Doorricade Door Bar Reviews (Best Security Bar To Protect Your Lives)

Doorricade Door Bar Reviews

Home invasions and burglary is growing alarmingly across the globe, right? And most of them happen by the front door! So, it’s crucial as ever to have a solid security system up in your door more than ever. Luckily, Doorricade has the best solution for you. With their door reinforcement bar that enhances your door security, even if you don’t[…]

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Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt Reviews (All-Around Keypad Deadbolt Lock)

Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt Reviews

This Halo smart deadbolt lock is undoubtedly one of the best locks by Kwikset after doing well-researched we made a decision to announce. It’s reliable, has a nice look, and adds better convince of use. Not to mention, features like SmartKey security, WIFI connective, etc. helps to make your life so much easier. Such innovative features truly live up to[…]

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Kwikset Smartkey Review (Best Electronic Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock)

Kwikset Smartkey Review

Kwikset has some of the most innovative and reliable locks in the market we found. And the Kwikset Powerbolt door lock model is one of their best-selling SmartKey deadbolt locks.  It adds better convenience for the user, thanks to the easy user interface allowing for quick access. And the advanced security features ensure the maximum level of surveillance you can[…]

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5 Best Disc Padlock For You To Stop Forced Entry & Thieves

best disc padlock

Security, safety, and protection. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a lock. But some locks can live up to that pressure of expectations. Disc locks, mainly used for storage units, are favored to stop forced entry, pry attacks, and thieves. Even though researching for the best disc padlock isn’t the most exciting thing to do, you shouldn’t take[…]

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5 Best Outdoor Padlock To Stay On Top Of Your Security Game

best outdoor padlock

When your security is at stake, you can’t rely on anything less than the best. Among numerous padlocks floating around the market, it gets way too time-consuming to choose the best one. Outdoor padlocks must be stronger than your indoor locks. When you are using a padlock for outdoor purposes, the lock stays more exposed to intruders and damages than[…]

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10 Best Bedroom Door Locks to Maximize Your Home Security

best keyed padlock

Your privacy is concerned with your bedroom space. When you live with other roommates or family, your bedroom must have a lock, or you’ll end up getting in awkward situations. A bedroom lock is always a better way to let people know that you don’t want to be disturbed right now and need your personal space.  No matter why you[…]

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5 best Lubricants For Door Hinges to Reduce Annoying Noise

best lubricant for door hinges

Do you like a soundless operation when you open or close the door? Nothing is more disturbing than a squeaky door. Your perfectly fine morning can ruin in seconds with just one noise when you open the door. One simple yet effective way of making the noise disappear is to use lubricants on the hinges. Lubricants not only reduce annoying[…]

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Kwikset Lock Reviews (Electronic Deadbolt To Protect Your Door)

Kwikset Lock Reviews

Door locks are unarguably the most vital parts of your home security. In the 21st century, it’s even more critical to get a good lock up your door to prevent any unwanted guests. And if you know about locks, you probably have heard about the brand Kwikset lock. They produce some of the best quality locks for your home to[…]

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