Best Smart Padlock Allows To Access With Keyless

What’s the use of a lock? It’s the security, right? Yeah, it’s the security that minimizes our headache when we are enjoying the wonderful party or busy at the work, but the lock becomes the reason to make us worried when we discover the key is anywhere forgotten but we are in front of the lock scratching our head. The use of best smart padlock can help us to avoid this kind awkward situation.

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With a lot of time and effort, we have tried to find out how the outing can be more enjoying to all kinds of people and every time we found a smart lock as the solution. In the following sections, you are going to learn why and which smart padlock should we get in order to make our tour hassle free.    

What is the smart padlock?

best smart padlock


We don’t think after using everything smart like the cell phone, TV and many other things you don’t have the idea what is a smart padlock. There may be a situation that you don’t need the smart lock as you have tradition key-lock and it’s giving the necessary service. In this section, you will get a basic knowledge of the smart padlock.

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The smart padlock is a combination of mechanical and electronic locking device that doesn’t need any physical key to unlock. Obviously, there are various smart techniques to unlock it, but it does not relate to the traditional metal key.

And the smart padlocks use a smartphone or key fob to help you unlock the padlock. You may also find smart locks that use the combination also. If we are not wrong, it’s going to be metal key free which will lead to a tension-free outing and there will be no more shouting for the locksmiths.    

Why you need it?

All the traditional locks are unlocked by a strong metal key with the development process; design and style have changed a lot in key mechanism but the main principle remains the same.

There is no problem with the lock and key combination, but it becomes a headache when you forget or lose the key by any chance. That is the main reason you need a physical key free smart padlock badly.

What’re the advantages you are really going to have if you use a smart padlock? It will help the users to resolve the key rummaging problem. Now you don’t need to keep searching in the dark for the key. The most interesting part is you don’t lose the key as the smart padlock does not need any visual key.

You will also find smart locks that will automatically lock the door when you close the door. It gives you a safer and cozy feeling whenever going out. Now you don’t need to keep, ‘lock the door’ in your checklist.  

When there are traditional locks in charge there is a tendency in many people to find for passive security when they find only a lock is not enough. The smart locks provide also an alarm to keep you relax that everything is going to be fine and you are miles away from your home. As technology advances smart people are hacking the smart locks in a smarter way.  

Before we start to review, if you have a budget, should go to buy the best smart door locks for the door, these smart padlocks you can use but it’d be better to use in storage, luggage and so on.


10 Best Smart Padlock Reviews

Now, we’re going to dive into the big review of 10 padlocks those are smart and have an option of the fingerprint as well, we all need to pick.

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After reading the big article, then make a decision to buy.

1. Tarriss TSA Lock with SearchAlert

If it’s time to pay another visit to Atlanta, Georgia then gets your luggage ready and set for it. All of us need to maintain minimum security with our luggage so that we can be tension free of picking our important item by any stranger cum thief.

To keep the things simple TSA comes with the solution to keep the owners assured that no one is checking by their bags. The alert system of this lock gives the owner the alert if someone is trying to temper the lock.    

It uses a 3 digit combination to make the things a bit tough for the lock pickers. Keep in mind that you can have 100 combinations to set if someone is trying tempering the lock hope the alarm gives you the signal and you take the necessary steps. There is a security light on the lock that indicates the state of the lock. Green means locked and red means it’s open.  

Tarriss TSA lock uses a flexible cable on the lock as the ring to go through the zipper hole to secure the luggage. The zing alloy cylinder body will not be easy to break through easily. Hope it will be enough to secure your travel bags and luggage.

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2. eGeeTouch Smart TSA Travel Lock

eGeeTouch is the pioneer in smart travel lock. It brings more luxury than ever as you don’t need to keep any key or turn any digits to unlock the padlock. Now with this kind of lock no need to remember any complex combination and your mind is free from all hassle of unlocking the deadlocks. You just need to tap on your smartphone and the lock is open. As simple as a tweak.

So you can see it’s a complete package of the smart padlock.

eGeeTouch smart TSA travel lock does have a strong metal construction, the hardened ring, and cylinder to protect your bags from any burglary attempt.

What if the bag or luggage going out of your reach?

No tension, you will get the notification if it’s going anywhere from you.

In a 100 meter radius, you will be able to get the notification on your smart device that your bags are in the right place where you left it.

If you start searching to have the best fingerprint padlock, should stop now as eGeeTouch is here.

The lock is TSA certified to ensure the quality of the lock. You might be thinking what if I lose my smart device?

How would I unlock it?

In that case, a fob is served with the package to make sure you still use the lock in emergency situations.

