Best Smart Padlock (Keyless, Fingerprint and Bluetooth Padlock)

We are using the keys and locks for our security purposes for thousands of years. Many say that the Egyptians were the first ones to invent keys and locks; on the other hand, some argue that it was the work of the Greeks. But, whoever did it, the history of keys and locks dates long back.  

For these thousands of years, we have used a similar lock and key mechanism. But, in the 21st century, this idea is about to get challenged from all the different angles.  Smart locks are transforming, not only the way we perceive locks but the whole idea of security and safety. A revolutionary breakthrough in technology has made a mark on the field of locks as well.  

These best smart padlocks and door locks are now everywhere in the market. Although a bit unpopular in the lower-income countries, the Western world is quickly switching to complete home automation, which includes smart padlocks as well.  

What is Smart Padlock? 

You might have heard the term quite a few times already. Let us explain if you already don’t have much knowledge on the subject.  

The smart padlock is a combination of mechanical and electronic locking device that doesn’t need any physical key to unlock. There are various intelligent techniques to unlock it, but it does not relate to the traditional metal keys. And the smart padlocks use a smartphone or key fob to help you unlock the padlock. You may also find smart locks that use the combinations.  

Best Smart Padlock (Recommended)

10 Best Smart Padlocks Reviews 

We have compiled a list of 10 smart padlocks for you so that you can find and select the best smart padlocks that meet your criteria. Let’s find out which smart locks are on the list!  

Master Lock Box with Electronic Portable Key (best smart padlock)

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Among the many locks that we have for reviewing, First, it’s the master lock lockbox.  

It’s a smart lock-box, the idea of this lock-box is entirely new but very useful indeed. Master locks intelligent lockbox mechanism wipes out the need for any wifi connectivity. Thus, it will help users access locks without depending on the internet.  

It also has a large internal cavity, which will allow you to put multiple keys or small accessories for your friends or guests to access.  

The battery is always a concern with these smart locks. But it’s’ CR123A will relieve that thought and will provide you with extra-long battery life for your comfort! 

All in all, these smart box locks seem quite amazing!  

Igloohome Smart Lock Box 3 (best Bluetooth padlock)

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Second, in our list is the Igloohome Smart Lock Box 3. The design is quite out of the Box and looks quite spacious for putting in multiple keys and cards.  

Well, one thing that the guests will find quite surprising about using this lock is the sheer user-friendliness of this beauty. Igloohome has introduced a unique technology called algoPIN, which lets the owners give access to his/her guests without the guests needing to get and install the app. Quite convenient, we’d say.  

Further, the intelligent app design of this lock helps you track dates and times. In terms of security, they’re quite strict, the whole locking/unlocking process happens without the internet, so no hacker can creep in through the ether with this lock!   

Tapplock One Plus Fingerprint & Bluetooth Padlock  (best biometric padlock)

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Tapp brings you a smart lock that looks like a traditional lock from a distance. In terms of variety Tapp Lock doesn’t have a limit! In smart padlocks, it’s not that common. Yes, Tapp lock lets you unlock in 3 different ways such as Fingerprint, Bluetooth and Morse Code. Tapp can be the right choice if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth padlock in the market.

Tapp lock thus wipes away the use of traditional metal keys as well as the need for memorizing codes and combinations with its ultimate fingerprint technology!  

You’ll also find the Tapplock app on Google Play and the App Store for further user management.  

Further, Tapplock is providing you with some astounding battery feature, which would be a bit hard to believe for some of you. With each 2-hour charging period, you will be able to use the lock roughly for about 1 year. They also have USB charger support incase if you forgot to charge the battery in time!  

Overall, this is lock something different!  

Outdoor Smart Padlock-3rd Gen (best fingerprint padlock for outdoor)

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This third-gen eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock is not like the other smart padlocks. As it seems, it has been built especially for outdoor purposes. The features say it all. First, this lock is waterproof, so no issues with rain or water.  

Freezing temperatures are quite reasonable for some parts of the US; as a defense, this lock is made Freezeproof as well. This lock also offers multiple lock/unlock mechanisms. You can use your smartwatch or NFC tag or fob to open this lock.  

EGeeTouch is also offering you a free app that lets you know who accessed the lock, keeping you stress-less and untroubled all the time!  

