How To Fit a Jamb Reinforcement Kit Into an Existing Door?

Jamb Reinforcement Kit

Last week, a burglar entry happened to our neighbor that created a mess in my mind. The only solution I found was a jamb reinforcement kit. As it increases the door strength, it can keep my family safe from unwanted entries. How to fit a jamb reinforcement kit into an existing door? Remove the casing and molding around the door[…]

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What Lubricant is the Best For Door Hinges?

lubricant is the best for door hinges

Every morning of the last few weeks, I woke up when my brother opened the garage door to take the car. Want to know why? Just because our garage door creates heavy squeaking noise while opening and closing. This problem creates a mess in my mind and the only solution I found is a quality lubricant for the door hinges.[…]

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Schlage Smart Lock Review To Protect Your Lives & Valuables

Schlage Smart Lock Review

Having better home security is getting more and more essential as time goes on. Luckily the locks are getting better and better over time as well. The Schlage BE479AA V CAM 619 smart deadbolt lock is undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market. It allows both keyed and keyless access. Not to mention, smart features such as[…]

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Schlage Lock Reviews (Smart Keypad Z-Wave Lever Lock Out There)

Schlage Lock Reviews

Schlage is a well-renowned manufacturer that has some of the most reliable locks available across the market. The FE599NX model is undoubtedly a worthy addition to their glorious range of locks. With keyless convenience, easy installation, sleek finish, you can’t really ask for more from a keypad lock. It ensures the ultimate user experience that you are going to fall[…]

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Doorricade Door Bar Reviews (Best Security Bar To Protect Your Lives)

Doorricade Door Bar Reviews

Home invasions and burglary is growing alarmingly across the globe, right? And most of them happen by the front door! So, it’s crucial as ever to have a solid security system up in your door more than ever. Luckily, Doorricade has the best solution for you. With their door reinforcement bar that enhances your door security, even if you don’t[…]

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