How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key (Unique & Easy Tricks!)

If you lose the key or leave the keys to your house, then, want to enter the house without breaking the lock? It’s a desire to all, so now, any questions you have on how to open a locked door without a key?

However, you don’t need a key to open the door always; you’d be amazed to hear it, I think. But remember, when you are in such a situation, the first thing you should know, some tricks you have to apply for this operation. So, you can open the lock without the key if you need to, and it’s real! Even you’ll do right now. 

How To Open A Locked Door Without A Key

Suppose you hurried out and locked the door to go somewhere. Then you remembered, forgot to take the key and it remained on your table. At that bad moment, if you knew how to open a lock without a key, you wouldn’t have to break down your valuable door, right?

So let’s find out how to open a locked door without a key.

1. Butter Knife

You should know this fantastic thing, here is an opportunity to open any lock with a butter knife’s help. No need for a sharp knife for that job; you can do your operation very quickly with a butter knife.

If the knife’s tip is placed in the keyhole and turned, it’d be open naturally. However, a few doors with more complex keyholes can be fully opened if there is enough space between the door and the door jammer

Let’s find out how to open a locked door with a knife.

 What You Do

  1. First, decide what type of lock you want to open. With a spring loading system, pull the latch out of the pocket.
  2. Then you can open the door by unlocking the lock using your butter knife by pushing the latch back.
  3. Place the knife in the keyhole. If the lock is a pin-tumbler lock, you need to hold the blade as far as possible.
  4. With one hand, move the knife around the keyhole by pressing the doorknob and moving it left and right.
  5. If you get the sound of a click, it indicates that the knife has given something. Then place the knife between the door jam and the striker plate, sliding the knife around until you can push the latch inside.

who invented the lock

2.Use A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a tool that you use to fix various appliances around the house. To open locked doors, they can also be used. Flat-head screwdrivers are handy we tested because the flat edge can easily fit into any keyhole or door. If you have a button lock, the screwdriver is a good fit. 

Love to know you have a chance to use a thinner screwdriver as well. Keep in mind that the following tips help you know how to open a locked door with a screwdriver.

What You Do

  1. Press the door handle button with a screwdriver and turn it.
  2. If you are locked from the outside, try out a small hole in the doorknob and turn it until it catches into a groove and pops open the door.

3.Using a Credit Card

Using a credit card is another popular and oldest method because of availability. Actually, we all don’t forget to keep the card in the wallet or purse. So, from anywhere around the world, if you don’t find anything to unlock the door, you can use it. 

Credit cards are made of plastic resin or PVC solids that get stuck in the door and force the lock to open. Among the methods described above, the tools of this job are easy to achieve.

However, this process is not effective against deadbolts and high-security locks.

It is often used in simple latch locks that use a slashed latch bolt. But, it only succeeds when the lock is not attached to the strong strike plate. It requires some force, so make sure the material you are using is strong enough.

What You Do

  1. Slide the card well between the door and the jumbo.
  2. Sliding must continue until the card touches the lock barrel.
  3. The door opens easily if there is enough space for the card to enter.

4.Use A Paperclip

A paper clip is a curved piece of wire or metal that is used to attach paper together. It can be locked and unlocked. Although unlocking with this clip is a little time-consuming. 

What You Do

  1. Fold your paper clip so that one end of it is completely straight.
  2. Use the plus to bend the leg at a 90-degree angle in the middle.
  3. Lower the paper clip 1/4 inch again.
  4. Then bend the tip again to 1/4 inch so that it is curved forward and inverted down “L” shape.
  5. Insert the tip of the paper clip into the bottom of the keyhole and press it.
  6. Apply pressure, and you will automatically turn to open the door.

5.Use A Drill

If all else fails, try using a power drill, this is the last one. This will cause your lock to be lost, and you will need to reinstall the new lock. So we don’t advise you to use this method before using others.

This type of way requires an electric or battery-powered drill machine, a suitable size drill bit, a lubricant for the lock, and a crew drive. 

What You Do

  1. Attach something close to it with your drill bit.
  2. Drill a hole through the lock cylinder. Since most locks have five or six lock pins, there is some resistance to go near each pin.
  3. Run slowly, letting go through the middle of the cylinder without applying too much pressure. Keep running the drill as straight as possible to avoid unnecessary debris and damage.
  4. Turn the keyhole using a screwdriver. And the door should open. If the door does not open yet, the complete lock cylinder must be destroyed with a drill bit at least three-quarters of an inch in size.
  5. Anyway, with these effective tips, you can unlock your locked room so that your day goes by.

6.Calling for a Locksmith

Calling a Locksmith can sometimes be the best solution to unlocking without a key. A locksmith is always ready to help you. You just have to find someone who is a believer. Listen, viewer; if you fail to apply all of the above methods, you will have to survive with this. 

Final Thought

Can you open the door without the key? This is a challenging affair. We will come up with the points mentioned above to help you find the right and perfect solution. 

Always be aware that these solutions should not be abused. If you are not a professional locksmith, just use these tricks under your own door. 

Hope, now you know how to open a locked door without a key. 

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