ORIA Combination Lock | 10000 Combinations For Security

Most people have a general understanding of what a combination lock is, but all the types of the combination lock don’t be used for multi purposes. The ORIA combination lock is becoming very popular for its multi-purpose uses and the selling rate is growing day by day.

Many people are searching on the web to get a clear idea for multi-using by this ORIA lock, you’re one of them?

This article is for you!

I would like to share a good thing, if ORIA combination lock is available in your home, have an option to change its uses, we think you should change!

Hey! Not necessary to do that, just kidding!

If you don’t have an ORIA lock, this review is for you.

Oh, need a combination lock for widely uses?

10000 combinations possibilities you do have for widely uses and provide you higher security to ensure with bags, luggage and so on.

Now you are going to dive into reviews about the ORIA combination lock that helps you to know more details.

ORIA Combination Lock’s Security

Needless to say that, the level of security of the ORIA locks is very high and will get 10,000 combination possibilities that make you smarter to have the best user code for opening the padlock.

Now, you’re here to read a review about the ORIA combination that for security purposes you need to buy. Or we can say that you’re reading this article for choosing the best one.  

Used 3-digit combination lock before?

Whether you used it or not before, you have to be clear that 4-digit is safer than 3-digit.

Love it?

So, at the time of choosing the best padlock, 4-digit should be selected for having more security. It’s a great thing to be considered, the best padlock provides the best service, so 4-digit ORIA lock is the best one.  

ORIA Combination lockStrong Material

The size is not big, isn’t it?

No way to hesitate about the size because that doesn’t matter to have the best services.

By the research, we can say that you shouldn’t focus on the size to buy and even whether you buy this ORIA or not, have a little bit option to choose another one instead of this best one.

Now come here to listen-you’ll be very happy to know these padlocks made of zinc alloy and plated steel. There have waterproof function and anti-rust capability and even weather proof also. So feel free to use everywhere, cutting and breaking resistance provides you higher security level.

ORIA combination Lock

lock safeguardEasy To Set Or Reset

Who wants to waste the time?

We’re glad to share that it’s very easy to set or reset the password, no more time to waste. Using your favorite numbers as a password in your own combination can be easily accessed.

It’s easy to reset the password what you have set as a user code in your padlock by own self if you forget anyway. 

Attractive Design

You need an attractive and nice padlock we think so. Are we right or not?

Well. that’s why we should say, the design of the ORIA locks is attractive and lightweight. You can carry with your bags, luggage or something like that everywhere without worrying anymore.

Use For Everything

ORIA fits for indoor or outdoor and even you can use it in a Gym, school, toolbox, cases, chests, cabinets and anywhere you want to do. If we try to make a list, that would be a big length. So, no need to cost extra, just buy and use where needs.

How to set up the password?

Here is a picture that describes how to do it. We have collected this from Amazon to help you with setting up the password easily. Just following this picture’s instruction, perhaps you can be successful. How to setup the code in ORIA combination lock


  • The level of security is very high.
  • Waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Easy to set or reset the code.
  • Standard design.
  • The sturdy materials.
  • Offers 10000 combinations.


  • Expensive.
  • The customer review is not enough good at Amazon.
  • These are too big for standard luggage.

Need To Know

  • You have to remember the code when you set the password.
  • The code should be well-aligned with the scale line before opening the lock.
  • At the time of setting the password, the shackle should be pressed to the end completely.

Click here to see the latest price on Amazon and read customer reviews.


  • Dimensions: 80mm*20mm*80mm/3in*0.8in*3in (L*W*H)
  • Material: Steel and zinc alloy
  • Weight: 159g

Final Words

It’s not easy to get the low price range products’ review on the web separately. That actually means we would like to say that to have the individual products’ review of the low price range is tough on the website by searching on Google.

But individuals, these types of reviews help you more to know the details and have a full idea about the specific product what you need to buy.

For that purposes, we reviewed the ORIA combination for ensuring your bag’s safety and even everything like that.

lock safeguard

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What’s the next?

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