Samsung SHS-P718 Review (Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock)

You probably know about Samsung by the digital TVs and electronic stuff that they produce. But did you know that they have some of the best ranges of digital door locks as well? These locks provide maximum security to your house and come with all kinds of advanced features that help to make your life easier. 

The SHS-P718 door lock by Samsung is the most highly reviewed digital lock. It’s packed with excellent features, and if you are someone who’s willing to spend a bit extra for maximum security, this is a perfect door lock for you. Let’s go over an in-depth Samsung SHS-P718 review and cover everything about it.

Samsung SHS-P718 Review You Need to Protect your Lives & Valuables

As an amazing door lock, the SHS-P718 model has a lot of advanced features that make it stand out from the rest of the door locks available out there. Let’s check out some of its main features to get a better look at the lock itself, and that way, you can tell if it’s the door lock for you or not.

Advanced Security

Security is the #1 crucial thing in a lock, and that’s why we get locks in the first place. The SHS-P718 LMK is one of the best digital locks that provide incredible security features, and it helps to keep your house safe from any unwanted guests.

The robust dual structure makes it super sturdy, and it can withstand any bumps. And it’s also pick-proof as well, which takes out the risk of burglary. This lock is completely weatherproof, and that keeps it functional even in the worst-case scenarios.

It also comes with an intelligent IR sensor that can detect motion within a 70cm range, which is pretty amazing. It can also detect suspicious movements as well, which is basically prolonged movements within the sensor range. In that case, the security alarm integrated inside the lock will go out, and that’ll let you know about possible suspicious movements.

And there is an additional security feature that allows you to enter double authentication mode. That requires the user to use both fingerprint and pin to ensure maximum safety. You really can’t ask for more in a digital biometric door lock in terms of security.

Best User Experience

Another great thing about the SHS-P718 lock by Samsung is that it ensures the best user experience for you. Thanks to great user memory, you can store 1 master PIN, 30 users’ PIN/Card, and 100 fingerprints, which makes it super convenient.

It also comes with an automatic locking feature. That way, you won’t have to worry about locking the door every time you use it, which takes a massive load off of your head. It’s powered by 8 AA sized batteries that are designed to last you a very long time; at least 10 months to be approximate. 

However, you can use an emergency power contact (9V Battery) to power it when it’s dead. That takes out all the risk and hassle, and it’s just an amazing digital lock that makes your life so much easier with its convenient features.

There are different modes integrated into the lock that you can use as well. That helps to give you the best user experience in different scenarios, which is super helpful.

Quick Access

There are fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN access options for the door lock, and that’s super convenient. These allow you to get very fast access to the door, which is perfect for everyday use.

The fingerprint and RFID card allows you to open the door in a matter of seconds. And if you’re using the double authentication mode, you’d have to enter both the fingerprint and the PIN to get access to the door, which takes a bit more time but provides maximum surveillance.

However, in both cases, you’re getting much faster access to your door compared to conventional locks. Even if you use the numeric keypad, the touch screen will help you get it done much faster and without having to press any stiff button. So, you can actually say goodbye to the annoying analog keypads and the delay it causes.

You see, what’s the point of having a digital lock if it can’t give you faster access to the door? Yet, most locks available that are somewhat fast, don’t provide decent protection. Luckily, with the SHS-P718 lock by Samsung, you are getting everything at once.

Modern Design 

If you know about Samsung door locks, you know that they have a very modern and sleek look. And the SHS-P718 lock by Samsung is no exception to that, and it’s actually a super stylish digital lock to have installed in your door.

It has a polished finish to it, and it definitely blends with the door design seamlessly. However, the installation process is a bit complicated as it’s a mortise type lock. So, you should hire a professional to do the work and install it on your door. And when it’s done, you’ll fall in love with how it looks, which is a guarantee.

This digital lock also features a handlebar that makes it easier to get access to your door. Overall, it’s undoubtedly the best modern locks to get for your house, and you won’t be disappointed with its quality and performance.

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  • Instant access; perfect for everyday use 
  • Ensures maximum surveillance
  • Massive user data space
  • Advanced security features
  • Effective weather resistance 


  • Pretty expensive compared to other digital locks available out there
  • Doesn’t allow internet access

The best Samsung alternative you may consider: 

Final Words

As you went through the Samsung SHS-P718 review, you can probably tell that it’s undoubtedly a one of a kind digital door lock available in the market. It might feel a bit too pricey, but with all its advanced features, it’s definitely well worth your money.

So, if you are ready to take your home security level up a notch, this lock is truly a solid option for you. It’ll provide you with the highest level of surveillance that you crave without compromising the ease of usage, which you won’t find in most modern digital locks available out there.

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