5 Best Closed Shackle Padlock Is Right Front Of Your Eyes

Padlocks are popular worldwide as a safety measure. Closed shackle padlocks upgrade that safety to a higher level. If you already didn’t know, a shackle is the most vulnerable part of a padlock. The more exposed the shackle is, the weaker the padlock becomes.  

A closed shackle padlock has extended shoulders to keep the shackle exposure to a minimum. Besides, the aperture becomes smaller because of this structure that prevents any tool from going through it. A crowbar is one of the most common ways for intruders to break locks. Small apertures prevent even the smallest crowbar from sliding into them. 

Our topic today is the best-closed shackle padlock you can find to keep your valuables safe. Go through our list and find out which one suits you the best. 

Our Top Picks 

Best Overall: ABUS 96CSTI/50 Titalium Closed Shackle Padlock

ABUS 96CSTI/50 offers you all the features essential to make a lock best. It’s lightweight, protects you and your belongings from pry attacks, cuts, and picks. Moreover, the lock is weatherproof. 

Most Convenient: Master Lock M1177EURD Combination Padlock

It eliminates the necessity of carrying a key. High-quality dials for easy access. Set your personalized combination, and you’re done. 

Best Against Picking: ABUS 190CS/60 Combination Padlock

Unlike other combination locks, this one from Abus eliminates the chance of bypassing the combination. One of the best ant-picking locks you can find. 

Best Against Drilling: Stanley Hardware Closed Shackle Padlock

If it’s an anti-drill lock you’re searching for, this is the one to go for. It features a patented keyway cover to grant you the best protection against drilling. 

Best Weatherproof: SQUIRE Combination Padlock

It’s a combination lock that offers high security and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Perfect for use in any outdoor place. 

5 Best Closed Shackle Padlock

You always want the best where safety is concerned. In a situation where security requirements are comparatively higher, it’s better to go for the best-closed shackle padlock to ensure maximum security. We’ve rounded up the best ones below for you. Give them a go before purchasing your padlock. 

ABUS 96CSTI/50 Titalium Closed Shackle Padlock

ABUS Mechanical - 96CSTI/50 Titalium Closed Shackle Padlock 50mm
$40.28 ($1,191.72 / Fl Oz)
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02/29/2024 08:31 am GMT

Abus is always ahead of others when it comes to innovation and novelty. Take this lock, for example. It uses Titalium as a lock body material. It’s a mixture of materials that can provide a significant amount of security while keeping the lock lightweight. A few other locks from Abus use Titalium, but most of them are not closed shackle padlocks. 

However, Abus 90RK/50 padlock is almost similar to this model. Both feature a closed shackle. The only difference is, the 90/50 model comes with a stainless steel shackle, whereas this one features a hardened steel shackle. 


  • Hardened Steel Shackle: As you already know, the shackle needs to be the strongest when it comes to padlocks. Abus included hardened steel as a shackle material for this model, making it extremely strong against unwanted entries. 
  • Titalium Lock Body: Titalium is a special kind of aluminum alloy. It allows the lock to be sturdy yet conveniently lightweight. It reduces about 30% of the lock weight, making it more convenient for users. 
  • Automatic Lock: Unlike some other locks, this padlock can be locked without the key. A straightforward push will automatically lock it, avoiding any extra hassles.  
  • Suitable For: This lock is most suitable for users looking for a medium to high security for any door, boxes, etc. Because it’s a closed shackle lock, it’s recommended to check the aperture and match it with your door hasp before buying. 


  • Comparatively lightweight than its competitors
  • Provides medium to high security for sensitive protection
  • An automatic lock system doesn’t require a key to lock
  • Weatherproof and can be used outdoors


  • It won’t fit all door hasps

Master Lock M1177EURD Combination Padlock

Much like the Abus 190CS/60 and SQUIRE Combination Padlock in this list, this one combines two benefits into one. You’re getting a closed shackle padlock that features a combination lock system. Users looking for a user-friendly locking mechanism should go for this one. 