MEGAFEIS Smart Padlock (best keyless padlock)

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The fifth one in our smart lock review list is the Megafeis Smart Padlock. Well, security is something that MEGFEIS smart padlock has put much of its effort on. Because it introduces stainless steel made padlock beam, which gives you an outstanding resistance against any sort of tamper.  

Its IP65 weatherproof and has a moderate resistance against dust and water. But you must remember that this lock should be exposed to rain for an extended period. Moreover, It has a built-in fingerprint scanner as well and can be regarded as one of the best fingerprint padlocks in the market. 

Battery life always a matter of concern for smart padlocks. With this lock, you will get a 150 MAH lithium battery, which will give you extended support to six months! You can also charge it via USB charger once the battery dies. From extraordinary security to standard design and dependable battery life, this lock sounds quite good, to be honest! 

SZHSR best Fingerprint Lock,1 Second Unlock Portable 

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SZHSR brings you stylish looking fingerprint smart padlock! It has worked a lot to make fingerprint scanning as smooth as possible for the users. It houses US advanced fingerprint chips and introduces a 360 ° fingerprint reading technology, which is super sensitive! So, overall this is by far one of the best fingerprint padlocks that you’re about to see here.   

With an aluminum alloy body and stainless-steel beams, this is one secure padlock and not something to be messed by any thieves. In this portable Box, the lock will be able to register 10 different fingerprints, which will let your family and friends use it to their needs anytime!  

Finally, the after-purchase service by SZHR is quite fantastic as they will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. All in all, this is something that you can go for.  

WGCC Fingerprint Padlock (Suitable for House Door)

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Now, we will talk about one of the best smart padlocks right now in the market. Yes, it’s the best fingerprint smart padlock by WGCC, just use your thumbs to open the lock. Aluminum alloy made body, and stainless-steel beam should give you supercut resistance against any malpractice. 

You can use this sturdy lock everywhere from indoor use to school lockers and bicycle, it’s just perfect anywhere. The size of this lock is quite compact; thus, it makes it easy for you to carry the lock any place you need. 

Finally, the good news is they’re offering you three months return policy, which is quite hard to believe and certifies their commitment and quality! At the end of the day, it’s definitely one of the best smart locks in the market and surely worth a try!

SOOCOO Thumbprint Biometric Padlock (Best Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock)  

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Are you looking for a sturdy padlock that you can use outside? If you’re looking for one of the best keyless padlocks then, you may consider this matte black monster! This one too has a fingerprint lock/unlock mechanism, but it cuts off some things from it, which makes the user’s life even more comfortable.  

You won’t need any app or key or Bluetooth, nor do you need any codes. You can program the lock from its interface, so no app support is required. Zinc alloy body and stainless-steel shackle material will surely make it difficult for anybody who wishes to break this lock.  

Further, for outdoor use, it has an IPV66 waterproof grade, while on the other hand, 300MAH battery would give you 2 years of using time once fully charged. All things considered, this is the lock pretty standard and hassle-free.  

eGeeTouch best Outdoor Smart Padlock 

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This is another lock by eGeeTouch technology. This lock also seems to specialize in outdoor use more. It is both waterproof, freezeproof, and corrosion-proof, so there should be no issue using it in any weather conditions out there!  

This smart padlock, unlike the many others mentioned here, doesn’t house a fingerprint scanner, instead, it is going for the Bluetooth and NFC fob mechanism for locking and unlocking. This one is mainly designed for industrial purposes as it will allow users to use up to 300 fobs.  

Although it may have some issues with the long shackle coming out of the lock and app failing to deliver the best performance, it can provide you with the primary stage security for your household.  

SHPLA Weather Proof Anti Theft Loud 130db Alarm (best alarm padlock)

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The final one on our list is the sturdy Crystal Vision SHPLA lock. The traditional sturdy design houses an alarm that 130db loud, which will alert the whole neighborhood if anyone tries to tamper it. So, in terms of security, this is just outstanding!  

The body is super strong built, with forged stainless steel and 10mm carbide hardened steel and suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, the lock is all weatherproof functioning under –14 to 140 Fahrenheit.  

Well, there is one little thing left that makes it completely different from the other locks mentioned here. It has got a key! Yes, this lock comes with traditional keys to unlock. No fingerprint or codes here. On the whole, this is quite a standard lock with a healthy body and a roaring alarm. Definitely an excellent choice for any house or shop owner!       

