Titanker Bike Lock | Best Cable Lock For The Bike

Forget to carry keys? Or even forget the password if you use keyless advanced combination password? Here’s the solution for you. This article is all about the Titanker bike lock that can ensure the security of your bike.

You can have a better idea about the product if you go through the whole article.
This piece of article has the product outline, features, pros and cons and the most frequently asked questions by the user.

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At first, you should know- the Titanker lock has a diameter 1/2 inch (12 mm) with vinyl shell and length 4 feet (1200 mm).

The product dimensions 5.1 x 5.1 x 2 inches and the shipping weight is 13.6 ounces but the original weight is 11.2 ounces which are very easy to carry for anyone.

Product Features Of Titanker Bike Lock.

titanker bike lockHeard about Titanker lock before?

You might have known or not.

But now, we would like to say, to assure the highest level of security and make sure the bike’s safety, this lock can help you to do without many efforts.

Now, you’re going to learn you need to know about Titanker cable lock that can protect your bike from thieves.  

Easy To Set Combination

At first, need to know that, it’s very easy to set your unique combination. Just follow the instruction came up with the packaging. Once you set your unique password, it’s easy to use. But the default password is 0000 that should be changed in terms of security assurance.

titanker bike cable lockview on AmazonResettable Combination

Forget the password combination after some days?

To resolve this problem, Titanker lock has come up with Basic Self Coiling Resettable Combination Cable Bike Lock.

So now it’s not a big problem forgetting even the password because you can reset it whenever you want.

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Multipurpose Usefulness

Want to use your money more effectively?

Want a locker to lock not only bike but also many more things?

Then Titanker Cable Bike Lock would be preferable for you we think so.

This locker is ideal for fastening bicycles, gates & fences, skateboards, sports equipment, grills & lawnmowers, tool boxes & ladders.

Good Performance Cable And Premium Materials

This bike lock is made from strong premium materials like solid zinc alloy lock cylinder and lock plug with ABS shell that make the lock more durable and safe.

Flexible steel cables help for strong cut resistance and PVC coating and braided steel cable help to prevent scratching and keeping the lock more durable. It also has the strong inner core protection safer and better anti-theft effect.

Keyless Password Combination

This is the high time to throw all the keys out of the drawers.
Sounds “wow”, right?

Now you can forget about carrying keys and this will not be a curse anymore because all you need is to remember the password combination. The 4-digit combination pattern allows 10,000 possibilities which are merely impossible to crack for any skilled thief. And can set your own combination in the strong and complicated mechanism.

best cable lock for bikeColor Variation

This lock offers you various different colors so that you can choose your own favorite color. The perfect color can give your bike a cool outlook, can’t you?  There are six colors that can be selected for your preferences, including black, blue, pink, purple, green and orange.

Complimentary Mounting Bracket Support

Worried about where to settle your lock while riding?

The mounting bracket support this lock does have so, you can mount it very easily on the bicycle or bike. this supports as the holder and easy transport. When you are riding, it can hold the cable lock and here is a chance to set it on your back seat or bike frame. Easy to use and the lock does have an easy mounting release button.

When you push on that red button, can take the lockout of the bracket and use it to lock the bike.
And obviously, this mounting bracket comes with the product so you don’t have to buy it individually.


  • Resetting combination facilities.
  • Mounting bracket will help to hold the lock.
  • 10,000 combination possibilities ensure more security.
  • Red colored mounting bracket release button.
  • Easy to set and reset the combination.


  • No way to lock several bikes at the same time.
  • Not strong enough than 5 digit combination.
  • And this cable is not stronger than U Lock.

best cheap bike lockCommon Questions

Q 1: How many bikes can I fasten at the same time with this bike lock?

A 1: you can fasten more than one bike but it depends on the bike size or the placement. If two bikes are standing beside each other then it’s possible to fasten both with one Titanker Cable Bike Lock.

Q 2: I lost my instruction copy before setting the combination, now how can I set the combination?

A 2: Firstly, you have to set all the numbers aligned with the arrows and you will notice the keyhole is facing up. Then turn it to the right to the horizontal position (90 degrees) and Set numbers to whatever combination you want. You must have to make sure to keep the numbers aligned with the arrow otherwise the total procedure will not be fruitful at all. After selecting the unique combination to turn the keyhole back to upright position and remember your new numbers or write down them.

Q 3: Is it resettable? If it is then how do I reset it?

A 3: yes, the combination system is resettable. But better if you can remember it since it’s a little bit complicated thing to change or reset the whole combination.

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Final Words

Now, you are here, we think you have already gotten an idea from this article, should buy or not.

Actually, to choose the best one we do research more and more and is then presented to you.

So, if you would like to pick the best one, we think you should pause searching here, believe it or not, but it’s true.

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