How to Secure a Door from Being Kicked in (10 Secrets!)

People living in urban or rural areas in the world rely heavily on the lock that is installed by the builders. This is the only way they have secured their locks. Sure, that helps prevent unwanted entries; the question we ask is if it is enough to stop a skilled, well prepared, and highly motivated burglar. The answer is no. With that being the United States situation, learning several tricks will surely come in handy to secure a door from being kicked in. Who knows, someday this will eventually save your life!

The techniques I am about to unveil here will help to strengthen your current front door security more. It will undoubtedly buy you time before the security officers or local authorities show up!

Securing your door is essential as you will feel safe and live without fears or worry. There are numerous ways you can strengthen your door. Here we will not talk about all the ways. We have selectively picked measures that are best in strategies, easy to install, and surely affordable! So without further delay, we give you 10 secrets on how to secure your doors from being kicked in. Let us begin!

How to Secure a Door from being Kicked in

10 secrets we’re going to show you to secure your door that protect your lives and valuables.

Let’s get started!

First Thing First: Lock the Doors!

It does not matter how advanced the security system you have in your house; if you don’t lock your door, who else can we blame for your misfortune? Studies show over 25% of burglars access the home because it was left unlocked.

First, lock your doors if you do not want people to get into your house without your permission. The other measures that we will discuss next will come in no use if your door is not locked correctly!

It would not be the truth to say that people do not make this kind of mistake. We have all done this. For people like us, it is really convenient to think of smart locks!

Smart locks are the best solution for a forgetful homeowner like you and me. Smart locks come with many varieties of features. They can be programmed to lock for a certain amount of times or a certain amount of day. For this, even if you have forgotten to lock your doors, you do not have to worry as your home will be secure.

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Consider this. A burglar is out looking for a target in your neighborhood. Two houses come to his sight. One is close to the street where people come and go by all the time. The other one is the one on the far side of the road, hideous and surrounded by many trees. People usually don’t go down there. Tell me, which one of the two will be an easier target for the burglars?

You know the answer already. People don’t feel like committing a crime in the middle of a crowd or in the open. So keep your house as visible you can to other people. Try trimming your bushes, remove obstacles, and cut trees if it is blocking all the views. These sightlines will make intruders choose different targets. If you want them to think twice before they target, keep your home exposed as much you can.

Motion-Activated Cameras

Why would you not want to see the guy who robbed your house today? This measure will also make him twice before breaking into your home. They know that even if they succeed, Police will be after him as they have their camera rolling and saved!

Also, get this, most of the home invasions happen in bright daylight! At this time, usually, people go out for work. When nobody is home, nobody will stop! There are many sophisticated gadgets out there that will give you an idea about where to put your camera. Smart doorbells could be your choice. They are one of the most popular ones that are used as a camera system. They have motion alerts, which means they will start recording only when they detect movement. You will also be receiving a notification on your phone with the recorded video. Isn’t that cool? In case you discover anything suspicious, call the Police, and they will take care of the rest.

Motion-Activated Lights

Imagine that a well-trained ninja is about to break-in into your house. He opens the map and is about to execute the first part of the plan. He steps into the front door, and Kaboom! Out of nowhere, there is light everywhere. Bewildered with shock, he steps back and flees! Would it be great!

Well, I have been over-imaginative here, but this measure is one of this kind. These lights only activate when they detect motion. The good news is they are relatively, very cheap! They are handy for intimidating criminals. So why not have one?

Install a Layer of Conspicuous Security and Lighting

From a burglar’s point of you, they would glance around and observe how secure any house is. They would calculate whether or not it is worth taking the risk. If the risk is worth more, they would quickly look after other targets.

For this particular reason, try installing dummy blinking security cameras. They are an effective deterrent for soon-to-be burgling burglars. Even ordinary people get nervous when they see flashing red lights.

Door Barricade or Security Bar

These two are getting popular in recent times. People are now relying on this to enhance extra security. These are solid steel systems that will make your door impenetrable!

If they provide the same service, their functionality differs. Barricades are installed at the ground level, and it slides closed, and in that manner, it stops the door from opening.

On the other hand, security bars work in two ways. In one, the width of the frame is stretched and fastened on both ends. On the other, it is reinforced by jamming the door in between the doorknob and the floor.

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Replace the Deadbolt Strike Plate

Deadbolt strike plates are important for door security. With the help of a deadbolt only, you can have your door shut; this will not be strong enough to protect the door from forceful entry. It is essential that the strike plate is replaced with a stronger box (strike model) that has longer screws. It must also have a full metal enclosure for the latch to lock into.

Reinforce the Door and Door Jamb

It is possible that a persistent burglar can break down an entire door frame with or without an installed box plate. All you need is a few forceful kicks! That is why need door reinforcement kit is required in order to fortify the door. It will withstand forceful entry.

how to secure a door from being kicked in

Secure the Door Hinges

Speaking hinge wise, there are inswing door and outswing door. The one that swings inside the house is inswing, and the one that swings outside the house is an outswing door. It is your matter to decide which one you want, but most people in the US prefer inswing doors.

If you have issues with space, an outswing could be very useful for you. In that case, your hinges will be the target of the intruders. You should have a tamper-proof security screw installed. Moreover, safety studs and shields effectively prevent the central hinge pin from being removed. Fast-riveted pins cannot be grabbed or pulled out, so this could be an alternate option for you.

Install Sturdier Door

The door itself is very important. Installing any other measures make no sense if you have a weak old door that is easily blown away with a kick or two. Plus, having a hollow front door will only decrease your security as it will break easily.

Some of the most solid doors are metallic and hardwood design. If you can afford to pay extra, I suggest that you buy Fiberglass doors.

Final Words

As we can see, there are a lot of ways you can stop burglars from door kicking! The risk that you will be a victim of a robbery can be easily reduced by applying any of the above measures. The best thing would be the application of two or more of them. So look out for those that you genuinely need and easily afford. But here is my suggestion.

I suggest you start by reinforcing you make your house as visible as possible. Working on bushes also makes your front yard clean and attractive. Criminals hate that as it is very open. On top of that, try reinforcing the door’s strike plates and all those hinges. You can see that these methods are inexpensive modifications that can be done quickly. It would be best if you didn’t spend a huge load of money on making your door impenetrable. Remember, this is a home, not a fortress. Your primary goal should be for invaders to work more to give up very fast and look for easier targets.

No good criminals want to risk more than necessary. That is the smart thing to do. The time that they realize it is very time-consuming, they will leave your front door alone.

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