Best Technique On How To Cut A Padlock With Bolt Cutters

Losing the keys, have you ever experienced the intolerable pain of being stuck out of the room or office? Then you must know the terrible situations after losing a valuable key. But the great news is those days are gone! We have ways of cutting a padlock with bolt cutters easily.

How to cut a padlock with bolt cutters? Cutting a padlock with bolt cutters is neither difficult nor time-consuming. You need to manage the cutters and have your position at a comfortable angle. Then put the shackle of the lock-in between the blades, press the handles firmly to take the shackle out of the hole.

Quick Chart (Top Bolt Cutters) 

How To Cut A Padlock With Bolt Cutters?

We understand the troubles that can be produced in case you lose the key. That’s why we started finding the best feasible techniques to cut a padlock with bolt cutters

What Size Bolt Cutters Is Needed To Cut A Padlock?

For a comfortable and safe cut, the size of the bolt cutters should be between 2 to 2.5 feet. Bolt cutters are available in different sizes. 

When you are taking the cutters, you must consider their size because if it is too small, for example, less than 1.5 feet or too large, i.e., more than 3 feet, your business will be out of reach and sometimes dangerous as well.

We recommend such sizes because our experts found that bolt cutters of 24 inches in length are easy to handle.

What Size Bolt Cutter You Should Have To Cut A Disc Padlock?

You can use the same bolt cutters to cut a disc padlock. So, it requires no saying that, like the normal padlocks, you need 2 to 2.5 feet long bolt cutters to cut a disc lock. 

As disc locks are stronger and safer, you will have to spend more time cutting them.

How To Break A Padlock Without Bolt Cutters?

In case you don’t have any bolt cutters, don’t be panicked because we still have solutions to get rid of painful situations. If you have a hammer, you can still break a padlock easily. 

Hit the side of the lock repeatedly with the hammer where the pins lie. When the pins are broken, you can unlock them easily

How To Make A Padlock Bolt Cutter Proof?

We use locks to keep our property safe so that we can stay secure wherever we are. But in most cases, especially when you choose a low brand, they are not 100% safe. An intruder can break a padlock with bolt cutters without facing obstacles. But if you take the initiative, you can make a lock bolt cutter proof. The things you need are –

Steel nuts, 2 to 3 bunches

Washers, as many as you need to fill the shackle

  • Now, open up the shackle and enter some washers into it. 
  • Then push in a bunch of nuts and place them beside the washers.
  • Similarly, enter all the washers and then the nuts to fill the shackle.

This will make it extremely tough, if not impossible, to place bolt cutters on the shackle, let alone cut it.

Can Bolt Cutters Cut Hardened Steel Padlock?

Though faces some difficulties, the ultimate result is – yes, bolt cutters can cut the hardened steel padlocks. But not all cutters can do so.

For securing our things, manufacturers are bringing new locks every now and then. But the tragedy is the advance they are doing, the shrewd the evil people are becoming. So, they use tools that can cut even the hardest steel. 

What Padlocks Cannot Be Cut With Bolt Cutters?

Thanks to the brands that are working on making locks impossible to cut with bolt cutters or other tools. Some locks are available in the market, which is near to impossible to cut with instruments. Let’s first have some ideas about the features of such locks.

The body of the lock is as strong as to tolerate all pressure. They possess too many pins to be picked, and the shackle has such a pattern that makes it impossible to break it.

Here is a shortlist of some best locks that cannot be cut with bolt cutters.

  1. ABUS 26/70 Diskus
  2. Stanley 24/7 All-Weather Padlock (Solid Brass)
  3. FJM Triple Chrome Plated, D-shaped Padlock

In case you really need an unbreakable padlock, you can search online to see more brands to manage the desired product within your budget.

Is It Legal To Own Bolt Cutters?

According to the Law of Burglary tools, possessing, carrying, etc. of such products are illegal. Bolt cutters are considered burglary tools. So, needless to say, these instruments are not legal to possess.

Final Thought

So, you must be ecstatic to know the effective ways of cutting a padlock with bolt cutters. The action needs taking the cutter, having your easy stand, placing the lock between the blades, and squeezing the handles so that the shackle comes out of the hole

You have also learned how to make a padlock bolt cutter proof by putting nuts and washers into the shackle so that none other than you can touch your personal lock. 

You can also try our shortlist of locks that cannot be cut with cutters to secure your property from any attacks.

We hope you must apply our techniques and suggestions while thinking anything about locks and securing your home or office.

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