Titanker provides the user with durst covers. Your lock would look new all the time, whereas potential malfunctions would be kept at bay. 

Some Drawbacks to Mention 

Well, no item is above criticism, and neither is this one. It would help if you considered purchasing that it may have a difficult time fitting a kid’s bicycle. The way it’s built and the dimensions it features are often incompatible with kids’ bikes. So this is something you should keep in mind while going ahead. 

But, you can go through the many titanker bike lock reviews. You’d find except for the minor flaws mentioned, the lock is premium and should offer the required security for everyday usage! All in all, an outstanding multi-grade secure lock you can go for any day! 


Titanker Bike Lock Cable Lock

Titanker Bike Locks with Keys, Bike Lock Cable 4 Feet Coiled Secure Bike Cable Lock with Mounting Bracket, 1/2 Inch Diameter
  • Easy to use: This Titanker bike lock comes with 2pcs unique keys, no one have the same. You don’t need to use the key to lock the bike, you only need to snap it together and go when you lock it....
  • Secure cable bike lock: Flexible 12mm(1/2 inch diameter) steel cable prevent your bike from strong cutting, and the PVC coating helps to prevent from scratching and rusting.
  • Multi-purpose: The total length of this bike lock with key is 4ft, ideal length for bike, motorcycle, skateboards, scooter, wagon, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, wagon and...
  • Secure & portable: This bike cable lock is an easy locking mechanism while inserting the locking bolt, the anti-rust and zinc alloy key core to prevent the bike from stealing.
  • Upgraded mounting bracket: Compared to ordinary mounting bracket, our updated bike lock holder have 2pcs inner rubber for your choice to adjust your circular seat tube. With the waterproof dust-proof...
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Well, at the 2nd spot here, we have another highly well-admired piece by the premium lock manufacturer Titanker. This time it’s a cable lock that will blow your mind! Let’s quickly find out the hidden benefits that lie underneath! 

Safe and Secure Build 

Well, while you’re talking about a cable lock, security remains the first issue. Usually, cable locks are deemed to be weaker than their U-lock counterparts. Perhaps, that’s why Titanker tries to make it up with a durable steel cable. Tough steel cable would be challenging for any burglars to cut through within a short period. 

On top of the muscular sturdy inner steel build, the lock is also coated with a PVC material, enhancing the security parameters greatly while diversifying the safety protocols. 

It’d make the job of cutting through highly difficult for any man with ill intentions. 

Moreover, this coating would also prevent rusting, increasing the lifespan of the device. And protect the lock from visible scratch marks for a more shiny and sleek outlook on the whole! 

Multiple Usages 

Another selling point of this fantastic piece of mechanics is its’ ability to be used in different contexts. It’s a long 4 ft cable which means you have plenty of options to maximize the usage to a certain level. 

One trick most of the security experts talk about is getting the bike locked to different objects. With this long and challenging cable, you can get it secured with almost anything possible. When you’re trying it with firm, immovable objects, it’d be nearly impossible for the burglar to mess with it. And they won’t be able to lift the bike away either, enhancing safety to a whole new level. 

Moreover, you can also use this with a wagon, fences, scooters, gates, different sports equipment, lawnmowers, and wagons. Thus offering you plenty of other options with enhanced safety! 

Protected from Dust and Water

Here at this part of the guide, we’d say Titanker bike locks are highly impressive, and each and every tiny detail confirms that idea. Why? 

Because they’re offering a smartly designed integrated dust and waterproof plastic cover on the keyhole. 

The keyhole is perhaps one of the most sensitive parts of any lock. Any intrusion of dust or water can cause significant issues later. An excessive buildup of dust particles inside the hole jams the entire mechanism. While water being trapped inside the steel hole can easily cause rusting, rendering the whole lock to be a failure. 

Here the cover will provide extensive protection from such events occurring in the first place. 

Stylish and Mobile 

The item comes with a mounting bracket for better transport as well. Get the mounting bracket mounted on the bicycle and easily transport the lock wherever you go in the most stylish manner possible. 

Some Cons to Consider 

Despite the number of positives, this unique cable lock can have some minor issues, which we’d like to share with you. 

One thing that may bother you a bit is that the lock holder is made of plastic material. Being made of plastic components may reduce the overall strength. But it’s quite a fantastic lock which should be a good add-on for an extra layer of security. 


Tianker Bike Chain Lock Review

Titanker Bike Chain Locks, Bike Locks Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bicycle Chain Lock with Keys Lock Chain for Bike, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Door, Gate, Fence, Grill (6mm Thick Chain x 3 Feet)
  • 3ft chain lock for bike: With 6mm thick security heavy-duty chain links, our bike chain lock is made of heavy-duty steel known for its cut-resistance. Regular lubrication for the lock hole and keyhole...
  • Protective cloth sleeve & dust cover: The chain of this bike lock is enclosed in protective cloth sleeve that could effectively protect the chain from being rusted and scratches. And the dust cover...
  • Easy to lock: You can just snap it together to get it locked without the keys. Safety tips: Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas. No bike lock...
  • Secure & portable: Titanker bike chain locks come with 2 keys. You can take one of the keys for daily use while leaving another at home in case you accidentally lose one. Two Keys offer you...
  • Portable safe size: The overall length of the chain lock is about 3 feet. The links are about 1.97 inches long and about 0.23 inches thick. Lock Weight: 1.4 pounds. Ideal for bicycles, ladders,...
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Well, the final item on the list is a great chain lock by Titanker. Chain locks are often considered as one of the most substantial bicycle locks of all. So, let’s find out what it holds in store for us. 

