4 Amazing Techniques On How to Open a Door with a Broken Handle Today!

Remember the MacGyver series in the ’80s? Who wasn’t crazy about it? This secret US operative who worked undercover at Phoenix Foundation is well known worldwide for his “genius-level intellect” and “special ability for adaptation and improvisation.” Among all of his outstanding works, opening a door lock is the best one. But don’t you dare imagine that it is one simple process to open a door! 

The broken handle of the doors is no new thing in our typical life. But, it could fall us into a trap getting locked in a room. So, how to open a door with a broken handle?

 You need to know for every kind of door handle round or lever, and the latch is the vital tool that locks the door. The latch is attached to a spring. Your job is to slide down the latch by card, plastic from a bottle, screwdriver, etc., whatever the tool you are using. Voila! Your door is open. 

Door Knobs vs. Door Lever: How to choose handles?

It has often seen people try to convince others to buy lever handles, unlike doorknobs lock, as it is a comparatively new type of handle. To be honest, I don’t prefer to convince you that way.

Because both kinds of knobs have numerous varieties of designs. Just by glancing at different shops, you can find the craftsmen’s aesthetic works on the handle. So, what are the criteria you must emphasize? These are the 4 unique ways to help you with this.

  • Griping: Of course, doorknobs don’t have a significant grip like a lever handle. More gripping means easy twisting, easy to open door. Most of the family has kids or older people. Doorknobs sometimes get harder for them while twisting.
  • Loose Clothing: Though knobs are handy, they can tear your clothes for their unique shape. In this case, knobs are safer for their round shape. 
  • Maintenance: As liver handles have springs to stick up the handle, it needs more maintenance. On the other hand, a round-shaped knob doesn’t need any spring. So, the lifetime could be shorter than the knob.
  • User Friendly: Undoubtedly, the lever handle door lock is user-friendly for its swiftness to use. Suppose you are holding bags in both hands and you have to open the doors. How can you do it? Your elbow can do the work (even your legs just joking) if you have a lever handle. But in the case of doorknobs twisting your arm is what you only have.

Replace vs. Repair (Door Handle)

It is often seen people get confused about replacing the door handle. Because replacing a door is conventionally costly than repairing. But, repairing is always not the solution, as it is unable to provide you with all your requirements.

Aside from that, there are many factors you need to consider before doing so. Here are lists-


  • Check Guarantee. You have it, just go and replace, no more talk. 
  • No lock-in handle wanna add lock—time for a replacement.
  • Thinking about the new design, buy a new handle.
  • Oh boy! Your locks went down totally. Replacement is the only solution now.


  • Antique design, suits with other handles in your home. Don’t wanna change your design? Repair it now.
  • The handle works fine, but the color got faded. Burnish could be sufficient to hold on to its distinctive look.
  • The lock is frozen or stiff (it happens when it gets old). This can be solved by repairing. Buying a new one will not be a good choice as it can be recovered with less expense. 

How to Open a Door with a Broken Handle?

I remember getting locked in a room as the handle got damaged. But fortunately, I knew the techniques to unlock the door. I gonna guide you with 4 unique ways to conquer this puzzle: 

  1. Card or Plastic: Precaution: your card might need to replace after the technique. That’s why you can also use a plastic bottle for this process. Just cut the plastic bottle like the shape of a wristband. Now slide it in between your door and the frame to push the latch. If you can slide it down, your door is open. 
  2. Remove the Trim: This process can be worked if you can remove the trim on the latch side or cut it through using a knife/ screwdriver/ scissors/ steel ruler so that you push the latch to open the door. 
  3. Remove the Hinges: If you are the handyman type guy, removing hinges will be more than enough to open the door. Don’t worry about the lock. The door is open on the other side.
  4. Use a Hammer: Find a hammer or something like that. In an emergency, just breaking the lock or door handle is all you can do to save yourself. Don’t hit the door in a random place. It won’t help you. Rather bash downward the handle till it breaks down and the door gets open.

What Things do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Handle Lock?

Most people go to the store and buy handle locks randomly. But ever think about some little consideration might save money, decorate the house, even make your life more comfortable and secure. So, here are some questions you ask yourself just before getting out of the home. 

What is your price range?

-Go online and check the price ranges. Because quality and looks most of the time depend on pricing.

Are you buying the handle for a single door or for the entire house? 

-for a single door means you need to match it with others. Otherwise, try to buy locks that adapt to the door’s design.

Should you buy a round or lever handle?

– Dude, I already told you about this. Check the previous sections.

Do you need a keyed knob or non-locking handles? 

-Hallway or closet non-locking handle is a better choice. But, when it’s time for a bedroom or front door, privacy-first locking is a must. 

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