How to Open A Jammed Door from Outside in 2021! (4 Easy Steps)

We all have been in this situation at least once in a lifetime. Your door gets jammed, and you cannot open it. The thing is, it is not rocket science when it comes to fixing it. Anyone with the right tool can do it.

Getting stuck in a situation like this is very stressful, and the smart thing to do would be to work on fixing it. Do you really want to do nothing about it when you come home from the office? Tell me. Fortunately, I am here to offer you an escape route from my mysterious closet. It is never enough to only learn about “how to open a jammed door from outside,” you should also know about the issues that are causing your door to jam in the first place. This will let you take early steps and prevent this annoying situation from happening. So why wait? Join me to learn all about it.

What are the Early Signs of a Jammed Door?

Know that a jammed door with reinforcement kits does not fall from the sky. With time you will receive signs that will tell you, “It’s time. Do something about it”. Let us explore the signs and causes for a jammed door.

  • Old Keys: Stop victim-blaming in your first thought. Consider the key that you are using? How long has it been? If the answer is “too long” or “can’t remember,” it’s probably very long and needs to be changed. Old keys possess a high threat because if they break inside the lock, you may have to consider changing the whole lock, which is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Rusty Lock: With time every lock will get rusty. There is nothing much you can do about it, really. So we work the other way. We try to extend its lifespan by lubricating it. If lubricating does not work, try changing it with a new one or consult a locksmith.
  • Exposer: Most locks are made up of metal. This metal is affected by the surrounding environment. With temperature, your lock may expand or contract, so your lock will lose its shape along with its integrity. If it is getting harder for you to open the lock which is not rusty and you have a new key, consult a locksmith to know whether he can fix it or you need a new lock entirely.
  • Keycard/Automatic Doors: With the hail of science and technology everywhere, locks are getting modernized with complicated mechanisms. If a problem shows up, try resetting. If resetting fails, immediately call the locksmith as there is nothing you can do without proper knowledge and tools.

How to Open a Jammed Door From the Outside?

So, here you are, standing in front of your door after a long exhausting office day. Your key does not click, and it appears that your door is jammed. What can you do? Here are 4 things to try before calling your locksmith.

Use Force as You Pick the Lock.

It may not sound like a genius idea at first, but in most cases, it works. Push or pull the door as you turn the key. Apply pressure in all directions. It is very common with older doors. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

Turn the Key in Both Directions.

Well, I admit that you know which direction to turn your key to unlock. That is beside the point here. When the door is locked, turning the key to the other direction helps to unjam the lock. So, go that way for a short distance and rotate back to your regular direction. This may resolve the issue over there.


Lubrication may help. But try to avoid the oil. Oil sometimes facilitates more jamming. Instead of oil, try graphite powder. A small short spray would be enough to make it work as usual. Overuse will make it counterproductive.

The Secret might be Hiding in the Key.

The key might bent, or some teeth might get damaged due to frequent use. If there is bending, unbending it with a force can relieve you from the stress. Replace it as soon as you get the chance. If the teeth are damaged, you may need to replace them right away!

What should You Do if Your Door is Stuck in an Open Position?

Even though it is not that common, you should be prepared for situations like this. There could be several reasons for your door to be stuck in an open position. To list a few:

  • Rusty Bolt
  • Damaged Cylinder
  • Humidity

There is nothing much to do if the issue is a rusty bolt or damaged cylinder except changing them. But you can do several things about humidity. You may try soap or sand to unstuck your door. Turning on your AC or a dehumidifier might also help you in this case.

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