Can A Disc Lock Be Picked? Everything You Need to Know

We use locks to ensure the safety of our property, papers, or something valuable and significant to us. Manufacturers are using the latest technology to turn locks into something unbreakable and untouchable. For example, disc locks are modern additions to the locked family. But they have limitations too.

Can a disc lock be picked? Let’s start with the final answer. Yes, even a disc lock can be picked. But it is not too easy for all to do so. Picking a disc lock requires special tools, experience, and above all, patience. 

Can A Disc Lock Be Picked?

To satisfy all your queries over secure locks and all their related problems, we made an extensive study. Let’s check them.

What Is The Most Secure Padlock?

Amongst all the featured locks available in the market, it is unarguably agreed that disc padlocks are the most secure. The most important aspect of them is their protected shackle, which protects them from all kinds of insecurity by the intruders. Besides, their size, designs, materials they are made from, trustworthiness –everything is provokable. 

Let’s have some more study on the unique features of disc locks.

Quick Chart (Top Disc Padlocks)

Unbreakable Design That Saves It From Any Attacks 

If you are looking for the best security for your property, you must go for a disc lock. The best and matchless benefit of this lock is its invulnerable round shackle. Its pattern is built in a way that makes it difficult to tamper with it.

Best Materials That Make It Unshakable And Long Lasting

The disc padlock is far better in all considerations. When you talk about its elements it’s made from, you can find a few parallel to it. A standard disc lock is always stainless and waterproof. So, you can use it both in and outdoors. As it is stainless, rust cannot catch it even after getting wet for days after days.

Possession Of Too Many Pins To Pick It Too Easily

While you are away, a thief or someone like his kind may enter your property. They may try to pick the lock as they have expertise in doing this mischief. But a disc lock can save you from this risk because it possesses as many pins as needed to make it too difficult for criminals to pick it.

Can You Cut A Disc Lock With Bolt Cutters? 

For one reason or another, if you finally decide to cut a discus lock, you can, of course, do so with bolt cutters. Even you cut it with some other instruments too. Look at our suggestions on this matter.

  • Manage a bolt cutter of 2 feet in length. The larger the length, the easier it is to deal with.
  • Have your position in a comfortable place. Catch the shackle tightly with the two blades and crunch the grips of the cutters so firmly that the shackle gets cut.

In case your effort goes in vain, take the help of others. 

Quick Chart (Top Bolt Cutters)

How To Open A Disc Lock Without A Key?

Have you lost all the keys to your disc lock? Don’t be panicked, as you are going to learn here how to unlock a disc lock without any key. Before jumping into the action, check if you have the following tools.

  • A tension wrench 
  • A lock pick rake

At first, instill the smaller point of the tension wrench into the keyhole. You are to now swing it in a very similar order as you do while opening the lock with the key.

Now, hold the wrench there with some force, insert the rake and rotate it to the same order. If you acted upon our suggestions, your lock must be open already.

But if you still fail to open the lock, don’t delay to take the help of a locksmith.

How Do You Break A Disk Lock?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to break the very lock that has been securing your things. So, learn our techniques to break a discus padlock.

You know the pins are the strength of a disc lock. So, if you can displace any or all of them, your job is done. That’s why we suggest you take a hammer to hit on the side of the lock where the pins are. Hit more tactically than forcefully. 

When you repeat hitting the hammer several times, the shackle comes out of the keyhole. 

Final Words

So, if you had no idea about the most secure lock, you are now well informed that disc padlock is far better and more securer than most other products in this field. They are made of stainless steel, have many pins, and a built-in shape that provides you 100% safety.

You can cut these locks with bolt cutters which require squeezing the gripers with force. In case you lose the keys, you can open a disc lock with a wrench and pick rake. At the same time, our guidelines have taught you how to break a disc lock by simply hitting it with a hammer.

Dear surfer, when are you applying our techniques?

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