6 Best Pocket Door Locks for the Ultimate Security at Home

If you wanted something that can be handled pretty easily and gives you the full security of reinforced doors in your interior doors, do you know what we would recommend? 

Pocket door locks! The practicality of these, bonded with the benefits that you get, make these locks near must-haves for your door lock mechanism.

Whether it is your closet or bedroom, or even bathroom door that you are willing to get fixed, these locks would do the trick for you. So why haven’t many people chosen this yet? Because most locks available readily in the market under the name of pocket locks are flimsy and not long-lasting. To save you from that scam, we picked the six best pocket door locks for you.

Products Reviews on the Best Pocket Door Locks

Here are our picks on the best pocket door locks:

Lockwood Keyed Pocket Sliding Door Lock

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A lock like this is as aesthetic as it gets when we find one from Lockwood on the list. This is a modern lock with an elegant design that can make your surrounding and the door itself look classy. Other than having a beautiful appearance, it makes sure that the privacy that you are trying to maintain with the lock is still there.

Any door that a thickness of 54 millimeters more or less can be secured with this kind of lock. But of course, it needs to be a drilled door. It blends very nicely with the rest of the lock mechanism if you have any, and if you don’t, the lock itself can be enough on indoor doors.

The round design gives it great overall adaptability.

What is unique about it is a lockable solution. This allows a key locking mechanism that adds to the security of the door. Among other notable features, a retractable door pulling function is easy to work with a satin silver, pearl-like finish that pleases everyone.

Emtek Tubular Pocket Door Lock

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Emtek locks are pretty different from what you are used to seeing. And add to that the tubular pocket lock by Emtek. This round shaped lock is coated by satin brass, which makes it appear ten times classier than regular locks.

This lock is perfect for doors having a thickness of 1-3/8 to 1- 3/4 inches and perforated ones too. You will get the locks, screws, and a strike plate sold as an entire, complete set in the package. So you don’t have to purchase separate screws from the market unless you are willing to reinforce or replace the ones that you will get.

Even those who purchased the lock before have been impressed by how beautiful the locks look and how expensive they appear.

There is no issue with the functionality of the locks, and even those who have a big hand and have trouble dealing with small locks and door boxes, benefit from this lock. So if you have larger hands, this is a good purchase also, if you want your door to look expensively secured, then too.

Emtek Pocket Door Privacy Lock Set

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If you still haven’t gotten over expensive locks and need some more of that beautiful brass sensation, here is another one from Emtek. The reason why we are after expensive-looking locks is because of a moderately serious issue.

We understand that locks are supposed to protect you from harm and protect your goods or precious things from intrusion. But suppose that you have a very decorative door, or a very intricate, well-built set of cupboard or wardrobe doors that you want to have locked. In that case, when you put just any other lock, it is possible to have the entire look of the door ruined. 

In that case, what do you do? Do you sacrifice privacy for beauty, or do you get a beautiful lock that won’t deliver so well? Emtek’s lock claims that you can have both a good looking, expensive lock that serves the need for privacy too.

Two unique points about this lock are that it can be switched for left or right handling, which is a great thing for lefty users, and you can pick from six different lock finishes! 

Deltana Privacy Decorative Pocket Door Lock

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If lock quality and lock service were a deadly combination, Deltana would surely win the battle against most locks in the market. It has a premium construction and is brushed with a beautiful polish of chrome. You can also get a nickel finish if you pick from the available ones.

With the package, you will not only get the lock itself but also the necessary mounting hardware such as screws and plates to help you install the thing properly by yourself.

You can use this pocket lock to save floor space or can use it in place of the old pocket lock that you had. If your previous lock was broken due to any reasons or needs replacing because you want an upgrade, then this would be the best thing to have. It doesn’t require more cutting than what you already have.

The lock itself is quite sturdy and durable. It even appears thicker than most pocket locks available in the market. And what’s the best thing is that unlike most pocket locks, this one comes with an instruction manual for you to do the thing. So with drills and drivers, you can ensure good privacy.

Emtek Mid-Century Pocket Door Lock

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Here is an excellent lock that is durable enough to be a tough competition to all other ones on the list. The third one from lock industry challengers, Emtek, this lock has a solid brass construction and design. It can be handled by both left-handed users and right-handed users of the lock, and so you will not feel going against your natural way of life as a lefty! It has six beautiful satin and chrome; even nickel finishes that you can pick from.

The lock is such a lock that fits perfectly on old construction and buildings. It has the name that suggests the robustness and the toughness of old locks, and it also is the reason why it is better for the old-fashioned heavier doors of your house. The mid-century burnt black look that the lock has gives it a premium feel and look, which is derived from the oiled bronze outlook of which we can’t get enough of.

But don’t think that you can’t use it on modern doors because this lock looks elegant even with the contemporary designs of doors.

You get a total of three pulls from the lock, two surfaces, and one edge pull. All three of these together combine for the maximum end security that any homeowner could ask for!

Stone Harbor Hardware Pocket Door Lock Round Backset

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Last but not the least, we have a pocket lock from Stone Harbor. One gorgeous lock to secure your indoor doors, it has a combination of push and pulls mechanisms. What you have to do is push open the latch face, and then you can pull the lockout for the door to open. You also get knobs on the lock if you want to use them, and there are turn buttons that can be used to rotate open the hardware on the lock. So many combinations are not so easily found on everyday pocket locks, don’t you think?