As a tradition, we need to charge the electronic items and it can be done easily with a USB without the charge the lock is of no use, you will not be able to operate it from your smart device if it’s running out of charge.

To get the best service of the lock you need to keep the app open and it demands a lot of charges.

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3. Master Lock Padlock 4401DLH Bluetooth Lock

Previous two locks were for protecting the important items kept in the bags and luggage, here we are going to discuss a lock that can be used for outdoor use.

You might want to be smart with your security when you are going out.

This is a smart lock that can help users with their outdoor security smartly.

Great, isn’t it?

The extra cover on the body allows the users to make good use of this lock in any weather for outdoor use and carries out the functionality as the inside materials are always in a good condition.

Master Lock padlock brings a new dimension to their collection of the lock with this Bluetooth lock.

You should know that this 4401DLH padlock is the best Bluetooth padlock we have ever found.

Your smartphone can now become your lock by just installing the Master lock app. Feel free as you don’t need to carry any extra metal key for this padlock.

Strong metal cylinder and hardened shackle make this lock a good choice for outdoor use.

The shackle longer than usual, it allows you to acquire something big with this lock. Also, it’s a problem as it lets people put a rod between the shackle and cylinder and give it a try to break in.

Hopefully, you are getting the lock alarm with this the Bluetooth padlock that helps you to keep track of the lock even you are away from it.

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4. BOXLOCK Padlock

 You surely order products from and other online stores, but not every time you can be at home when they deliver the items. So what will happen to your packages when you are not at home?.

If your area is safe then no problem to drop the package at the door front, but you can’t let the packages open to happen anything unwanted.

A smart solution to pick the packages safely is brought up to light by the Boxlock. You put a metal or wooden storage at your door front with the Boxlock padlock on it to make sure no one can reach inside without your permission. If you need a box to try to find the one that is marked with ‘works with boxlock’. It may help you.

To operate with this lock perfectly you need a wifi network and the lock needs to integrate with your smartphone.

On your phone install the Boxlock app and it will guide how to connect your lock with USPS Informed Delivery, Amazon Prime, FedEx Delivery Manager, and UPS MyChoice.

If the lock is connected to the wifi network, then it receives the updates from the carriers. The enabled to scan the barcode of the product if it has received the information it will then open for it. I can’t find anything better for a storage unit and I think it’s the best padlock for a storage unit that you can purchase or keep It in your wishlist.  

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5. YAHEY Fingerprint Lock Review

As we all know fingerprints are something that can’t be imitated anyhow by the other in a legal way. If you want something to be secured in the right way there you should have a fingerprint or retina test to make sure it’s the right person to deal with because naturally, we all have got the unique finger and retina print.

The Yahey is making good use of this unique signature of humans for their travel lock. This is a lock that is as light as a lipstick so no hassle to carry with your travel bags. We might not be able to say it ’s the best smart padlock but it surely helps the users on many occasions while traveling.

It might look a bit tiny but the zinc alloy seamless cylinder of this lock can keep any thief for a while and sends users the alert. Though its small in size, but this lock meets the IP 65 level to make sure the users are getting the right amount of security with their bags and luggage.

The Yahey fingerprint lock has built it to the perfection which makes sure this is rainproof and erosion proof lock that stays like new and runs for long. Also, it has got the powerful battery that can support the user to open the lock for 30000 times by just charging it fully for once and also it takes just 2 hours to get fully charged.  

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6. Master Lock 1500eXD

If you are searching a lock for your lockers at school or gym then you can just go through Master Lock’s collection and pick the one that best suit you. This dial speed lock has got the strong construction and it’s structurally the best padlock in the list for general use. A master lock is using the directional combination system for this 1500eXD lock. The hardened shackle and the thick, strong cylinder give the user the feeling of security.

Not only the construction but also the combination makes the job harder for the thieves.

The electronic directional interface on the lock makes it an attractive lock. This different design makes it really different from any other available lock in the market. It is served with a resettable code and allows the user for 3 guest code to keep the lock safe from hacking.

CR2032 battery of this lock is also a fact that makes the lock a horse for a long race as it has got the lifetime of 5 years.

As you are using this lock for your indoor lockers or doors you might not need to charge it so often and the battery supports you for long.

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7. Best Fingerprint Padlock: Uervoton 2nd Gen 

The fingerprint lock we discussed before here were not structurally satisfying, but here the Uervoton comes with a structurally strong like any traditional deadbolt that unlocks with a  metal key. We hope it’s the best fingerprint padlock that we are reviewing before you.

Like many other smart locks, this Uervoton lock also uses an app to unlock the padlock which is usable in both Android and other smartphones.

