Sigtuna Bike Lock Review | Safe Your Bike with Heavy Lock

Having a bike can literally become an issue if you don’t have the right sort of defense mechanism to protect it while leaving it around for work other purposes?

Here, this Sigtuna bike lock review might help you go through the basics of the lock and how you can use it as a shield to keep your bike all secure and sound!

So let’s get started.

Sigtuna Bike Lock Review

Why do you need the most durable bike lock?

Well, people have properties that they’re attached to a certain extent. And chances are that your bike falls into that criteria as well. So, simply you’d want not to lose it. And that is why you need the strongest of locks so that it is able to make the thieves go disappointed. A high-quality bike lock also has to be easy to use for sure.

This is why SIGTUNA 16mm U-Lock with mounting bracket bike lock is highly recommended for anyone with a low budget because the locker has a high-end quality with the most accessible operating system.

The dimension of this lock is 9.4 x 7 x 1.9 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds and one of Amazon’s bestsellers. Thus, it leaves no room for you to worry or fret. The lock also uses keys and has double-bolt protection.

SIGTUNA Bike locks - 16mm Heavy Duty U Lock with U-Lock Shackle and Bicycle Lock Mount Holder + 1200mm Steel Chain Cable Bike Lock
  • PROTECT YOUR RIDE ✔️ This awarded SIGTUNA Bike U-lock is made of 16MM High-Performance Steel for Extensive Holding Power and Resistance against Cut and Leverage attacks with a wapping 85/100 Security Rating. Get the best security available and protect your ride with Sigtuna Locks!
  • CHOOSE POWER ✔️ This Bike Lock Combination has a High-Security Disc-Style Cylinder and Double Deadbolt locking mechanism, very effective and certified against Leverage Attacks. With SIGTUNA you make the right choice and give thieves no chance!
  • EASY-TO-USE ✔️ This model SIGTUNA Bike Lock Combination comes with a Easy-to-Install Bike Lock Mount, a Protective Coating to protect your bikes paint and not 2, but 3 Laser-Cut Abloy Keys. With this lock you get Security AND Convenience!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE ✔️ If this U-lock is not the favorite you ever owned - some say it is heavy, but that means quality - just send it back and get a 100% refund. SIGTUNA stands for its products. Our customers love that, we know you will too!
  • ORDER YOURS NOW ‎▶‎▶ Click "Add to Cart" NOW to get your 16mm SIGTUNA Bike U lock with 1200mm Flex Cable + Mount Bracket tomorrow and give your Bike the Love it deserves.

Safeguard Your Bike

Sigtuna bike lock is one of the most durable bike locks out there made from 16mm High-Performance Steel for Extensive Holding Power. 

Double Bolt locking mechanism adds extra strength and durability to the lock system and makes it an unbreakable lock against any sort of hitting and pulling attacks and leverage attacks. This 8/10 Security Rated Double mount mechanized lock also helps to the crossbar for high resistance to pulling, jacking, and prying. 

This bike lock has an Easy-to-Install bike lock mounts, a protective vinyl coating that protects your bike’s paint and not 2, but 3 Laser-Cut Abloy Keys.


The durable coating on the lock will protect your bike against any destructive damage. Both the D-lock and steel flex cable have this durable coating. 

It comes with a dust cover so that the process of locking remains smooth and easy. This lock is built in a design that should last for a long time. 

Easy To Use

This lock is super easy to use and has no complicated process to lock up, not even to release the lock. U lock pops out of the mounting only with pressing the One-Button. You can use the mechanism to put back the U lock in the previous place. Velcro Strap flex cable will come handy while you’re riding as it will hold the lock with your bike all nice and tidy!

100% warranty and Money back guarantee

Warranty is always a matter of great importance while buying any product. Sigtuna has an unbelievable warranty policy out there for you! 

Yes, they’re providing you with a 100% money-back guarantee! If you face any issues while using the lock or if you think the lock is not performing as it supposed to do because of some technical flaws, you can just contact their outlet anytime. 

This, IMO, proves their strong commitment and confidence to the products they’re producing. Nobody hands out a money-back guarantee unless they’ve developed the product to its maximum capability.

Extra Security

This lock comes with a braided 1200mm flex cable is also useful to lock more than one bicycle at once. This gives you extra security because the usual singular style of locking poses a risk as bikes can be easily carried away by the thieves. 

But with this braided cable, you will be able to lock it with multiple bikes. We’d suggest you to choose durable, immovable objects to lock your bike with. 

Double Layer Assures More Safety

1 x 1200 Woven Steel Double Loop Flex Cable secures the bike against theft.

Affordable For Anyone To Buy

Price is something that is important while buying any product, whether that is a bike lock or something else. One good thing about this secure lock is that it comes at a price that is affordable to many.

Sigtuna perfectly settled the price of this lock so that everyone can access its security. Such an affordable option and has great value for the services and facilities it provides makes it one of the most sought after bike locks in the market. 

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Locking Ability On To Anything

Sigtuna’s U shaped design in this lock helps you to use it on almost anything. As mentioned above, it is always better to get your bike locked to something stable. 

Well, you can literally fit this U-shaped lock on anything, from poles to lampposts and fences, you will have a range of options in terms of getting your bike locked.

You can also try locking multiple bikes at the same time. This is quite a standard method to enhance the required safety of bikes. 

The inner dimensions of this model are 200 x 105 mm that provides room to lock your bike to poles. It has two sets of tires that can lock different parts of your frame. So with this bike lock, you can lock your bike onto almost anything and everything.


  • No risk of forgetting password combination
  • Double deadbolt protects from pulling, jacking, and prying.
  • One-button release and put back mounting bracket easily.
  • Vinyl coating.
  • CELAB certified.
  • Keyhole cover helps to protect the key site.
  • The lock has fewer possibilities for malfunctioning.
  • Easily to use and flexible mounting system.


  • Lock and cable are a bit heavy to carry.
  • Sometimes the user may experience difficulty while locking it properly.
  • The cable can be cut by super-sharp materials and can be drilled with the high performing drilling machine.

Common Questions

Q1: Is the item durable?

A1: This Sigtuna locker is made of strong and heavy materials. Further, the keyhole cover helps to save the system from getting damaged under heavy rain. Thus, durability is something that you can expect from this lock. 

 Q2: Is this item easy to use?

A2: Of course, this product is super easy to use. Even if you’re using this sort of locks for the first time, you won’t have much issue to deal with. Secure one button mount and release mechanism will ease your job while utilizing this lock to the fullest extent. 

Q3: What are the dimensions of this item?

A3: The dimension of the locker is 9.4 x 7 x 1.9 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds.

Q4: If all bikes locks can be broken into, what makes one more secure than another?

A4: Any locker can be broken but it depends on how long it will take and what does it take to break it. This Sigtuna locker is made of heavy material, and its’ double layer bolt is super protective, which will be extremely difficult for anyone trying to break it. 

Sigtuna Bike Lock 

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Final Words

Safety is something that is integral to a healthy life. It keeps you relaxed and lets you enjoy your time with friends and families. Many bike users do suffer from the fact that their bike may get stolen, and that is why many bike locking mechanisms have developed. 

In recent years the bike locking mechanisms have been transformed, and new, more secure ways are being invented each day. Sigtuna bike lock is one of these new bike lockers, which can help you prevent theft and provide you a relaxing time with your friends or colleagues! So, bring in the Sigtuna lock today and secure your bike instantly! 

This U-type bike lock is one of the most popular and reliable bike locks and is also easy to carry on a belt or even in a pocket and large enough to fasten it to a bike frame.

So finally, this new piece of a friend can save your cool bike and make it yours forever.

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