Why Should You Go for One? 

The main reason why anybody would think about the idea of a smart padlock is the issue of keys. Keys are some things that seem to go invisible by themselves at times.  

And even if you try to keep them at a place safe and secure, there are times that you forget about that particular place where you have kept them in the first place.  

All in all, the thing that padlocks have to be open with metal keys is the root of the whole issue.  

This is the main issue these smart technologies are being used to develop padlocks that work without the problems of the keys.  

It will help the users to resolve the key rummaging problem. With smart padlocks, you do not need to keep searching in the dark for the key. The most surprising part is that you don’t lose the key as the smart padlock does not require any visual key. 

You will also find smart locks that automatically lock the door when you close the door. It gives you a safer and cozy feeling when you’re out. Now you don’t need to keep ‘locking the door’ in your checklist anymore.  

If you don’t want to pick one the best smart padlock for any reason, now you may click the link (given below) to read the traditional padlock that helps you ou to choose the best one. 

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Smart Padlocks

We have discussed 10 different locks from various manufactures above. But finding the best fingerprint padlock can be quite a tough job for you. That is why we have attempted to provide you with a buying guide, so you get to pick the best fingerprint padlock that suits you the most.

Let’s find out which one you can go to!

Strength of the Lock

Technologies have developed to the extent that people are having trouble keeping pace with them. Frequent break-ins that happen at houses are not some highly specialized hackers; instead, these are the typical individuals who try for a quick gain. Thus, the lock must be secure no matter how technologically interesting it sounds. 

The material used in the lock has to be of hard stainless steel. Many locks on the list do use aluminum and zinc alloy in the construction of their locks. Locks built with such materials should hold for a long time!


If you’re buying smart padlock’s for indoor use, then you don’t have to worry about it much. But if you’re buying a lock for outdoor purposes. Then we think this should your number two priority.

Many of the locks discussed above are weatherproof, both water and freeze resistant. We believe it’s better if you go for IPV66 or IPV65 grade weatherproof. 

Types of doors and objects to secure

You might not need to go for an expensive solution for every part of your life. The primary purpose you’re going to use the lock is quite remarkable. If it’s just a little box in your home that you wish to secure, then you can go for less expensive small padlocks. 

But, if you’re a shop or homeowner and want to secure it through smart padlocks, then it’s always best to spend a reasonable sum and get the best lock from the market. 


Do check the connectivity requirements before buying a lock. Many smart padlocks require you to have wifi turned on in order to function. Some, on the other hand, need Bluetooth. 

Keep these in mind while buying the lock. If you don’t have a WIFI at your place, then getting wifi depended locks can be really problematic. 


Cost is always significant, no matter whatever the product might be. You’re still bounded by your budget. But we’d advise you to spend a bit more than usual on the locks so that you get the best security. 

You’re not going to buy locks every day, and security is highly essential as well. So, try to find the best lock keeping aside the cost factor.


Fingerprint technology in the smart lock is quite standard right now. More and more, we’re seeing manufacturers going for this technology in the locks. 

We think this is quite convenient. With mobile access, you need to get your smartphone out of the pocket; keys tend to get lost most of the time, and combinations can also be forgotten. But fingerprint scanning mechanism opens your lock with just a touch of your fingertips. 

So, we’d suggest you go for locks that have fingerprint technology-enabled for more convenience. 

Lockbox Technology

The lockbox is a new idea where a traditional lock houses extra space that can also be locked using keys, codes, or fingerprints. In that space, you can put small items such as keys or cards for your guest or friend to pick up. 

This idea is quite unique and deserves credit. Getting lockbox technology to enable padlocks, in our opinion, can be a good idea. 

Final Words

With the rapid development of our city lives, taking care, and looking after our homes has become a burden. Most of the time we have to stay outdoors in offices or places where we can find some relief.

Thus, securing the house has become ever more critical right now. If your home is not protected with sufficient equipment, break-ins may take place. So, people are investing more and more in security improvement every day. And smart padlocks are just a byproduct of such circumstances. 

We have tried to help you with brief information on some of the best smart padlocks out there. So, pick and choose the best one that suits your needs!

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