The lock body is made of brass to ensure corrosion resistance, whereas the shackle features boron carbide. That means this lock comes with solid construction to help you get the best protection while assuring you an easy-to-use locking experience. 

Unlike keyed padlocks, you can easily access and lock your padlock. Setting and resetting your combination is also pretty straightforward. You won’t need any extra tools. The only downside of this padlock is that the dials can be tricky to rotate, especially if you have cold hands. 


  • High-Quality Material: The lock features brass as a lock body that resists corrosion and boron carbide for the shackle to make it highly robust. You can use where a higher level of protection is needed. 
  • Convenient: The need to carry a key is over. You can now set your own combination and use it each time to access the lock. If you need to allow someone to access the lock temporarily, you can simply change the combination after a certain period. 
  •   Protective Cover: There’s a cover to protect the dials from weather conditions, making it sturdier to withstand outdoor situations. The dials are large and ergonomic for anyone to access without any difficulties. 


  • One of the best outdoor padlocks, featuring protective keyway, shackle seals, and corrosion-resistant body
  • Easy to set and reset the combination without using any tools
  • Protects against hammers, bolt cutters, and other powerful tools


  • The dial can be tricky to rotate with cold hands

ABUS 190CS/60 Combination Padlock

ABUS 190CS/60 High Security Solid Steel Combination Padlock, Closed Shackle
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02/29/2024 07:15 am GMT

Unlike most other padlocks, Abus 190CS/60 features a hardened steel lock body. Even though the lock’s body shouldn’t necessarily be as robust as the shackle, this model makes sure that both are equally robust. 

It’s comparatively heavy and weighs around 1.5 pounds. If you are willing to add a few more bucks to your budget, you can check out the Abus 158CS/65 model from the same brand. Both are combination and close shackle padlocks. However, 158CS/65 is comparatively lighter and features 5 digits in the front. 

In comparison, 190CS/60 features 4 dials at the bottom of the lock body. 


  • Hardened Steel: Both the body and the shackle is made of hardened steel, ensuring maximum security. It protects your property against pry attacks, picking, and other unwanted situations. 
  • Combination Lock: It combines two padlock styles into one by featuring a close shackle and a combination system. 
  • Convenient To Use: You won’t have to carry a key because it only requires dialing your preset combination to unlock the lock. 


  • Secures doors and other properties from strong power tools
  • Protects against pry attack by eliminating the chances of lock picking
  • Easy to use with the combination system and does not require a key


  • The aperture is small and doesn’t feet all door hasps

Stanley Hardware S828-160 Closed Shackle Padlock

Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock
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Stanley padlock is highly efficient for protecting several types of unwanted attempts. It’s a high-security padlock that’s perfect for someone who wants protection against lock picking, drilling, and cutting. 

It features a double ball bearing system to help you get higher security against pry attacks. The shackle is made of hardened steel that ensures a cut-resistant feature. If you want to go for a cheaper lock, the same brand has another model Stanley Hardware S828-145 CD8820. Both of them are pretty similar in features except for security level. S828-160 has an ASTM security grade of 5, whereas the other one has 4. 

The only downside may be the rekeying system due to the patented keyway cover. We suggest you consult a padlock specialist if you wish to rekey the lock.


  • Anti-drill: The keyway features a patented cover to ensure maximum protection against drilling. This also makes it a bit difficult to rekey the lock. 
  • Anti-cut: The shrouded shackle is made of high-quality steel to prevent cutting. It’ll protect your valuables from potent cutting tools. 
  • Hard To Pick: The lock comes with a double ball bearing mechanism along with a 6-key cylinder, making it harder to pick than other locks. 


