Kwikset Lock Reviews (Electronic Deadbolt To Protect Your Door)

Door locks are unarguably the most vital parts of your home security. In the 21st century, it’s even more critical to get a good lock up your door to prevent any unwanted guests.

And if you know about locks, you probably have heard about the brand Kwikset lock. They produce some of the best quality locks for your home to enhance the level of security and have established their users’ trust over the years.

In our Kwikset lock reviews, we’ll check out the 99090-018 Signature Series, which is a very renowned deadbolt lock for its features and reliability.

Kwikset Lock Reviews to Protect Your Lives & Valuables

This Kwikset lock is packed with excellent features, making it the best electronic deadbolt lock for your money. Let’s discuss some of its key features down below, and that way you’ll be able to tell if this is the perfect lock for your place.

Kwikset 99090-018 SmartCode Keyless Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, SmartKey Re-Key Security, Pack of 1, Satin Nickel
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Better Security

The #1 priority of a locking mechanism should be its security features. And in that case, the Kwikset deadbolt lock is a winner. Made with super premium quality stainless steel, it has a very sturdy build quality. 

The side locking bar technology helps to prevent any lock bump, which takes out the risk of burglary. Not to mention, the locking bar, racks, and pins are all made of stainless steel, making it a super secured lock mechanism.

The users can get access to the lock by using the programmed codes or using the master key. The SmartKey Re-key Technology allows you to assign new key access as well, which is pretty convenient. But in terms of security level, this is undoubtedly a great pick. So, you can definitely replace your standard deadbolt lock with this amazing one. 

Keyless Convenience 

In terms of keyless convenience, this Kwikset door lock is everything you can ask for in an electronic deadbolt lock. From a backlit keypad to multiple code programming space, this lock has it all.

Put up to 8 customizable codes in the locking mechanism, along with the master code. That allows you to give access to multiple people without ruining the privacy of your lock. The user database is pretty small as it can hold only 8 codes, but it’s all you need for most cases.

What makes this lock even better is the easy and efficient user interface. Using the keypad, you can get faster access without using a key every time. Not to mention the backlit features come in handy when there’s a lack of lighting there.

Also, there are additional features, which help to make this lock perfect for everyday use. The one-touch locking is definitely one of these features. It helps to cut your time and effort as you can press a single button to lock the whole thing instantaneously.

Ease of Installation

Let’s get real for a moment; most people don’t install digital locks in their houses because they don’t feel like going through all the effort to install them. It’s a well-known fact; electronic locks are very difficult to install.

However, this Kwikset is completely opposite to that, and it’s actually very easy to get in place functioning perfectly. Using a simple piece of a screwdriver, you can finish the installation process in a couple of minutes on your own. It can’t get any easier than that.

Yet, if you have any issue installing this, you can always refer back to the easy owner’s manual. That tells you everything from start to finish in great detail. But if you are still having issues with the installation process and not confident enough to do it by yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

Modern Design

People often don’t want to get a modern locking system as it can ruin their place’s look. Who would like to have a bulky and weird shaped lock on the door?

But with this Kwikset lock, you don’t have to worry about such issues. The ever so minimalist design allows for a sleek fit. It’s very small in size, and the shape truly helps to provide a better structure to the whole thing. So, rather than making your place sloppy, it can even add some modern touch to the doors, which is amazing. 

No quirky handlebars, no wires, or no extra big components. The sleek and minimalistic design is truly a fantastic feature of this deadbolt lock. It also allows you to replace this lock with any other deadbolt lock, which is very convenient as well.


  • Guarantees maximum surveillance  
  • Standard design
  • Easy installation
  • Simple user interface
  • Super affordable pricing 


  • Limited user database
  • No Biometric sensor

Final Verdict

As you went through our Kwikset lock reviews, you can see why the 99090-018 Signature Series is the best deal for your money. It provides the best surveillance, ease of use, and all the other features that you can ask for in a modern electronic lock.

And unlike most other locks, it’s very affordable as well. So, if you are searching for a safe and convenient lock to upgrade your home security, this Kwikset deadbolt lock is undoubtedly a great purchase for your money. 

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