Master Lock Review | All Types Of Master Lock Bike Lock You’ll Love

Getting your bike to safety is one of the most challenging factors right now. If going through tons and tons of master lock review wasn’t good enough, then our extensively researched guide should provide you with a more in-depth insight regarding quality bike locks you must employ for enhanced safety. 

Cycling is a new calm right now. Tired and frustrated with heavy traffic, cities have now started to roll out bicycles to help tackle both jams and air contamination. 

Bicycles are far superior in terms of dealing with massive traffic and countering sound pollution altogether. And as they’re offering all these with zero cost and a daily physical workout to keep you fit, nothing gets better than this! 

Master Lock Gold Sold Secure Bike Lock Small Red
Master Lock Gold Sold Secure Bike Lock Small Red
Dimensions: S - (210 X 110mm) L - (280 X 110mm); Thick 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle For Greater Cut Resistance
Masterlock D Lock bike combination U-lock 8285 LW
Masterlock D Lock bike combination U-lock 8285 LW
Type: D lock; Security Level: 10; Weight: 1600g; Size Cablelock-Cable Length: 1200mm; Size U Lock-Clamp Height: 280mm

Master Lock Bike Lock Review

Well, we’ll comprehensively go through some of the quality master lock options, which you can rely upon right now, and add to the safety gear equipment box! Let’s find them out real quick! 

Master Lock D-Shaped Bike Lock 

Master Lock Street Fortum Gold Sold Secure D-Lock 210x110mm - Red
  • Dimensions: S - (210 X 110mm) L - (280 X 110mm)
  • Thick 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle For Greater Cut Resistance
  • High Security Disc Cylinder To Prevent Picking With An Anti Drill Plate
  • Dual Locking Mechanism For Protection Against Pull/Pry Attacks
  • Anti Dust Cover Protects The Mechanism From The Elements, Dirt, Etc
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02/28/2024 02:07 pm GMT

Well, here we have our first pick by Master Lock. If you’re worried about bicycle safety, then this particular lock can very well be employed. We’ll now get a detailed look at some of its core characteristics that may entertain you. 

Optimum Resistance 

The first thing which you should focus on while getting a quality lock is the body itself. Ask any lock expert; everyone would advise the lock to have a thicker body, especially for the regular bike locks. 

This dense construction of the lock should be the first obstacle if any man with ill intentions tries to mess with it. The shackle is made of 13mm steel which offers an incredible cut resistance.  

Overall, the sturdy build of this item is something you can expect to rely upon.  

Anti Drill

Drilling is another exciting technique swindlers may try to get the lock open. Often they use tough and sturdy HSS drills to get the lock drilled open. How to get rid of this problem?

Well, our master lock has a solution up its sleeve for it as well. The durable anti-disc cylinder prevents any of such related issues which may result from drilling. As a result, your bike remains safe from the hands of the burglars every day! 

Ward off Pull/Pry Attacks 

If you go through various sorts of master lock reviews, you may get to know about the instances of pull/pry attacks. Pull or pry attacks on bikes are a common scenario right now. If your lock isn’t strong enough, it may give in when the burglar starts to pry it open. That’s why Master Lock has included multiple locking mechanisms. This dual locking mechanism would act as a safety shield against any sort of pull or pry attacks, giving greater security.

Prevent Dust

Well, dust can be an irritating issue. Especially in cities, dust is a significant problem that we all have difficulty dealing with. But how does dust affect locks? 

Interestingly these dust particles can slowly find their way inside and jam the key points. As a result, your lock may not work correctly, leaving you in great trouble with a locked bike in the street. 

To prevent the users from such embarrassing and stressful situations, Master Lock provides everyone with a Dust Cover! 

It blocks any dirt or dust from entering and keeps the machine running for a more extended period. 

Stylish Color Variations 

If those weren’t enough for you, then Master Lock has one last trick on their list. The locks come with 3 different color variations to choose from. Bike owners like you want to show off the smart ride in the most stylish display possible. That’s why this item offers you several color options to get it matched or contrasted with the bike. Coming in Plain Red, Black, and Gold Reflective, they should add a sense of aestheticism to the entire bike setup.  

Some Cons You Should Know 

Besides the countless positives, we have also managed to locate a few drawbacks of this lock that you might be interested in learning about. 

So, a weakened lock bracket is something that can be an issue for regular users. We’d suggest you be gentle dealing with it for lasting performance.  

Well, you’ve witnessed the numerous strengths of this item, while some of the drawbacks can make things a bit difficult. But to our understanding, this bike lock has more things to be proud of than the flaws and should be a standard pick any day! 

