5 Best Door Hinges (Get Your Door to Feel Comfortable)

Your door does a lot for you. It keeps you safe and provides you privacy. But when an essential part of your door is damaged, the whole experience can become very uncomfortable for you. Door hinges may be small in size, but they’re crucial for connecting your door to the frame. 

In this post, we aim to put some light on important information about the best door hinges along with everything else you need to know about them. Forget about squeakiness and any other unpleasant experience with your doors.  

Best All-Around (Quick Chart)

5 Best Door Hinges to Protect Your Door

However small they may be, door hinges don’t hold any less important than other parts. You must select the best quality door hinges to make yourself comfortable while using the doors.

Keeping all the necessary features in mind, we created a list of the five best door hinges to offer you easy access to your decision. 

Kesler 3.5-inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges

(Pack of 50) Kesler 3 1/2 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges (5/8" Radius Corners)
  • Pack of 50 Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges with Matching Screws for Installation
  • 5/8" Radius Corner Full Mortise Door Hinge
  • 3-1/2 Inches by 3-1/2 Inches
  • Smooth operating Plain Bearing Hinge
  • Genuine Kesler Brand Hinges

For a smooth operating and squeak-free experience, you can always trust the brand ‘Kesler.’ High-quality materials used for making these hinges provide you a comforting experience and longevity. The hinges’ leaves are embossed with the brand name to make sure you’re getting real products. 

You’re getting a set of 50 hinges with this pack. So if you are thinking about replacing your home door hinges or installing new ones, you don’t have to buy them separately. The hinges feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish that looks absolutely classy on any home interior. If you measure aesthetics, these will pass the test with flying colors. 

They are full mortise meaning that they are not too bulky yet provides smooth operating. The plates are 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch, and the rounded corners are 5/8 radius. This is a standard size for any interior home doors. There are matching screws included necessary to install the hinges. 


  • The plates are not bulky yet operate with smoothness and durability
  • Set of 50 hinges provides all necessary pieces in one pack 
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish makes your door look classy and elegant


  • The pins may be a bit difficult to remove

Brahmco Satin Nickel Door Hinges

18 Pack | 3.5" Satin Nickel Door Hinges: 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch (5/8 Inch Radius Corner) Brushed Nickel Door Hardware
  • 8X SCREWS PER HINGE: 6x 3/4" and 2x 1-3/4" (for deeper anchoring) - The extra long screws will come in handy spectially when replacing existing hardware using the same hole pattern. The screws are propery finished to match EXACT COLOR of the door hinges.
  • GREASED from factory to ensure a SQUEAK FREE , silky smooth, soft-close-like door swing operation.
  • Quality door hinges, solid steel construction, true satin nickel finish. Durable dual clear coating finish provides extra protection against the elements and corrosion.
  • REMOVABLE PIN, our hinges are fully finished/coated, greased and re-assembled.This process ensures the removability of the pin as opposed to "painted shut" ungreased models.
  • Each hinge comes individually packaged in polybag to maintain its finish surface intact unlike no other.

These high-quality door hinges from Brahmco are made of solid steel. Satin nickel finish on them provides a premium look. A robust double-layer paint material offers additional protection against any possible corrosion.

Brahmco door hinges are greased at the factory to ensure a silky smooth, squeak-free double door turning process with a smooth close. The hinges come with removable pins. They are coated, graded, and reassembled finely, which you won’t find in many other competitors.

You will get eight screws with each hinge. Six of them are standard size (3/4-inch). The rest two are large screws (1 and3/4 inch) provided for deep anchoring. Extra-long screws are effective when you want to replace the existing hardware with the same hole pattern.  

The screws exactly match the color of the door hinges. There’s no deviation, so if you are uptight about aesthetics, you will not be disappointed with Brahmco. 


  • High-quality steel hinges coated in two layers of paint provides a tough and durable finish
  • Extra-long screws provided for a deeper anchoring
  • The hinges are greased to provide a squeak-free soft operating system


  • Some users don’t prefer the greasy feature 

Dynasty Hardware Oil-Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges

Dynasty Hardware 3-1/2" Door Hinges 5/8" Radius Corner, Oil Rubbed Bronze, 24 - Pack
  • Wood Screws Included
  • Finish: Oil Rubbed Bronze (10B
  • 2.2 mm Thickness Door Hinges
  • Removable Pin
  • Brand New - Package of 24 Hinges

Dynasty Hardware includes 24 high-quality steel door hinges in this package. These bronze door hinges are oil rubbed from the factory. They’ll make your door open and close smoothly without causing any disturbing sound or squeak. They can fit in doors featuring 5/8-inch radius corner hinge spaces. 

The hinges are made of high-quality and robust steel to protect them from damage and last a long time without any hindrance. When you install them, you can stay worry-free of changing door hinges only after installing them. 

