What Lubricant is the Best For Door Hinges?

Every morning of the last few weeks, I woke up when my brother opened the garage door to take the car. Want to know why? Just because our garage door creates heavy squeaking noise while opening and closing. This problem creates a mess in my mind and the only solution I found is a quality lubricant for the door hinges.

What lubricant is the best for door hinges? 3-IN-ONE Professional Door Lubricant is the best oil for the door hinges. As this lubricant prevents corrosion and squeaking of metals, this one is perfect for maintaining smooth operation for a longer time.

We all want to maintain doors rust-free and corrosion-free and want noise-free smooth performance. But, as we don’t use a quality lubricant in door hinges, it creates messy noise due to rust. So, we need the best lubricant to get smooth door operations.

What Lubricant is the Best For Door Hinges?

The 3-IN-ONE Professional Door Lubricant is best for door hinges because it includes premium-grade lubricants that minimize frictions to any type of door system. As the 3-IN-ONE helps to solve the problem of people for more than 100 years, you can trust the quality of their products.

In addition, this door lubricant is perfect for chains, sliding gate rollers, and most metal components. Besides, the lubricant is made of a quick-drying formula that minimizes the accumulation of dirt. With 11oz lubricant capacity, it gives you company for years.

Further, it includes a permanently hinged straw that ensures both wide and narrow shape spray. So, keep the straw up for stream or keep it down for spray. As a result, the easy delivery system helps in your every need.

Benefits of 3-IN-ONE Professional Door Lubricant

3-IN-ONE - 100581 Professional Garage Door Lubricant with Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways, 11 OZ
  • Professional grade lubricant minimizes friction in residential or commercial garage door systems, ensuring smooth operation
  • Use on hinges, tracks, chains, pulleys, sliding gate rollers, and other metal components to inhibit sticking
  • Prevents corrosion and squeaking of metal components
  • Quick-drying, no-mess formula leaves behind no residue, minimizing the accumulation of dirt and other contaminants
  • Permanently attached, hinged straw offers the option of a precision stream or fan-shaped spray
  • Minimize friction that maintains smooth operation
  • The quick-drying formula minimizes the accumulation of dirt
  • Easy to use with both a wide and narrow shape spray system.

Is WD-40 Good For Door Hinges?

As the WD-40 multi-use lubricant frees sticky mechanism and loosens rusty metal bonds to release rusted stuck, it is good for rusted bolts, valves, locks. But, it has a lower amount of lubricants. So, the WD 40 is not good for use on the door hinges.

To solve a squeaky issue of a door, spray it directly on the door and wait for some minutes. In fact, the quality lubricants of WD-40 lubricate hinges can ensure squeaky-free movement. But, it won’t last for long and that’s why it is not suitable as a permanent solution.

The other issue with the WD-40 is that this lubricant attracts dust and dirt, making your door hinges ugly and black. So, this quality lubricant is good for sticky and rusted metal, not so effective for door hinges.

What Can I Use Instead Of WD40?

Instead of WD-40, you can use 3-IN-ONE Door Lubricant. As the WD-40 lubricant attracts dust and dirt and may make your door hinges ugly and black, 3-IN-ONE – 100581 Professional Door Lubricant is a better option for fixing your squeaking door hinges.

Due to its quick-drying formula, this one minimizes the accumulation of dirt. So, because of the quick-drying formula, you can use 3-IN-ONE – 100581 door lubricant instead of WD40.

On top of that, this 3-IN-ONE door lubricant comes with premium-grade lubricants that minimize frictions to any type of door system. Also, the permanently hinged straw ensures both wide and narrow shape spray that helps you in every need.

What Type Of Grease Is Used To Lubricate Door Hinges?

There are different types of greases like Lithium grease, Silicone spray, and Graphite lubricant. These greases are suitable to lubricate door hinges. So, let’s have a look at the quality of these lubricants.

Lithium Grease

Due to the heavy-duty lubrication and rust protection, this is good for lubricating different types of door hinges. Besides, the lithium grease is thick compared to the other greases that make lubrication permanent. But, the problem is, lithium lubrication attracts dust and rust. So, the color of the hinge will be black and ugly within a few days.

