Lock And Key by Sarah Dessen | A Book Review About Contradiction Of Life

‘Lock And Key’, it’s the title of a famous book.

So, no, we’re not going to the ancient history about lock and key.

Just we’re starting a book review(love it?), named ‘Lock And Key’ written by Sarah Deseen because you love books.

Oh, we love also.

This book is related to this site where you are in.

This novel is started with a sad story and all the pages of this book with the full of a contradiction of life.

Here are a different life’s angle and independence of life.

Want to know about life what you all(me also) are spending with happiness?

Actually, are you happy?

Oh, that’s another thing, let’s dive into the book review.

Before we start, would like to say you have to pause here.


I don’t know!

Don’t worry, I know!

Without knowing about Sarah Dessen who is the writer of this book, it wouldn’t be better.
So, let’s start with her.

Sarah Dessen

On June 7, 1970, Sarah Dessen was born in Evanston, Illinois, United States.

Her father and mother were both professors at the University of North Carolina and they were teaching their classicism and Shakespearean literature.

To know about her characteristic and nature, you should read her.

This book is her 8th novel, published in 2008.

Book Review-Lock And Key

lock and key by sarah dessenWant to know about the story of her book?

Don’t you love books?

If you love books, you shouldn’t hear the story without reading!

So, go back to read.

Or before going back, just know about the summery that can inspire you to read it.


Ruby is the main character of this novel, her mother was an alcohol addicted and her older sister was Cora, who had left college when Ruby was 8. Two years later, Cora married a man, named Jamie Hunter.

Cora forced Ruby to move in with her because their mother was addicted and she wouldn’t take care of her properly.

Ruby had worn a key as an ornament on a chain around her neck. That’s the main theme that inspired to name this type of title of this book.

Should we continue?

We think, after reading this book, then come back here to continue scrawling.
It was hard for Ruby to adjust with her new life, for that she sometimes attempted to run away, but she didn’t succeed.

Some days later, when she realized that her sister Cora had not been avoiding her, but after that, it was not possible to rescue from her mother and the outcome was the same.
Ruby involved taking alcohol and drugs as like her mother.

And the new story began.

One day a businesswoman, named Harriet offered a job for Ruby for her jewelry shop because she(Harriet) got a business idea from her.

We’ve mentioned before that, Ruby wore a key as a neckless on the chain that businesswoman copied and applied in her business and that creates an instant hit.

One day, Ruby was informed by her sister that the polish had found her mother unconscious in a hotel room.

we think you’ve remembered that Ruby’s mother was a drug addicted.
And after finding her, polish sent to the rehabilitation center.

Now, need a break?

Can go to read the book at the leisure time!

After that, we’ll start again.

Time Up

history of locks and keysNow, we’re going to at the end of the story.

We have known Ruby’s lifestyle before, she was the independent and unique girl, optimistic also.
Ruby upheld his family’s condition on English report at the end of the school year. She showed two family’s pictures, first one was of Jamie’s huge family and the second was her 18th birthday party.
Now we’re at the end of the story.

Ruby got an acceptance letter from a University where Naye, Cora’s next-door neighbor got also a chance to study there.

And finally, Ruby left her sister for her graduation.

There was a scene, that she took out the old key that she wore as a neckless from the pocket to the yellow house and then dropped it into the koi pond.

What is the moral of the story?

Depends on you.

That last scene inspired the writer to give the title like that, ‘Lock And Key’.


What have we learned from this book?

I don’t know!

Yeah, learning from a book is depended on a reader who read it.

Realization and learning aren’t similar to all people.

So, I know what I’ve learned but I don’t know what you have.

Happy Reading!

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