Masterlock Combination U Lock

At the 2nd spot, we have the 8285W Lock by Masterlock. Like the previous one, it’s also a U lock that should offer your bikes strong security. Usually, U locks are considered to be more effective than their chain lock counterpart. So, let’s find out what this has in store for us. 

Masterlock D Lock bike combination U-lock 8285 LW
  • Type: D lock
  • Security Level: 10
  • Weight: 1600g
  • Size Cablelock-Cable Length: 1200mm
  • Size U Lock-Clamp Height: 280mm
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Dual Locking Mechanism Adds Convenience

The first thing you should consider is its multi-locking mechanism. The item comes with both a U lock and the cable lock, making things more convenient for you. 

For instance, if you’re looking for flexibility, then the cable can come in handy. You can quickly get the bike locked to an object with it. The cable lock covers a dimension of 1200mm, so it’ll be able to wrap around an object for that particular length. Cable locks are longer than the typical U Locks. So it gives you the ability to reach the other end and get around various objects. When you’re locking the bike to an object, the burglar won’t be able to lift the bike of which can be done with locks that don’t feature such potentials. 

On top of that, you have the highly durable U lock as well. Which offers enormous security and confuses the burglar with its strength. U-locks are usually more challenging and sturdier than regular cable locks. Moreover, U locks by themselves have a look of authenticity and strengths. And experienced burglars already know how difficult it is to open up a U lock. So, it also works as an effective visible deterrent. 

Top Graded 

Here is a little piece of information for you right now. Based on the level of security and strength, experts have classified the bike locks in different grades. A larger number variable refers to better security. This grade ranges from 1 to 10. 

Interestingly enough, this highly sturdy piece of equipment has been graded 10. This security grade identification clearly shows the reliability of this particular lock!

Backup Keys 

Ever been in situations that you’ve lost the key to something important and there’s no key to open it up? Such circumstances can be one of the worst, especially if it’s about the bike and you have no way of opening it until a technician shows up with an unbelievable bill. 

Many master lock reviews would suggest you find locks that come with multiple keys. Well, Masterlock also keeps that in mind and provides the user with a backup key for difficult situations such as those. They’re giving you two keys, so the other one can be utilized if one is lost. 

Cons You Should Consider 

No product is above criticism, no matter how well that is built. And this one is no different either. One thing that you may find a bit odd is the size and dimension of the lock. 

It may seem slightly smaller for a satisfactory sensation during locking. As a result, it may also get slightly challenging to get it attached to an object quickly. 

So, we’ve presented you with much of a complete look mentioning both its strengths and weaknesses. But all things considered, this lock seems like the one you can use for an enhanced bike safety anytime! 

Master Lock Unisex’s Certified Cuffs

This time something out of the ordinary for you! Masterlock’s bike cuffs are something you can now quickly implement to increase the bike safety parameter. Now, we’ll try looking at it more analytically. 

Get Bikes Attached With Objects  

One of the critical mechanisms of getting the bike to safety is to get it attached with stronger objects. If you can manage to get the bike strongly tied with permanent, immovable objects, they won’t be able to quickly lift it away. 

And that’s precisely the sort of idea master lock’s cuffs are based upon. They rely upon two cuff ends to tie the locks to different elements such as fence posts, poles, road signs, parking meters, and other bicycles. 

So, when the stealer would be dumbfounded if he tries to pull out something illicit. Moreover, he won’t be able to carry out the lifting techniques either. Making the bicycle safer on the whole! 

Added Strength Means Added Security 

This is the fundamental basis of any lock, you name it. It has to be durable and sturdy. Otherwise, no matter how intelligently designed that is, your bike is always at risk. Any master lock bike u lock review would tell you that. That’s why Masterlock has brought in the extended security parameters with their hardened lock system. 

When you learn that a specially designed laminated steel has gone into the construction of the lock. At that moment, you realize how tough it would be for any man with ill-intention to break it apart. Overall, the sturdy building mechanics is a significant contributor in improving the security parameters. 

Intelligent Anti Theft Design 

Why are we calling it an anti-theft design? Well, there’s a good reason behind it. 

Most of the stealing occurs focused on a particular point. That is the pivot point. It refers to the space between the lock, which the burglar use as a leverage point to put a crowbar in and pull. Because of the leverage, the pull can open up a lock relatively quickly. 

But the pivoting link in this lock doesn’t provide any secure anchor point. Thus, the swindlers can’t misuse the lock with leverage. Upgrading the overall safety of the lock. 


