How to Make Your Shed Secure & Stop Break-ins (An Ultimate Guide)

It seems, these days, every home has a shed. The shed is essential for a number of reasons. It can be used as storage, tidying aw everything for toys, bikes, very less used items like drilling machines or lawnmowers. It very often can be used as an extension of the house if you need more rooms for a guest room for friends and family.

However, keep in mind that it is located outdoors. As a result, intruders, burglars, or thieves take this as their first target!

Just like your home, it is important to ensure your garden shed is secured from inside so that thieves and intruders will look elsewhere and your personal stuff will be safe! So here we are offering you how to make your shed secure. 

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How to Make Your Shed Secure

An ultimate guide to secure your shed lets you protect your valuables in an easy way. So, why are you waiting for?

Let’s get started!

Choose the Location Carefully

Ideally, your shed should not be positioned in a place that is very open that is hideous. Your shed position should be in between these two. Make sure that it has open space in its front but not so easily noticed from the street. If your shed is invisible from the street, people will feel more comfortable doing whatever they need for a break-in. Even a single kick will breach your security. We can suggest a number of options for this. Recall for long you have not trimmed your front bushes?

Recall when the last time you cut those unnecessary trees was? For clear sightlines, you can remove other obstacles that you think are blocking the view from the street. Invaders will surely look after easier targets.

If it does somehow become targeted by a thief, you don’t want them to do it unseen.

Lookout for Hinges!

Understand this- An exposed or loose hinge pin on the shed door can be easy to unscrew, allowing burglars to bypass the door lock. Even a kick would be enough to defeat your security.

So what can be done about it? You can replace the old door hinge with a set of hinges with a non-removable pin. If the hinge is outside the shed door, think about replacing the mounting screws with carriage bolts. 

A carriage bolt, also called a coach bolt, has a smooth head that is almost impossible to remove from the outside.

TamBee T-Strap Barn Door Hinges Shed Door

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  • THICKNESS - 2.5mm / 0.1inch, Mounting Screws Not Included
  • DIMENSION - 300mm*113mm*2.5mm( 12 inch*4..4 inch*0.1inch)

Anchor the Shed

It was never a good idea to have your shed on the small side. A thief can easily lift one side up and Kaboom! There is a break-in! Here, we will tell you ways by which you can prevent this from happening! The best option for this case is to use an anchor to your shed on the ground! There are certain ways you can make it happen. You can use L brackets, screws, and rawl plugs. You can also make it heavy by placing breeze blocks inside. Attaching the shed to a wall will also prevent your shed from blowing away on windy days. So that’s a bonus!

Get the Four-Legged Friend

Just like they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. It’s hard to say how your family is going to react when you bring one home, but this is undeniably a red flag for all kinds of intruders. A big dog that is guarding your home with life will surely scare away thieves at once. Since this would be a full-time job for the dog, not all dogs will be good for it. Doberman, Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd, and Rottweiler are the type that you need for this job. They all make good guard dogs. Remember, Nothing like adding a furry friend to the family.

On the plus side, it’s really inexpensive and would really scare thieves with its loud barking. On the minus side, your neighbors might complain about the big noise and mess on the street.

how to secure a door from being kicked in

Lights and Alarm

In all modern homes, this is the method most commonly used. It is important that the area surrounding your home must be luminous enough that people from the street can see it. From the rear gate to the front driveway, it is important that there is a security light covering the outside of the shed. You can have solar power as a backup for mains power so that no bad day can keep your front yards dark!

Have a clear plan about the placement of lights. It is not good security if it is obstructed by a huge tree or pointed right at the neighbors’ bedroom!

Fit an alarm somewhere where the intruder might sneak in, so if the intruder tried to break in, an alarm can be activated. There is a range of alarms available on the market. They are of many budgets and come with a different configuration.

You can increase security by the use of cameras or infrared beams. There are even many cheap dummy cameras, which are enough to warn any intruders. You can also use an actual motion-activated camera that can provide a live feed to your iPhone! Hidden motion detection infrared beams can be covert in nature, and some will send a text alert if the beam is broken. Consider the positioning; you don’t want the local cat setting it off. Most of these require mains power, but some are solar-powered.

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Frosting Windows

If you want cheap but effective security, think of tinting or frosting. By adding a tint or frosting to your windows, vision inside the shed is limited. If no one can see what is inside, they would not want to risk it, and thus they would less likely want to break in and steal from you.

Simply buying cans of spray-on frosting or rolls of tint from most hardware stores would get the job done. You don’t need any outside help for this, and the work is very simple, so you have saved money and time.


If all the steps mentioned above failed you, this is your last resort. This one won’t stop thieves or intruders from breaking in. But if they did, you may think of recovery then. Insurance will replace what you have lost. Look out for insurance whose policy will cover at least expensive items in your shed. Keep in your mind that if the intruder gets in, it will also destroy your shed as well. The insurance policy must cover the shed as well.

Check with your agent to check which insurance will give you the maximum profit. Sincerely check out which part is covered by your insurance and which part does not.

Rubbermaid Roughneck Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 2x2.5 Feet
  • Storage Shed dimensions – 30” W x 25” D x 72” H | Interior dimensions – 26” W x 19” D | Storage Capacity – 17 cubic feet
  • Leak-resistant, dent-resistant, weather-resistant
  • Easy to assemble. Extra deep fit for large, hard to store items
  • Heavy duty, impact resistant floor included | Lockable (lock not included)
  • Use Rubbermaid wall anchors to add pegboard, shelves and other organizational accessories to the inside of the shed

 Final Words

No one wants to wake up early in the morning and find out that their shed has been broken. And then, find out all of their stuff is gone. It is bad news! It is a smart move not to rely on only one of the security measures. Instead, try to combine more than one, and then your shed will be as secure as possible.

However, if your budget is limited, at least you should get a dog, upgrade your hinges, as these simple, relatively inexpensive steps will serve to keep most thieves out and your things safely locked in.

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