This can be used on your office doors or in your cabinet, and you can be assured of the privacy to come from it. The biggest thing we loved about this round lock is its ease of use and great construction. But you may need to spend a little more time installing this one than the rest in the list today!

Advantages of Pocket Door Locks

If you are in a hurry and need the gist in a nutshell, the benefits of using pocket door locks can be explained in three small words: installation, design, and security. Let us break down these and more of the benefits of these locks for you below:

Ease of Installation

Pocket door locks aren’t complex, like door reinforcement sets or even other forms of locks that need dismantling the lock mechanism and working with pins, screws, and bits. In fact, these door locks are much easier to deal with and install. Did you know that when you purchase pocket door locks, in most cases, you don’t even get an instruction manual because there are no hardpoints that will bother you? The steps are so simple that you could easily do it by yourself.

What’s more, you don’t need a lot of tools when installing these locks, about which we have spoken later.


Any kind of perforated, porous doors are chums with pocket door locks, which is why, we told you that you could use them for your bathroom door or for your closet, which mostly has such perforated doors.

One good thing, these locks is that they can adapt to any door they are attached to. There are rare chances that they will make the doors uglier or won’t match with the surroundings. So their aesthetics are easy-going with the rest of your closet and hence, your room. In fact, they are not so standing out loud as most locks. 


So, what kind of security are you looking at when you are installing pocket door locks? You are definitely looking at improved privacy. In our previous articles, we have talked to you about how important it is for you and your home to have your exterior doors reinforced and strengthened.

Since they can protect you from external abnormalities, of course, those locks resonated with your need for privacy and safety. But don’t you think even inside the house, you need security and privacy to keep stuff, or even stay in rooms? For this, pocket door locks are best.


There are definitely the ones that are less durable, which sometimes shift the attention from pocket door locks. But if you know where to look and what to look for like we did, you can find the locks that are durable.

We will mention some other factors that you can look for, but finding the ones that can stand high impact heat and pressure and resist moisture, and be frequently usable will make sure that your lock is durable.

How to Install Pocket Door Locks

Like we said already, pocket door lock installations are a piece of cake to locksmiths. Since you and I might not be locksmiths, so even if it isn’t a piece of cake, it definitely is as easy as eating half the cake for newbies into locks. 

You will not need plenty when installing pocket door locks. The first thing that you work with, the fastener, already comes with the set or the installation kit. Some installation kits may also come with manuals for the lock. When you have most of the mounting hardware with you or with the installation kit, it will be easier to work.

All you will need are a drill, drill bits, and a screwdriver to have your lock mounted on the door, and you’re done. If you think you need installation manuals, only purchase when you see it included in the kit, not otherwise.

Tips on Choosing the Best Pocket Door Lock

What will allow you to choose the best pocket door locks? Here are our best tips:

  1. Some lock models may not come with a fastener for installation. In that case, you don’t have to panic but only spend a few bucks more to get the right tools before you start mounting the locks. If you don’t want to buy these separately, simply go through what comes in the kit to check for tools and fasteners.
  2. If you can’t find installation instructions on your kit despite liking one, and you don’t want to get any other lock than the one you chose, you can visit the website of the brand and find an instruction manual. Even if they do not include the guide in the kit, it should be on the website!
  3. Always check for reviews from users who have already used the products. You will find reviews on locks of your choice online. Go through the reviews on different buying websites and read the potential outcomes of buying such locks. While some reviews may not be so positive, you can always skip them!
  4. If you are becoming very reliant on reviews, let us remind you that there can be fake reviews. In that case, only buy products if there is a verified purchase, and if you see over hundreds or thousands of buyers benefiting from the lock you want to buy.
  5. At ten dollars, you can get a decent lock. The more you go up, the additional features may be added to the pocket lock. But there’s no point in buying a hundred dollar pocket lock that works just as good as the regular ten dollar lock. If you want some good looking ones, paying some additional dollars will help. But the locks below five dollars are not worthy of either looking at or installing.
  6. Always measure the thickness of your pocket door before you hop on buying pocket door locks. If your base doesn’t have the right measurements, no point in going further unless you fix the door first or look for another type of lock.
  7. On entirely new doors that never had pocket locks on them before, you will need to do the perforation with the drill.


What will happen if the pocket door lock breaks?

Then you will need to fix or repair the broken lock.

What is termed as the best material for pocket door locks?

Stainless steel.

How can someone unlock a pocket door lock from outside?

If you get yourself a reversible model, then you can easily lock the door on your closet from outside. And since you can lock it from the outside, you can unlock it too! 

You need a screwdriver to remove the central screw and the metal plate. After removing the latch, you can open it from the outside.

Final Thought 

You are now clear on the best pocket door locks! If you want to know what will be the best one for your door, you will need to first know the ins and outs of your door.

We can suggest plenty more of these locks, but they may not be suitable for your door. So only when you are sure of what your door type is, the material and the perforation quality and thickness of the door, among other things, you can pick the best lock by yourself!

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