5 Best Disc Padlock You To Stop Forced Entry & Thieves

Security, safety, and protection. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a lock. But some locks can live up to that pressure of expectations. Disc locks, mainly used for storage units, are favored to stop forced entry, pry attacks, and thieves.

Even though researching for the best disc padlock isn’t the most exciting thing to do, you shouldn’t take any risk when it comes to securing your property. First things first, let us introduce you to a disc lock in case you didn’t know already. 

A disc lock is one kind of padlock shaped like a disk. It features a short U-shaped shackle to make It extremely difficult for intruders to cut it with bolt cutters. Usually, the lock comes with keys, so you don’t have to memorize a combination for your lock. 

We’ve tried to answer all queries you may have about disc locks in this article. Keep going through, and hopefully, you’ll learn everything you need to know.   

5 Best Disc Padlock To Stop Forced Entry

Few features play a more crucial role than others in deciding whether a lock should make ‘the best’ list or not. Going through numerous options, we’ve selected the 5 best disc padlock that meets all criteria that a good lock should have.

ABUS Diskus 20/80 Stainless Steel Disc Padlock (Best All-Around)

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ABUS has always been the leading brand when it comes to security accessories. They’re continually upgrading their quality and adding new measures to their locks—this lock one of their wonders that certainly makes the list of best disc padlocks. 

One disc padlock and two keys provide super-strong security against all kinds of pry attacks, pull, cut, and breaks. Strong stainless steel and anti-cut plates make sure that the lock remains immune to intruder attacks. 

If you are confused about how much security a hardened body and a stainless steel shackle can provide, measure it on a bolt cutter basis. Almost all locks can be cut with a 36-inch bolt cutter. Not this one. A bolt cutter can hardly reach this shackle considering the shape and size of the shackle. 

Another thing about this magnificent lock is, it can withstand all kinds of weather. So, don’t be afraid to use it on any exposed facility in fear of rusting it.


  • The lock is weather-resistant, so you can use it in open places without worrying about rusting it
  • Anti-cutting plates make sure that the lock remains extremely difficult to pull, cut, and break
  • Easy to use, attractive-looking, and comes with a pull-resistance feature 


  • Some users may not like the plastic key handles, but it’s not a deal-breaker

ABUS Diskus 20/70 Stainless Steel Disc Padlock (Best For Value)

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Stainless steel shackle, providing a rust-proof feature, is for withstanding all weather situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, or painfully sunny outside. ABUS Diskus 20/70 is your friend. You need this feature when your lock spends a lot of time staying exposed to the outside. That means you get to use this lock for diverse purposes.

The weatherproof feature is just one benefit you get. The basic thing you want in a lock is safety. And ABUS never disappoints its users in this case. The lock case offers elementary security against lock picking. But that’s not what you should be excited about. Anti-cut plates inside the lock provide added security, unlike regular padlocks.  

Besides, a hardened steel disk cylinder makes the lock highly drill-resistant and pull-resistant. There is nothing more you can expect from a disc lock for the highest security. 


  • The lock can withstand any weather without rusting, so you can use it on any exposed facility
  • Provides you with a pull and drill-resistant lock body dor added security
  • It can be used for multiple purposes like a storage unit, trucks, or an outdoor facility


  • In case you lose the keys, making new keys requires at least 2 weeks of waiting time 

Brinks Commercial Discus Lock with Stainless Steel Shackle (Best For Money)

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With minimum shackle exposer, this disc lock from Brinks is one of the best disc padlocks. One thing you will notice right away is the lock’s appearance. It’s beautifully crafted and fits various hasp sizes. You can use the lock for your storage unit, gate, truck doors, etc. 

Sometimes you need a lock that’s immune to weather damages. Brinks commercial lock can stand against strong weather phenomena without getting rusty. It also indicated durability. You will be able to use the same lock for a long time before you have to buy another lock.

You will be getting two keys. You can either authorize access to another person by handing over the key or save it for emergencies. 

One thing about this lock is, the keys are hard to make by local locksmiths. This is in case you lose both your keys or want an extra one.  


  • Can withstand strong weather conditions and prevent rusting, offering you durability
  • Diverse uses make sure you can use the same lock for different purposes
  • Stong built stainless steel body protects against pry attacks and lockpicking


  • The keys can be hard to remake

ABUS Diskus 24/70 Hardened Stainless Steel Disc Padlock

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If your valuables are at high risk of getting stolen, it’s a good idea to turn to ABUS Diskus. The lock built is so well that it’s impossible to cut or break the lock without making any noises. Even strong power tools like bolt cutters and hammers fail to break the door. 