It makes the difference with the use of a touch sensor on the cylinder that can take your fingerprint.

In case you forget for the loss your smartphone the fingerprint should not let you down also you don’t need to wait for a locksmith to come at midnight.

You will be able to share your access of the lock using the app for temporary or permanent use. Obviously, the family members demand permanent access. No need of spare keys here, you just need to make sure your friends and family have a smartphone to use.

The waterproof zinc alloy takes it to the next level and it helps to survive the lock if you use the lock for outdoor and we hope it can be an efficient lock to protect not only internal security but also external security.  

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8. Best Bluetooth Padlock: RoMech 2nd Gen

Now make sure nobody can enter your home without your permission when you are out because the best Bluetooth padlock is here.

RoMech brings a strong biometric padlock that has got the strength and the technology to help the owner to stop an intruder at the front or inside.  360-degree fingerprint recognition makes it really different from other models of the biometric-enabled lock.

RoMech like any other smart lock manufacturer has ensured the app for smartphone users. Love to know that it gives the option to unlock their locks either with the smartphone or fingerprint. Moreover, it meets the IP 65 standard, which shows that your lock is ready to resist dust, water when you use it on the front door or out of the house.

It has got the 300 mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you a tension free security for at least 1000 times unlock. You will be able to charge the battery with the regular USB cable. All the feature looks simple when you see an electronic item is certified for water resistance. It’s really something that grabs all the attention and for outdoor use, this lock truly needed.

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9. Bio-Key Touchlock

Bio-Key Touchlock reminds us of the old days of the lock with a thick and heavy cylinder and hardened shackle. It might the lock that you are searching for your front door. TouchLock with the strength provides the modern technology which can make it one of the best padlock for gates.

It has got the shackle clearance of just 18.8mm which does not allow any kind of space after putting the shackle through any hole. That means it becomes hard for the intruders put pressure on the lock using any hammer or anything else.

BioKey has not only been clever with the design only they have the app to control the lock over a smartphone which gives you the freedom to not keep any key in the bag or pocket. You will just need a smartphone, which is acquired by most of us.

The app of this lock has got the ‘Administrator Control Dashboard’ which gives you the facility to provide access and revoke of the lock to friends, family, and staff of the office. This reduces the need of the spare key and brings flexibility to use a smart lock.    

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10. Keyless Padlock: Best Smart Padlock

128-bit encryption and 256-bit cloud generated private key sounds really hard for a key. It more goes with computers, but when a lock contains the smart technology you should not get puzzled with this kind of words for a lock.

Just like other smart locks it has got the smartphone app to unlock the lock without any visual key. You will just need a link to the key. You also can share the link to your family member the need of spare key is gone now, but what brings it in this top 10 list?

It’s the overall usability that brings it in this top list. You will be able to enjoy its service for up 3000 unlocks after charging it fully for once. It leads the battery to be long lasting and the users are hassle-free for a long time.

The construction is also a reason that helps it to be in the top position. You are getting a hardened metal shackle and zinc alloy to body to prevent the intruders to break into your private property.

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Buying Guide

Now it’s the most important part of how to buy a  smart lock. After reading all the reviews there is a chance you get confused which one to pick and which one not to. If you follow the rule of the thumb described below, it will become easier for you to go for a smart lock over the current locking system in your place.

best fingerprint padlock

Authority over the place you living

If you are the owner of the home, then it’s completely on you whether you want to shift or not to the smart solution of locking the doors and others. If you are renting then it’s not completely on you to go for a change you have to ask for it.   

Determine the type of smart lock you want

If you just look at the list above, you will be able to make a group of smart locks. It’s simple with biometric or without biometric. You just need to make up your mind.  

Types of door and objects to secure

You might not need to go for an expensive solution for every part of your life. So make homework before going for the final decision.   


To work with a smart lock you will need to have a Wifi network otherwise you will not get the update. So make sure about the connection.   


It’s a fact that you can’t avoid anyhow. At times it may cost a lot so you need to check out what are chances and what is getting.   

If you would like to buy the best padlocks instead of the smart padlock, now you can make a decision.


It’s time for the final words. By the time everything is advancing and gaining perfection. The locks are nothing different from this. From the manual lock now we are getting the advanced smart lock to secure our properties.   

After going through all the lock if you ask me which one is the best smart padlock in your consideration, I would say the BOXLOCK Smart Padlock has got everything to be the best of best. It can even read the barcode of the products.

If you want to be in the budget, then your search must the best cheap padlock and that is Master Lock DialSpeed Padlock 1500eXD which has got the look and usability also. All the smart locks in the list have got their own use and specialty; we hope the reviews will help you to find the right lock for the right occasion.

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