Finally, in the strength list, we’d like to mention the warranty. No matter what the item is, a warranty is always needed for any item you’re getting for the market. It’s always best to have post-sale support in case if anything goes wrong. And our Masterlock gets to fulfill that promise. 

You’re getting a limited lifetime warranty from Masterlock, which is a fantastic deal indeed. You get to contact them if there is anything wrong with the lock or they’re malfunctioning. 

Some Weakness to Consider

Besides a large number of positives, there are some issues you should keep in mind. One such problem with the lock is, it may sometimes seem slightly difficult to close it properly. 

But keeping aside the minor flaws, the Lock-in’s entirety should perform well and be a quality item to secure the bicycle without worries! 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Master Lock 

Well, getting a quality locking mechanism for the bicycle can get complicated. And with the thousands of different picks from the market, it can get highly confusing as well. 

What’s the way out, then?

Well, that’s why we have here a list of several guiding principles that can help you pick the right lock for you without much difficulty and narrow down the choice quickly. 

Let’s find them out real quick! 

Is it Strong Enough? 

Skim through any master lock bike lock review; one thing they’d surely mention is the durability of the lock. The first characteristic of a quality bike lock is its strength. The durability aspect comes to number1 because it needs to hold out against repetitive attacks by the potential swindler. The pull and pry attacks can result in easy access to opening the lock. That’s why you must consider getting locks with extra toughness. 

Check the material it’s built with. Laminated steel is one such sturdy material that can be utilized significantly to reinforce the entire system’s security parameters. 

Try Going for Locks that Can Be Used With Objects 

Burglars are becoming smarter and changing their tactics. It’s the nature of things as well. Just as the security improves, swindlers also improve on their sneaky techniques. 

When the lock manufacturers focus on building tougher and sturdier locks, the swindlers start to lift the entire bike away so they can work out the sturdy locks later on. 

That’s why you’d need intelligently manufactured locks that feature longer dimensions so you can lock them up with something permanent. As a result, you’ll be safe from thieves trying to lift the bicycle away. 

Check the Lock Grade 

Bicycle locks come in different levels. Each level has its own criteria for particular purposes. The entire list consists of 25 grades starting from 1. Usually, 1 to 6 are considered to offer protection for a short duration and can be utilized in low-threat level areas. Where the 7 -10 levels are considered to offer enhanced security. So, to better understand the locks, getting a proper understanding of the safety levels is vital. 

We’d suggest you go for bikes which are around 10th grade to above. They should offer a relying safety but go below that can come with unfortunate costs. 

Anti Theft Design 

The design is another essential part of a quality lock. If the lock is designed smartly enough, the swindlers would have a hard time understanding it. As it’s challenging to decipher the lock, it would also be quite highly complex for them to figure the mechanism. 

So, it’s always mandatory to find out designs that are difficult to break down. Do make sure the lock doesn’t offer space inside. It will let the burglars use it for leverage advantages. 

That’s why we’d suggest you go for picks that come with a quality anti-theft design for enhanced safety. 

Well, these were some of the critical characteristics. If you manage to house all the critical things in one place, then it can be a satisfactory purchase on the whole.

Best alternative you may consider


Are Master Locks any good?

Why not. Masterlock features an array of different locks which can be utilized effectively to secure your bicycle from thefts. 

What is the most robust lock in the world?

It’s difficult to name a particular lock that is the strongest. But according to the safety grades, getting 25th-grade optimum security locks would be the most robust bicycle lock. 

Our combination locks better than critical locks?

Combination locks can be used without keys. But the security depends wholly on build quality and design. 

Which lock is most secure?

Usually, the deadbolts are often known as the most secure locks you can find in the market. 

Can you kick down a door with a deadbolt?

It’s not that easily possible for a regular individual to kick down a door with a deadbolt. 

Final Thoughts 

Our highly researched guide presents all the critical analyses on the three sophisticated master lock options, as you’ve already seen. We’ve provided you with a comprehensive and detailed outline for a complete understanding regarding the locks with the mention of both the strengths and the weaknesses side by side. Further, we answer some critical questions on the related issues, and like various master lock reviews, we have given some essential guidelines to get a quality bicycle lock from the market. 

Bikes are certainly one of the primary vehicles of the future. Gradually, people reject the highly fuel-hungry cars and embrace bicycles for added health benefits and faster, cleaner commutes. And locks are the first line of defense to safeguard this compelling commuting scenario. 

So, what is there for you to wait now? Get the best master lock and counter all security threats from today! 

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