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Do you prefer keyless bike lock with cable? Then why are you waiting for? Perhaps you are in need of some reviews with pros and cons. Yeah, this review about Tonyon bike lock can help you to know and that influence you to pick the best one for your bike’s safety.

Let’s get started:

Before we start, need to know that, Tonyon cable lock is the Chinese products, if you have desired not to buy The Chinese, you may ignore this review. But before that, should know Tonyon cable is the strongest bike lock that can ensure the bike’s safety.

Tonyon Bike Lock Review

Tonyon Bike Lockview on AmazonTonyon Lock is China’s one of the most top Lock King brands. We think you might have known for their reputation.

Especially, they make the quality product that brings the new level of the security and secures your bike and bicycle.

We’re glad to say that Tonyon cable is also prominent in all over the world for the quality products and good services.

Budget Price

Now, are you thinking that this advanced bike lock may cost a lot?

You will be amazed knowing that this cool bike lock, will get at a cheap price range.

Undoubtedly you are getting the best product on a minimal budget, so now enjoy to buy!

Tonyon bike lock reviewview on AmazonIndestructible Body

This is easy to predict that the Tonyon lock is one of the strongest bike cable locks and its sustainability has no question.

After reading the body construction, you’ll agree with us, It is made from copper, ABS engineering plastics, high-quality steel and, PVC. The materials are strong enough to protect your bike for so long and make your locker durable.

ABS plastic shell ensures no cracking at low temperature and no deformation in the high-temperature environment of 40 °.

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Anti-drilling & Anti-smashing

You have a bike lock but still, the thief stole it by drilling?

Oh! That sounds familiar since we all used to face this situation frequently even after having the bike lock.

But you’ll be happy to know, the Tonyon  is the strongest bike lock and different than all the random and regular cheap bike locks.

The cable is not easily damaged because of the use of high elastic steel chain and good shrinkage.

This Locker is super Anti-theft because its hose is made of PVC material, non-toxic and harmless to the human body that makes it anti-drilling and anti-smashing.

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High Password Protection

Always forget to carry keys?

Nothing to be worried at all.

Here’s the keyless bike lock of Tonyon cable for you.

You should know It does have a digital password protected locking system where you can choose your password from around 10000 possibilities. Can make a strong password with a combination of 5 digits.

Used 3 or 4 digit combination before? Know that 5 digit is safer than 4 or 3 digits. the password is adjustable and you can set your own and preferred password.

Tonyon bike lockWarranty Assurance

It’s the best part of choosing this lock for enhancing the level of security Tonyon bike cable lock has 3 years of replacement services according to their terms and conditions.


3 years sounds so long, Isn’t it? But it’s true!


The diameter is 12mm/0.47in with the length 1200mm/47.24in.

And the weight of 0.45g/0.99lb.

Here is a big chance to choose your product according to your favorite color or the color which will give the bike elegance. They provide 5 colors and these are black, blue, pink, green, yellow.

What is the favorite color of you? black, blue,…….?


  • Smartest and good looking bike lockers ever.
  • Easy to use for anyone who never used it before.
  • No Key to lose anymore.
  • 5 digit combination.
  • ABS plastic shell enhances the level of security.
  • Durable password lock.


  • No instruction in English.
  • Too short to lock more than one bike at the same time.

Tonyon Bike Lock Instructions

Here is a picture that shows you how to set a password in 4 steps.

Tonyon bike lock instructions

Common Questions

Q1: What if I forget the password that I set earlier?

A1: The consequence is really a bit rough if you can’t retrieve the password. Be serious with your password and even if you forget this, have to reset factory data otherwise you can’t lock or unlock the bike lock.

Q2: What does make the locker long lasting?

A2: If you want to use the lock for more than its average lifetime, you have to be very careful when using and after a certain time use lubricating oil in the lock cylinder.

Q3: How to set the password in Tonyon lock?

A3: It’s easy to set a unique password with this lock. Here’s the super easy instruction to set a password in your Tonyon.  

Firstly, match all the 0 in the marked row and then open the lock.

Secondly, after opening the lock, turn the arrow as directed on the lock head and then choose your own password and align the numbers with the raised indicator and fix it.  

After that turn the lock head back as it was earlier. Now, put in the lock and try your new password to open and enjoy locking your bike with Tonyon bike lock.

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Final Words

Moreover, Tonyon lock is easy to use for anyone and it’s also an advanced level bike lock to bring the new level of security and ensure the bike safety. And amazing thing is, this also cheaper than any other bike lock with the same quality and best part it has that, 3-year warranty facility makes peace in mind to use.

So go grab your one and protect the bike you are worried to lose.

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  1. I have a 5 tumbler lock. I opened it and the whole thing came apart. I need a diagram to show how to stack the tumblers and reassemble the lock. Thanks.

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