Outstandingly Strong Stuff

One thing that makes the lock separate from any other regular items is its strength. If the item is built strong with heavy-duty materials, the safety would easily make its way through the test of time. 

Well, that’s something you can expect from this particular lock. 

This one is made with highly durable, cut resistance steel. The 6mm thick steel chain links would be a nightmare for any burglar in the street. These giant-sized chain links give a look of 

Ultimate strength and pure power. So, any swindler with a bit of intelligence should not dare to attempt these super sturdy chain links. 

Sleeve Cloth for Enhanced Security 

Another takeaway with this particular item is, its’ chained body comes protected with a sleeve cloth. This sleeve cloth offers a different sort of surface, unlike that of steel. This means the burglars would need to implement multiple items to figure out the entire setup. 

Another positive of this cloth covering is it protects the chain links from potential scratching and rusting. It works as the first line of defense in the battle of security. 

Protected Keyhole 

If your keyhole remains open all the time, it’d be highly prone to various problems. One issue which you may encounter is frequent jamming? Why may that happen? Because, while leaving the keyhole open, dust particles slowly tend to gather up inside. Gradually they build up a strong resistance against the key. And that’s when the jamming starts. You enter the key, but the lock has been jammed, so it won’t work.

On the other hand, during rains and snow, an open keyhole would let the water slip inside, which would result in gradual rusting almost inevitably. 

Some Cons You Should Consider 

Let’s find out the issues which may bother you while using this particular lock. One thing which we found slightly problematic is the length of the lock. You’d see the size of the first cable lock we talked about was 4 feet. But this one is even smaller than that with 3.3 feet, which may make it difficult to get it locked with more comprehensive objects. 

You can check the titanker bike chain lock review yourself. You’d find that keeping aside the small issues, looking at the bigger picture, the lock seems quite strong and should be a good pick any day! 


Buying Guide to Get the Best Titanker Lock 

As far as we’ve found, Titanker is one of the highly prestigious manufacturers of bike locks right now in the market. It has many variations and designs but features standard quality overall. So, we’ll now look at some of the key characteristics which you should consider while getting a titanker lock or any locks in general. 

Durability Based On Situations 

We’d always suggest you get the most durable lock possible. Titanker makes tough locks, and it shouldn’t be much difficult to find one. But based on situations, you can go for locks with moderate strength. For example, if you’re delivering packages, there isn’t any need to get super challenging and complex locks. Getting a quality Titanker cable lock, the one we mentioned in the guide, should be good enough. 

While on the other hand, if you’re working at an office and the bicycle needs to be locked outside, going for a more durable and tougher pick would be the most plausible. 

So, pick the lock that suits your situation best. Locks that are complex and tough match best for securing bikes in a crowded area while being left for a longer time. The lighter and easier safety would be better suited for works that require frequent locking and opening.

Secured Keyhole

Another thing which we’d like to mention is the protected keyhole. You should know that if the keyhole remains, the possibilities of future problems are many. The dust may build up over time, jamming the entire mechanism. On the other hand, rainwater may enter through the hole, causing quick rusting. Both result in a non-functioning lock. 

That’s why it’s integral on your part to make sure the lock has a quality mechanism to secure the keyhole from dust and water. 

Length of the Lock

While getting the chain or cable locks, the length is something you should always take into consideration. Because these locks are mostly used to get the bike locked to other objects, the main point of challenge for the cable is whether they’ll cover the areas required to be wrapped inside the locking mechanism. 

If the lengths are not met properly, it can be challenging for you to tie the lock around different objects with the bike in the middle. 

When you secure the bike with a strong, immovable, permanent structure, the burglars won’t lift the bike away, which happens on many occasions. When the bike isn’t secured with any structures, they have plenty of space and time just to lift the light vehicle on a pickup and move right away within seconds. That’s why long locks are extremely demandable and should offer dependable security. We’d recommend you to get locks which are at least 4ft in length. 

Keyless Convenience 

Because of continuous development in lock-related technology, now we have all the options for going keyless. Being without a key is incredibly convenient as you don’t have to search the pockets every day for a key. On top of it, often we tend to forget the keys at home while being out with the bike. Moreover, if you lose the keys after locking the bike, it’d be another story of pain and agony. 

But with the combination locking mechanism, you’re always relieved from such consequences beforehand. That’s the reason we’d suggest you go for locks that have built-in opening tools like the combination. You just have to remember the 4 digit key to open up the lock without much difficulty. 


Which is the most secure bike lock?

Well, nobody can instantly answer the question with one single lock. But quality manufacturers like Titanker, Abus, Kryptonite do produce some quality locks. 

What is the best lightweight bike lock?

Durable cable locks are some of the best lightweight bike locks out there.

How do you lock a bike so it doesn’t get stolen?

Always lock your bikes with something permanent and immovable. That way, your bike won’t get stolen easily. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, we’ve finally, at the concluding part of our guide. We have discussed some of the quality locks coming from Titanker. We’ve gone through the analysis of the detailed characteristics and presented you with some of their downsides to consider. Overall, a complete picture was portrayed of each item for a comprehensive understanding.

On top of that, we also offered an elaborate discussion on the buying practices, which would help you find out a quality lock from among the thousands of different titanker bike lock reviews. So, wake up and get your favorite lock right now for a secure trip outside! 

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