Kwikset Door Lock Reviews (Keyless Entry For Better Security)

Kwikset Door Lock Reviews

Lever locks are used for home protection for years. But using lever locks with only key access is definitely not the ideal locking mechanism. That’s because you can’t just hand over keys to everyone you want to give access to. The electronic lever lock technology fixes this issue perfectly. That way, you get to keep the same reliable lever locking[…]

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Yale Smart Lock Review (You Need to Protect Your Family Smartly)

yale smart lock review

Door security is becoming challenging every day in modern times. As the burglars and intruders become more and more sophisticated with their techniques, it is an absolute necessity that you upgrade your security system. Today in our Yale smart lock review, we will discuss a security measure that is very up to date and secure your door unparalleled to any[…]

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Schlage BE469ZP Review to Protect Your Lives & Valuables

schlage be469zp review

Z-wave enabled smart lock makes secure your lives and valuables and a more comfortable life it actually offers what many people couldn’t think a decade ago.  A smart home do you have? If you have or not, this Schlage gives you the way you need to protect your family smartly. A fantastic thing you should know first, Schlage BE469ZP provides[…]

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Schlage BE365 Review (Secure Your Lives & Valuables)

Schlage BE365 Review

If you are willing to take your home security level up a notch, the Schlage BE365 is an excellent keypad lock to consider. It’s the best selling keypad lock by Schlage and undoubtedly the most high-performance one as well. This lock is super convenient and ensures maximum surveillance, and you can’t ask for more in a keypad lock. It’s perfect[…]

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Samsung SHS-P718 Review (Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock)

Samsung SHS-P718 review

You probably know about Samsung by the digital TVs and electronic stuff that they produce. But did you know that they have some of the best ranges of digital door locks as well? These locks provide maximum security to your house and come with all kinds of advanced features that help to make your life easier.  The SHS-P718 door lock[…]

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5 Best Biometric Door Lock to Protect Your Lives & Valuables

best biometric door lock

Security is becoming everything these days. There’s no way to take your security to another level then investing in a biometric lock. Perfect for both residential and commercial use, biometric locks are becoming trendy day by day. The primary reason is that they provide quick and easy access and remove the necessity to keep track of a key.   If you’ve[…]

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Best Door Barricade To Secure Your House You’ll Ever Need!

best door barricade

The importance of your home security can never be emphasized enough. Burglars and intruders are always targeting houses with no extra security measures. It’s time to add an extra security measure to your home to ensure safety for all. Barricades are very popular and trustworthy when it comes to increasing security. Because they’re screwed to your floor, they offer you[…]

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6 Best Pocket Door Locks for the Ultimate Security at Home

best pocket door lock

If you wanted something that can be handled pretty easily and gives you the full security of reinforced doors in your interior doors, do you know what we would recommend?  Pocket door locks! The practicality of these, bonded with the benefits that you get, make these locks near must-haves for your door lock mechanism. Whether it is your closet or[…]

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10 Best Door Reinforcement Locks for a Burglar-proof House

best door reinforcement lock

When you think about home vulnerability, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how safe is the main door? Let alone the main door; if the house has multiple entries, you’ll be tensed about the backup you’re getting from all sides. And unless you add reinforcements to these (besides the lock that you get,) you’re only going to[…]

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