How To Fit a Jamb Reinforcement Kit Into an Existing Door?

Last week, a burglar entry happened to our neighbor that created a mess in my mind. The only solution I found was a jamb reinforcement kit. As it increases the door strength, it can keep my family safe from unwanted entries.

How to fit a jamb reinforcement kit into an existing door? Remove the casing and molding around the door to get enough space to fit a jamb reinforcement kit. Then, replace the short screw, use the hinge shield and jamb shield to increase the strength.

We are all afraid of home invasion and ready to do anything to keep our family safe. But, have you ever thought of your door? The support of little screws and weak hinges can be destroyed by the kick of a 50 years old man. So, On this point, you need a jamb reinforcement kit to strengthen your door.

How To Fit a Jamb Reinforcement Kit Into an Existing Door?

To fit a jamb reinforcement kit, you have to follow some steps.

For a proper fitting, you need to look for the space between the door and frame first. If you don’t have enough space between the door and its frame, then the jamb kit won’t fit perfectly.

The width of a jamb kit is 14-15 gauge thick that is perfect for the available space. But, if the door doesn’t have enough space, you have to remove the casing and molding around the door base to get space.

Now, to remove the casing, you have to use the primer and cut the edges of the door frame. After removing the casing, you need to know the proper lineup of the deadbolt and the strike for the lockset.

As the reinforcement kit has lots of options, you can position it according to the door lock position. Then, take the long screws and set up the kit into your existing door.

How Does a Door Jamb Reinforcement Kit Work?

The door jamb reinforcement kit uses the entire jamb area to take the force and split it. As a result, the whole door takes the force and keeps the door safe from intruders.

The weakest point of a door is the knob, deadbolt, and hinges. So, when a door faces a huge force, these weak points break first. But, the jamb kit takes the force and splits it into the whole jamb. Therefore, these weak spots of your door frame become strong against an intruder.

Most of the time, we used normal screws at the door which are not strong to tolerate heavy force and come out quickly. But, the jamb kit includes long screws that make the hinges strong against heavy forces.

How Can I Make My Door Jamb Stronger?

Use door reinforcement kits to make your door jamb stronger. As the kit comes with a jamb shield, door shields, hinge shields, and large screws, it includes all important shields to increase the strength of the door.

Simply, you can replace your regular screws with large 3.5” inches to make the door jamb strong. If you are still scared of the strength, then use a long strike plate instead of a little strike plate. As long strike plates allow you to use 4-5 screws, it distributes force to multiple points and ensures 3 or 4-time strength compared to normal strike plates.

When you are getting all these shields and screws in a single kit, it is better to use them. The door reinforcement kits are an ideal option as they include different shields that make the door jamb stronger. So, buy a jamb reinforcement kit today to keep your home safe from burglars.

How Do You Install a Door Reinforcement Kit?

It is easy to install a door reinforcement kit. As it includes multiple things, we will describe the installation process one by one.

Parts included on a kit is given below-

The Elongated Strike

Before installation, make sure the door frame is wide enough to install the elongated strike. It is important because when the strike is installed, you can close the door smoothly.

Now, the strike comes with a different knockout that you can take out to make way for the latches and door. Then, line up the knockout plates so that these laches can go through the strike once it is installed.

After 1 or 2 screws in, test the door to make sure it closes smoothly or it gets jammed. If the door closes smoothly, continue to put the rest screws.

Reinforcement Kit

Small Door Wraps

Once you have completed the strike, it’s time for the small door wraps. Basically, put the door wraps above your existing plates and make the screw position.

Further, make holes at the screw position and put the screw in. Finally, make sure the door is still closing smoothly.

Hinge Guards

Installation of the hinge guard is a little bit tricky compared to the strike or door wraps. First, you have to remove the two center screws from the hinge of the door. Then, place the hinge guard above the hinge and make sure the placement is perfect for screw holes.

Once you get the proper position, pre-drill these holes so that the new screw can go right in and set the hinge guard perfectly. Again check if the door is closing smoothly or not. If the door closes smoothly, you are done with the installation.

How Do You Reinforce a Door To Stop It From Kicking In

You need to use a door reinforcement kit to make the door jamb stronger. When someone kicks the door, the weak parts of the door like deadbolts and hinges break. As the door reinforcement kit includes parts like strike, door wraps, and hinge guard, it can increase the strength of the door.

On top of that, the door reinforcement kit comes with large 3.5” inches screws that offer multiple times stronger service than normal-sized screws. Besides, the strike plate distributes the force to stop the door from kicking in.

How Do You Reinforce Doors

There are multiple ways to reinforce doors to keep the house safe from home invasions or burglaries. Let’s dig into some best ways to reinforce the door.

Door Reinforcement Kit

Like we said before, a door reinforcement kit is the best way to increase the door strength. As this kit includes a long strike and 3.5” screws, it can distribute force to the whole door frame and keep my family safe from unwanted entries.

Door Armor MAX – Complete Door Reinforcement Set For Jamb, Frame, Strike Plate — DIY Home Door Security – Aged Bronze
  • THE ULTIMATE DOOR REINFORCER: Door Armor MAX is a 3-piece door reinforcement kit that makes even an ordinary door into a barrier that is kick proof and can’t be breached even using battering rams and other tools.
  • DIY HOME SECURITY FOR EVERYONE: You don’t need to rely on a home security alarm company to keep your home safe. Anyone can install the door jamb reinforcement plate and door frame with a power drill and 30 minutes of time. Detailed instructions included in your order.
  • $500 LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If someone breaks through a door reinforced with the Door Armor MAX, Armor Concepts will refund your purchase and send you a $500 check. That’s how confident we are in this product.
  • MAKE YOUR HOME YOUR CASTLE: Door Armor works by reinforcing the weak points in your door. Even a 12-year-old can kick down the typical front door. Door Armor MAX works by reinforcing the area around the door lock (including the deadbolt strike plate), the jamb, and the hinges.
  • PREVENTING ENTRY PREVENTS BURGLARY AND HOME INVASION: Over 85% of burglars enter through the front door. Preventing home entry prevents burglary and dangerous confrontations with criminals.

Grade-1 Deadbolt

Deadbolts come in multiple grades where grade-1 is best for the doors. Besides, you can also use a one-sided deadbolt that is not visible from the other side. As a result, these deadbolts are hard to break.

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Smart Lock

In the modern world, smart locks are hard to break. Some models can send messages to the owner of the wrong password is pressed by anyone.

Doorbell Camera

Some advanced doorbells come with cameras that detect unusual movements. As these cameras can work with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can check the camera status from anywhere you want via your smartphone.

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