Schlage BE365 Review (Secure Your Lives & Valuables)

If you are willing to take your home security level up a notch, the Schlage BE365 is an excellent keypad lock to consider. It’s the best selling keypad lock by Schlage and undoubtedly the most high-performance one as well.

This lock is super convenient and ensures maximum surveillance, and you can’t ask for more in a keypad lock. It’s perfect for both interior and exterior places, and that definitely gives you more flexibility to use it almost anywhere in your house.

Let’s check out the Schlage BE365 review to get an even better look at this amazing lock.

Schlage BE365 Review (Protect Your House)

Schlage BE365 V CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Electronic Keyless Entry Lock, Satin Nickel
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05/28/2023 12:20 pm GMT

The Schlage BE365 does come with a lot of features and qualities that make it such a fantastic keypad lock. In the following segment, we’ll check out some of the main features of this fantastic lock, and that might help you find out whether it’s a lock that you might consider in your place or not.

Maximum Surveillance

The main purpose of having a lock in your house is to ensure the security of what you expect to protect your lives and valuables. And the Schlage BE365 has got your back in that scenario. It guarantees maximum surveillance and keeps any unwanted guests away from your house.

It’s operated with a keypad, which can be programmed with 19 codes. 2 codes are pre-programmed in the lock, and that way, you can start using it immediately after installation.

However, the multiple keypad code access allows you to ensure better safety. It’s because you won’t have to hand over the keys to someone to give him access. Also, as the lock can be programmed with 19 codes, you won’t have to share the one main code with anybody that can risk the safety,

You can see how it’s pretty safe to maintain the security of your house using this lock. Most of the keyless locks that you find available in the market lose a strong keyed deadbolt’s integrity. 

Unlike such locks, the BE365 keypad lock guarantees top-notch security as Schlage has been producing top-class deadbolt locks since 1920. So, they know how to deliver the best performance and convenience to their customers more than any other brand in the marketplace.

Easy Installation

Some people don’t like to put digital locks in their houses. And a huge reason for that, it’s not easy to install a digital lock and takes so much time to do all the modifications, and it’s super hard to maintain as well, most of them think so. But truly speaking, it’s not like that and actually means, easy to install and very easy to use. 

However, the Schlage doesn’t require any of that hard effort. You don’t need to put any wiring to install the lock in place, which is pretty impressive. All you need to get it in perfect working order is a two-way screwdriver. Everything else is provided in the package, and that’s super handy.

You can look up an online manual to learn how to install it in place. It’ll take you somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes to get in place, which is pretty convenient. Another great thing you should know it’s designed to fit all standard doors. 

The door thickness range is typically 35mm 44mm, and you can use the thick door kit to go beyond the range too. The backset of plates and deadbolts fit 2 to 0.375 inch or 2 to 0.75-inch backsets, which makes it a universal lock, and you won’t have any hassle installing it in your place.

Quick and Safe Access

The BE365 lock by Schlage has 2-way access, with programmed codes and with the key. However, the key is mostly used to get emergency access, and users typically use it as a keyless lock.

The backlit keypad allows you to enter the 6 digit code easily without having to struggle in low light conditions. And again, you can program 19 unique codes, which helps you to ensure maximum security.  

It’s powered by only one 9v battery that delivers great battery life. Also, you’ll get to know when to change it as the lock features a low battery indicator as well. 

However, it might take a bit of time to replace it as you’d have to take the housing off with a screwdriver, and that does take more time and effort. Yet, it’ll easily last you for a year or two anyway. So, it’s not that big of a deal. Overall, this lock gives you fast and secure access and also has a perfect user interface as well.

Elegant Design

Let’s get real for a moment; most of the digital locks you find on the market are pretty bulky and don’t look that natural on your door. It can be a huge drawback for some people who don’t want to mess up their house’s aesthetic design.

Luckily, the Schlage BE365 has a very elegant design to it. It’s not bulky and has a Satin Nickel finish to it. That’s pretty sleek and looks standard in your door. Also, the Satin Nickel color has a somewhat matt design and helps to give a natural look that you’ll love.

The keypad is fully silicone coated, and that prevents any wearing off issues of the numbers. So, you can use your keypad lock for years without any kind of problems. It’s just a perfect lock for your money and definitely lives up to its price. 


  • Super easy installation
  • Maximum security guarantee
  • Backlit keypad 
  • Sturdy build
  • Best value for your money


  • No biometric access
  • Not a lot of room in the user database

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Schlage BE365 V CAM 716 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Electronic Keyless Entry Lock, Aged Bronze
  • KEYLESS CONVENIENCE: Use 2 pre-programmed codes for easy setup out of the box; assign up to 19 codes for trusted friends and family to experience convenient, keyless security.Control...
  • PREMIUM SECURITY: High-quality metal construction provides strength where it counts; Grade 2/AAA rating offers trusted security and durability for residential and light commercial applications,...
  • BATTERY POWERED FOR RELIABLITY: Deadbolt operates with included 9V battery; avoid lockouts with dedicated low-battery indicator; get up to 2 years of battery life with typical use
  • SECURE KEYPAD ACCESS: Durable, silicone-coated numbers illuminate when pressed making it easy to enter your code in the dark
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Replace an existing deadbolt yourself with no skill required; install in minutes with only a screwdriver and no hardwiring
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05/28/2023 12:35 pm GMT

Final Words

You just went through the Schlage BE365 review and can see for yourself why it’s a fantastic pick. 

You see, home security is very critical, and there’s no compromising the quality when it comes to choosing a good quality lock. Even if it means, you have to spend a few extra bucks to ensure better security, it’s undoubtedly a worthwhile investment to make.

And the Schlage BE365 lock is definitely a solid option in that case. You can consider this lock, and you won’t be disappointed with its quality and performance, which is a guarantee.

Schlage BE365 V CAM 619 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt, Electronic Keyless Entry Lock, Satin Nickel
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/28/2023 12:20 pm GMT

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