Besides, if you need a lock to stay undamaged in all weather, 24/70 will go a long way. You will notice this lock will stand new even after staying exposed to open all day long. Its durability is truly something to admire. Once you purchase a 24/70, it will be long before you can think of buying another lock again. 

To sum it up, 24/70 from ABUS Diskus is a perfect choice for self-storage units, vehicle backdoors, gates, or barn doors. Save your belongings and area from lock picking, pry attacks, forced entries, and breaking with this lock when you want top-notch security at your disposal.


  • It comes with a weatherproof feature to stand against better or worse climate changes
  • Extremely hard to pick, break, pull, and cut, so you can rest assured that your valuables will be safe with this lock
  • Reliable brand, made in Germany and operating for long before so you can rely on their consistent quality 


  • The shackle may not fit all clasp size

Master Lock Magnum Stainless Steel Discus Padlock

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Another reliable name in the security industry is Master Lock. You must have heard that boron-carbide is the strongest material used for making lock shackles. In this disc padlock, Master Lock used a boron-carbide shackle that ensures a break-resistant, cut-resistant, pull-resistant quality. When you need to protect your valuable with one single lock, there can’t be a better option than this one. 

Even though the lock is intended for storage units, you can use it for versatile functionality. A robust lock will be appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, whereas a normal lock will only provide menial protection.

So if you want strong security for your property, even for a short time period, you can use the lock later for other purposes.

The lock comes with minimum shackle exposure and a 4-pin cylinder so that you can get the best security system. You get two keys with one lock, in case you need a spare. 


  • The pick-resistant feature makes it extremely tough to mess with the locking mechanism that protects your valuables
  • It’s cut-resistant and can secure your things against powerful breaking tools 
  • Minimum shackle exposure makes it difficult for intruders to access the lock without key


  • It doesn’t fit all clasp sizes, so make sure to check the size before buying

What is a Round Disc Padlock & When Are They Best Used? 

A round disc, also known as a round padlock, is shaped like a disc hence the name. It comes with a short and curved shackle making it very tough to access the lock with basic tools and bolt cutters. 

One reason why disc locks are so popular over traditional padlocks is the locking mechanism. There isn’t any spring involved, so even when the key opening is tried to be messed with, the shackle remains closed. 

The short U-shaped shackle’s ends are connected with two metal cases. The keyhole is situated at the center for easy access.

Because these locks are mostly hollow, ABUS and several other premium brands have further improved their disc locks’ security by inserting a hardened steel disc into the casing to avoid crushing the lock case. As a result of this upgrade, ‘ABUS Diskus’ has become the leading brand in the disk lock market.

As we have mentioned earlier, disc locks are most popular for storage units. They’re almost impossible to break, cut, or damaged using power tools like bolt cutters, saw, and hammers. Almost everyone goes for a disc lock when it comes to storage unit protection. 

Even though a disc lock’s basic design features a keyed system, there are disc locks with a combination system too. Disc locks often come with a weatherproof feature so that you can also use them in any outdoor facility.

People also prefer disc locks for their garage, main gates, backyard doors, truck doors, and other similar situations. One thing about disc locks is that the short and thick shackles don’t fit all door clasps. This is one of the reasons for the limited use of disc locks.  

Other than the obvious uses, you can use them anywhere you want added security. Anywhere you can think of using a padlock is a suitable choice for a disc lock. After all, disc locks are a variation of padlocks. But the best use remains when it comes to storage safety without any argument.    

Regular Padlock vs Disc Padlock 

A disc lock is a modernized regular padlock to prevent forced entry. In terms of shackles, standard padlocks have open shackles where disc locks come with closed shackles. 

If you measure these two on a security scale, a disc lock will undoubtedly outrun a standard padlock. Some regular padlocks provide high-security. Some even can withstand bolt cutter attacks if the shackle is hardened. But traditional padlocks generally are not very good at providing you with security when it comes to strong tools like bolt cutters and hammers.   

Open shackle locks are very vulnerable to pry attacks. Disc locks will provide far better security than a regular one. They not only differ in basic structure and lock mechanism but also in security measures.

If we talk about appearance, however small this attribute may be, disc locks are better looking. The structure of a disc lock features a more contemporary look than a regular padlock. Long shackles on regular padlocks have a lot to do with this difference.   

