Sigtuna Bike Lock Review | Safe Your Bike Easily

Do you have a precious bike? And worried to leave it around for work? Sigtuna bike lock review might help you to know how to protect your bike easily from theft.

We’re pleased to share this locker and its lock system are easy to use and is going to be your peace of mind undoubtedly.

Here, in this whole article, you will be perceived about the whole product details from advantage to disadvantage and even how it works and made with.

So let’s get started.

Sigtuna Bike Lock Review

sigtuna bike lock reviewview on AmazonWhy do you need the strongest bike lock?

Well, this is an axiom that if your bike is more precious than your friend and neighbor, then you need, the more safety, we think, you will agree that’s the point, and for the highest safety, need a high-quality locker that is able to make the thieves disappointed. A high-quality bike lock also has to be easy to use for sure.

This is why SIGTUNA 16mm U-Lock with mounting bracket bike lock is highly recommended for anyone with the low budget because the locker does have high-end quality with the easiest operating system.

Now, you should know, the Sigtuna bike lock has dimension 9.4 x 7 x 1.9 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds and also know, this is Amazon’s bestseller bike lock, so no need to worries to buy and16mm heavy duty lock with U Lock Shackle and Mounting Bracket. The lock system also uses keys and has the double bolt protection.

Safeguard Your Bike

We’re glad to say, Sigtuna bike lock is the strongest bike lock among others. And which made of 16mm High-Performance Steel for Extensive Holding Power. the lock also has made with a Double Bolt Locking Mechanism which gives durable resistance against hitting and pulling attacks and leverage attacks with an 8/10 Security Rating. Double mount mechanism also helps to the crossbar for high resistance to pulling, jacking and prying. This bike lock has an Easy-to-Install bike lock mounts, a protective vinyl coating that protects your bike’s paint and not 2, but 3 Laser-Cut Abloy Keys.

Sigtuna bike lockread customer reviewsLongtime Durable

The durable coating will protect your bike against any destructive damage and both the D-lock and steel flex cable have this durable coating. To make the locking process smooth and easy the lock comes with a dust cover. So this long-lasting, strong locker helps you to lock and safe your bike for several years.

Easy To Access

This lock is super easy to use and has no complex process to lock up, not even to release the lock. U lock pops out of the mounting only with pressing the One-Button and the process to put back the U lock in the same place you can use the same process. When you are out on a ride the Velcro Strap for the flex cable will help you store it.

100% warranty and Money back guarantee

After buying the product if you feel like this is not the exact product you are looking for protecting your bike, then you can return it with 100% return on your money. But undoubtedly you will not want your money back rather praising the super easy and protective locker.

Extra Security

For extra security from being stolen the bike, you can rely on this locker. This braided 1200mm flex cable is also useful to lock more than one bicycle at once. You can also lock the bike anywhere with any object.

Double Layer Assures More Safety

1 x 1200 Woven Steel Double Loop Flex Cable secures the bike against theft.

Affordable For Anyone To Buy

We’re pleased to share this bike locker is so much affordable and has great value for the service and facilities it provides. This is the perfect and solid piece of protection for the biker.

Locking Ability On To Anything

Has your friend forgotten to bring his/her locker? Or are you in a place all over the fences?

Nothing to worry about if you have this Sigtuna bike lock.

Because this U-lock model can fit on a lot of poles and fences and is even capable to lock tow bikes at the same time.

Need to know, the inner dimensions of this model are 200 x 105 mm that provides room to lock your bike to poles. It has two sets of tires that can lock different parts of your frame. So with this bike lock, you can lock your bike onto almost anything and everything.


  • No risk of forgetting password combination because this has key protection.
  • Double deadbolt helps from pulling, jacking and prying.
  • One-button release and put back mounting bracket easily.
  • Vinyl coating.
  • CELAB certified.
  • Keyhole cover helps to protect the key site.
  • The lock has fewer chances of malfunctioning.
  • Easily to use and flexible mounting system.


  • Lock and cable are a bit heavy to carry in any place.
  • Not much protective than Amazer keyless 4 digit locker.
  • Sometimes tumbler mechanism loosening and refusing to lock perfectly.
  • The cable can be cut by super sharp things and Lock can be drilled with the high drilling machine.

best bike lockview on AmazonCommon Questions

Q1: Is the item durable?

A1:  This Sigtuna locker is made of heavy and advanced materials so you can use it for a long time. The keyhole cover helps to save the system from damaging in heavy raining so that anyone can use it for a long span of time.

Q2: Is this item easy to use?

A2: Of course, this product is super easy to use. Even if you are the first in using any kind of bike lock, has only one button to mount and put back the U line for locking and releasing.

Q3: What are the dimensions of this item?

A3: The dimension of the locker is 9.4 x 7 x 1.9 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds.

Q4: If all bikes locks can be broken into, what makes one more secure than another?

A4: Sometimes the hardest things are easy to break and simple things are tough to break. But considering the shape and material, this Sigtuna bike locker is easy to use and its double layer bolt is super protective to save your bike.

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Final Words

This U-type bike lock is one of the most popular and reliable bike locks and is also easy to carry on a belt or even in a pocket and enough large to fasten it to a bike frame.

So finally, this new piece of a friend can save your cool bike and make it yours forever.

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