Featuring removable pins, these hinges come with oil-rubbed wooden screws included with the pack. We recommended you use these on interior doors. They will indeed work as a meticulous detail that changes the whole look of your home. The perfect bronze color will grant a classic look to the doors. You can easily install them by yourself. You only have to attach them using the screws.


  •  High-quality steel ensures long, durable life
  • Oil rubbed from the factory for squeak-free, smooth door movement
  • Removable pins add an extra advantage


  • The finish might be darker than seen in the picture.
  • The color is more like black than oil-rubbed bronze

Ilyapa Interior Door Hinges

Ilyapa 18 Pack Brushed Nickel Door Hinges for Doors, 3.5 x 3.5 Inch Interior Satin Nickel Door Hinges Door Hardware, for Doors 3 1/2 Inches, with 5/8 Inch Radius Corners
  • BRUSHED NICKEL DOOR HINGES - from office doors to hallway doors, bedrooms, bathroom doors and more, our interior door hinges each feature 6 holes, and measure 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches.
  • HEAVY DUTY INTERIOR HINGES SATIN NICKEL come in a box with 18 hinges, complete with 108 short screws (measuring 3/4 inches), and 18 long screws (measuring 1.5 inches). We know you'll love these nickel door hinges!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED DOOR HARDWARE to protect against scratches, while plain bearing hinges ensure smooth operation. Perfect for use on interior doors in your home, office, school, and more.
  • PERFORMANCE DOOR HINGES satin nickel 3.5 feature smooth and level operation. Door hardware hinges can open up to 270 degree angle. Hinges for door interior applications.
  • PROMISE OF QUALITY - We are so sure that you will love your door hardware hinges, that if you aren't fully satisfied, contact us and Ilyapa will replace them.

If you are looking for tough, durable hinges, then Ilyapa door hinges are perfect for you. They are heavy-duty and feature a robust structure ensuring durability.

You can get these beautifully crafted hinges for any interior door. Rigid metal and satin-nickel finish provide an elegant look to these hinges. The hinges will make an excellent addition to your doors. You won’t hear any kind of noise or squeaking from these hinges. They are easy to install as well. Mounting hardware is included as well.

You will get 18 hinges in a pack will all the necessary hardware. Smooth finishing with noiseless door operating will provide you with a satisfying experience.

Some users complained that the pins are hard to remove. Other than that, the hinges are durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. To round up all the features, this is one of the best hinges for heavy doors. 


  • Durable, heavy-duty build ensures long service
  • All mounting hardware comes with the package for an easy installation experience
  • Squeak free, smooth, and silent


  •  The pins can be hard to remove

Amazon Basics 3.5-inch Matte Black Door Hinges

Amazon Basics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Door Hinges, 18 Pack, Matte Black
  • Matte black finish
  • Durable steel construction
  • Pack includes 18 total hinges
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Detailed installation instructions included

A set of 18 making your door setting convenient is offered by Amazon Basics. It’s a perfect set of hinges with a stylish look to match your home interior. If your rooms feature darker colors, these hinges will blend right in. The matte black finish provides an aesthetically pleasant outlook for your home.  

The hinges come in 3.5-inch by 3.5-inch standard size that is suitable for almost all interior doors. Necessary hardware for installing the hinges is provided with the pack, including an easy-to-follow guide. There are 6 holes for mounting the hinges. 

One noticeable feature of these hinges is, they come with rounded edges to match the door frame’s hinge slots. Even though the hinges are small in size, they are made of durable steel to withstand the door weight and provide long-lasting service. 

Amazon Basics always exceed customer expectations with their premium quality. These door hinges offer you a smooth open and close experience without any squeak noises. 


  • Durable steel grant you long-lasting use with superior comfort
  • The matte black outlook is perfect for urban home décor 
  • A pack of 18 hinges allows you all the pieces you need in one package


  • The black finish is not as matte as some users would expect

Types of Door Hinges

The first thing you consider when buying door hinges is what type you need. There are several types of door hinges based on how they operate and are made. When replacing your old hinges, it’s obvious to go for the same type as the former ones. But if you are buying door hinges for a new and fresh door, it’s important to find out what type will be most suitable for your door.

Ball Bearing Hinges

Ball-bearing hinges are the best hinges for heavy doors. They feature permanently lubricated bearings to make the closing and opening of heavy doors smoother and are structured to withstand frequent use with a heavy door. The best ball-bearing door hinges are mostly appropriate for commercial use. 

Plain Bearing Hinges

Plain bearing hinges are simple in design and often a common choice for commercial and residential doors. A plain bearing hinge features a barrel made of multiple pieces held together by a pin. The pin can sometimes be removable to make it easy to remove the door. 

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are one type of plain bearing hinge. They are suitable for heavy doors and often found on interior doors. These often come with removable pins.

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges feature a built-in spring inside the barrel. These hinges are for doors that automatically shut after opening. Because of this self-close design, spring hinges are great for external doors to keep the air conditioning in.

Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges are mounted on the door’s inside. You don’t see them from the door’s outside. These hinges are mainly used for cabinet doors, and they come with a modern and clean look. 

Continuous Hinges

A continuous hinge runs through the full length of the door. It distributes the weight of the door along the entire hinge. It’s common to find these hinges on smaller items like jewelry boxes or storage chests.

Continuous piano hinges are perfect for blast doors, commonly used on bomb shelters, home safes, and bank vaults. Nowadays, this kind of door hinge is a popular choice for rustic décor and barn doors.

Flush Hinges

One common type of hinge for cabinets or other lightweight interior doors is flush hinges. These are partly hidden on the outside but not entirely hidden like concealed hinges. They are attached to the door surface with screws. 

Swing and Sway Hinges

Swing and Sway hinges are mainly used for café doors. These hinges provide a perfect door alignment using lateral in-out adjustment. They operate quietly and are easily removable when the door needs to be removed.

Knuckle Hinges

A knuckle hinge has a small ball-bearing in the middle connected to two slim strips. The strips are attached to the frame and door. 

Knuckle hinges are often used on decorative doors. They can be used for both heavy and light doors.

Buying Guide for Door Hinges

Several factors are important to pay attention to when shopping for door hinges. No matter if you’re installing a new door or simply upgrading the hardware on an existing one. You will need to consider some information you start finding the best door.

The Door Type

Are you looking for interior or exterior door hinges? Interior doors are generally made of a lighter material and have smaller hinges, usually in the 3.5-inch range.

Exterior doors are made of stronger and heavier materials to protect the home and help insulate. They have larger hinges measuring approximately 4 inches to support the additional weight of the door.

The Way Your Door Turns

Do you want the door to open and close manually using the standard one-way swing range, or do you want the door to close on its own when opened? A plain bearing hinge is perfect for opening and closing standard doors.

Doors that open freely forward and backward, such as those that give access to the kitchen, may require a double-acting spring hinge. Self-closing hinges are ideal for doors that you want to open one-way but close automatically.

Mortise and Surface Hinges

If you will be using the door frequently, mortise hinges will be better suited for you. Surface hinges, on the other hand, are more suitable for lighter doors like cabinet doors. When replacing old hinges, you can check the old ones for reference. 

Number of Hinges

Before buying door hinges, it’s important to pay attention to how many hinges each door has to calculate how much to buy. This is important when installing hinges on multiple doors, especially if the doors are of different sizes.

If you don’t know for sure how many hinges you need, you can simply count the number of existing door hinges.

If you are installing a new door for the first time, then the rule of thumb is that one hinge should be provided for each 30-inch high or 30-inch section.

Removable and Fixed pins

The knuckles are held together by a metal pin on which both plates rotate on a plain bearing hinge. When buying a hinge, you should check the product information to see if the pins are removable or not.

If they are removable, before installing the door and pins, you can separate them from the wall and screw each hinge plate separately. If the pins cannot be removed, you must either replace one hinge at a time or force someone to hold the door firmly on you until you attach the hinges.

Hinge Finish

Door hinges come in many different finishes, as do other hardware items. Matte Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oiled Bronze, and Brass are just a few of the common finishes.

Make sure to buy hinges that match the door handle and other accessories in the room. By having the same equipment and hardware, you can greatly improve the overall aesthetics of a room.


What is a plain bearing hinge?

A plain bearing hinge has a barrel made of multiple pieces held together by a pin. It features a simple design and is often used for both residential and commercial use. 

How is a hinge measured?

A hinge can be measured using a measuring tape. From top to bottom to measure the height. For width, from one leaf’s edge to the middle and then multiplying it by two. 

Are there left and right door hinges?

If you face the door while standing outside, you can determine whether the door hinges are left or right. If the door hinges are placed on your left side, they have left door hinges. If they are on your right-hand side, they are right door hinges. 

How many hinges do I need?

It depends on your door length how many hinges you need. It’s suggested to use one hinge per 30-inch section. 

Are ball-bearing hinges better?

Ball-bearing hinges are considered heavy-duty hinges. They feature a robust structure that makes them durable. Compared to plain bearing hinges, ball bearing hinges tend to last longer. 

How many hinges should interior doors have? 2 or 3?

Whereas light internal doors can be fitted with 2 hinges, doors with security functions need at least 3 hinges to make the door difficult to force. If the door is over 2200mm, you may have to fit 4 hinges. 

Final Words

Door hinges make a lot of difference to your door. It can augment your home décor, increase security and provide a comfortable experience while using your door. Whether you are replacing your old hinges or installing new ones, it’s always better to go for the best ones, so you don’t have to change them again any time soon.

There are a lot of things to consider before you choose hinges for your doors. Take enough time to do in-depth research and compare all essential features before getting the best door hinges for your doors. 

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