How To Make A Door Less Noisy? Get And Apply Our Best Techniques!

Home is the place where we always love to stay. You can hardly find one who is not homesick. But a noisy door can easily spoil all our feelings for home. So, you must learn the techniques to make a door less noisy or if possible, totally noise-free.

So, how to make a door less noisy? First of all, you must use a standard door. A low-quality door may make sound within an unexpectedly early time. If it still sounds bad, you need to look into the causes behind it. In case the problem lies with the door itself, treat it. Lubricate the hinge so that it moves without any sound.

But noise can be produced for other reasons too. Then they need different solutions. We request you to proceed with your reading to find out the best techniques for solving any door noise-related troubles.

How To Make A Door Less Noisy?

This problem has no single solution. As noise can be produced by various causes, their solutions also vary. 

At first, your task is to find the cause; we have here all the ways to get rid of them, no matter how peculiar it is.

Sometimes the hinge of a door gets rust due to a lack of lubricant. Frictions can be there because of dirt or dust. These rust or frictions result in producing boring sounds. In that case, you are to lubricate the hinge with silicone, lithium, or any other suitable oil.

But outside noise can enter through the door to spoil your mood. In that case, you need to find the problem and then accordingly its solutions. If there is any gap between the door’s surface and its frame or the walls, sound may enter easily. 

So, we recommend you use a gasket to block the sound. If not possible, put some foam there; it will definitely save you from the disturbances

Similarly, if the sound comes through the bottom of the door, a door sweep made of metal or rubber would deny any kind of noise. Besides, you can place vinyl sheets for the same purpose. Moreover, there are some kinds of soundproof blankets in the market. They are also effective for stopping any sound from outside.

Some may tell you to set up panels to get rid of the noise. But we don’t consider the panel here because it needs to open the door, which is disturbing, time-consuming, and sometimes requires hiring an expert.

There are many more options for making a door less noisy and keeping away the outer sounds. But we think these proposals will be enough for saving your skin from all kinds of noise.

What Is The Difference Between White Lithium Grease And Silicone Grease?

Lithium and silicone grease are popularly used everywhere for lubricating machines and tools. They do nearly the same functions, but they are different in many perspectives. Here are some differences between white lithium grease and silicone grease.

  • Needless to say, white lithium grease is produced from lithium, while the second one’s raw is silicone.
  • When you use lithium oil, you need not worry about the temperature. This lubricant works tremendously well in extremely high temperatures. It has no problems in low temperatures either. On the contrary, silicone oil is not as high temperature resistant as its counterpart. That is, it doesn’t work as usual in high heat conditions.
  • As to performance, lithium grease is better for metallic substances. Anywhere else, it has a low possibility for long service. But silicone lubricant works well in plastic, rubber, etc.
  • The first one is capable of tolerating a heavy load. It breaks down neither in load nor in high temperature. Conversely, silicone oil can absorb neither extreme heat nor heavyweight.

Despite having some differences, both lithium and silicone grease are superbly effective in lubricating all mechanical tools.

Is White Lithium Grease Good For Door Hinges?

Considering the purpose and performance, we say –YES. White lithium grease is good for door hinges. For the detailed answer, we think you need some basic study on the parts a door hinge consists of. Look here below –

  • Knuckle
  • Pin
  • Leaf 
  • sleeves 

So, the lubricant you choose has to take care of these things. Now, let’s see if lithium oil can meet the service or not. You know lithium grease works exceedingly well on metals. And all these parts of door hinges are made of metal. 

So, you can use lithium oil on door hinges with no confusion. This lubricant is, of course, good for them.

STAR BRITE White Lithium Grease 14 OZ Cartridge (026214)
  • Excellent water washout & high-temperature resistance >385°F making it superior to other greases
  • Ideal for marine, automotive, industrial, garage, power & lawn equipment
  • Adheres well for long-lasting rust and corrosion protection
  • Because it contains no silicone it can be used on plastic components
  • Star brite products are proudly made in the USA since 1973

Can You Use Vaseline On Door Hinges?

If you have no lithium, silicone, or other oils, don’t worry because you can still lubricate your door hinges with a good substitute. And that is vaseline, a must-have product at every home.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original 1.75 oz (Pack of 6)
  • 100% pure petroleum jelly. Triple-purified. Purity guaranteed
  • Gentle on your skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines
  • Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Protects your skin from windburn and chapping

Can You Use Vegetable Oil On A Squeaky Door?

No, you certainly can’t. You know, lithium, silicone, or other lubricants remove the rust, make the hinge smooth and help run without making any disgusting noise. But instead of these products, when you use vegetable oil, it makes the door more squeaky and sticky

You should not apply vegetable oil on a squeaky door hoping that it would solve the problem. Don’t do that because it will lead you to more trouble.

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Vegetable Oil, 1 gallon (128 Fl Oz)
  • 128 fluid ounces of Happy Belly Vegetable Oil. Packaging may vary
  • This light tasting oil is made from soybeans
  • Great for cooking and frying
  • A cholesterol free food, contains 14g total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content
  • 0g Trans fats per serving. See nutrition information for fat and saturated fat content

Can I Use Cooking Oil For Squeaky Doors?

Like vegetable oil, here also we suggest you never use cooking oil for squeaky doors. It is because this oil has been produced not for this purpose, nor has it the ingredients that can help you reduce or remove squeaking.

Instead of removing the odd sounds, cooking oil may harm the different parts of the hinges. So, never try this edible oil on the doors. 

Can You Use Olive Oil To Lubricate Door Hinges?

This time you are going to have a satisfying positive reply. Yes, olive oil can be used to lubricate door hinges. The best thing about olive oil is that it works simultaneously as a lubricant and solvent. It erases the unwanted paint in the hinges and thus helps the door move smoothly and serve longer.

Olive oil is too watery to stay steadily at a certain place. So, when you use this to lubricate the hinge, you pour a small amount of it at the top of the hinge. Then the oil itself will run down to the bottom by wetting the parts on its way. In case you pour the oil in the middle or at the end, it won’t work everywhere.

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Final Thought

Any noise from or through doors is disgusting. So, problems in doors should be solved immediately following our ways. Normally, you can fix noises from the hinges by applying a lubricant. When a noise enters through the side or bottom of the door, you should try a gasket or foam. They must stop the passage for the noise to come in.

For the regular treatment of the hinges, you can choose any lithium, silicone, or vaseline. They all are more or less good for door hinges. But remember not to apply vegetables, cooking, or olive oil. They can never help the hinges perform well.

Have you been facing any problems with your door? Apply any of our ways to kick it away forever!

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