How To Lock Your Bike Properly (The Ultimate Solution You Need to Know)

The answer you’re searching for on the internet, how to lock your bike properly, right?

let’s start:

The first transport I have learned to drive is the bike. Apart from thousands of other things I always have a sort of special affection towards my bike. I can’t afford to lose my bike anyway, and my instinct says many of us have the same kind of love for our bike.

Therefore, we try to drive the bike everywhere, and the losers get the chance to steal it. Today we will try to have a better look at ‘How to lock your bike safely.’ I hope you’ll find it quite helpful! 

There are quite a few things that we need to make sure to keep our bikes safe.

  • Select A Perfect Lock
  • Selecting The right place
  • Making The Right Strategy
  • Prepare Yourself Against Theft
  • How To Recover If You Fail To Secure The Bike?
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How To Lock Your Bike Properly

Today’s bikes are way too different from the bikes that were available in the past. Now you can just pop off the wheel just in a nip. Before taking all the steps, you have to make sure that your bike, accessories are safely stored before locking the bike. If the wheels are removable and you just don’t feel enough secured, take the wheels off and carry them to the destination where it’s possible. Carry a bag always for other accessories like bells, lights, a reflector to keep safe and within reach. It will take your time to do the job, but not like these things are needed to be taken off always; it depends on the circumstances where you’re in and going. 

What comes to mind first to protect the bike? 

Obviously, but, with the locks, U locks, Cable locks, or chain locks. 

Select The Perfect Lock

There is really nothing that can save the bike if your bad luck is running. We now have strong locks, and also the thieves know the techniques to beat all the techniques. So, you need a fair bit of luck with the lock to make sure the bike is ok.

Why are we focusing too much on the lock rather than focusing on the other issues surrounding security? First of all, locks are primarily the first-line defense against any sort of theft. You Must have a strong lock if you don’t want your bike to get stolen. 

Secondly, difficult and complex locking mechanisms make it difficult for thieves to run away with bikes suddenly. In order to defeat the locks, they have to work, which takes up precious time. It’s a possibility that the owner may show up while the thief is busy tackling the lock. These are the main reasons why a perfect lock is so important. 

Bike lock you may consider

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Types of available lock for the bikes

  • D-Lock
  • Chain Lock
  • Cable Lock
  • Folding Lock


It’s an amazing lock that has got the ability to resist bolt cutters though it depends on the quality. It’s generally large in size and heavy. Many of the users also call it U lock. It has proven its efficiency against picking, drilling, and leverage attacks. It generally comes with a bracket to mount on a bike frame.

What is likable of this kind of lock? This kind of lock comes in all kinds of lock ratings (gold, silver, and bronze). Pick the required one you like most. It might get a bit annoying for its hefty size. Leave less space between the lock and the bike. Try to buy a tight-fit one to avoid this problem.

Chain Lock

The lock is favored by most bike users. After my brother losing his cycle from the hospital, the premises started to use heavy chain lock, and now he is tension-free most of the time. Heavy and large chain locks can be a hassle to carry, but you have to sacrifice a bit to make sure the bike is safe. Make sure that the chain is tied tight enough so that nobody finds a loop to cut it.

Cable Lock

A simple, lightweight tool for bike security. Easy to carry with the bikes, but you might not want anything that is an easy go for a thief. It depends on the area whether you should use this kind of lock or not. For a secured area, it can be a smart choice. If otherwise, you may need to regret it. Most of the bikers keep both the chain and cable lock with them to assure the bike safety.   

Folding Lock

With the name, you can assume it’s a compact lock that is simple to carry with the bike. Lighter than chain and D-locks. Folding locks are not that much popular yet. Keep the joints closer to the bike; don’t let anybody put anything in the free space. It’s quite a strong lock, but when someone is determined to break something, there is nothing that can spare him.     

Now, what are you thinking? 

Confused after learning about so many options? 

Nothing to worry about! You should opt for a Solid Secure rated lock. Obviously, it will provide inner peace. If you ask me, I will vote for the chain lock.

Chain Lock We Suggest You

Selecting The Right Place

There are countless other things that you should keep in mind while parking your bike. You can pick locations that can make your bike invincible in terms of theft. 

When you are out somewhere, and you need to choose the right place to park your bike. Try to park the bike in a crowded place. It helps, really! In a crowded place, it gets pretty tough to track someone special, and that can work either way! It can be a solution for a short time.

If you need to park your bike for a long time, then you should find out a paid parking lot, it’s probably the best idea to avoid any issue. When you have a strong lock, you can also afford to park with a strong bar on the pavement or on a cycle stand. So, it seems when you need to park your bike for a short time, it becomes tricky. When you are in the office, you can use the office parking lot to park the bike it should be secured. Always try to put your cycle before a CC camera, so that you can at least track if any issue arises.    

Making The Right Strategy

Think you have gone to a movie and the theatre does not allow you to park bikes. What to do in that situation?

As said earlier, search for the paid parking lot; it will save you in many ways. If there is no paid parking, then park the bike in a cycle stand or with a bar where someone would hardly be able to assume that the user is out for a long break. Keep your locks ready for any situation. You have to think about bike safety, according to the circumstances.   

how to lock your bike properly


Prepare Yourself Against Theft

This is something I always find interesting. It’s the age of tech, then why not use it to your advantage? You can just install a GPS tracker on your bike at a place where the thief will never be able to find out and destroy it. Then find out the culprit while watching him on your PC or smartphone (you can add some popcorn to that for the extra thrill)!

 Try to keep your bike simple and less appealing to others. You can leave a special mark and register your bike in a database for added safety.   

How To Recover If You Fail To Secure The Bike?

Few things can be done if your bike is stolen even after all the precautionary measures are taken. Firstly, you should inform the nearest local police. In that situation, they are the ones who can really help. Ask for CCTV footage and show the necessary bike information to make sure you are the real owner. If GPS installed, try to track and give the information to the police, there is a strong possibility that they will aid in retrieving your lost possession. 


Locking the bike is simple; you don’t need to really teach anybody how to lock your bike. What you need is to aware of the situation and make sure they are taking full advantage of the available resources.

It would be intelligent to go for the paid parking always, but if you fail to manage a paid parking, then brace your cycle with the best lock and strong, immovable stands.

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