  • Help you stay protected against pry attacks
  • Cut-resistant shackle adds security measurement to your place
  • Patented keyway cover makes it drill-resistant


  • It can be a bit complicated to rekey the lock

SQUIRE Combination Padlock

This is one of the toughest padlocks you’ll find. It’s a combination lock that removes the necessity of carrying a key with you. The appearance of this lock is also different from other locks. 

Along with being easy to use, the lock is perfect if you want a weather-resistant lock. Much like the Abus 158CS/65, it comes with five dials to increase the security level. More dials mean more possible combinations, making it impossible for intruders to guess the pin. 

It’s a smart option for anyone looking for an outdoor lock because it’s made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 


  • Weather Resistant: High-quality alloy metals make the lock more resistant to stubborn weather conditions. It’s a perfect choice for any outdoor situation. 
  • No Need of Keys: Fully re-codable combination system removes the necessity of the traditional key system. It’s a full-proof padlock featuring a superior quality combination mechanism. 
  • Difficult For Intruders: While the lock is easy to use for users, it’s equally difficult to access it by intruders. A hardened steel shackle makes the lock cut-resistant to make it more challenging for thieves to break the lock. 
  • Best For: It’s a versatile lock that you can use for cabinet doors, tool boxes, storage containers, school lockers, sports equipment, and gates. 


  • Suitable for outdoor use with weather-resistant feature
  • Strong protection against cuts and picks
  • Easy to use by a preset personalized combination


  • The shaft is too small for some doors

Types Of Closed Shackle Padlock

Closed shackle padlocks can be divided into 4 distinct groups. Namely-

Closed Shackle Brass Padlock

Brass padlocks feature brass as materials for almost all parts except the shackle. Brass can protect against corrosion, making the lock weatherproof. It’s a popular material in locks.  

Most of the time, the casing, cylinder, and keys are made of brass. On the other hand, the shackle can be made of hardened steel, boron carbide, or some other strong material. 

Closed Shackle Extreme Padlock

Closed shackle extreme padlocks are weatherproof, thus rust and corrosion resistant in nature. They can provide solid security, and you can use them outdoors. Extreme is actually famous for the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Large Closed Shackle Combination Padlock

Closed shackle combination padlocks are large and don’t require any keys. You can preset your personalized combination using easy steps. 

They are a popular choice for people who prefer convenience in locks. Besides, when you need to allow multiple people access to the lock, you can simply provide them the combination. Later, you can change the combination if you remove access to other people. 

Closed Shackle’ Rock’ Padlock

Locks that feature hardened steel closed shackles are referred to as closed shackle ‘rock’ padlock. They’re impressively robust against cutting tools, including bolt cutters. 


What features should I look out for?

When buying a closed shackle padlock, look for the lock body material, shackle material, keying system, removable shackle, security level, and the shackle quality. The primary concentration should be on the shackle because that’s what provides a padlock attack resistance. 

What is the best weatherproof padlock?

The best weatherproof padlock features a protective cover that secures your lock from rust, corrosion, dust, and heat. These locks can withstand extreme temperatures and works efficiently in all weather conditions.  

What’s the most secure type of padlock?

The most secure type of padlock comes with a protected shackle. Shackles are the most vulnerable parts of it. Keeping the shackle safe means increased security. The less shackle exposed, the more secure the padlock. 

What is the hardest padlock to cut?

Padlocks featuring shackles with hard materials like hardened steel and boron carbide are the hardest to cut. Besides, look for padlocks with minimal shackle exposure to ensure that no tool can access them for cutting. 

Final Words

It’s always better to go for a closed shackle when you want your valuables to stay protected. We intend to reduce your search time to find the best-shrouded padlock with this article. If you want a lock that combines all qualities the standard padlock should have, we recommend you go for the ABUS 96CSTI/50 Padlock.

If it’s a convenience that you seek, go for the Master Lock Padlock. It’s convenient to use and offers robust security. Other than these, all padlocks we mentioned in this review will make sure you get the highest sense of security because they are the finest ones available. 

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