UShake Bike Lock Cable | Best Combination Cable Lock For Bike

Need a best bike cable lock? You are on the right track to knowing about UShake bike lock that is the best bike lock we have ever found.

The most important thing to remember, this lock is very popular for its multipurpose uses. The level of security and the mechanism of safety is very high. For its flexible cable and standard looking design, it is the first choice for most of the people who have a bike. And It is used for the multi-purpose to enhance the level of security. 

Now, you are going to learn you need to know about the best cable lock to buy.

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The Advantage Of Ushake Bike Lock

We’re pleased to share, this cable lock provides more advantages for ensuring the maximum security of your bike. It’s very easy to say, this lock’s design is very attractive to choose it many of its competitors.

So, need it? of course, not only for bike safety, but you may also use other purposes.

If you would like to have satisfied security in a cheap price, we think this is the best option to buy, not only for its capability of secure, but you’ll get an extra feature also that no way to get others.

The Level Of Security

Want to know about its security level?

Before that, you should know, UShake has already achieved popularity and reputation within a short time for its attractive design and the selling rate is becoming more and more. We can say, UShake is successful as a cable lock.

We’re glad to share the level of security of this cable lock is very high, provides you maximum security to ensure its value. You’ll be very happy to know that this cable is cut-resistant and durable, so no need to worry if you use it and it does have a big cable to give you peach in mind.

In its price range, it is tough to search this types of cable lock, considered as the best cable lock. If you are in the market to search for the best bike cable lock to buy, we think you can stop searching because have a better option in a cheap.   

Keyless Convenience

Used 3-digit bike lock before? A 4-digit combination bike lock is safer than 3-digit, it’s a simple thing. For one of this reasons, UShake lock is the best bike lock to save your time and money. No need to do more task to lock or unlock the cable.

You should know that, it’s not an expensive product to buy, even it’s not a smart device that controlled via app or smartphone, so, easy to use and simple to access.

Its keyless convenience is very good to unlock without keys. There is no fear of losing or forgetting the keys, now you’re free from to be worried. The 4-digit combination provides 10000 possibilities for ensuring the security. 

Yeah, 10000 possibilities to protect the bike!

UShake Bike Lock

lock safeguardEasy To Set Or Reset

You can easily set your own code or reset. It’s easy to set your favorite code as a password in this bike lock. This advantage saves your time and presents an opportunity to make life easier and smarter. 

If you are in a busy life, UShake cable helps you to save time and reduces the waste of time.

Multipurpose Uses

Want to use for multi-purpose?

Normally it’s the price is so cheap, want to make cheaper? Well, using for multi types of things you can make cheap more.

Oh, can use this bike lock for multi-purpose. It’s fitting for most of the section of the security. Use it for bicycles, skateboards, gates and fences, grills and Lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes, and ladders.

That means in many tools you can use for making cheaper!

Sturdy Material

The cause of reputation we shared before, in this section we would like to say in short, that the UShake lock’s design is attractive, standard and modern. And has flexible Steel cables, that is cut-resistance.

Protecting more valuable things is very easy against theft.

And more durable cable helps to prevent scratching.


  • The highest security level.
  • Offers 10000 combinations.
  • Easy to set or reset.
  • Good performance cable.
  • Multipurpose uses.
  • Standards and modern design.
  • Cut-resistant.
  • Flexible and attractive cable.
  • Easy to change the combination.


  • Cheap component.

UShake bike lock, how to keep in bicycleSpecification

  • Diameter: 1/2 inch (12 mm) with vinyl shell, length 6 feet (1.8 m)
  • Colour: Black,
  • Weight: 0.7 pound

What’s In The Box?

  • Resettable combination cable lock.
  • Mounting bracket.
  • User instruction.
  • Warranty card. 

Common Questions

Q. Can I reset the combination after selecting one combination?

A. Of course, why not, It’s very easy to reset the combination after selecting one, just you have to do the same procedure that you have done the first time.

Q. Can I wrap this lock around multiple bikes?

A. How many bikes do you want to wrap with one cable? Two, three or more? Well, you can wrap two bikes with this cable. You know that UShake cable is 6 feet long that actually means the length is 1.8 meters. So, should realize what to do with this long cable.

Q. Can I use this lock to secure the scooter?

A. You have to be clear that UShake lock does have two different lengths, 4 feet and 6 feet long. So, at the time of order, you have to choose 6 feet to buy. Another thing we suggest that have to know the size of the scooter and compare with the cable. We think this cable will be fitted with your scooter.

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Final Words

We think you started to read this review about UShake from starting on this page.

We’re pleased to say that you have already finished knowing about the best bike lock that you have read through this site just now, though this article isn’t written many best cable locks to compare, we think, to have a full and clear idea about the best bike lock is helpful for you.

If you do have any queries feel free to contact us, we try the best to give an answer to your question.

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