Summarizing the differences, disc locks are better-looking, prevents pry attacks, bolt cutter attempts, lock picking, and other forced entries. In comparison, regular padlocks are more vulnerable when it comes to these attacks. 

Buying Guide To Pick The Best One For Stopping Forced Entry

What should you measure when you need the best disc padlocks? Some things matter more than others. Keep the following features in mind when shopping for your storage unit lock.

Security Level

Depending on the reasons you need the lock, security levels will vary. You’ll never buy a disc lock with extreme security for guarding something ordinary. If you need a lock for something thieves won’t bother to go through lock picking, we recommend you go for a standard padlock. But if you are buying a lock for your vehicle’s safety, important belongings, you should go for a high-quality disc lock providing the highest level of security. 


Ensuring that the shackle fits your door is a must. Sometimes users purchase their locks and end up not being able to use them. Because of the thickness of the shackle, sometimes it’s not compatible with the hasp. 

Because disc locks come with short shackles, it’s crucial that you enlighten yourself about the measurement. Read through the manufacturer’s description of the lock and match them with your storage unit. If you don’t get any information from the description, you can always ask the manufacturer about it. 

Number of Pins

The more pins a lock has inside it, the more difficult it will be to pick. We recommend you at least go for the locks that have a minimum 5 pins. With the increased number of pins, you will get increased security. Some locks come with 7 to 10 pins that are extremely difficult to pick. 

If you want your lock to be almost immune to picking, choose the one with a larger number of pins inside. 

The pins are aligned in a particular placed when a key is inserted and turned. Unless the pins align, the lock cannot be opened. More means require more time to pick without keys.

Lock Built

The body should be made of high-quality metals. Making the locking mechanism hard to pick and then using cheap materials doesn’t bring anything new to the table. When a lock is well-built with a robust structure, it will be difficult to break even with strong tools. 

Hardened materials are most suitable for making a lock strong and immune to breaking tools like bolt cutters, saw, and hammers. 

Weatherproof Feature

The lock must be immune to weather damages like rust, dirt, moisture, etc. Imagine your lock getting rusted when exposed to rain and breaking down eventually. A good disc lock will be immune to these situations and withstand attacks with the same strength in all weather. 


When you are choosing the best materials, durability comes without asking. Still, it’s important that you choose something that’ll remove the frequency of buying locks. If you needed to change a lock after one or two months, that probably wasn’t the best lock for you anyway. 


  • How to Choose the Best Lock for Storage Unit?

Compare materials, lock built, shackle, security against pry attacks, and lock picking to choose the best storage unit lock. Also, look for a weatherproof and corrosion-resistance feature in the lock. The best lock for the storage unit will be difficult to pick and immune to bolt cutters, saw, and hammers.

  • How To Measure Storage Unit Lock?

Storage unit locks are measured by their width. The most common sizes among storage unit locks are 1 3/4, 2, and 2 3/4. Any lock larger than 2 3/4 will not be likely to fit on the door latch. Remember that the smaller the lock is, the easier it is for someone to access it without authority. 

  • Why are locks in storage units important?

The elementary intention of storage units is to provide security. It’s essential that your property stay safe. This is why you must make sure that you’re enforcing everything from your side. Locks make sure that your belongings stay safe in storage units from unwanted attacks. 

  • How to Choose a Lock for Your Self-Storage Unit?

When shopping for your self-storage unit, look for the locks largest in size yet fit the door latch. The bigger the lock is, the more difficult it will be to pick, break or cut the lock.  

  • Which type of lock is the hardest to pick?

Different factors make a lock difficult to pick. The locking mechanism, number of pins in the lock, shackle type are some of the factors. Hard-to-pick locks will feature a complex locking mechanism, 7 to 10 pins, and a closed shackle. 

  • What if you misplace your keys a lot?

It’s better to purchase locks with removable cylinders or alterable pins. If you misplace your keys and the keys fall into the wrong hands, your security will be at stake. Change the locks as soon as possible after misplacing your keys. 


Bottom Line

There goes your complete guide to the best disc padlock. If you are determined to keep your storage unit secure, you may as well find the best storage locks. Don’t go for regular padlocks that are weaker than disc locks against pry attacks. Short-shackled disc locks are not only hard to pick but also strong against tools like bolt cutters. Go for a disc lock that fulfills all your safety and security necessities.

A corrosion-resistance, well-built, featuring a complex lock mechanism and closed shackled lock will go with you a long way. After all, isn’t it better to purchase the best lock once than buying regular ones frequently? 

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