Master Lock Cable Lock | Keyless Bike Lock For Easy Life

Looking for a keyless bike lock? Then you are absolutely on the right page, my friend. Today, this piece of writing will give you the exact knowledge about the Master lock cable lock that you were looking for so long to save your bike from thieves.

yeah, this bike lock will bring the new level of security and ensure your bike’s safety, to know more, join with us.

Our today’s bike lock is Master lock bike lock and the model number is 8143D.

So the first thing first is the product features:

Master Lock Cable Lock Review

master lock bike lockview on AmazonLove cable lock for your bike?

We glad to share that, Master lock can help you to bring an advanced level of security and for ensuring the bike safety.

Affordability And Money Back Guarantee

Need a bike lock at a cheap?

We think you’ll say, ‘yes’ then will find this cool bike lock at a cheaper price with the money back guarantee. If you don’t like this lock at all, you have a chance to return this within 30 days and the buyer will refund your money.

Doesn’t it sound to take a chance using the cool thing?

Highly Durable

The 4 feet (1.2-meters) long cable lock comes with braided steel that provides maximum strength and flexibility to bring the new level of security.

You should know, the braided steel is also capable to protest against cutting the cable. This will make your bike protected and also will give you peace of mind.

master lock bike lock reviewEasy Installation

We’re glad to say that, Master lock is the super handy bike lock and the easiest one to use that makes your life easier.

And here is an opportunity you have that no need to set any password anymore.

Just buy your piece of lock and they will give you the secret code. All you just have to remember it to unlock.

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Easy Handling

Don’t you feel repulsive using the complex mechanism all these years?

If we suggest you an easiest one?

Yeah, need to know this bike lock is easy to carry because the weight is only 6.4 ounces and has the built-in lock. So can take it everywhere you go.

No Keys: No Worries To Lose

Tired of carrying or losing the keys again and again?

Then this bike lock is the best of all these keyless bike locks. You are going to enjoy the locker in the low-risk area if you start using it. It will come up with 4 dial combination that makes your locking system easier and gives your bike more safety. Your combination of 4 digits for the bike lock will come with the package you bought.

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Easy To Use

The process of locking is as simple as other locks have and since the key code come with the product packaging, you don’t have to face any hassle to set it and use it. For keyless convenience, It does have the combination of locking mechanisms.


This Master Cable will offer you a lifetime warranty. Does it sound surreal?

But this is the warranty method that the company will give you the warranty for the lifetime of your lock.

More Information

Now, don’t you want to know a little bit about the company who is bringing the product to make your bike life longer than you expected?

Let’s talk about Master Lock:

We all know that the Master Lock is one of the largest manufacturing company of bike locks. This is the company which has gathered the faith of the users by the high-quality product all over the world.  

The company started the long journey in 1921 and achieved the value of its name by the service, product quality and advanced level locking mechanism.


The weight of the product is 6.4 ounces that make the lock very light to carry, even for the kids. And the product dimensions are 6.8 x 4 x 1.3 inches. The product materials are braided steel, the vinyl coating which has a pattern lock system and this Vinyl coating helps to prevent scratching ideal for bicycles, skateboards, tool boxes, ladders, sports equipment, and the 4-dial combination security offers keyless convenience.


  • Durable product.
  • Preset combination.
  • Outside cable diameter.
  • Enough cable length for fastening several bikes or precious at the same time.


  • No carrier bracket for easy transportation.
  • Easy to predict and steal since you can’t set your own piece of the combination.
  • You can’t set your own combination in this lock.
  • No way to rescue the lock if you can’t remember the password combination.

master lock bike cable

view on AmazonCommon Questions

Q 1: How much does it weight?

A 1: This lock is super lite to carry. It is only 6.4 ounces weighted.

Q 2: If I order 45 of these, will the combinations be the same or different?

A 2: Though each product comes with the specific code, all product codes aren’t the same considering the safety. If all the locks had the same combination then it would be easy for the thief to predict. So the manufacturer provides the different combination of codes which is individual password.

Q 3: How do you set the code to the bike lock?

A 3: You will find a small metal tag on the bike lock or somewhere inside the package that is your unique code.

Q 4: The original password is 4936 right?

A 4: Maybe your password is this but all the passwords aren’t the same. If you can’t remember your password at all then you have a bad news because this product is not resettable. You have to buy another piece of this which will give you a new unique code.

Q 5: Can I set my own combination?

A 5: No, you can’t set your own piece of combination since the lock comes with its unique password.

Q 6: How can I obtain my lost combination when my lock is attached to my locker, bike?

A 6:  There is no other way rather cutting the cable if you can’t remember the combination. So release your bike, you have to cut it this time.

Q 7: Can Master Lock keep a record of my combination or key number for me?

A 7: No, the lock can’t record any combination of your key numbers that you used.

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Final Words

We think you have started reading this article from the beginning, what do you think about this lock?

If you would like to buy a lock for setting up your own user code for security purposes, ignore it to buy.

But make your life easy, strong and flexible we would like to say, you need this.

view on Amazon

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