Graphite Lubricant

Graphite lubricant is a black powder-type lubricant that can be used to solve squeak issues. In fact, it is a long-term solution. But, the only issue the black power can create a mess while it gets in contact with the painted walls.

Silicone Spray

Silicone spray is mostly used in noisy door hinges due to its quality lubrication. Besides, it is also usable with non-metallic materials. So, wherever you want to lubricate for comfortable use, silicone spray is always an option for you.

How Do You Make A Door Not Squeak When You Open It?

Oiling is the best solution to get rid of squeaky doors but you can still follow some ways to make a door now squeak while opening. Let’s dig into these useful ways.

Quick Opening

When you’re opening a door quickly, the door hinge doesn’t get in touch with the squeaky area and creates less noise. Besides, if you open a door quickly, it will create noise for a shorter period. As a result, the total noise will be reduced.

Lift The Door

This solution is only for the light doors as it is hard to lift heavy doors. As most of the door squeaks because of emplacements of parts, lifting can position the door parts properly. So, it is an effective solution to get a squeak-free opening.

Oiling the Hinge

If these steps don’t work well, the only solution is to use oil on the hinge. We strongly recommend you 3-IN-ONE Door Lubricant as it includes premium-grade lubricants that minimize frictions to any type of door system and helps to maintain smooth operation for a longer time.

Use Lubricants

To make a door squeaky-free, you can use lubricants like soap, olive oil, and hairspray. Apply one of these lubricants to the squeaky parts of the door and try the door to open multiple times. Water can also be used but it creates a rusty mess.

How Do You Lubricate Squeaky Door Hinges?

Within some simple steps, you can lubricate squeaky door hinges effectively.

Take Out The Pin Of Hinge

Before taking out the pin, select the squeaky hinge of the door. If only one or two hinges are squeaky, then use support so the door doesn’t detach from the frame. But, if all the hinges are squeaky, remove all the door’s pins and keep the door aside. Once you locate the hinge, then take out the pin with the help of a hammer claw or drill.

For safety purposes, keep the door in a supportive place. If the door is heavy to handle, we recommend you not to work alone. Take a friend who can hold the door in the proper position so that you get enough support to take out the pins of the hinge.

Spray Lubricant On The Pin

Spray the best 3-IN-ONE Door Lubricant on the pin and keep the pin at a flat surface for proper lubricating. As the lubricant is made of a quick-drying formula that minimizes the accumulation of dirt. Besides, this lubricant stays for a longer time on the surface that ensures smooth operation a long time. Due to its multiple benefits, it is the best lubricant for squeaky door hinges.

Put Back the Pin Into Hinge

Once you’re done with lubricating, it’s time to fix the hinge. So, put back the pin with the help of a drill. Check the door multiple times to make sure the door is working perfectly. If not, then remove the pin again and lubricate with more 3-IN-ONE Door Lubricant, and fix it.

How Do You Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge Without WD40?

If you don’t have lubricant like WD40, you can use household options like soap, candles, olive oil, and petroleum jelly to fix squeaky door hinges.


Soap is the best household option as it stays for a long time. After removing the pin, rub the pin on the soap and make a coating of soap on it. Then, put the pin back at the hinge to get squeaky-free opening or closing.


Hot wax of paraffin candles can be used for fixing squeaky door hinges. Once you remove the pin, submerged it on hot wax to get the wax coating. Finally, put it back with the help of a drill and get rid of the noisy door.

Petroleum Jelly

Most of the time we use jelly-like substances to lubricate anything. So, it is also usable in fixing squeaky door hinges. Just take a little amount of petroleum jelly and surround the pin with it. Once the covering is done, then place the pin back on the hinge.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is another alternative but it is not suitable for longer uses. If you only need a temporary solution of a squeaky door hinge, we will suggest using olive oil. After removing the pin, use a few drops of oil and fix it back to get positive results.

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