How to Make a Door Unbreakable (5 Tips You Should Follow)

Admit it! After coming across news of burglars or criminals breaking into houses of people, you too are now concerned about the security of your family & home. You may now be thinking about upgrading your house door to your level best.

Like you, many people are out there who want to know how to make a door unbreakable. We understand your concern about this matter. It is why in this article, we are going to discuss some ways that can help you secure your front door & stay tension-free about the criminals or burglars breaking into your house. So, without any further ado, let start!

How to Make a Door Unbreakable

This is the desire for all that we love our family and children, even the valuable things as well. So, we need to protect all lives and valuables. 

So, an unbreakable door is a must.

Purchase Solid Wood or a Metal Front Door

If you want to make your door unbreakable, the first thing you need to do is purchase a solid wood or a metal front door. It is a matter of the fact that many people use hollow core doors in their houses as front doors. The reason that many people go for these doors is that they are cheap. But we have to keep in mind that cheap things are not always good.

Especially when it comes to our houses’ security, we should not purchase cheap doors because they are not good in quality. Some of them are just cardboard within. Instead, we should try to get solid wood doors or metal doors. Trust us when we say this, it will be a hell of a job to break through these doors.

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Protect the Hinges by Any Means

The second way that may help you make your front door unbreakable is to protect the hinges of your front door. Always remember that hinges are considered the Achilles’ heel of any front door that swings outward.

A veteran burglar will not miss this chance if you give him one. To avoid the burglar from attacking your hinges, you can use setscrew in the hinge, fast crimped pins & safety studs on your front doors. If you use them, burglars will be unable to remove the hinge pin & ultimately fail to lift the door up & off.

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Use a Door Reinforcement Kit.

Door reinforcement kits are super useful when it comes to resisting forceful entries. You may be well aware of the fact that in most cases, A wood around 1 inch or so protects the strike plate of a door. A box plate combined with some powerful kicks paves a path to physics rules if you know what we mean. A door reinforcement kit puts a steel layer to restrict door frames from separating so that it will be a difficult job for the burglar to kick & break into a door.

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Do not Keep a Window on Your Front Door.

Another tip that will help you make your front door unbreakable is to make it windowless. It is, in fact, true that so many people have windows on their front doors. And trust us when we say this- window on a front door is not a good idea at all. Why? It is because a burglar can always break that window & unlock your door from the inside.

Therefore, it is a big security flaw that you need to fix immediately. And if you, by any chance, have glass door panels, sliding glass doors, or adjacent windows, You can try covering that with a security grille or grate on the outer part of your front door.

Use Elastomer Coatings

The last trick to make your door unbreakable is to use ultra-protective elastomer coatings. Although people use these coatings for protecting truck beds, cars & vehicles at the beginning, many people are nowadays using these on their front doors to make them more secure. You may now be thinking if this coating will be strong enough to protect your door.

Well, you can trust us on this. These are corrosion, abrasion & impact-resistant coatings made from high-performance polyurethane/polyurea. So, without a doubt, they are going to be super hard for burglars or thieves to break.

Final Words

Well, that was pretty much it! We hope you enjoyed reading our article. If you know any other ways that can help to make a door hard to break, please feel free to share them with our readers. Thank you for reading & have a good day.


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